Pairings: Demetri/Hilda. Luna/Neville. Garrett/Loren.

Warnings: AU Universe. Gender swap. OC. Some character bashing. Nice Volturi. Protective Volturi. Sibling Garrett, Benjamin and Tia.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and Twilight and any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter Three: Existence

~2006, France~

"…And then Allen threw them out of the headquarters head-first."

Hilda Evans laughed even as she sat atop the railings of the attached veranda of the room that she shared with Demetri, listening to the phone conversation, and the annoyed voice of one Teddy Lupin who had been calling her all the way from Sicily, Italy.

It had surprised everyone in the beginning—or at least, only those in the know (Hilda, Neville, Luna, Andromeda and Loren) that Tonks had been pregnant with Remus' child after he had passed away, being incarcerated by the Ministry at the peak of the war. Hilda of course knew that there had been something serious going on between them, but she didn't think that Remus would do anything before they were married due to how honourable that he had been.

Tonks had delivered Teddy in secret about two months before the end of the war in her mother's house, with Andromeda as the midwife, having managed to keep her pregnancy secret due to her abilities as a Metamorphmagus, since all of them knew what most of the 'Light side', especially Dumbledore would demand should they learn of the child's existence, just for being the son of a werewolf.

Tonks had even named Hilda the godmother of her child, stating that it would have been what Remus would do as well. After the war had ended, and Hilda's change into a vampire, it had been risky for Hilda herself to visit Teddy due to the temptation, and she had tried to make up for it by sending presents and even photos of the places that they've visited to Andy and Teddy who by then have already long left New England despite Dumbledore's protests, and had made Italy their home. The Italian Minister of Magic at that time had welcomed Andromeda and her grandson with open arms, and had taken great delight in blocking their British counterpart at every turn after listening to what Andromeda had to tell him about the war, and what had happened after that.

It had been this way until Teddy had finally tracked down his godmother when he was about fifteen, refusing to lose anymore years of not meeting his godmother face to face. The teen had been astonishingly powerful, even at that age, and had been one of the best students in the Italian magical day school that he attends, much to Andromeda's pride, and later, Hilda's too. However, Andromeda never managed to live long enough to watch her grandson graduate as the top student of his year, passing away peacefully in her sleep just a mere month before Teddy's graduation.

Hilda, Demetri, Neville, Luna, Garrett and Loren all made the trip to Italy to attend Andromeda's funeral in Sicily, Wizard Street—Italy's version of Diagon Alley when they'd heard about Andromeda's death via a phone call from a panicked Teddy when he couldn't wake his grandmother up to take her daily dosage of medication. Teddy was understandably upset over his grandmother's passing, but he had already been prepared for this, since Andy had been getting really tired in the weeks leading up to her death. The six vampires have stayed in Italy for two weeks to help Teddy to mourn, even making a side trip to Volterra to visit the Volturi before they've gone on another of their travels. Barely a year later, Hilda received a very surprising phone call from her excited godson who basically told Hilda that he had became a Warlock.

Hilda had almost dropped her phone at that point in time, and Neville and Luna who were pruning one of the plants outside the house had almost cut off a branch accidentally whereas Loren and Garrett who were busy making out at the edge of the swimming pool at the back of one of the Potter family's vacation houses have nearly fallen into the pool. Demetri is probably the only one who had managed to keep his composure, though he had both his eyebrows raised.

Warlocks are pretty rare, but not that uncommon either. They are the child of a human and a member from one of the Dark Clans—mainly someone that hails from what the British proclaims as 'dark creatures'.

While most Warlocks are the children of a human woman and a demon, there are always the few that have either vampire or werewolf blood in their veins. A Warlock is always extraordinarily magically powerful—being able to cast powerful magic that most wizards could only dream of without the usage of an incantation or even a wand, and they always had this uncanny talent over creating barriers, wards and even potions that is unrivalled by none save for a fellow Warlock.

And much like the vampires, once a Warlock had 'awakened' to their blood, they become immortal—also having the responsibility to safeguard the secrets and order of the world and keeping the existences of vampires and non-humans secret from humans, especially the mundane world. And as far as Hilda knew, including Teddy, there are only nine living Warlocks today. And every Warlock resided in different countries of residences. For instance, Teddy is Italy's Warlock, and typically the one that most of the non-humans go to for their potions and warding needs.

It had been a little over a century ever since the war at New England had ended, and ever since they've embarked on a new life. It had surprised everyone when Demetri had caught up to them mere moments after they've left Volterra, stating that he's going with them. The bright smile on Hilda's face told everyone just whom Demetri is doing this for.

They've made their stop at Egypt first of all after leaving Italy, going straight to the home of Demetri's former sire, Amun. He had welcomed Demetri with open arms, but was a little wary of the rest of them until Demetri had explained the situation. They have also met Benjamin and Tia—Demetri's 'younger siblings' who have joined the Egyptian coven after Demetri had joined the Volturi with Amun's blessings.

Benjamin was thrilled to meet his 'older brother' whom he had heard so much about, and had gotten on like a house on fire with the rest of them. He had also been a big help to Hilda by teaching her to control her gift. As he'd explained it at one time when he was teaching Hilda, for vampires with gifts over the elements like himself and Hilda, their emotions are closely tied to their abilities. When Benjamin had still been new to his gift, he had actually accidentally set fire to part of the forest once just because he got a little pissed. Due to how similar their gifts are, it is no wonder that Benjamin and Hilda got along so well. Thankfully, Tia isn't the jealous sort, and had actually liked Hilda for her frank mannerisms and blunt personality.

The Evans coven (which Benjamin had nicknamed them) spent nearly twenty years with the Egyptian coven, with Amun teaching them the necessities of being a vampire and how to blend in. Even as vampires, they still need money, and though Neville and Hilda have their family fortune to fall back on, the others refused to use it.

Instead, Luna had advised them on what stocks and investments to invest in by using her gift of foresight. And with the companies that Hilda had inherited from her family, the six vampires from the Evans coven have operated a museum, a plant nursery, and had even became writers or artists and even composers—operating under various pennames throughout the years.

It had been a little over a century since then, and the Evans coven is now in one of the houses that they uses in France, already having been there for a little over a decade. Teddy had made his usual once per month phone call to Hilda that night the moment that she had stepped out of the bath, and she had headed to the attached veranda of the bedroom to take the call.

Demetri was lounging on the bed in their room, reading a book. Without his duties as a Volturi guard, the tracker found that he enjoys reading and music as much as his mate—with one of their favourite pastimes being to play the piano together—with a grand piano able to be found in every single one of their vacation houses. Over the years, Demetri had gotten really good at the piano too, with Hilda teaching him how to play.

With every house that they moved to, each couple had their own room—they could easily do that since the Potter family had been really well off, and the 'vacation houses' are easily mansions, equipped with a swimming pool and all—also being tucked away in the countryside without a neighbour for miles. Loren had also gotten really good with establishing her connections in the black market, and could easily get donated human blood if she has to, along with getting their forged passports so that they could pass under suspicion.

The girls—Loren, Hilda and Luna have some fun remodelling every vacation house that they lived in when they've first started moving around, though it had been Loren who had gotten all of them interested in fashion—Demetri, Neville and Garrett included, though the three males are mainly used as shopping mules—to help them to carry their shopping bags. The time when they were in Paris is probably the worst—especially for Garrett, since Loren positively went crazy with all the shopping that she'd done in the city of love aka La Ville-Lumière.

Hilda laughed, her laughter sounding like tinkling bells to Demetri even as she listened to what her godson had to tell her about the pompous British Ministry of Magic official that had 'visited' Avalon that afternoon—the headquarters of the non-humans that were mainly operated by the nine Warlocks. It is where the non-humans could find jobs and lodgings from time to time. The entrances could pretty much be found in every country in the world—only if you know where and how to look.

Avalon had already been around for a long time—probably long before the existences of the wizarding Ministries, and when the first Warlocks in the world have been looked at as the guardians of the world. After the wizarding folk have started to rule themselves, the system of Avalon had then begun, with the Warlocks being the guardians to make sure that the non-humans keep themselves and their existences a secret from the mundanes, as despite it being more than half a millennia, the mundane world still isn't ready to accept them or the witches and wizards.

"I guess that Britain still hadn't learned their lesson." Hilda commented, shaking her head. "The rest of the world had already moved on, and have long learned to blend in together with the mundanes to prevent a modern day witch hunt. It is just Great Britain that hasn't learned their lesson."

Teddy chuckled. "Allen would agree with you," he said, fondness in his tone as he spoke of his best friend and fellow Warlock residing in Norway who had also been his mentor when he had first became a Warlock—and not just any Warlock, but Italy's Warlock.

Hilda's ears then pricked up as she heard Demetri's cellphone ringing from their bedroom, and the tracker tore his eyes away from his book and answered the phone. "Hello?" he answered, sounding rather irritated the way he always does when he was interrupted during his reading.

Hilda turned back to her phone call, feeling curious about Demetri's call since he don't receive many phone calls save for the usual weekly call from Felix who usually called to annoy Demetri—especially after the invention of cellphones.

"Teddy, I got to go. I'll see you at Christmas as usual…I hope," she said.

Teddy laughed. "All right. I'll see you and the others then. If not, I can always go and visit you. Italy won't collapse if I'm away for just a few days."

"All right. See you then." Click.

Hilda then entered the bedroom, closing the glass sliding door behind her as she did so only to see Demetri sitting upright on the bed, a frown on his face. Hilda could even hear the person speaking on the other end of the line clearly—one of the benefits of having vampire hearing.

"Is Hilda there? Let me talk to her."

"Who's that on the line, Dem?" Hilda asked, crawling across the bed to reach the side that her mate is occupying, resting her chin on his shoulder even as he turned his head slightly to face her.

"It's Jane." Demetri explained, holding his phone out to Hilda who took it with a raised brow.

"Hey Jane. Long time no talk." Hilda greeted as she spoke into the phone.

"Hey Hilda, it's been awhile." Jane's voice greeted her on the other end of the line. "Where are you right now?"

"France." Hilda answered, exchanging quizzed looks with Demetri who shrugged.

Jane let out a sigh on the other end of the line, sounding frustrated. "…I'll arrange for a private jet for you," she said at last. "A plane will be ready for you at the airport in an hour. And… Do you think that you and the others could come to Volterra by tomorrow? We need your help."


"Edward Cullen, huh?" Neville mused even as they sat near each other in the private jet that Jane had arranged for them—just an hour away from Italy at this point in time.

Hilda didn't really have to explain anything when Jane had ended the call last night—everyone had heard what she'd said, and by the time that Hilda and Demetri have made it down to the sitting area, Loren, Garrett, Neville and Luna were already waiting for them with their bags.

"He must be the guy that Felix had mentioned last year when we'd visited them when we made our usual stop at Sicily at Christmas to visit Teddy." Loren rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Something about a vampire coven that had pissed off all the Volturi Guard just because of their mere existences alone."

After all, which respectable vampire on earth would deny their very existence and pretends to be human? What they're doing is just risking themselves to temptation all the more. There is a reason why Hilda, Loren, Neville and Luna could get their blood lust under control in just a mere year when they were first turned—they have accepted the fact that they're vampires now and human no longer, and that blood is just going to be part of their diet from now on. If a vampire denies that part of themselves, it'll just make it harder for them to control their blood lust and their thirst.

"Well, Aro likes the coven leader—Carlisle Cullen or something." Neville said, annoyed. The Volturi Lord had mentioned this particular vampire in passing during one of their past visits to Volterra, and how Carlisle Cullen had lived with the Volturi for about two decades not too long before the Volturi have even met Hilda and have gotten themselves involved with the wizarding war in New England.

"So what does Jane or even Aro wants our help with?" Garrett asked curiously.

Hilda groaned, massaging her temples and Demetri looked highly amused next to her. Finally, the stormcaller looked at her friends. "It's almost embarrassing, but from what I'd heard from Jane, this Edward Cullen went to the Volturi about two days ago, asking them to kill him because his human girlfriend is dead," she said with a sneer on her face.

There was silence for several moments.

"…You mean to tell me that a human is in the know about us?" Loren asked at last, her voice going dangerously low. All of them are after all aware of the strict laws set by the Volturi—and not just them, but by the Warlocks as well. "Is she a magical?"

"No, she isn't, according to Jane at least." Demetri answered, shaking his head. "Aro read Edward's mind as well, so there is no mistake. And the Guard as well as the three Volturi Lords aren't happy about it as well."

"So what does Jane need from us?" Neville asked with confusion.

"She's worried that this idiot of a vampire will risk exposure in the town square and wants me there to prevent a show, since I can at least dim the sunlight enough with clouds so that we don't sparkle when we walk out into the sun." Hilda snorted. "And if this Edward Cullen really wants Aro to kill him, making a show of himself in front of humans is one sure way."

"Along with making trouble for the rest of us." Loren muttered irritably, rolling her eyes. "If I ever get my hands on him, he don't have to ask the Volturi to kill him—I'll kill him myself."

There is a very good reason why the Volturi had stuck to their laws and rules for so many centuries—and why they wouldn't stand to have any vampire making a show of themselves. There is nothing more important than keeping the existences of vampires a secret. They don't need more trouble from the British wizards.

Luna's eyes glazed over for several moments just then before she blinked, frowning. "…We'd better make haste to Volterra once we've landed," she said grimly.

Neville looked concerned as he looked at his mate. "What did you see?" he asked with concern.



The rays of the sun came down strong, casting long shadows of anyone and anything that had gotten caught in its rays. Sheltered within the confines of the Volturi's stronghold, Edward Cullen started stripping off his outer robe, ready to step out into the plaza and reveal himself—thus forcing the Volturi to take action for him breaking one of their laws.

He still can't believe it. His Bella. Why did he ever think that it's a good idea to leave her behind in Forks, hurting her so? He still remembered her distraught face when he'd left her heartbroken in the middle of the woods. Alice had been really angry with him for actually telling Bella that they don't care about her—for Bella is as much Alice's best friend and sister like Rosalie had been to her. Alice had been really frosty towards him for months now ever since they'd left Forks, and the only time when she'd spoken to him is when he'd called her, asking for updates on Bella's well-being—since Alice had been keeping tabs on her with her gift.

Edward himself had been living by himself in some small shack away from the rest of his family, punishing himself in a way. Another reason is that he knew that Jasper wouldn't be able to take all the negativity pouring from him, and the anger that Alice felt at him for tearing her away from her best friend and spreading such lies about them. He knew that Jasper is pissed at him as well for upsetting his wife and mate in such a manner.

Honestly, what else could go wrong?

His love is dead. His sister is angry with him for tearing her away from her best friend. His brother is furious with him for upsetting his wife. His father is disappointed in him and the actions that he'd taken without even consulting with the family first, thus forcing the entire family to move in just a single night. Esme is worried about him. Emmett refuses to take sides due to the internal conflict within the family. As for Rosalie, who knows? But she definitely wouldn't take his side or anyone else's.

Maybe if they'd still remained in Forks despite the incident at the birthday party, then Bella wouldn't be dead…

The clock tower in the middle of Volterra chimed twelve times just then—twelve o'clock.

It's midday. It's time.

And on this day, there seems to be some celebration within the town square—with nearly every single human present in the town square decked in the familiar red robes. There were several booths set up as well—almost like there is a festival of some sort that day. More than one human even had looked at him curiously as he stayed within the shadows of Volterra.

Edward let his outer robe fall to the ground as he took one step out into the sunlight, his skin getting caught in the rays of the sun, sparkling like diamonds. A curious child who is currently huddled in his mother's arms stared, wide-eyed, even as Edward's skin started sparkling like diamonds.

"Mama. That man is shining." The little boy babbled to his mother in Italian, tugging onto her sleeve with one hand, the other pointing at Edward.

"What is it, honey?" His mother tore her eyes away from the festive events currently taking place in front of her.

Edward smiled to himself as the child tried to get his mother's attention. Aro won't have any reason to not want to kill him now—especially for him having breached one of the Volturi's laws—and not just any law, but the one that they've always insisted that vampires everywhere keep.

The bright and strong rays from the sun overhead dimmed down tremendously all of a sudden—reminding Edward of the weather in Forks most of the time, and his skin stopped the sparkles at the exact same moment when the mother of the child turned to face him, a confused look on her face.

"What is it, Honey?"

The child only looked confused.


Bewildered, Edward looked up at the sky above him only to see several dark clouds suddenly converging together. The weather in Italy had always been clear, with the brightest blue skies that you will see. And when they get bad weather, it is really bad weather. Even so, it doesn't make sense that the clouds will suddenly gather so quickly. And is that a rumble of thunder that he'd heard?

The skies are darkening at an alarming rate, and a quick flash of lightning lit the skies up momentarily. With the weather threatening rain and maybe even a downpour, the humans are quick to stop their celebrations, and are all heading for shelter to take cover from the downpour that they are sure would rain down upon their heads soon enough.

Edward stared up at the skies, bewildered.

What is going on?

"Looks like we made it just in time," said a voice.

Startled, Edward turned only to see a group of people—no, vampires—standing behind him. There are six of them. And all of them are decked in dark cloaks concealing their bodies. The shortest of the group had two fingers pointing towards the skies. Probably, she had the ability to command the weather.

The two taller males of the group were glaring at him, along with the tall and slender female vampire with the black hair standing next to that petite vampire who can control the weather. And all of them looked pissed.

They don't look happy with him at all.

Not at all.

A/N: I wasn't really intending to bring in Teddy in this story, but I had a sudden burst of inspiration, and I just couldn't help it! He might play a central role in the story in future chapters, I wouldn't know—I write as I go along.

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