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Lightsaber | Exo & Apink


Apink is a group of six girls; Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo and Hayoung who are known as Cupid. They are all beautiful and can make any guy falls in love with them just in a blink of an eye. Apink is the servants to an evil lady named Sorn Exo K is a group of six boys; Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, D.O and Sehun who serve as Earth Knight together with Super Junior, Girls's Generation and Red Velvet that will protect earth from evil-spirit Sorn comes from dark-spirit world. She has a mission on earth, to destroy human race. She tries to find many kind of powers, but nothing work As Exo K officially becomes the Earth Knight, they are rewarded with a sword called Lightsaber Lightsaber has the strongest power on earth. It is limited which just six of them have it. And Sorn tries to get them. How? The answer is... Apink Apink must court Earth Knight. They will steal the Lightsabers from them or their friend will be killed. What will happen when love happens between them? They are stuck between two. Either they need to forget about love and steal the Lightsabers, or just let their friend die instead

Action / Thriller
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A group of girl in black hoodies walked into the abandoned warehouse. They put down their hoods


Chorong as a leader knelt down and bowed her head followed by her six friends

"What's make you call us here, Sorn?", Namjoo asked in a boring manner

"Hmm... nice question", Sorn smirked

"Just straight to the point, please", Hayoung rolled her eyes. Just like Namjoo and the rest of them, she felt bored

"Girls, you know the reason why I come to Earth?", Sorn asked while stroking her pet's head; a snake

"Yes your ambition is crystal clear. Then what?", Naeun scoffed

Sorn rolling eyes as she stood up from her old throne. "I could feel it... the strongest power on earth is here. And I must get it by any means necessary"

Eunji smirked. "Then what? You will destroy the whole human race? And us too?"

"No! Of course not. Come on friends, we all here have the same vision and mission. We want to hold the power to control this pathetic world"

"Sorry but we are not interested this time. Let's go", Chorong walked away first and followed by her friends

All seven of then left. But suddenly Sorn used her power to choke Seunghee

"Seunghee!", Naeun yelled

"Hey, what happens?!", Bomi also panicked

Sorn lifted Seunghee and brought the powerless girl nearer to her

"Well Oh Seunghee, having no power doesn't mean you are useless", Sorn laughed devilishly

"Le-Let me go pl-ease...", Seunghee's voice stucked together with her breath

"Listen carefully all of you. Your beauty, your supernatural power, your strength, all of them belong solely to me. I can take them back from you any time", Sorn threatened them all

"Fine, just take it! I'd rather leave Cupid", Namjoo said bravely

"You dare to do that Namjoo? And watch this friend of yours die?", Sorn smirked

"No! Please...", Seunghee begged helplessly. "Please do-n't"

"No!", Apink shouted at the same time

"Are you crazy?!", Hayoung screamed. Tears already streamed down her face

"Sorn, you won't do this right?", Eunji slowed-talk

"I almost do this Eunji. I almost!", Sorn put Seunghee higher

"Guys! Just run! Ugh! Leave me here and save your own life!", Seunghee shouted wholeheartedly

"No way Seunghee! We will never do that!", Naeun insisted

"Please don't hurt Seunghee. I'm begging you Sorn", Chorong raised both of her hands, stopping Sorn

"The desicion is in your own hand"

Bomi balled on her fists. "We will do it!", Bomi yelled out of sudden

Sorn smiled evily. Bomi's final answer left everyone dumbfounded

"That's my girl", Sorn floated down to Bomi and patted her head. Bomi dodged away

"Let Seunghee go Sorn. Let her go and we will do this. I promise"

"Yoon Bomi!", Chorong yelled

"Oh, about this girl. I will keep her with me at the moment. As a hostage", Sorn grinned like a devil

Sorn shoved Seunghee into the huge cage and locked it with dark-magic. She couldn't escape not matter how hard she tried

"One month" Sorn raised her knees finger indicating the time limit they had to accomplish the mission to get the strongest power on earth

Chorong bit her lower lip. She knelt down once again and she rest followed

"Yes... master", Chorong glared at Sorn. Now she felt disgusted to call her that

They all raised on their two feet again and put on their hoods before heading out of the warehouse

"I can't believe she threatened us like this and even use Seunghee to make us bow to her", Namjoo scoffed madly

"Hey Yoon Bomi!", Chorong shouted suddenly.

She quickened her steps towards Bomi and grabbed her arm. Bomi looked down to her feet. She knew what Chorong was about to say

"How could you make your own decision?", Chorong yelled angrily

"It's for everyone's sake, Chorong", said Bomi

Chorong smirked sarcastically. "Sake? Hey!", Chorong grabbed Bomi by her collar. Everybody else were startled

"Chorong, stop!", Eunji separated the two of them from each other

"We promised to not involve with her again right?! She is an evil. We are human! Who are you actually?! Are you a devil too?!"

"Chorong enough! How could you say that?" Namjoo said in disappointment

"Chorong, I can understand why Bomi did that. Seunghee is our friend", Hayoung said. She was on Bomi's side

"Right. So it is officially our voices too. We must save Seunghee. She is our friend, I cannot let Sorn kill her!", Naeun said passionately. "Who else will save Seunghee if not us?", Naeun continued

"We can just fight with Sorn! We have powers. We can win! We can save Seunghee like that", Chorong voiced her opinion this time

Bomi chuckled darkly. "Stupid", she mocked

"What?!", Chorong shouted

"Didn't you hear what Sorn said? Stupid. I will repeat what did she say earlier. Our beauty, our supernatural power, our strength, all of them belong solely to her. She can take them back from us any time", Bomi repeated at Chorong's face

Chorong stepped back. That was right. They could do nothing because Sorn was very powerful. She even owned their powers as well

"You do not respect me as your leader anymore, do you?!"

"Hey listen!", Bomi grabbed Chorong's collar this time. "I acknowledge that you are our leader. But you are heartless! You are selfish! Fine, if you don't want to help me in this mission, I don't care. I don't care if all of you are out and leave me alone. But I will still find that power"

"You are mad!", Chorong yelled

"Enough!", Eunji shouted. "Stop fighting please. Time is moving. We need to start looking for that power"

Bomi ran away from them

"Bomi!", Hayoung yelled but Bomi ignored her completely

"It's okay, she will definitely come home. Trust me", Namjoo patted Hayoung's shoulder

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