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Danganronpa: Compulsory Killing


Danganronpa takes place at an elite high school named Hope's Peak Academy, which accepts talented "Ultimate" students. But, when Etsuno arrives at the Academy, She loses consciousness and wakes up locked inside the school, where She meets fourteen other newly picked Ultimate students who are in the same situation as her. A sadistic, remote-controlled bear named Monokuma appears before them, telling them they will be imprisoned in the academy for the rest of their lives, and that they will be put to death if they violate any of the school's rules. He states that there is only one way that a student can leave the academy: murder another student and avoid being identified as the culprit. [[ This is a fan-game. ]]

Mystery / Action
Indigo 😌
Age Rating:

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“ Phuhuhuh.. I can’t wait for the despair to start sinking into their souls.. I can’t wait..! This will be..wonderful!
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