Pairings: Demetri/Hilda. Luna/Neville. Garrett/OC.

Warnings: AU Universe. Gender swap. OC. Some character bashing. Nice Volturi. Protective Volturi. Sibling Garrett, Benjamin and Tia.

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Chapter Two: Amaria

Two months after the end of the war, Magical Britain is in an uproar.

Sure, like when Voldemort had first fallen at the end of the First Wizarding War a little less than sixteen years ago, the aftermath after that had been terrible. The victors of the war had lost so many people that it really couldn't be considered a victory at all, and they have such a difficult time trying to determine just who had followed the Dark Lord willingly and who had been forced.

But unlike the first time around when Voldemort had fallen, this time around, the goblins and several of the other magical races were strangely uncooperative with the Ministry—just preferring to sit back and watch them suffer. The wizards and the Ministry were still able to access their vaults, and even have the wills of their loved ones read—that much, the goblins had allowed. However, that is as far as their contact with the goblins goes. The goblins have ordered a hiring freeze, and the wizards that have previously worked for Gringotts as curse breakers or warders have been unable to get their jobs back.

When Albus Dumbledore and a few other Ministry officials have tried to probe the reasons why, the chief goblin Chief Ragnok have merely told them very bluntly that the goblins are now seriously considering whether to hold up on their end of the treaty that they have with the wizards as they have done faithfully for the past three hundred years, especially considering what had happened during the war, and the only few wizards that have actually tried to help and protect the goblins and several of the other non-humans from Voldemort's forces have just been five people out of the entire wizarding population—Hilda Potter, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Andromeda Tonks and Loren Bright.

The disappearances of Hilda Potter, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom after the end of the war have been one of concern, but no one had paid it much mind, not caring about the well being of the three teens that had actually been one of the driving forces of the war. At least until all of Magical Britain have found out to their horror that the three heirs to their families and their fortunes (as they are the last remaining member of their individual families) have taken their inheritance with them and transferred it to the main Gringotts branch at Italy—thus preventing anyone on British soil from even touching their properties and money.

Italy had been the birthplace of magic, and anything even remotely magical will always manage to trace their roots back there. Thus, the main headquarters for the Gringotts bank is also located in Italy. But as the Italian wizards are much more resourceful and capable of blending in with the non-magical people—also known as mundanes to the rest of the world (it is only Magical Britain who insisted on using that degrading term to address the non-magicals), no one had suspected a thing. Hence, unlike Britain, Italy never had problems with witch-hunts and all that. Sure, several of the mundanes in Italy tend to perform witch-hunts, but they have never caught a single one—the magical population in Italy are way too resourceful for words, and they knew how to blend in.

And when Dumbledore and the Ministry have tried to use the excuse that Hilda Potter is no longer in Britain to seize control of the various residences and businesses belonging to the Potter family, they got an even ruder shock. Clearly, Hilda Potter (or Evans) as she is known as now had anticipated them doing this the moment that she'd outlived her usefulness for them, and had approached the goblin nation the moment that she had opened her eyes as a vampire.

The goblins, along with several of the other non-human clans have liked her, along with Luna and Neville, and Chief Ragnok had even named the three as Goblin Friends—something that hasn't happened for over a hundred years, as goblins aren't fond of wizards to begin with.

As the last Potter heir (no matter even if she is human no longer), Hilda has full control over her vaults and residences the moment that she'd became Triwizard Champion when she was fourteen, and she could do with them as she pleased. Thus, the first thing that she had done after approaching the goblin nation after the end of the war is to freeze all the Potter residences and put up restricting wards around them so that only Hilda herself and those whom she deem trustworthy enough are allowed access. Most of the residences belonging to the Potter family are located in the countryside all across the world after all, without a single neighbour for miles.

As for the companies belonging to the Potter family, she had relinquished most of it to either the goblin nation themselves or even to Andromeda Tonks. Only three of those companies she had kept—one a fashion company, another a museum and the third a literary and art company.

Neville Longbottom had also done the same thing as Hilda, seeing as how he's the last Longbottom alive—with the war killing his grandmother and most of his remaining relatives. Luna Lovegood, while her family isn't an Ancient house like the Potter and Longbottom families, her family still has some status in the wizarding community, especially in the literary circle. Thus, she had also done the same thing as her two friends did.

Thus, this left Magical Britain high and dry, as though no one had seem to realise it before, it had been the Ancient houses keeping their economy afloat. Mainly the Longbottom and the Potter families.

Chief Ragnok had also taken great pleasure in producing a rather frank and blunt letter written by Hilda Evans. The girl had basically stated what she thought of Magical Britain, stating that they're just a bunch of hypocrites and assholes, and that they can go and screw themselves for all she cared. And as for her so-called 'friends'—she hope that they go and rot in Hell. Along with that letter is a long list of names of all of Voldemort's supporters—those that she'd fought against on the frontlines more than once, and she had even taken precautions by sending copies of her memories to the few competent Ministry officials that she could trust, along with the goblin nation—ensuring that at least justice gets served.

Hilda had done their job for Magical Britain—a job that they're too cowardly to do so. Now the least that they could do is to leave her and her friends alone, or they would have the fury of the entire vampire nation and even the Italian Ministry at their heels.


Just a little over a decade.

That was how long it has been ever since Hilda, Neville and Luna have come to live with the Volturi—and exactly how long it has been ever since the end of the Second Wizarding War. However, if one had seen the three teens back then and have seen them again now, they would never have believed that they're the same people.

Luna and Neville have followed Hilda, despite her initial protests when she'd first opened her eyes as a newborn vampire. The dark haired girl was at first a little confused, but she soon understood what is going on, and had remembered everything. Garrett and Demetri have gone with her, Luna and Neville straight to whatever is left of Gringotts the moment that she had opened her eyes as a newborn vampire, asking for goblin wards to ward her residences, and transferring the bulk of her money to the main Gringotts branch in Italy—thus ensuring that Magical Britain wouldn't be able to get their greedy paws on her inheritance. Neville had done the same thing with his money and his house, and so did Luna, though she doesn't have much in terms of inheritance and money—only what her mother and father have left her after their deaths. Neither one of the three wants Magical Britain to get their hands on whatever is left of their inheritance.

Unlike with Hilda who became a vampire simply because it is a necessity, both Luna and Neville have chosen to be vampires, as they don't have anything left for them, and they would rather die than go back to England. Hilda had protested against it in the beginning—as unlike her, they weren't betrayed and used by Magical Britain and those that they trusted. But in the end, Neville and Luna have managed to convince Hilda, especially considering what they've been through together during the war, and how they have dealt with Hilda's mood swings after Sirius's death and Remus's incarceration by the Ministry.

Honestly, after the deaths of her two godfathers, apart from Neville, Luna, Andromeda Tonks and her daughter, and a skilled Runes Mistress by the name of Loren Bright who is just a year out of Hogwarts when the war had begun, everyone on their side is bound to get kicked by Hilda or suffer from her sharp tongue, due to how short tempered and irritable that she had been getting as the days passed.

Snape especially got the burnt of it, as he can't seem to keep his thoughts to himself. But unlike when they were still in school, even the Potions Master didn't dare to retaliate, as it simply isn't a good idea to piss Hilda Potter off when she is already in an extremely foul mood—just ask Mundungus and a few of the more narrow minded Order members who had a first hand experience for themselves why Hilda Potter is one of the leading forces of the war for their side. As for Hermione and Ron… Don't even go there.

The trio have then spent the years after that in Volterra, with the Volturi Guards helping them to control their blood lust and instincts as a vampire. After all, there is a reason why the Volturi could often walk about amongst humans and not get easily tempted, unlike a certain 'vegetarian' coven that they knew of. After all, just like with werewolves, if a vampire just accepts themselves for what they are, they wouldn't have any problems with controlling their blood lust, and could easily walk amongst humans without feeling tempted, even if they haven't fed for weeks.

Unlike the Volturi however, Hilda, Neville and Luna tend to feed from both humans and animals, alternating between the two when necessary, as the too sweet taste of human blood sometimes made them ill. Hilda had compared it once to a human eating high-class desserts every single day.

Marcus especially was particularly fond of Hilda, and the dark haired girl could often be seen having a game of chess with the normally silent Volturi lord, or even having several discussions with him about literature.

Much to Aro's surprise however, Luna and Neville seemed to have gifts of their own not long after they were turned. For Luna—not one of the Volturi was surprised, as she had already shown signs of having the gift of Foresight even when she was human and a witch, as she possesses abilities of a Seer—something that had saved countless lives when she had foreseen some of Voldemort's plans and could help Hilda, Tonks and Kingsley (the tacticians of the group) to devise strategies. Luna isn't a true Seer naturally, but she had quick visions of the future, and she could actually control her gift when she had come into her magic maturity at the age of fifteen. Caius had commented off-handedly one time—comparing Luna's gift to a certain pixie-like vampire that they knew. Neville on the other hand is a surprise.

He could actually control and manipulate plants. Hence, the once plain, bare and lonely courtyard at the back of the Volturi's stronghold—their castle is now full of flourishing plants. Aro could even often be seen in the courtyard admiring the plants, and even had a small pond built there, along with a white terrace and a swing seat.

Even the usually quick-tempered Jane who never seems to take to anyone but the three Volturi lords and her twin brother actually likes Hilda, treating her as a younger sister. She had often taken Hilda, Neville and Luna into town when she is off-duty, with all four donning black capes to cover up the 'sparkles'.

As for Demetri, everyone in the Volturi is close to decking him in the face by now, especially Felix who is Demetri's tag team partner and his best friend.

It is so damned obvious to anyone who had eyes and a brain to go with it that Demetri fancies Hilda, especially with the way he is always around in Hilda's vicinity if he isn't on some mission that Aro had sent him on. But ten years come and goes, and not a single movement from the tracker.

Felix is close to resorting to the old fashioned method of locking the two in a closet and not letting them out until they made out with each other. Frankly however, he knew that it won't work, as the two are vampires, and could simply bust the door down. And not to mention that if he gets Hilda pissed enough, he won't be surprised to be struck by lightning the next time he goes out.

Even Neville and Luna were getting frustrated with the normally gloomy Demetri. Aro and Caius however have found it very funny and extremely amusing, seeing the normally gloomy Demetri become a little more lively ever since he had met Hilda.

Garrett, the nomad who had been with Hilda during the war had even came back with them to Volterra. He was of course wary, as he had heard stories of how cruel and manipulative that the Volturi could be, but all those concerns have instantly taken a hike out of the window when he had met the Volturi for himself, and had seen how they truly are.

Aro is a leader—the leader of the entire vampire nation, and hence, he has to do everything possible in order to protect their secret, and prevent the humans from knowing about them. The witch hunts carried out during the early 1800s which had ended a little less than a few years ago is proof of it—that while Aro's methods might be brutal, it is effective. And Hilda, Neville and Luna knew better than anyone else how important it is that the humans do not learn of them. It only takes just one person—just one, and the tales of vampires and witches will spread like wildfire. Then before they even knew what is going on, it is going to be a repeat of the Salem witch trials.

Hell, Hilda along with all those who were fighting during the war had a front row seat to several of those witch hunts—especially with Voldemort's antics, and the things that his followers have done. The mundanes—the Muggles, didn't take it too well—that those with magic have been attacking them. More than once, Hilda, Neville, Luna and Loren have to intervene to save an underage Muggle-born witch or wizard from getting burned alive.

Loren Bright had just been a year out of Hogwarts when the war had broken out, and had been a brilliant Ravenclaw student during her tenure as a student—even being the top graduate of her batch. She had also been one of the few that had some common sense, and had sided with Hilda when she was defending the Volturi, Garrett and several of the non-humans. She had been especially brilliant with Runes and Charms, and Loren could often be seen conversing with Hilda about Runes and what they could do. Several of the runes that Hilda knew had actually been taught to her by Loren over the past year during the war.

Even after Hilda's turn into a vampire—and with the disappearance of her famous scar along with all her other injuries, even fixing her eyesight enough so she doesn't need glasses any longer, she found that she could still use Runes—as technically, the magic behind Runes isn't the magic of the caster—but the power of the intent and how they drew and use the Runes. That's why so few people have taken Runes for NEWT, as it is a tough subject.

Loren had actually vanished about two months before the Final Battle. Alec and Felix have came across her a few days after Hilda had opened her eyes as a newborn vampire in the nearby forest, terrified out of her wits due to her change into a vampire. And later, from what Hilda, Luna and Neville could find out from her when Alec and Felix have finally managed to coax her to return with them, she had been attacked by some vampires on Voldemort's side when she was setting up the runes for various wards around their camp (honestly, Hilda wonder in the wisdom in sending off a Runes Mistress of Loren's calibre alone to set up a ward when everyone knew that setting up a ward and runes requires intense concentration and time—especially during the chaotic times of the war back then).

Loren had managed to fight off the vampires who'd attacked her, and somehow, despite the burning pain, she had managed to escape, and had spent three days of agony as the venom worked its way through her body. When she had been fully transformed into a vampire and had learnt of what she is, she had been terrified—as she knew what the 'Light side' would do to her should they learn what had happened. After all, the animosity that they have shown Garrett, the Volturi and even what they have done to Remus is proof of it.

Aro had made Loren come with them afterwards to Volterra where they could teach her how to hunt and to control her vampire abilities—and even her gift. It had actually manifested about a year after her change, and Loren's gift is a really unusual one. For unlike Hilda, Luna and Neville's gifts, Loren actually had the ability to manipulate space—something that would be really useful when trying to apprehend enemies or even prey.

And judging by the way how Garrett always tend to go starry eyed whenever Loren is in front of him, everyone is pretty sure that the brunette former nomad wouldn't be going anywhere without Loren, and Loren herself wouldn't go anywhere without Hilda.


The light giggling of Hilda, Loren and Luna could be heard coming from the terrace in Volterra's courtyard, along with the chuckling of Neville and Garrett as Marcus regaled them with one of the tales of his youth.

Aro had been pleased to see that Marcus had became more alive in a sense ever since they'd met Hilda, with Marcus treating her as the daughter that he never had. He had spoken more than he ever had ever since they'd met Hilda.

Behind one of the gigantic pillars, Demetri peeked out from behind, staring at Hilda Evans with starry eyes, a small smile on his face. He had once heard Marcus speak of it, and even his sire, Amun, before he had joined the Volturi with Amun's blessings—with the Egyptian vampire telling Demetri that he would always have a home with him. Hell, Demetri had even heard from Aro that he had two siblings now who had joined Amun's coven about several decades after he'd left. Marcus and Amun have told him before about the beauty of mates—that he will find his chosen soul mate someday. Just being in her presence will soothe him, and he will want to do everything that he can to make her happy and protect her. Just the littlest of things would make him happy and feel as if he is walking on clouds.

Hell, just look at how Garrett acts whenever he is in Loren's presence.

"Exactly how long do you plan to stare at Hilda like a lovesick puppy?" said an annoyed voice from behind Demetri, and he turned only to see an annoyed Felix standing behind him. "It's been ten years, Demetri. Why don't you go and tell her? Everyone is getting tired of seeing you both dancing around each other when anyone with eyes and a brain to go with it can see that you both got the hots for each other!"

Demetri was silent for a long time. "…My place is with the Guard—by Aro's side."

Felix raised an eyebrow. "What has that got to do with anything?" he asked, annoyed. "Eleazar left the Guard with Aro's blessings too when he'd found his mate."

And it is true. Unlike contrary belief, Aro doesn't force anyone to remain in his service. He had always given them a choice. He never uses Chelsea's ability to manipulate bonds unless the opponent is a dangerous vampire, and it is always easier to subdue a vampire who wouldn't fight them then one who would. While Eleazar's talents are rare and Aro is sad to see him go, he had given Eleazar his blessings, and invited him to visit whenever he could.

Demetri didn't answer for a long time. "…Hilda and her friends… They don't deal well with staying in one place, Felix. You know that." He said at last, turning to face his best friend. "They've been getting fidgety lately. Jane and Aro have noticed this; that's why Jane had been taking them out to the town more often of late. They would probably leave Volterra soon." He had a sad look on his face at that.

Felix said nothing for a long time. Hell, he knew right from the beginning that those kids aren't one to remain in one place for long. It is a marvel that they've even remained in Volterra for as long as they did. And where Hilda goes, the other four (Garrett, Luna, Neville and Loren) would follow.

"…You might as well tell her then before she leaves." Felix said at last, making a mental note to talk to Aro and see if they can work something out so that Demetri could still remain with the Volturi Guard and still be with Hilda. "Don't know how long that she's going to stay here."


Demetri was just returning to Volterra late that night from a quick perimeter check when he heard the sounds of a piano, and he paused in his steps, curious.

Sure, they had a grand piano in what was originally a ballroom back during the days of the monarch—but no one really uses it, and hence, it is mainly used for decorative purposes—with the piano getting replaced some fifty years back by Aro when the keys were slowly losing tune. The last person to use it had been Marcus' mate before she had died. It is probably the one room where Marcus avoids like the plague ever since.

Demetri stopped outside the half-closed double doors of the ballroom, closing his eyes as he listened to the piano tunes. Like Felix, Jane and Alec, he never could stand half of what people call music these days, and prefers the music of their times—classics of composers like Beethoven or even Mozart and Chopin. This tune however is none of theirs—a song that Demetri had never heard before. This means that it is an original composition.

But who in Volterra could play like this?

He pushed one of the doors opened slightly, and Demetri's eyes widened slightly when he saw Hilda Evans sitting at the grand black piano, her fingers flowing gently over the piano keys, a look of peace on her face as she lost herself in her playing.

It is a full moon night that night, and the rays of the moon fell on Hilda and the piano, creating an almost ethereal glow around the smaller vampire.

Hilda stopped her playing just then—obviously having either sensed or heard Demetri's presence, and she smiled as she looked at him.

"Don't stop." Demetri said with a gentle smile, approaching her and sitting next to her on the piano chair. "I never knew that you could play the piano. You're pretty good." He complimented.

Hilda smiled at the praise; their elbows almost touching together, as they're sitting that close to each other. "Andy used to teach me whenever I seek refuge in her house when the war got to me," she admitted. "She might be a disowned Black, but she is still a daughter of one of the pureblood houses. She is really good at the piano and even the violin—better than her sisters, and she taught me whenever I visited her, stating that it is a good stress reliever."

"I've never heard this song before." Demetri said, watching as Hilda pressed one of the piano keys down with one finger. "Did you create this yourself?"

Hilda nodded. "I've never let anyone listen to this yet though," she replied before looking up at Demetri who grinned. "Would you like to listen to it?"

Demetri nodded almost eagerly.

He then listened, almost entranced, as Hilda's fingers almost flew over the keys of the piano, as the familiar tunes from earlier echoed around the room.

"You know, you're a strange one." Demetri commented even as he leaned against the tree bark of the tree that both he and Hilda are currently resting on one of the boughs halfway up the tree. The dark haired girl is seated on the same bough that he is standing on, sitting not too far away from Demetri, reading a book. "Most of the magicals that we've known outright hated our kind, and would rather burn us alive than have anything to do with us. You're the first one that I saw who would defend us—even willingly drawing a sword or even your wand on your comrades to do so."

Hilda looked at Demetri with a small smile. "…I've heard the same thing before," she answered, amused. "I just don't understand the prejudice that the magicals have against the non-humans. It's kind of ridiculous. Sometimes, with the way they act, it makes me think that they're worse than the 'monsters' that they're so fond of persecuting. They've committed no crime at all—no crime at all unless simply existing is their crime!"

Demetri said nothing as he listened to Hilda's angry tirade. Honestly, with what Hilda had been through at the hands of those magicals, it is no surprise that she had grown to hate her own kind.

"…Amaria." Demetri murmured as Hilda ended the last few tunes, and the smaller vampire then raised a brow, looking at him in slight confusion.

"Pardon?" Hilda questioned, perplexed.

"This song needs a name." Demetri said with a gentle smile. "For some reason, this name pops in my head. Amaria."

"Amaria…" Hilda tested the word out on her tongue—finding that she likes it. The name seems to fit this song, in a strangely fitting way. "It…seems to fit."

Demetri smiled. He privately wondered if Hilda knew the meaning of the word 'Amaria'. It has a Greek origin, and it means 'one who will be forever beautiful'. It is almost fitting for Hilda—as she's a vampire now, and will be forever young and beautiful.

"I'm going to ask you this, Demetri." Hilda said suddenly, turning to look at Demetri in the eye, "and I want a honest and straight answer from you. I want you to be honest with me." Demetri couldn't even bear to tear his eyes away from Hilda's—her gaze is that intense. "You've been going all hot and cold around me for nearly ten years now. I like you." She said bluntly, much to Demetri's surprise and shock. "I want to know. If you honestly feel something for me, or don't even feel anything for me, then I want you to have the balls to look at me in the face and say so. So answer me, Demetri. I want to know. Just what am I to you?"

Demetri was silent for a long time.

"…You might as well tell her then before she leaves. Don't know how long that she's going to stay here."

He wrapped his hand around the back of Hilda's head before pressing his lips against Hilda's. "…I think this answers your question," he said huskily.

From behind the doors, Loren, Garrett, Neville and Luna exchanged looks with each other and giggled.

"About time, don't you think?" Loren asked, smiling.

"Yeah." Neville nodded. "Come on, guys, let's go. Hilda is in good hands."


"We don't want to see you go, Hilda, but I guess I understand your reasoning." Aro said with a small smile. All of the Volturi Guard and even the three Volturi lords were gathered at the entrance of Volterra—all of them wearing black capes, seeing Hilda, Loren, Garrett, Luna and Neville off. "You're welcome to visit anytime—all of you."

"Sorry Aro, but I don't deal well with staying in one place for long." Hilda said with a small smile, tugging at the hood over her head. "I'm appreciative for everything that you've done for us. But it's time for us to go on the road. We will come back to visit every now and then. I promise."

"I guess I shouldn't be worried when you have them with you." Marcus commented, glancing at the other four by Hilda's sides.

Hilda glanced at Demetri who looked really uncomfortable, and she smiled a small sad smile. She knows that this would happen—that this would be what Demetri would choose. He's a Volturi Guard after all.

"See you." Hilda bowed slightly to the Volturi before turning to leave, being followed by her friends.

Demetri had a sorrowful look in his eyes as he watched Hilda's departing back. It's just…not fair. He is a Volturi Guard, and his place is by Aro's side. But part of him wants to follow his heart, and protect his mate like what he should be doing.

"Demetri, what are you waiting for?" Marcus said suddenly, and startled, Demetri looked at Marcus. The remaining two Volturi lords were looking at him with a knowing look as well. "Go after her."

Demetri blinked. Could it be that they knew about him and Hilda? Oh, who is he kidding? Of course they do! "But…"

"All I ask is that you call in on us every now and then and tell us how you're doing." Aro said with a small smile. "Besides, I need someone to go around to make sure that the various covens are keeping to the laws of the Volturi. You're one of my best, Demetri. You've been more alive than I've ever seen ever since Hilda had came. Go. You have been alone for long enough. Go after her. You both deserve your happiness."

Demetri bowed to Aro. "…Thank you," he murmured before tugging on the hood over his head and running towards the direction where Hilda and the others have disappeared.

"I'm going to miss him." Alec murmured, watching Demetri's departing back. "And them too."

"We'll see them again." Felix assured. He then grinned as he stared at Demetri's departing back. 'Good luck, Demetri.'

A/N: Honestly, I'm pretty sure that I wrote the Volturi waaaaaay out of character, but this is fanfiction, so sue me. If I want to, I can dress Aro up in a pink tutu and dance the Macarena. And as noted above, this is extreme AU.

To anyone who's wondering, this story will cover the later events of New Moon (the events of the Volturi), Eclipse and even Breaking Dawn. To all Cullen fans, sorry, but they will face some bashing in this story as I've never really liked about half the members save for perhaps Rosalie and Jasper. And on that note, do you want Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper to join Hilda and her coven or maybe just two of them would join the Evans coven? As a side note, if you're interested in listening to the song that Hilda had played, go to Youtube and search under 'Amaria' by Thomas Bergersen.

Anyway, I hope that you like this chapter, and please read and review! Reviews give me inspiration to update!

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