The end of the war didn't bring peace. It brought betrayal and pain to Hilda Potter, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood who were all forced to flee when they stumble across the Volturi.

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For She is the One


The end of the war didn't bring peace. No, it brought betrayal and pain to Hilda Potter, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood who were all forced to flee whilst on the verge of death when they stumbled across the Volturi, with Hilda finding her mate in a certain tracker. Demetri/Fem!Harry

Make note that the events leading up to the Second Wizarding War with Voldemort is going to differ greatly from how it had happened in the book—which means no Horcruxes. Also, unlike my other Twilight crossover (which by the way I'm currently brainstorming over the next chapter due to a severe case of what is known as Writer's Block), the Cullens won't exactly be portrayed in a very positive light save for a few.

Unlike Twilight Moon, my portrayal of the Volturi in this story is going to be more positive. To those who have followed some of my other works, you will know that I generally like to play with role reversals, and I'm not one to paint the world in black and white. Also, I've had quite enough of seeing Jacob or Edward pairings in this fandom, and I want a pairing with someone that is not one of the main characters for a change.

Pairings: Demetri/Hilda. Luna/Neville. Garrett/OC.

Warnings: AU Universe. Gender swap. OC. Some character bashing. Nice Volturi. Protective Volturi. Sibling Garrett, Benjamin and Tia.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and Twilight and any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter One: For She is the One

~1855, New England~

Flashes of lightning occasionally flashed across the skies, lighting it up occasionally, before being followed by the low rumble of thunder.

A petite girl with platinum blonde hair stood at the window of the rented house that they have rented a mere two days ago, watching the powerful storm with solemn eyes. The winds were so strong that it had already torn a few trees from their roots. Some of the smaller houses and sheds were already sent spiralling into the sky. The rain is also getting heavier and heavier until the raindrops pattering against the window panes sounded almost like someone is hurling pebbles or even stones at the windows.

This isn't really considered a 'mere storm' at all. This is a typhoon.

A tall and lean young man who had some muscle to him sighed as he looked from the petite dark haired girl on the bed that he is sitting next to before glancing at the other remaining occupants in the room.

"I guess this answers your question whether Hilda will have any gifts once she is a vampire, Aro." Neville Longbottom said tiredly.

The Volturi Lord smiled thinly even as he glanced over at the only occupant on the bed who seemed to be almost unconscious, a thin bead of sweat covering her brow. One of the members of his Guard, his best tracker, is currently holding her hand, a look of concern on his face. It almost made Aro smile in amusement—seeing the normally gloomy Demetri showing more emotion other than a scowl or a frown.

"She has a pretty high pain tolerance, it seems." Marcus said slowly, his eyes not leaving the girl that had became almost like a daughter to him during the past few months when he'd gotten to know her.

"Hilda has to in order to survive the war." Neville said tiredly. "Damn it…! I want to kill them myself! What gives them the right to do so—deciding that Hilda had done her role, and that they don't need her anymore?"

For several moments, the other occupants in the room didn't speak.

And not for the first time, Garrett marvelled at the idiocy of those magic users. Sure, he feels for them—being hunted down and persecuted against just because they are different. Hell, vampires are in as much the same plight too. Even still, Garrett would have thought that being forced into such a situation would make those magic users more understanding and supportive of each other, and not try to turn on each other or even fear one of their own just because they are too powerful!

Hell, even the recent Wizarding War that had just ended a mere week ago wouldn't even have started in the first place if the so-called leaders of that world had seen to it that a lonely and gifted boy had been sent to live with an adoptive family of his own kind, rather than being continuously sent back to a normal human orphanage who regularly beats him up when things happened that no one could explain. And if it is anything that Garrett hates, it is child abuse. Hell, most vampires wouldn't condone it either. Hence, is anyone really that surprised that the lonely and abused boy later grew up hating all non-magicals and even several of his own kind that he later became the most feared Dark Wizard of the last century?

And just as Garrett thought that they couldn't be any more idiotic, they just had to go and prove him wrong by committing the same wrongs with a little girl whose background is so similar to the Dark Wizard that it is almost a miracle that she hadn't turned out just like how he did. And to make matters worse, those idiots with air in between their ears have to place the entire burden of ending the war on the shoulders of a teenager who isn't even old enough to drink yet!

Honestly, not for the first time, Garrett marvelled at the idiocy of the wizarding population and the strength of Hilda Evans.

The nomad vampire had been travelling around as usual, having returned to his birthplace for the first time in decades only to realise that it is a very bad time for him to return, especially with all the unexplainable events happening in New England. And it seems that he had used up all his luck during his last 'hunting' expedition in Norway, as he ended up walking right into the middle of a battlefield where the magic users of both sides were having it out amongst themselves.

All magical users could easily identify a vampire. As long as a witch or a wizard had attended a magical school, they would be able to identify a vampire. And with the state of affairs, and with the number of non-humans that the Dark side had—including several vampires, Garrett quickly found himself on the ends of several wands the moment that the magical users were alerted to his presence. It is only much later that he had learned from the girl who would later become his sister in everything but blood that most wizard spells don't work on vampires. The only spell that might possibly work is just the Fiendfyre spell, and even then, they can only use it in a wide area, as the spell is too difficult to control.

Garrett had been protected by the petite dark haired girl who is technically one of the leading forces of the war and two of her close friends, by threatening all those who have pointed their wands at him to stand down or else.

Needless to say, there was a giant hoo-ha at the camp when Garrett had returned with Hilda Evans, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood, as most of the people there refused to believe that Garrett isn't helping the Dark Wizard just because he is a vampire. Hilda had completely lost patience with them, telling them if every vampire is evil just because vampires have been supporting Voldemort, then what does that say about the wizards themselves?

The nomad had stayed on with them in the camp due to various reasons, with one of the main ones being that he was curious about Hilda. Most vampires tend to avoid the magicals like the plague, due to how narrow minded and prejudiced that they are against everything that isn't a witch and wizard. It is only a rare few that are different—with Hilda, Neville and Luna being one of those.

And later, Garrett only knew that that war is slowly getting out of hand when the Volturi appeared due to just how much of a show that the vampires on the Dark side had been making of themselves.

And just like with him, it had been Hilda who had stepped in to prevent those fighting on the same side as her to attack the Volturi. The war is already taking a bad turn; they don't need a war with the vampires atop of everything else.

The Statue of Secrecy won't hold.

Neville sighed, nudging at one of the dead bodies with his foot, turning it over so that he doesn't have to see the blank eyes staring up at him, a hole in his chest. He could even see the grass poking through the hole in the chest.

The war had caused Neville to change from the once nervous and clumsy teen that he had been to the war veteran that he is today, especially after fighting for a year straight after the end of their Sixth Year when Hogwarts had fallen to Voldemort's forces.

It was all that they could do to hide their continued existences from the humans. Sure, they have always suspected about the existence of magic when unexplainable occurrences kept occurring—like the Great Fire of London that had occurred roughly two centuries ago for instance. But there is nothing that could confirm the existences of witches, wizards and even vampires. The people of the Church however were another thing entirely.

And with this war, it is taking them everything that they could do to continue hiding when the other side is doing everything that they could to reveal their existences to the humans. Also, who knows when it had even begun, but Hilda had started teaming up a lot more with Luna and Neville instead of Ron and Hermione, especially after Garrett's arrival. Hilda had never said much, but Neville heard from Luna that it is because Hilda found it easier to work with them, as they have never questioned every decision that she made like Ron and Hermione did.

Not for the first time, Neville even wondered to himself just how those three even became friends in the first place. Hilda had been steadily getting more bad tempered with those two as the years passed—especially after Sirius had died fighting the Death Eaters when Hogwarts had fallen a year ago, and Remus was incarcerated for being a werewolf by the Ministry when the war had broken out—apparently to show an example to any werewolf that thought of allying themselves with Voldemort. It is even a marvel that Hilda is even fighting for them at all. Hilda's temper had been steadily growing shorter with Ron and Hermione and just about everyone except for Neville and Luna ever since Hogwarts had fallen.

Snape had learned the hard way that this new Hilda Potter is not to be fucked with. She is as ruthless as their enemies even, despite some of the more naïve members (Hermione and Ginny) insisting that it wouldn't make them any different from their enemies. Strangely enough, Mad Eye and even Kingsley Shacklebolt have approved of Hilda's actions, stating that their enemies wouldn't hesitate to kill them, so they shouldn't show them the same mercy either.

This is war. And war is never pretty.

Ron and Hermione however seem to be steadily testing Hilda's thinning temper, as they never seem to listen to anything she said. The last straw was with Garrett when Hilda had protected him stubbornly, refusing to allow anyone to attack him. Hell, she had strung Mundungus Fletcher to the top of a tall pine tree with a series of highly complex spells that no one could figure out how to remove when he had tried to set Garrett on fire with a spell when Hilda's back is turned. No one expected for the spell to bounce off Garrett—thus proving Hilda's claims true—that wizard spells cast directly on vampires do not hurt them.

"No survivors?" Hilda asked her three companions tiredly, sweeping her black bangs out of her eyes, her hair tied in a ponytail at the back of her head. With just how bad that the war had gotten throughout the past year, she never had the time to cut it, and before long, her hair had grown a little past her shoulders.

"None." Garrett shook his head, unable to hear any heartbeats belonging to anyone but just the three with him.

Luna sighed, looking at the entire field of dead bodies. "Whatever happened to the good old days when everyone kills with an Avada Kedavra?"

"Well, no one uses it anymore." Neville told Luna who sighed.

Hilda exchanged looks with Garrett, her eyes looking older than they really are. "…Just why do we even live?"

"…Ten more hours." Luna murmured, finally turning away from the window to stare at the petite form of Hilda Evans on the bed, with Demetri holding her hand next to her.

Garrett watched with semi-amusement from behind a cluster of trees as Hilda argued with Ron and Hermione not too far away. Somehow, he had been unofficially labelled as 'Hilda's protector' due to how he is always with her. And then again, it is better this way too, as Hilda can survive just a little longer.

"What's going on, Garrett?" A very confused Neville asked him even as he and his girlfriend approached the nomad, his brows rising when he caught sight of Hilda, Hermione and Ron through the trees.

"The same argument that they got when Hilda first brought me to the camp." Garrett explained, and Neville nodded.

He had been wondering how long it would take Ron and Hermione to corner Hilda, especially after Hilda had prevented anyone from attacking the Volturi. Never mind the fact that the Volturi could easily kill them, especially with their gifts. And it isn't like they have camped directly in their camp like how Garrett did. No, they have made sure to keep a fair amount of distance between themselves and the wizarding camp.

"More vampires, Hilda? And the ruling vampires furthermore? Do you honestly want to alienate yourself from the rest of those who are fighting for our cause? They are already wary enough because of Garrett!"

"Then what do you want me to do?" Hilda exploded, losing her temper with Ron and Hermione for the first time, and the two took a step backwards out of instinct. "Instigate a war with the vampires atop of everything else? Besides, they haven't done anything yet! And if you hadn't noticed from the last clash that we had with Voldemort's forces, vampires are a force to be reckoned with! Isn't it better if we can get them on our side?"

"They can't be trusted, that's why!" Ron protested.

Hilda rolled her eyes skywards. Not for the first time, she wondered what the hell possessed her to befriend these two idiots in front of her! "And you wonder why the vampires and several of the non-humans agreed to help Voldemort." Hilda muttered irritably. "At least he doesn't treat them like shit and he had never treat them like lower beings. You can tell this to the others. Just like with Garrett, I won't let anyone attack them—never mind even if they could defend themselves just fine. Do so, and you can fight the war yourselves. You're already treading on very thin ice with me for sacrificing Remus!"

"I've never seen anyone go through the change without screaming before." Jane commented, her eyes tender as she looked at the girl who had became her sister in everything but blood.

At the beginning, it is true that none of the Volturi had trusted any of the witches and wizards, including Hilda. That is until Hilda had basically stuck three wizards to the top of the tree who thought that they could sneak up on a group of vampires with heightened senses with a series of well-placed spells that no one could remove. She had stood up for them, and refused pointedly to allow the Ministry officials to take them or even Garrett into 'protective custody'.

Hilda had even looked extremely frightening as her right hand held onto her wand and her left hand onto her dagger as she pointed the two weapons at some of those anti-vampire wizards who were technically fighting on the same side as her that if they so much as touch one hair on the heads of any vampire with her, they can bloody well fight the war themselves.

The Volturi had warmed up to the girl after that, and even two of her friends, especially after they have brought vials of blood for them to feed. Goodness knows where they even managed to get human blood for them. And it most definitely isn't their own blood.

And slowly, they have started to respect the human, especially after hearing from Garrett what had happened and what those vile humans of her kind had put her through—like the incarceration of one of her godfathers for instance just because he's a werewolf—used to make an example out of him. Honestly, the fact that Hilda is still here to help them fight their battles never ceases to amaze Jane.

Like what Aro and even Caius have commented offhandedly later to the members of their Guard when Hilda, Luna and Neville weren't in listening range—those three are probably three of the few magic users that aren't complete assholes, and at least used their common sense and brains to judge situations and people.

The Volturi were with them for nearly three months before they got intel about a new kind of enemy that had sided with Voldemort. Hybrids. Half human, half vampire. And yet, those hybrids are stronger than anything that they've ever seen. More than half of the wizarding forces fell to those hybrids—the ones who were desperate to carve a place in the world for themselves. And if it hadn't been for the Volturi and Garrett who made it very clear that the only reason that they're there is for Hilda, Voldemort would have won the war within a week.

They were down to less then forty percent of their forces before one final battle was launched against the few remaining forces of Voldemort's. They have lost several good people and friends in that battle, but they have won—a Pyrrhic victory in essence. And just as they thought that everything is over, Hilda was attacked by one of the rogue hybrids seeking revenge.

Needless to say, that particular hybrid never stood a chance when faced with several angry vampires. However, he had literally tore a hole into Hilda—and with a heavy heart, Madam Pomfrey had told them solemnly that she couldn't do anything. Everyone was just prepared to leave Hilda to die, much to Luna and Neville's outrage. Out of desperation, Neville nearly begged Demetri to save Hilda the only way that he knew how—by changing her.

Over the course of the few months when the Volturi had been with them, both Neville and Luna who have somehow taken the positions as Hilda's best friends have gotten to know the Volturi well, and only a blind man couldn't see the obvious affection that Demetri and Hilda have for each other. Hell, the guy is the one to hold Hilda when she couldn't sleep at night, and to comfort her when she had terrible nightmares at night because of the war. Even the rest of the Volturi have mellowed due to their interactions with Hilda, and have gotten really fond of her.

Not for the first time, Neville really doubted the sanity and integrity of the wizarding population. Hell, as Hilda's friend, he knew better than anyone else how fickle the wizarding community could be. But how could they just leave Hilda to die just because she'd already 'fulfilled her purpose'?

"…Ten seconds." Luna murmured, and as one, everyone's eyes snapped towards the sole occupant on the bed.

For the vampires in the room, they could hear the slowing down of Hilda's heartbeat. Felix gripped Demetri's shoulder tightly. Sure, they knew that the change would happen, as it should the moment that the venom enters a human's body. It is what would happen after that that no one likes.

"Storm's dying down, Master." Alec murmured, glancing out of the window, realising now why it is so quiet when the storm has been just crazy for the past three days. Hell, they were lucky that a tree didn't land on their roof.

"She's waking." Marcus murmured, eyes on the still and prone form of the girl who had been almost like a daughter to him.

For several moments, not a single occupant in the room moved or even said a word.

Demetri was nervous, though he did show it. He tightened his grip on Hilda's hand. "Hilda?" he questioned quietly.

A pair of ruby red eyes snapped opened.

A/N: I'm not really sure what to think of this chapter, as it is almost like a huge information dump. The Volturi will be portrayed differently in this story from how they are portrayed in the books and even the films, as they aren't the antagonists in this story. There will still be Twilight canon events happening in this story however, if anyone is wondering. Also, if anyone can guess what Hilda's gift is, you'll get a cookie!

Anyway, I hope that you like this story and chapter, and please read and review! Reviews give me inspiration to update!

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