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Lightsaber | Exo & Apink


"We all acknowledge that Earth is facing a threatening danger. As the Head of the Ministry of Defense, I feel is responsible towards everyone's safety and well-being. Therefore, we are ready to appoint the knew Earth Knight", Master Henry was giving out his speech at the podium with thousands pair of eyes looking at him

The crowd put their hands together as a welcoming gestures to the new Earth protector

"The new Earth Knight group consists of six well trained boys. We believe they are our last chance, our last hope" , Master Henry continued

"Huwaah. I already feel bored. His speech is emotionless", Hayoung complained after she yawned

Apink was stading at the very back. Naeun was the only one who seemed to pay attention. She sensed something. It was one of her special ability

"We should not have come here in the first place. Ugh, he just ruined my Sunday", Chorong hissed

"Shh! Be quiet, I can feel something", Naeun hushed everyone else

"What do you feel Naeun?", Namjoo asked curiously

"The strongest power. I can feel them. They are here"

"What?!", all of them were flustered

"Now I will appoint the first member of Exo-K who is also the leader of the team, Kim Suho", Henry called out

Suho came up to the stage. He bowed to the crowd and then to Henry

"As the leader of the team, you will be given the Blue Lightsaber as your weapon. The loyal", Henry handed in the cylinderical case to Suho

He received it with honour. Next, Henry called out Baekhyun. "For Byun Baekhyun, the Red Lightsaber. The fearless"

And Chanyeol came third. "Park Chanyeol, the Purple Lightsaber. The strongest"

Later it was D.O's turn. "Do Kyungsoo, the Green Lightsaber. The wise", D.O could not hide his proud face when he received his weapon

"Kai, the Orange Lightsaber. The just"

The last one is for Sehun. "Oh Sehun, the Yellow Lightsaber. The mischief"

From the beginning, Apink had been eyeing those weapons which already in Exo-K's hands

"That's the thing?", Eunji asked. Naeun only nodded her head

"Okay!", Namjoo cracked her knuckles and walked into the crowd of people. But Chorong pulled her back. "What?!"

"Are you mad? What are you trying to do?", Chorong widened her eyes

"I wanna get those Lightsaber"

"No Namjoo. Not here, not now. We need a good plan to steal those weapons from them. They are all well-trained remember", Hayoung tried to hold Namjoo back

Obviously she wasn't happy with how coward her friends were right now. But it wasn't about bravery here. It was about strategy


After a long day at the gathering, the girls finally came home. Each of them was busy with their own works that evening

"I'm so worried about Seunghee", Hayoung said

Everyone stopped for a moment. Suddenly they all had the same thought

"Me too", Namjoo pouted

"Hey look. Wow, they are all very handsome though", Eunji exclaimed excitedly

Marin jumped beside Eunji and peeked at her phone as well. "Who?!"

"That Exo-K boys"

"Omo this guy! What is his name?", Naeun asked curiously while ppointing at one of the members' photo

"That one... Oh, his name is Kai"

Naeun's eyes sparkled as soon as she knew his name. Kai had a beautiful eyes and cute smile. Somehow Naeun felt butterflies in her stomach

Chorong rolled her eyes. "They are our enemies, remember that"

Hayoung turned around at Chorong and grinned. "What? Hey does it mean you will join us in this mission?"

Everyone stared at Chorong

"Uhm... I'm still thinking about it", said Chorong nervously

"Oh please Chorong, please...", Namjoo begged

Suddenly Bomi approached Chorong and knelt in front of her. Everyone else gasped in shock

"Yoon Bomi. Wh-what are you doing?", Chorong was flabbergasted. She did not expect that at all

"Chorong, I know I was stupid for not considering your feelings when I decided on our behalf. But trust me, I love Seunghee. I love all of our friends. And I love you. I'm sorry", Bomi cried which was unexpected

Her sincere confession left everybody else sobbing too

"I need you Chorong. We all need you to lead us once again. Be our leader", said Bomi

Chorong could not help but to cry too. She hugged her friend

"Bbom... I'-I'm sorry too", Chorong confess

Hayoung wiped off her tears. "Yeay, Apink is back!"

"Group hug!"

The six of them had a group hug

"Let's build up our own strategies", Chorong said

They all circled around the big table as Bomi lied out a piece of plan paper on it

"That Exo-K has six members just like us. So I suggest each one of us will take one Lightsaber from them", Namjoo as the group strategist voiced

"I agree with Namjoo. First we can shoot them with our arrow and they will eventually fall in love with us. Then it will be easier to trap them and get the weapon", Bomi supported Namjoo's idea. They high-fived

Chorong nodded her head as approval. "Okay, no objections?". They shook their heads. "Alright. Once you manage to steal the Lightsaber, just keep yourself isolated here. It's safe"

"Once we get all six Lightsaber, we will go to Sorn together", Eunji added

Naeun smirked. "What if we just use the Lightsaber and destroy that Sorn instead"

"What an idea!", Namjoo chuckled

"I have no objection at all"

They all laughed

Would they succeed with this plan?

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