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Lightsaber | Exo & Apink


All the leaders of Earth Knights were called by Master Henry to gather in a room

"The Earth is in great danger" he said calm but firmly

"We acknowledge that too Master", the leader of Earth Knight; Red Velvet, Irene voiced

"What are we supposed to do now Master?", the wise leader of Super Junior, Siwon asked this time

"Prepare the new Knights to be appointed as soon as possible", Henry gave an order to them all

"We get it. We will make they are ready for this", Irene replied

"As they should. I give them one last week"

"What? But Master, most of them are only 3 months in training. They will need more time before they are ready to be appointed as Earth Knight", Taeyeon who had remained silent for some while suddenly protested

"They are ready. Trust me on this", Henry assured them all

Siwon made a sign towards Taeyeon telling her to just say yes as well. Taeyeon sighed. She still didn't like the idea

"We understand", said Siwon

"Good. You can dismiss now"


The Earth Knight trainees practiced very hard every single day in order to deserve the spot as the protector of the planet. They sweated a lot yet nobody complained

"Nice try bro!" Sehun complimented D.O's move

But D.O smirked at him instead. He knew it was actually a weak move. Sehun just didn't want him to feel bad

"Come on! Don't give up yet", Baekhyun tried to cheer them up

"Boys. Pause the ppractice for one moment", Siwon came to the practice field with Taeyeon and Irene

"Hello Sunbae (senior)", Suho the leader greeted the seniors first. Exo K also bowed their heads respectfully

"What brings you all here?", Baekhyun asked curiously

"Master Henry met all of us just now. He talked about the threats that are going around", Taeyeon answered

"Then?", asked Sehun the youngest

"Master Henry wants to appoint all of you as the Earth Knight next week", said Irene

"Wow. This quick?", D.O rubbed his nape nervously

"True. We are all still new. I don't think we can do a good job yet. Especially... Me", said Chanyeol, worried. He acknowledged his own weakness. He was left far behind in the training compared to his friends

"The Earth needs you", Siwon said

"We believe you guys will nail it", Taeyeon tapped Baekhyun's shoulder

"Let's all gather at 3 p.m. We will practice together", said Irene more to an order

"Yes Sunbae", Exo-K members answered at the same time

"We'd better be off. See you later", said Siwon

The of Exo-K members bowed to their seniors until they disappeared from thei sights

Suddenly Baekhyun fell to the ground

"Are you okay Baekhyun?", Kai asked worrieldy

"Oh My! I just got touched by an Angel!", Baekhyun covered his face and screamed in his palm. He was acting childish in front of his friends

They rolled their eyes. Baekhyun was so open about his feelings towards one of their senior, Taeyeon. He just could not help to hide it anymore

"Let's continue with the practice", Suho ordered

They all returned back to their own positions including Baekhyun but Chanyeol. He ended up sitting on a big rock instead. Suho approached him

"Hey Yeol. What is wrong?"


"You look bad. Why? You missed your family? Or your girlfriend?", Suho tried hard to make a joke

"Eww! I have no girlfriend"

"Then what about Irene huh?", Suho arched his eyebrow playfully

"What?! No way. Geez", Chanyeol denied his feelings for Irene

"Really? You never fell in love before?"

"Nope. Have you?"

Suho blushed. "Hmm", he nodded

"Really?! Who is that girl?", Chanyeol asked excitedly. It was his first time to hear about someone that Suho liked

"Tiffany sunbae"

"I see..."

"But I think Irene likes you", Suho did not stop teasing Chanyeol again

"Enough with the joke. We should start practicing again", Chanyeol elbowed Suho

"You are right. Are you coming?"

"Of course. Let's go"

The two of them also joined the others at the battle field and they practiced together

"Come on! How could you lose to a girl?!", Shindong yelled outside the ring. It was a friendly match between Exo-K Kai and Red Velvet Wendy

Kai wiped his sweat. Wendy smirked a little. Kai started to attack once again. But Wendy was quick to grab his hand and twisted it behind his bacm

"Agh!", Kai yelled in pain. Wendy let go of his hand and Kai fell to the ground

"62%. You are still not good enough Kai", Taeyeon commented based of Kai's performance just now. She even folded her arms as a disapprovement

Kai came out of the battle ring with a sad look. His friends cheered him up to lift his spirit again

"Next. Chanyeol vs Heechul", Seohyun called for the next participants

"Since it's a man to man, shall we use swords?", Heechul suggested

Chanyeol slightly nodded at his senior, agreeing. Sehun passed a sword to Chanyeol and Heechul

Someone blew the whistle and the friendly battle began

They both spun around the ring. No one attacked for the first two minutes

Heechul finally took the first move to attack Chanyeol. Yet he managed to dodge away. After almost 15 minutes fighting, both already ran out of energies

Chanyeol's head was spinning. Heechul who had no idea about that attacked Chanyeol. The wooden sword stabbed Chanyeol's left hand. He whined before falling on his two knees

"Chanyeol!", Suho screamed and ran into the ring to help his friend

"Oh no. Are you okay Chanyeol? I'm... I'm sorry", Heechul said apologetically

"No it's okay. I wasn't focused because my head is spinning right now"

"Let's get him out of here", Heechul and Suho helped Chanyeol to walk

Siwon who was watching from afar shook his head. He approached Chanyeol personally and called him


"Siwon sunbae", he bowed slightly

"Can you walk?"


"Follow me"

Siwon brought Chanyeol somewhere and they arrived at a river

"I never knew this river exist

Siwon smiled "We called it the Healing River. The water can heal wounds, bruises and scars"

"Really?", Chanyeol asked in disbelief

"Put your injured arm inside"

Chanyeol carefully dipped his hand into the flowing stream

"It hurts?"

Chanyeol nodded at Siwon's question

"You will have to bear a bigger wound once you become the Earth Knight"

"I know Sunbae"

Siwon giggled. It made Chanyeol frowned because he was confused. What was funny?

"I don't mean this kind of wound"

"Then what? I couldn't quite understand"

"You have to bear the loss of the person you love. I learn that wound is very deep"

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