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The third year of Teiko destroyed a friendship, but it also brought two people closer than before. This is the story of Ogiwara Shigehiro and Kuroko Tamaki who decided to attend high school together.

Adventure / Romance
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I Want to See You


Set in PoM Universe. The third year of Teiko destroyed a friendship, but it also brought two people closer than before. This is the story of Ogiwara Shigehiro and Kuroko Tamaki who decided to attend high school together, much to the chagrin of a certain tanned player. Ogi/Fem!Kuroko. One sided Ao/Kuro

So with the recent appearances of Ogiwara Shigehiro in the recent chapters of the manga, I totally fell in love with him (not literally!). And well, I started fantasizing about a pairing with him and a female Kuroko, and how it will affect the storyline if Shigehiro was there with Tamaki (female Kuroko) from the start. We hadn't really seen how good Shigehiro is with basketball, so I'm going to just make up some stuff along the way, but he's going to be pretty good—good enough to go toe-to-toe with some of the Generation of Miracles.

And my apologies to all Aomine fans, but he's going to take quite a beating in this story. You'll see why later. Like with Kagami, I'll try not to bash him too much, but there are times when the temptation is a little too difficult to ignore, especially with how idiotic both Aomine and Kagami acts in canon.

This story—along with all my other female Kuroko stories, takes place in the Princess of Miracles universe. That means the usual: Akashi is Tamaki's cousin; Tamaki's parents passed away when she was in middle school, etc.

Pairings: Shigehiro/Tamaki

Warnings: AU Universe. OOC. Gender swap. Nice Akashi. Overprotective Generation of Miracles.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke and any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter One: I Want to See You

Spring had came, and with it, came the start of a new school year for all schools in Japan.

Kuroko Tamaki came to a stop before the gates of her new high school, tugging slightly at the tie around her collar, watching as the students of her new high school – new and current, all filed into the school excitedly, chattering away with their friends about what they've done during the holidays. The sakura petals of the several cherry blossom trees lining the pathway outside the school and even in the courtyard of the school fluttered down to the ground with the light breeze, thus creating a beautiful picture.

The teal haired girl glanced around at the impeding crowd all trying to crowd into the school at once, with the shouts from the various clubs all shouting over each other in an effort to be heard in order to advertise their clubs.

"He doesn't seem to be here yet." Tamaki muttered, brushing a few strands of her hair out of her eyes, her hair length reaching down to a little below her shoulders.

Her third year at Teiko Middle School had ended in complete disaster.

Teiko Middle School had always been one of the top schools in the country, for both academics and sports. Thus, right from the start, being in that school means that you'll have to basically compete with your schoolmates and classmates for just about everything – be it in academics, sports, etc. The school's motto of 'Absolute Victory' had been ingrained into their students' minds by the time that they're in their third year.

Especially for the basketball club, whom Tamaki and her cousin had a hand in re-creating from scratch during their freshman year when the seniors managing the club at that time tried just about every form of dirty tactic in the book. Her cousin hadn't been happy at that time, and had challenged them to a game, with the winner gaining the right to form a new varsity team.

The other members that had played with Akashi Seijuro in that challenge match had consisted of herself, Midorima Shintaro, Murasakibara Atsushi and Aomine Daiki. The five players, along with one other, who would then later become known as the 'Generation of Miracles'.

Their freshman year had been particularly tough for the basketball club, as there were all kinds of problems, and the captain who had been her cousin, with the vice-captain being Tamaki herself, have to handle and oversee all the problems personally. Her cousin had handled all the internal problems happening in the club at that time, as there were several of the more…hard headed seniors who didn't take it too well that a group of freshmen had easily beaten them. Tamaki herself had been handling the number of new applicants who wanted to join the basketball club, along with recruiting a manager as well as searching for a competent coach for the club.

Pretty difficult for a bunch of middle schoolers to handle, but both Tamaki and her cousin are if nothing, persistent. Thus, by the time that they were in their second year, the basketball club had all but stabilised itself, with them having a competent and permanent coach, along with a manager. Their freshman year had also been the year when they've easily blown through all the three major basketball tournaments, shocking several schools.

As up until their arrivals, while a good team, Teiko had never really shown any outstanding results in basketball, with the seniors before them resorting to dirty tactics in order to beat their opponents. Thus, Tamaki and her cousin, along with the rest of the regulars, have a lot of cleaning up to do, particularly the part with Teiko's reputation.

Hence, by the end of their second year when they've admitted a new regular into their ranks by the name of Kise Ryota, no one had never heard of Teiko, and that's when the 'Generation of Miracles' moniker had came about.

It is all nice and good, but power comes at a price. And so does victory. By the time their third year had rolled about, their team's dynamics had started crumbling at its seams. What had originally been a great team with understanding and respect for each other had started developing cracks in their teamwork.

Tamaki had been the first one to see it. How could she not when she is the team's vice-captain and strategist furthermore? She is the one responsible for putting together the team plays and tactics from the information and data that their manager had gathered. She had been the first one to see it, but she couldn't bring herself to do anything. Not when her team had been there for her throughout everything, especially her second year when everything had started going wrong in her life.

Thus, by the time third year had rolled about, everything that Tamaki had treasured started crumbling bit by bit. It became especially worse when their team's ace and also her best friend had rejected her in the cruellest way possible.

Akashi Seijuro, her cousin and also the captain of the team was really angry when he found his cousin crying her eyes out in an empty classroom one day after training. He was all for going after Aomine with a pair of shiny and sharp scissors, but his cousin had stopped him. After that, Akashi was pretty cool with Aomine, that only Midorima Shintaro could tell that Akashi seems to be very angry with their team's ace.

The Nationals final of their third year was the breaking point for the entire team. Kuroko Tamaki had decided that that is all that she could take, being forced to just sit there and watch as her close friends changed slowly into the monsters that they were. Thus, after the Nationals final, Kuroko Tamaki vanished from Teiko.

Kuroko Tamaki sighed as she looked up into the skies, shielding her eyes from the sun. "I should really have told them that I'm leaving, at least…" she muttered. Only her cousin and her best friend – their team's manager, knew about her resignation from the club. She can almost predict the waterfall tears that Kise Ryota would sprout the moment that he'd learned about her decision.

The teal haired girl then pulled out her cellphone from her pocket and flipped it opened to see the screen, which is that of a wallpaper picture of her and her childhood friend whom she hasn't seen ever since their elementary school years when he had moved away.

"I wonder where he is now? He's going to be late for the entrance ceremony if he don't show up soon." Tamaki murmured to herself, glancing at the wallpaper that Shigehiro had taken with their cellphones just before they have graduated from middle school – during a time when the cheerful teen had stayed by Tamaki's side when she was really down and upset.

Akashi and Tamaki have both met Ogiwara Shigehiro at the street basketball court near her aunt's restaurant where they have always played at as children during their elementary school years. The boy was so cheerful, bright and happy-go-lucky that both Akashi and Tamaki who never had many friends took to him immediately. When Shigehiro had to move away during their second year of elementary school, he had promised them that he'd meet them again on the basketball court as a regular once they'd entered middle school.

That promise kind of fell through when Shigehiro's school had lost in the semi-finals of the Inter High – just one step away from meeting Teiko in the finals. Shigehiro had felt so guilty, and didn't know how to face Akashi, and Tamaki especially.

Come to think of it, Tamaki's interactions with Shigehiro via telephone calls, emails and even meet ups occurred a lot more frequently around the time during her second year all the way to the end of her third year when Aomine started skipping practice a lot more, and when he started changing into the arrogant teen that he is today.


~Second Year of Teiko, Summer~

'He skipped practice again.' Kuroko Tamaki thought with a sigh as she trudged her way back home after another long day at practice.

Night had already long fallen, with the stars coming out in full, as Tamaki took her usual trek back to the home that she had started living in after her parents have passed away, and she had sold the three storey house that they'd lived in, thus downgrading to a small one-room apartment.

Her aunt and cousin also have gone through a pretty rough patch just a few months ago when Akashi Shinichi had been found cheating on her aunt with another woman, and the couple had then filed for divorce, with Akashi nee Kuroko Yuki gaining custody of her son, since the court had ruled that Kuroko Yuki is a better parent to Seijuro. And seeing as how Akashi Shinichi is rarely home and hardly even sees his own son once a week, Tamaki is not surprised.

The Inter High is just around the corner, and everyone in Teiko is practicing as hard as possible. The players of the second and third strings were however complaining that their manager seems out to kill them, as their training menus have been tripled ever since the Inter High tournament was announced, and their coach's training menu doesn't help any matters either. Coach Kashitori Kenta always had that really amused look on his face whenever he overheard the complaints.

Everyone in Teiko is practicing as hard as possible, even the third string players who knew that they would never even get the chance to be on the bench. Everyone but a certain tanned player that is.

The regulars were all concerned, even Akashi. Aomine's passion for the sport of basketball seems to be diminishing with each day until he just suddenly started missing practice and even skipping school occasionally a month ago. Tamaki and Momoi were started to get tired of having to drag him down to the gym from the rooftop. And even then, it took every ounce of their persuasion skills in order to accomplish that feat.

Tamaki took out her blue cellphone from her pocket, with the keychain of a basketball and a cute little black and white dog hanging from it. She searched for her contacts, scrolling down until she came to the name that she'd been looking for, and pressed the dial button.

Three rings later, the call was then connected.

"Tamaki?" The voice on the other end of the line sounded confused for a moment. "It's rare of you to call me instead of texting or even email." The voice sounded cheerful just then. And by the sounds of things, he seems to be on a street court somewhere, judging by the background noises.

Tamaki felt her lips quirking. It is true in a way. She is never one for talking, and often stuck to texts and even emails, even the occasional letters that they wrote to each other when they're kids – before they had their own phones and computers.

"Are you busy at the moment?" Tamaki enquired politely.

"Nope! What's up?" Ogiwara Shigehiro asked cheerfully.

"Well… You see…" Tamaki sighed before she lapsed into a quick explanation about her partner and the problems that he'd been causing of late. Her feet took her into a small park where she sat down on the bench.

"I see. The guy you and Seijuro have been telling me about, huh?" Shigehiro sighed. "So he's been skipping practice…" He trailed off slowly. "By the way, why are you even asking me? It's not like I even know the guy!" He huffed.

Tamaki can't help but giggle at Shigehiro's indignation. "Well, you and Aomine-kun are very much alike—" 'The old him at least.' "—and so I thought that you might have an idea."

"Huh? What are you talking about? And we're not alike!" Shigehiro squawked. He then sighed, giving the matter at hand some serious thought. "Well… I can't be certain, but he seems rather different from that Haizaki that you've mentioned before—" Tamaki grimaced, remembering Haizaki, and just what had occurred between him and the team. "And it's not like he's begun to dislike basketball or anything, has he?" Shigehiro paused slightly. "Well… This is just my opinion, Tamaki. Bear in mind that I don't know the guy personally or anything, but this is just how I feel. Rather, it might be because that he likes basketball more than anyone else that he no longer comes for practice."

Tamaki was silent for a long while. "He said that basketball is getting boring for him," she whispered. "He said that the more that he practices, the stronger he gets, and the more boring that basketball gets for him."

"Well, that's that then." Shigehiro said. "But he's your basketball partner, isn't he?" It might just be Tamaki's imagination, but she could have sworn that she'd detected a slight tinge of jealousy in Shigehiro's voice. "It's your turn to help him. That's what teammates and partners are for, isn't it?"

Tamaki managed a small smile. As always, chatting to or even texting Shigehiro always helps to cheer her up, even on a bad day. "You're right," she said slowly.

"Oh right. I forgot to mention." Tamaki could almost see the grin on Shigehiro's face. "If our team wins two more matches, we'll make it to the championship." He said cheerfully. "Tell that to Seijuro for me too. Don't you dare lose until we've fulfilled our promise!" He said almost sternly. "But well… I guess I really don't need to worry about that, especially since you're in Teiko. I don't know how well our team can fair against Teiko, especially with both you and Seijuro on the same team, but we won't just go down like that! I'm looking forward to facing you both in a match."

"Of course." Tamaki smiled – the first smile that she had on her face for days. "I'm looking forward to it."

"But I must say that you and Seijuro both sure had some guts, and had came a long way. From restructuring the entire basketball club as a whole, and even managed the entire club all by yourselves." Shigehiro smiled. "I wonder what it will be like if we're in the same team together." He said almost wistfully.

"There's still high school." Tamaki told him. "If possible, I really would like to attend the same school together, seeing as we couldn't in middle school."

Shigehiro laughed. "Well, we'll see. I have to go. See you at the finals."

"Yeah. See you." Click.

~Third Year of Teiko, Autumn~

Kuroko Tamaki walked along the pathways aimlessly, with no destination in mind, and no goal either.

How could things have gotten so wrong? How could the situation escalate to such a point that her entire team had started hating basketball to the point that they've started playing a type of basketball that causes their opponents to hate basketball as much as they do?

Tamaki had decided that she had enough after the end of the Nationals. The day after the Nationals, she had immediately filed for resignation from the club straight to the coach and her best friend – their manager. Her cousin probably knew of her decision already, since nothing escapes him, and she had already given away more than enough clues throughout the past month. Satsuki and Coach Kashitori however… Both of them looked rather confused and bewildered when Tamaki had handed in her resignation, but not before nominating one of the second years to fill in her post as vice-captain for the next year.

Her days had never seemed so long and meaningless before. Without basketball to fill up her days, she had mostly spent it at the library. But despite how much she loves reading, she just can't seem to get into it now.

Thus, for the first time ever since she had started at Teiko Middle, Tamaki had already left the school whilst it's still light out.

The teal haired girl doesn't even know where she's going. She just know that she wants to get away from everything – away from her team, away from Teiko, away from Aomine. Away from everything that had made her hate the very sport that she had once loved.

Her feet only stopped when she stood in front of an empty basketball court – the same court where she and her cousin have first started playing basketball. The same court where she had met her first real friend who had all but fallen off the face of the earth ever since his school had lost in the semi finals last year.

Tamaki felt a lump in her throat as her vision blurred, and she wiped her tears away quickly. She swore not to cry anymore after her parents have passed away. Crying never helps after all. It never does.

I want to see him, Tamaki thought to herself miserably, suddenly wishing to see Ogiwara Shigehiro more than anything else. She'll take a train straight to Kyoto if she has to, just to see him.

The teal haired girl then pulled her phone out of her pocket and went to her contacts' list, scrolling down the short list of names on her phone until she came to a stop at a name. After deliberating for several moments, she finally pressed the dial button.

Three rings later, the call was picked up by a miserable sounding Ogiwara Shigehiro who sounds almost as if it is the end of the world for him. "Hello?"

"Shige-kun?" Tamaki's voice cracked for just a moment as she swallowed back the lump forming in her throat. "It's Tamaki." She bit on her lower lip for a moment, trying to fight back her tears.

"Tamaki?" Shigehiro sounded concerned. "What's wrong? You sound as if you're about to cry."

Tamaki didn't say anything for several moments. "W-Where are you right now?" She was relieved that her voice came out steady. "Can you come out now? I… I want to see you." She choked back a sob.

There was a pause on the other end of the line before there were background noises of what sounds like wind. Is Shigehiro running or something?

"Tamaki, where are you?" Shigehiro sounded breathless.

"At the street courts." Tamaki whispered, dropping down to the ground until she is literally squatting down.

"Wait for me. I'll be there soon."

"Huh—" Click.

After what seems like a long while, Tamaki heard the sounds of someone panting behind her, and she turned only to see Ogiwara Shigehiro dressed in a black school gakuren, his neck wrapped in a blue and white scarf – the same one that she'd gotten for him for Christmas the year before he'd left.

Tamaki's eyes widened. "S-Shige-kun?" His name came out almost like a whisper. How did he get here so fast?

"Seijuro called me last night." Shigehiro answered Tamaki's unasked question as he approached her, settling down beside the girl. "He's worried about you, and asked me to come to Tokyo as a favour."

Tamaki was silent for a long time. "I just feel…that it seems like the team doesn't need me anymore." She admitted. For once, the usually talkative Shigehiro was silent, just letting Tamaki talk. The trauma that he had gone through in second year had changed him…drastically. "I…can't help Aomine-kun. I can't help the team. I can't… I really can't do anything!" Her vision started blurring, but this time, Tamaki didn't bother to wipe her tears away. "I just…can't stand it anymore. The sound of the balls. The sound of sneakers squeaking. Even the sound of the nets… I just…can't stand it anymore. Standing at the top… It's almost…lonely."

"I guess I can understand it." Shigehiro said at last from next to her. "Nearly a year ago, I used to hate basketball too. Hate it so much that it's almost unbearable. But this year, when the basketball tournaments started up again, who knows how it had even started, but I started playing by myself again. And then I realised…" He looked at Tamaki in the eye. "Playing basketball without you is so boring that I can almost start to hate it." He whispered.

Tamaki's eyes widened. Shigehiro then got to his feet, peeling off the black gakuren and scarf that he had on, leaving him in only a white shirt that he wore beneath and black trousers. He then picked up a lone basketball left behind in the court that they were in, dribbling it a few times. He then grinned at Tamaki, tossing her the ball.

Due to her quick reflexes, Tamaki caught it quickly. Almost on instinct, she knew what Shigehiro wanted her to do, and with a small smile, she tossed the ball towards the basketball hoop by propelling it with the heel of her palm. The ball soared towards the net, and Shigehiro leapt upwards and dunked the ball in.

Tamaki smiled upon seeing the grin on Shigehiro's face, and the look of pure delight that he had on by just managing a dunk with the ball that Tamaki had passed to him. It almost makes her feel like everything is going to be all right as long as Shigehiro can just play basketball with a grin on his face. It reminds Tamaki of just why she'd played basketball as long as she did. If only just to see Shigehiro laugh like that.

"You're smiling at last." Shigehiro grinned, dropping himself down by Tamaki's side again. "And I knew it all along, I guess. Basketball is only fun if you're by my side, or just playing with me, or even just watching me."

Tamaki laughed, and her laughter sounded almost like tinkling bells. The teal haired girl simply can't remember when is the last time when she had laughed like that. Ever since her parents have decided that their business and career is more important than their only child around the time when Tamaki was in elementary school, and then went and got themselves killed in an accident.

"Have you been reading shoujo manga again?" Tamaki teased Shigehiro, and he blushed.

"I'm serious!" Shigehiro insisted, grinning at her with that grin of his that makes it look like the sun coming out. Tamaki is strongly reminded of why her cousin had called Shigehiro the 'sun' during their elementary school days. Just watching him play basketball, or just being around Shigehiro tends to do that to anyone. She'll cheer up immediately just by being around him. "It's fun playing with you. I like your smile. You don't smile as much anymore, and I understand why. But at the very least, when I'm with you, I don't like to see you sad."

Tamaki can't help but smile slightly with his words, and Shigehiro grinned triumphantly. "You smiled!" he cheered. "A smile looks best on you, Tamaki." He chirped, and Tamaki laughed. "It's about time, isn't it?" He sighed, and Tamaki looked confused. "Applications for high schools." Tamaki's face fell. The dark haired boy fidgeted in his spot before opening his mouth, trying to gather the courage that he has to ask her the question that he's been dying to ask Tamaki since second year of middle school. "Hey Tamaki?" Tamaki looked at him curiously. "Will you come with me?" He asked sincerely. "Will you come with me to high school?"



A shout from elsewhere caused Tamaki to turn around only to see a grinning Ogiwara Shigehiro running towards her, his uniform left un-tucked and the tie loosened a great deal around his collar. He looks unkempt and untidy, but for some reason, this look kind of suits him.

"Sorry that I'm late!" Shigehiro apologised the moment that he'd reached where Tamaki is. He then grinned at Tamaki. "Here's to a great day! Shall we go?"

Tamaki smiled and nodded before Shigehiro grinned and grasped her by her wrist gently, leading her into their new high school together. The teal haired girl smiled as Shigehiro started babbling nineteen to a dozen, talking about everything under the sun even as she tried to keep up with the conversation.

She's not letting go of him again. She's not letting go of her friendship with her childhood friend. He's been there for her longer than anyone else; being the one to make her smile when she's sad, lending her a listening ear when she's troubled, and the one to cheer her up when something made her upset. And he's also the one to convince her to not quit basketball entirely.

It had taken them a long month before both had decided on a high school that they're both happy with, and feel that can benefit them in the long run. After all, like how Seijuro had nicknamed them and their combination play when they were children, they are the Sun and the Moon.

Shige-kun is like the Sun, always there to brighten up her day with his talks and his jokes, or just by being there with her.

Her time with Teiko and the Generation of Miracles is over.

Long over.

A/N: How's this for a start? I've probably made Shigehiro and Tamaki a little too OOC in this chapter. Sorry! Anyway, this chapter is your only chance to vote for which high school you want them both to attend. You can tell me in a review, or you can vote on the poll in my profile.

Rakuzan High School

Touou Academy

Seirin High School

There's going to be quite a bit of Aomine jealousy spats here. And I'm not sure if I want to make Tamaki a player in this story. Maybe I'll just stick her as a manager slash trainer, and only bring her out as a player during critical points of the story. What do you think?

Also, I seriously need some suggestions and ideas for my Silent Light and Shattered Soul stories – both of which I'm currently suffering from writer's block! Anyway, I hope that you've enjoyed this story, and please read and review! Reviews give me inspiration to update!

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