Fool Amongst Fools

Pairings: Demetri/Hilda. Luna/Neville. Garrett/Loren.

Warnings: AU Universe. Gender swap. OC. Some character bashing. Nice Volturi. Protective Volturi. Sibling Garrett, Benjamin and Tia.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and Twilight and any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter Four: Fool Amongst Fools

Prior to her meeting with the Volturi back during the war in Great Britain nearly a century and a half ago, Hilda had already known about the vampire royals from her studies in magical school. But as those books were written by wizards, Hilda had taken it with a pinch of salt, unlike so many of her peers—as she'd long learned by the time that she was in her third year at Hogwarts that Great Britain is probably the most prejudiced country ever when it comes to the non-humans or even those different from them.

Hence why by the time that the war had broken out in Great Britain, along with Neville, Loren Bright, Luna Lovegood and a few others, Hilda had formed another unofficial group of her own—separate from the Order, to fight against the Dark Lord Voldemort and his forces.

After the war was over and when Hilda was turned into a vampire, and along with Loren, Luna, Neville and Garrett, she had spent a little over a decade with the Volturi, learning about their ways and their laws, and had seen their reasoning behind so many of their decisions and their laws.

Hence, after they'd left the Volturi, though always making it a point to drop in on Volterra once a year after their yearly Christmas visits to Teddy at Sicily—Hilda had never liked hearing how some of the other vampires have described the Volturi. And from what Hilda and Demetri later learned, some of those 'rumours' were spread by a certain vegetarian coven who seemed to like talking about how evil the Volturi is.

For lack of a better word, Demetri was pissed when he'd heard about it. Hilda and the rest of her coven weren't too pleased either, particularly Loren who seemed to have a temper to match her gift.

Hence, when Jane had asked for their assistance in Italy due to a certain mind reader, and had explained to Hilda everything that had happened—and what she had known from Aro, for lack of a better word, all of the Evans coven was pissed.

The six vampires have probably never run so fast before in their entire lives—straight after hailing a cab from the airport to take them as near Volterra as they possibly could.

Due to the festival happening that day, vehicles can't really move much, and hence, all six of them have to get out of the vehicle and run towards where the Volturi's stronghold is. Even still, they've barely made it in time for Hilda to dim the sunlight and cover the skies with clouds before the idiot could step out into the middle of the plaza, sparkling like he's in the middle of a disco show.

Hence, no one was surprised in the least after Hilda had made the once bright blue sky now a dull gray with the number of storm clouds above—stepping towards a very surprised and bewildered Edward Cullen and grabbed him by his ear. Considering that Hilda is at least a head and a half shorter than him, this is no mean feat—and the stormcaller had then dragged Edward into the shadows of Volterra by his ear alone, being followed by the rest of her amused coven—ignoring Edward's protests and demands to release him.

The petite vampire only let go of her hold on Edward when they're behind the doors of the main entrance of Volterra—and hence safe from the eyes of humans.

"If you're going to behave like a child having a tantrum, then I'm going to treat you like one." Hilda told Edward harshly, ignoring the snickers from Garrett and Neville behind her, and even Loren and Luna were both finding it very difficult to hide their amusement at Hilda's words. Demetri meanwhile seemed to be having a very suspicious coughing fit. "What were you thinking back there?"

"I doubt that he is even thinking at all, Hilda," drawled a very familiar voice. As one, all seven vampires present in the front entranceway of Volterra turned towards the direction of the voice only to see Jane walking towards them, with the familiar black cloak around her shoulders—the cloak that all members of the Volturi Guard wore whenever they venture outside—daytime or nighttime. Jane gave a small warm smile at the girl who is the closest to being her sister, giving brief nods to the other five of the Evans coven—also giving Demetri a warm smile. "It's been awhile. Thanks for coming."

"You know we would come if we have to." Neville spoke, giving a small shrug. He gave Edward a small scornful glance, ignoring the mind reader's confused expression. "His sister and the pet human?" He enquired.

"Felix had gone to get them." Jane answered.

Right on cue, the brass double doors behind them opened once more with a loud creak, and three figures slipped in. The first to enter is a girl with chocolate brown hair that reaches down to her shoulders with brown eyes—she is obviously human, and Hilda knew even without Jane telling her that this must be the human that she had told her on the phone last night. The second person to enter pulled off the headscarf covering her head only to reveal a head of short black spikes with honey eyes. And from Felix and Jane's descriptions of the Cullen coven whenever the Evans coven made their yearly visits to Italy, this must be Alice—the seer of the Cullen coven. And right behind them, wearing the familiar gray cloak is the broad form of Felix.

He grinned at Hilda and her coven as he entered, closing the door behind him—giving an impression of herding the two women with him.

"Bella…" Edward whispered the moment that he'd caught sight of his human girlfriend. "So it's true…"

"Edward…" The human—Bella, whispered, her eyes shining with love and relief in them.

Hilda exchanged exasperated looks with Demetri and the rest of her coven, and as one, they resisted the urge to roll their eyes. Have these two dimwits forgot that they have quite an audience in front of them? What is this—a modern day adaptation of Romeo and Juliet?

"I won't be needing your services anymore." Edward said cautiously, glancing at the Volturi members, but casting curious looks at the Evans coven.

"Aro wants to speak with you again." Jane cut in, eyes narrowed dangerously. "All three of you." She added, eyes shifting from Edward to Alice and to Bella. "Even the human." She added as an afterthought. "Hilda, you and the others can come too." She spoke directly to the stormcaller, her tone gentler as compared to when she spoke to Edward.

Hilda nodded, and upon seeing Edward about to argue, she narrowed her eyes dangerously. "My advice here: do as Jane says," she cut off Edward who looked about to argue. "You don't want to keep Aro waiting."

Demetri smirked. "Come on," he murmured, placing one hand on the shoulder of his mate before following Felix who had taken the lead. Edward, Alice and Bella followed uneasily after the Evans coven whilst Jane was at the back of the group—with the female vampire handing Edward a red cloak that she had draped over her arm to cover his upper torso—seeing as how he'd discarded his shirt earlier to put up the 'show'.

"Welcome back, you guys." Felix grinned at Demetri and the rest of the Evans coven even as he took them down the usual route to the underground chambers where the Volturi lords are, and where the Volturi have their rooms. "It's been awhile."

"Felix, it's been barely a year." Loren pointed out, rolling her eyes. Beside her, her mate, Garrett snickered.

Loren always had a sharp tongue—as what the wizards have found out the hard way when a few of them have always gotten on the case of the vampires or even Hilda's 'habit' of protecting the 'dark creatures', or even when she had flown off the handle during the time of the war when she had grown steadily more and more bad tempered each day.

"So that's them?" Luna asked in a low voice to ensure that the Cullen vampires wouldn't overhear them—even with vampire hearing. "The ones that you and the others have always spoken about whenever we came for our visits."

"Two of them at least." Felix nodded even as he led the way down the stairs towards the underground parts of Volterra. The Volturi and the Evans coven barely managed to stop themselves from rolling their eyes when Edward told his human girlfriend to 'not be scared'. "The mind reader and the vampire with the gift of foresight—rather like you, Luna. In her case however, she has no control over her gift."


Felix then led the group of them into the elevator—and while the entire journey in the elevator that would take them down to the underground parts only took several moments, it almost felt like an eternity due to how tense the entire atmosphere is. When the elevator doors opened once more, Felix took the lead once again, leading them down the polished hallway which looks awfully like one of those hallways in some ancient Victorian castle. The Volturi's human receptionist, Gianna stood up politely when she saw the group of them enter, greeting them politely in Italian.

Bella, the human who had been clinging onto Edward ever since they were reunited again only looked on in confusion. "Is she human?" she asked Edward, and he nodded grimly. Bella hesitated before she asked her next question, "Does she know?" Edward nodded again. "Then why would…—" Bella cut herself off as her brown eyes widened in realisation. "She wants to be." She realised.

In front, Hilda barely resisted a snort.

Humans are all the same. That is the reason why Aro, Caius and Marcus have reinforced their laws so harshly, particularly the one about no humans learning of the existences of vampires. And here she gets the Cullen coven breaking one of their laws. She is honestly curious how Aro is going to handle it. The Volturi lord has to do something, or the Warlocks will step in—and none of them wants that to happen in the least.

Godson or not, even Teddy has a duty to uphold his duty as a Warlock and to the boundaries of the world. The mundanes—the humans aren't ready yet to accept either the non-humans or even the witches and wizards. They still fear things that they do not understand. In several countries, there is a department in the mundane governments that actually takes care of the cases where humans have accidentally stumbled upon something that they shouldn't see. In the more extreme cases, the head of that department will contact the Warlock in their country of residence.

And then again, humans in recent years are getting worse and worse. Hilda is starting to believe that there is no good left in humans. After all, who wouldn't want to live forever—possessing forever beauty and eternal youth? The problem with most humans is that they only see the 'good' part of being a vampire.

It had always been the Volturi's way to have a human as their receptionist—as it allows them to blend in easier—and the tourists or even the general public would believe that they're human.

"Either that, or dessert." Jane stated uncaringly, having overheard what Bella had said even as she increased her pace to keep up with Felix, stopping before a pair of brass doors and opening them.

A wide chamber greeted the eyes of those behind her even as the blonde vampire entered—with high ceilings and with a design so similar to that of the throne rooms of the kings of old. And on the three throne-like chairs at the back of the chamber are the three Volturi lords themselves.

"Sister." Alec greeted even as Jane entered. "They send you out to get one, and you bring back two—and a half." He then looked at Hilda and the rest of her coven and nodded to them in greeting. "Welcome back to Volterra."

Aro stood up from his throne-like chair, a warm smile on his lips as he looked at Hilda and her coven, ignoring Edward, Alice and Bella for now. "Hilda! Demetri! Loren! Garrett! Neville! And Luna! Welcome back!" he said, ignoring the looks of utter confusion on the faces of Edward, Alice and Bella, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why. "Volterra has missed you dearly, my dears. And I'm sure Jane, Alec and Felix does too."

"It's good to be back, Aro. Though we have to leave for Sicily in a week or so." Hilda said before she looked at Marcus. Marcus was smiling at her as well—his eyes full of life once more the way that he always did whenever Hilda had visited Volterra with her coven—according to Caius at least. "Though I do wish that we had visited under better circumstances." Her eyes flickered towards Edward, Alice and Bella.

"Ah yes." Aro's lips thinned with the way that he always did whenever he is angry.

The chamber then fell silent as Aro left his throne-like chair and the remaining two Volturi lords, walking—or rather, stalking towards Edward. The two Cullen vampires and one human looked nervous and a little scared whilst the remaining vampires looked interested. Whether these three would walk out alive or not will now depend on Aro's mood.

The Volturi lord then took Edward's hand into his own—and like how Hilda knew from experience due to Aro reading her thoughts when she was still human to learn more about the war and everything that had happened—every single one of Edward's thoughts and his own mind reading ability along with the thoughts of every single mind that he had ever read was thus laid bare to Aro's.

There was silence for several moments as a faint flicker of surprise crossed Aro's face as he stared at Edward. Hilda knows this, having been a master at reading body language due to her experience in the war—and because Demetri seem to be one of those type of people (or vampires) who seemed to think that the people around him can read his mind without him needing to state what he thinks and feels out loud. It had taken several years of living together and patience for Hilda to know him as well as she did today, and not get exasperated with the tracker.

"La tua cantante." Aro finally whispered—though every single vampire in the room could hear his words.

Neville let out a soft sigh and closed his eyes briefly, wrapping his arm around Luna's shoulders. "So that explains it," he murmured to the rest of his coven. "That human is his singer."

"Singer or not, it doesn't excuse what they've done." Loren said with a frown. "The law about no humans learning about us is the most absolute law. No one must break it."

"Let Aro handle it." Demetri murmured, bringing Hilda close to him. Next to Loren, Garrett nodded.

Aro's red eyes shifted towards the only human amongst their midst who looked really uncomfortable. "Ah yes," he smiled a thin smile. "Now I see."

"Now you know everything." Edward snatched his hand out of Aro's grasp. "So get on with it." He almost hissed, not caring in the least if he sounded rude or even hostile, though a few members of the Volturi Guard like Jane looked ready to use their gifts on Edward to punish him for his insolence.

Surprisingly, Aro didn't seem offended by Edward's rude words, and seemed almost amused by it. "Well, this is quite interesting." Aro said, amused. "First, Edward comes to us nearly three days ago, begging us to kill him. And then when we refuse, he actually attempted to walk out into the middle of the plaza during midday—nearly exposing us to the humans. That if it hadn't been for Hilda, we would most likely be facing a second coming of the Salem witch hunts right now." His voice sounded cold at this point. "So tell me, Edward. What do you think I should do?"

"No laws were broken." Edward said bravely. "So you have no grounds to charge us on."

"Only because Hilda stepped in." Marcus spoke for the first time that day, surveying this situation from his throne. "What do you think would happen, Edward, if she and her coven aren't here?"

"And the Evans coven wouldn't even be here if it hadn't been for Jane's hindsight." Caius added, giving Jane an approving nod that almost made the blonde preen with pride.

"Just let Bella go." Edward demanded.

"You're in no position to make demands right now, Edward Cullen." Demetri spoke up, almost glaring at Edward. "Have you had any idea just how much trouble you've almost landed us all in?"

"Nothing happened." Edward insisted stubbornly. Honestly, is he an nearly century old vampire or a five-year-old brat?

"Only because Jane called us here!" Even Garrett is starting to lose his famous patience with the mind reader.

"Calm down, you guys." Luna tried to calm the irate vampires down, knowing exactly why they're so irritated.

Aro turned his red eyes onto Bella who looked really uncomfortable at having Aro's red gaze on her, and Edward tried to hide her behind him as if doing so can protect her. "So your gift, Edward, doesn't work on her," said Aro pleasantly, bringing everyone back to topic. "I do wonder, my dear Bella, if you are an exception to my gifts as well." Aro said pleasantly, holding his hand out. "Would you do me the honour?"

Bella hesitated, not wanting to touch Aro's hand and have every single one of her thoughts laid bare. But honestly, what other choice does she have?

She then hesitantly walked forward, placing her hand into that of Aro's outstretched hand and waited. Everyone in the chamber watched with bated breaths. Caius and Marcus especially were watching with interest. Not even Hilda had been exempted from Aro's gift when she had been human—and she is better than most witches and wizards at blocking Legilimency and even resisting the effects of the Imperio.

Everyone waited with bated breaths for several moments before a thin smile stretched on Aro's lips. "Interesting," he said at last. "I see nothing."

Demetri frowned. "A shield, huh?" he mused.

"A shield?" Hilda looked at her mate in curiosity.

"It's what we call someone with the ability to block mental gifts like mind reading or even illusions. Even Jane's gift to cast physical pain on someone is also considered a mental gift." Demetri explained. "I've came across a few vampires who are shields in the past during my tenure as a Volturi Guard, but none of them could actually block Aro or even Jane's gifts. Though this is really my first time seeing a human able to do that." He added, glancing at Bella, careful to keep his voice low so that only the Evans coven could hear him.

"A powerful gift like that, already manifested in a human?" Garrett murmured with interest. "Interesting."

Obviously, Aro is of the same opinion as well. "Let's see if she's immune to all our powers," he said. He then turned towards Jane who is standing next to her twin brother, Alec. "Shall we, Jane?"

"No!" Edward yelled, making to shield Bella. Annoyed, Jane then focused her gift on Edward instead, making him feel pain of the likes that he has never felt before in his life, ignoring the screams from Bella who was being restrained by Alec, or even Alice as the latter went to her brother's side.

"Jane?" Aro spoke, and Jane stopped using her gift on Edward. The Volturi lord had a thin smile upon his lips. "Go on ahead."

Jane then shifted her glance onto Bella. "This may hurt just a little," she cautioned before she then concentrated. When nothing happened, Jane looked frustrated, and Aro chuckled with amusement.

"She confounds us all!" he almost crowed. "So…" The once tense atmosphere returned once more. "What do we do with you now?"

"You already know what you're going to do, Aro." Caius spoke from behind him seriously. "She knows too much. She's a liability."

"That's true." Aro said almost sadly. He stared at Bella for a long moment. "Felix."

Felix stepped forward with a smirk on his lips, and even as he made to approach Bella, Edward cut him off, with Alice ready to join in on the fight. Alec was quick to respond—grabbing Alice by the neck, hooking an arm around her neck from behind her, thus effectively immobilising Alice. Meanwhile, Felix was living up to his reputation as the physically strongest vampire amongst the Volturi Guard, as he is quickly overwhelming Edward. But just as Felix was about to kill Edward, Aro stopped him.

"One moment, Felix." Aro said pleasantly even as Felix had Edward in a chokehold—not allowing the mind reader to do anything at all. "Edward, this is all very touching that you want to let your little human girlfriend live. But you know the rules. If a human knows about us, it is either she dies or is turned. Which is it going to be?"

"I refuse to damn Bella to this life, and I won't let you kill her either!" Edward rasped defiantly, glaring at Aro despite the fact that Felix is half choking him.

"Gods, I can't watch this anymore!" Neville finally let out a growl—and as one, every single vampire (plus one human) in the chamber turned their eyes towards where the Evans coven is standing—they've nearly forgotten about them. "Are you, Edward Cullen, a century old vampire or a lovesick puppy?" He demanded. "Do you even have a brain in that thing that you call a head?"


"Do you have any idea just how trouble you've almost landed all of us in when you decided to pull your stunt at the plaza?" Loren demanded.

"Nothing happened, and I didn't break any laws—"

"Only because Hilda was there, you dimwit!" Loren almost exploded, her famous temper bubbling to the surface. "If Jane hadn't called us, asking us to head to Italy, and if Hilda hadn't covered the skies with thunderclouds, you would have exposed the existences of vampires to the humans! What do you think would happen then?"

"Covered the skies with thunderclouds?" Alice echoed in confusion, looking at Hilda who looked annoyed.

Loren suddenly realised that she had just blurted out Hilda's gift and what she could do, and looked rather sheepish. Neville and Luna shot Loren annoyed looks, and Garrett only shook his head in amusement. His mate's quick temper and quick tongue had always amused him.

Demetri on the other hand glanced at his mate to gauge her reaction.

The Evans coven has always made it a point to keep their gifts hidden from all the other vampires whom they've met on their travels—as their gifts are really rare ones. As far as they are aware of, it is only the Volturi who knew about their gifts, and they wouldn't tell anyone.

"Well, they'll find out sooner or later anyway." Hilda sighed. She then glanced at the rest of her coven who nodded, and then looked at Aro who nodded in affirmative, knowing what she wants.

The remaining two Volturi lords and even the Volturi Guard were barely restraining their snickers—knowing that whatever Aro would do to the mind reader would pale in comparison compared to what Hilda Evans could do to Edward. That girl had a sharp tongue that could tear someone into shreds—like what her old Potions Profession had experienced first hand during the war.

The petite vampire then approached Edward Cullen, her boots making light clicking sounds on the ground as she walked, with Demetri close behind her. Hilda finally stopped as she stood in front of Edward, with Felix still having the mind reader in a chokehold.

"Felix, release him." Hilda requested, and the large vampire glanced at Aro who nodded.

Felix then released his hold on Edward and stepped away, retreating to the side of the twins—not wanting to get caught in the crossfire when Hilda finally loses her temper. All the Volturi had seen her temper first hand back when Hilda had still been human, and she had totally lost it at the Order when they've made another one of their attempts to 'accidentally' set a vampire on fire—in this case, Garrett. To be fair however, the Order had already been treading on extremely thin ice with Hilda long before they've shown up when they've incarcerated her last surviving godfather just because he's a werewolf. The 'incident' with Garrett is just the last straw for Hilda.

Though now that Demetri thinks about it, back then when Hilda had totally lost it at the entire Order—her so-called 'best friends' included, the skies had actually darkened over, and thunder had actually rumbled with lighting flashing momentarily—reacting to her magic. Probably, that had already been one of the starting signs of her gifts as a vampire, and not just her magic alone, even though Loren had confided in Garrett once (when she was still human) that Hilda had always had an affinity with elemental spells—more specifically, the water and ice types.

When Jane had called them for help last night, telling them about Edward Cullen and his sudden desire for death, all of them—more specifically, the former witches and wizards amongst their midst had been pissed for lack of a better word. All of them have lived through the witch hunts that had occurred all over the country during the time of the war—and have seen countless deaths that had occurred as a result. If Edward Cullen had actually succeeded in unveiling the existences of vampires, it would be a repeat of that time period.

Hilda's amber eyes almost bore into Edward, and the mind reader suddenly felt very small—despite the fact that he is nearly a head and a half taller than the stormcaller. "…Were you even thinking at all when you decided to unveil the existences of vampires in a town plaza full of humans—and not just any town plaza, but the one in Volterra?" Hilda questioned in a deadly tone.


"Surely you know what Italy means for the vampires and those magicals?" Felix enquired coldly. "Didn't Carlisle tell you anything? Italy had always been the birthplace of magic. It is where the first vampires were born during the days when the earth was new. It is where the Children of the Moon were born. It is where the first Warlocks, the first witches and wizards, and where the first of the non-humans were born. It is where magic itself is born. If you had actually revealed the existences of vampires in Italy itself, it will be almost impossible to cover it up—as there are still humans living in Italy that still believes in the existences of the supernatural."

Alice's eyes were wide, as is Edward. Bella's eyes on the other hand looked close to falling out of her head. Magic? Witches? Wizards?

The two vampires have actually heard a little about the magical world from their father who had actually heard it from the Volturi when he had been living with them. All vampires knew that Italy had always been an important place for those of the Dark World, especially the Warlocks. It is why Italy's Warlock had been said to be the most powerful amongst all the Warlocks. It is also the reason why most of the non-humans have their headquarters in Italy—hidden from prying eyes.

"And do you even know what would happen if you had actually succeeded in revealing the existences of vampires?" Hilda asked coldly. The heads of all those present were whipping back and forth as if they were watching a tennis match. "You don't, do you? I'll tell you. The rumours would spread like wildfire—of the possible existences of beings that is less than human. Of a creature that is so unnaturally beautiful that he looks almost out of this world. And from there, from one person to the next, the humans would start to talk. The rumours about vampires would begin once more. The wizards would start interfering in our affairs once again. The hunts for vampires would commence again. And then, the wizards themselves would get hunted down as well. And before you know it, this world will be turned upside down—we will be back during the time of the Dark Ages when everyone suspected one another, and innocent people will be constantly persecuted—being accused as witches and wizards or even vampires. Is that what you want to happen?" Hilda snapped.

If vampires could pale, Edward would be as white as a sheet. If he had thought that his idea to come to Volterra to ask for death is one of his dumber ideas ever, then the thought of what might happen because of his stunt is enough to classify himself as an utter and complete moron.

"Edward didn't do anything wrong—" Bella tried to defend her love.

"I'll advise you to be quiet, human." Loren hissed at Bella who almost shrunk back at Loren's venomous glare—obviously, Loren hadn't forgotten what the humans of their time had done to them. "You're the one in the most trouble here if you hadn't forgotten."

"Nobody saw me and nothing happened anyway—"

"Only because Jane called us here, having the hindsight to tell what you're planning, you dipshit!" Hilda snapped, cutting Edward's weak protests off. "What do you think would happen if we hadn't been here, and the humans saw you? We will be preparing for a second coming of the Salem witch hunts right about now—only ten times as worse as the humans now have the technology to kill us in one blow!"

All vampires present could hear the low rumbling of thunder outside—despite being underground, followed by the loud clap of lightning. The temperature in the room had also started to drop several degrees as a thin coat of ice started to coat the floor, slowly creeping upwards on the walls. White mist could also be seen as the occupants started to breathe in and out.

"Oh boy…" Marcus murmured, knowing what this is—a result of Hilda getting seriously agitated. Her gifts have always been very much in tune with her emotions after all—the same way like how her magic had been when she had still been human. If Hilda wanted it, she could easily freeze someone in an ice cube and kill them—human or vampire.

"Demetri, you have to calm her down." Luna hissed in Demetri's ear, grabbing her brother's arm to allow her to boost her height as she stood on tiptoes to whisper in Demetri's ear. "Before Hilda turns the entire place into ice!"

Demetri gulped, remembering what had happened when Benjamin had been teaching Hilda how to control her gift, and she had accidentally frozen the lake and the manmade waterfall in the home of the Egyptian coven. Amun hadn't been amused, but Benjamin and Tia have both found it very funny—with Benjamin commenting that Egypt had always been hot anyway, and having a cold home once in awhile isn't so bad. The younger couple is disappointed when the ice had actually melted after a week.

"Hilda, babe." Demetri interrupted Hilda's tirade, wrapping his arms around her petite waist, and his mate craned her neck to look up at him. "Calm down please. Is it worth it to get yourself this worked up over someone like him?"

The room temperature in the room started to go back to normal—much to the relief of the members of the Volturi Guard present—as they knew how lethal Hilda's gifts have been. The ice could stay up to week straight before melting—that's how strong Hilda's ability had been.

"Just let Bella go." Edward said once more, obviously not forgetting that Aro had been contemplating killing Bella.

"Bella will be one of us someday!" Alice called out in desperation—trying to stop them from killing either her brother or Bella, despite Alec's firm grip on her. "I've seen it. I'll change her myself if I have to." She ignored Edward's glare on her person.

Aro gestured for Alec to release his hold on Alice before the seer then walked towards Aro, removing her glove and placing her hand into Aro's. Aro held her hand and closed his eyes for a few moments as Alice's vision flashed across his mind.

A vision of Edward and Bella running through the woods even as the sunlight filtered through the trees. A vision of two people who obviously looked a little more than human—looking extremely beautiful. The sunlight fell on Bella's skin, even as her skin glittered like diamonds.

"Mesmerising." Aro smiled even as he released hold of Alice's hand. "To see what you have seen before it has happened." Aro then turned towards Bella. "Your gifts will make for an intriguing immortal, Isabella." He fingered the ends of Bella's hair, ignoring the flinches that the human made. Finally, Aro decided that he had tortured her enough and stepped away from the girl. "Go now. Make your preparations."

"Let us be done with this." Marcus added even as Edward made his way towards Bella and his sister as fast as he could without making it look like he wanted to get away from the vampire that had nearly froze him into an ice cube. "Heidi will arrive at any moment." He then got to his feet. "Thank you for your visit."

"We will return the favour." Caius injected from his seat. "I would advise that you follow through on your promise soon. We do not offer second chances."

"Goodbye, my young friends." Aro said even as the two Cullen vampires and one human made their exit as fast as possible without making it look like they're fleeing.

A long silence fell after the departure, and Loren sighed. "I suddenly feel so exhausted," she grumbled. "I didn't think that there are still vampires like that."

"Well, Edward is a special case, my dear Loren." Aro chuckled. "Heidi will be by soon with our meal. Would you like to join us?" He enquired.

"I'm afraid not, Aro. We need to drop by Sicily to visit Teddy." Hilda said apologetically.

"Italy's Warlock?" Caius enquired, having met Teddy Lupin a few times due to Teddy being Italy's Warlock, and the Volturi being the ruling vampires.

"Yes. Teddy asked me to look into some rumours regarding vampires at America." Hilda answered, exchanging looks with her coven. "Even the Warlocks have been hearing rumours about the Cullen coven—and how they have risked exposure numerous times. Humans aren't that stupid. Sooner or later, they'll know that something about the Cullen coven is different. And I think that Teddy will be very interested to learn that a human is in the know about us, and hasn't been killed or turned yet. And if I know the Warlocks and Avalon, they won't just let it go."

"It's precisely why we made it a law to make sure that no vampire lives in an area for longer than two years." Caius grumbled. "And that blasted coven is larger than any coven that I've ever seen. And not to mention that they live amongst humans! They're risking exposure."

"That's exactly what would happen if a vampire coven lives in a human town." Hilda rolled her eyes in annoyance. "That's also the reason why so many of us tend to live far away from civilisation. Honestly, I'm starting to think that there is only air in between their ears. And then again, what do I expect from a fool living amongst fools?"

A/N: Honestly, I'm not so sure what to think about this chapter. It seems pretty rushed to me. And why the hell do I feel like the Volturi is waaaaaaay out of character in this chapter? So about the Cullens, what is the verdict from you guys? For Jasper and Rosalie and their mates to join Hilda, or just the two alone? Do you want Alice bashing or not?

Anyway, I hope that you like this chapter, and please read and review! Reviews give me inspiration to update!

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