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Generation of Miracles

Pairings: Shigehiro/Tamaki. One sided Aomine/Tamaki.

Warnings: AU Universe. OOC. Gender swap. Nice Akashi. Humble sibling Rakuzan. Some character bashing.

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Chapter Ten: Generation of Miracles

"If Akashi Seijuro is the captain that dwells in the light—the one that brought Teiko to victory while leading them on the court, then Kuroko Tamaki is the vice-captain and strategist that dwells in the shadows—supporting the team with her tactics and strategies." - Aida Riko


Rakuzan was on an all-high throughout the entire day after they were named the champions of the Inter High tournament. Already, Shirogane had made arrangements with both Tamaki and Seijuro for the team's training for the Winter Cup tournament—the National High School Tournament where all the nation's best teams would be gathered in one place. But as they've just finished the Inter High, the coach had decided that it could wait until they return to Kyoto, and once they've finished their midterms.

The Rakuzan team would be returning to Kyoto the next day, but as Tokyo is the hometown of three of the younger team members, Seijuro, Tamaki and Shigehiro have decided to stay for an extra day or two before returning to Kyoto. As it is Saturday the next day, Shirogane doesn't really mind since most of Rakuzan's students often leave the dorms to go back home on the weekends anyway.

The basketball coach just reminded the three freshmen to be back in Rakuzan by Monday for lessons as they've already been away for long enough, and considering the fact that midterms is just around the corner, he is pretty sure that their teachers have already piled on their homework.

All the Rakuzan regulars groaned as one when they heard that, as they are already dreading having to return to Kyoto to face the mountains of homework and assignments that they have waiting for them. Especially Mayuzumi who is in his third year of high school that year, and hence, also have college preparatory classes to worry about atop of his regular class assignments.

"I'll be back on Sunday, I promise, Mom." Shigehiro was saying whilst on the phone as he stood at the glass window that barricades the balcony from the hotel room that he shared with Seijuro. Said redhead had just stepped out of the bath, towelling his hair. "Seijuro and Tamaki wanted to spend an extra day in Tokyo as they haven't been back for months, and I want to stay with them."

Seijuro barely restrained a smirk when he heard that. More like Shigehiro wanted to stay with Tamaki more. Neither one of them had said anything, but Seijuro had known them both well, and knew what they aren't telling him. And as what Seijuro was telling Mibuchi later on, better Shigehiro than Aomine—as the redhead knew that Shigehiro would sooner chop off his own arm than hurt Tamaki.

There was a sigh on the other end of the line, as Mrs Ogiwara comprehended her son's words. "Oh, very well," she said. "Come back for dinner on Sunday at least. Your father will be back home too, as he'd just finished up his latest case at Shizuoka."

Shigehiro's father had been a private investigator, and a damn good one as well, being pretty famous amongst the police districts and even the other private investigators in Japan. He had sometimes been called in to help with some police investigations, having been a former cop before he had retired as a detective when Shigehiro was born—not wanting to risk his life on the front lines anymore.

"I will—" Shigehiro's words then got stuck in his throat as a sudden idea struck him. "Mom? Can I bring someone with me?" The other end of the line grew strangely silent. "There's someone I want to introduce to you…or re-introduce in this case."

Behind Shigehiro, Seijuro who is sitting at the end of his bed, towelling his hair dry raised a brow as he stared at the back of his best friend.


Sure, both Seijuro and Tamaki have met Shigehiro's parents before when they were kids. Back when Shigehiro was still living in Tokyo, they often had several sleepovers at the Ogiwara residence because of both cousins' family situations. Shigehiro's parents have actually liked them, and treated them like their own children.

When Tamaki's parents have passed away, it had actually been Mr Ogiwara who had seen to all the legal procedures and to ensure that Tamaki's parents' wills have actually been read—as Seijuro's mother at that time had been too distraught over her brother and sister-in-law's deaths to even think about that. It had also been Shigehiro's father who had helped Tamaki to sell her family mansion and to downgrade into the one-room apartment that she had stayed in after her parents' passing. As far as Seijuro knew, her apartment is still around, and his mother went to clean it once a week.

Mrs Ogiwara fell silent for several moments before she spoke once more. "…Is it Tamaki-chan?" she asked knowingly, and from the sudden silence from her son, she knew that she had hit the nail on the head, and she laughed. "I was wondering when you would tell her. Bring her home for dinner on Sunday. I'll cook her favourites."

"Thanks, Mom." Shigehiro said gratefully. He then hung up the phone and turned around only to be greeted by Seijuro's smirking face. "W-What?" He asked nervously.

"Nothing." Seijuro said, still with that knowing smirk on his face. "So… Meeting the parents already, huh?"

Shigehiro blushed, and Seijuro chuckled.

"Shut up."


The three younger players of the Rakuzan team headed to the train station bright and early the next morning to see off their teammates and coach on the bullet train to Kyoto, with all three promising to return by Sunday night for their classes on Monday, as none of them could afford to miss anymore lessons.

"And for goodness sake, don't forget that curfew is at 11PM!" Mibuchi continued ranting, much to the amusement of his fellow Uncrowned Generals, Mayuzumi and even Shirogane. One would think that Mibuchi is their mother or something. "The school gates close at 11PM, so make sure that you're in the school by then!"

"We get it!" Shigehiro interrupted, thus saving their ears from any further tirades. "Be back in Rakuzan by 11PM, stay safe, and get plenty of food and rest. We know! For goodness sake, Mibuchi-sempai, we're not five anymore!"

Before Mibuchi could add any further 'instructions', the three freshmen were fortunately saved by the loud whistling of the bullet train as it pulled into the station, much to their relief. Taking pity on the three freshmen, Shirogane ushered the older members of the team into the train—luggage and all, but not before sternly reminding the three younger players that they still have class on Monday, so please do not do anything strenuous. He is in no mood to undergo a firing squad for Interrogation 101 as their homeroom teacher questioned him as to why three of her best students are falling asleep in their classes.

It was a relief to all three when the train had finally pulled out of the station. And here Mibuchi is wondering why several people often mistake him for a female.

Isn't it obvious by now?


The trio have dropped by the Rising Sun restaurant, as neither one of them have been able to visit much due to the Inter High tournament taking up most of their time.

Kuroko Yuki was delighted to see them, almost smothering her son and niece as she inspected them from head to foot, making some comments that both seem to have lost weight—much to Shigehiro's amusement—before the redhead then ushered the three teens to a corner booth, fully determined to fatten them up before they leave for Kyoto tomorrow night.

"Come on, your mom just missed you both, as you both hadn't been able to visit her ever since the Inter High had commenced." Shigehiro commented, shoving a mouthful of taiyaki into his mouth. "All mothers are like that." He added after he'd swallowed his mouthful of food. "My mother is always all over me whenever I return home for the weekends as well. You will think that I've been away for months, if not years—rather than just a couple of days, with the way that she acts, also with all the care packages that she sent me at school. You will think that Mom thinks that the school is starving us." He joked.

Both Seijuro and Tamaki smiled at that comment, knowing how the motherly woman always fusses over them. Mrs Ogiwara is very similar to Kuroko Yuki in that aspect, as the two would always fiercely protect their children from harm, and will always fuss over them.

"I'm fifteen, not five—I'm turning sixteen this December." Seijuro grumbled, stirring the contents of his tofu soup with his spoon. "I can take care of myself. So could Tama."

"We have to go back to Kyoto tomorrow. Who knows when we could even return to visit, as midterms are starting in two weeks. Let's not begrudge Aunt Yuki." Tamaki nudged her cousin gently in the side. "It's bad enough that we could barely return to Tokyo for nearly two months now—what with preparation for the midterms and the Inter High."

Seijuro muttered something beneath his breath, but said nothing. For despite his complaints, the redhead does love his mother dearly.

His cousin and mother are everything to him, despite the fact that his father is still alive, and hopefully dying in a ditch somewhere—Seijuro couldn't care less if he's dead or alive, with the abuse that the dictator had heaped on Seijuro and his mother all throughout his childhood. If it hadn't been for his uncle's protection—Tamaki's father, and how headstrong that his mother had been, Seijuro would likely end up dead before he'd graduated middle school from that man's abuse.

When the divorce proceedings had gone through, and his mother awarded full custody due to the mountains of evidence that their lawyer had presented of the abuse that his father had heaped on both Seijuro and Yuki ever since the first day of their marriage, Seijuro was happy. Kuroko Yuki had also filed for a restricting court order at the same time—thus preventing Akashi Shinichi from even venturing near Seijuro, Yuki and even Tamaki if he didn't want to be hauled back into jail once he's released from prison.

The charges of child abuse filed against him at the same time as when Kuroko Yuki had filed for divorce had struck, and the judge had probably gone through child abuse as a child, or just detests child abusers, as he had awarded Akashi Shinichi the harshest penalty that one could get as a child abuser—a jail sentence of ten years. Kuroko Yuki had also sold every single one of her ex-husband's properties and businesses—not wanting any part of her ex-husband's 'dirty' business dealings, and had placed all the money that she had gotten into a trust fund for her son for his college education.

"I picked this up earlier when we were at the train station." Shigehiro said, pulling out a semi crumpled flyer from his bag and showing it to the two cousins. "A street ball tournament. Shall we go and see?"

"You're not playing though." Seijuro said firmly. "We're still recovering from the match yesterday! And Tama is definitely out of the question." His cousin looked annoyed, but knew that her therapist wouldn't be pleased if her recovery is set back by a few months due to her disobeying orders. "I want to go and look at some books at the bookstore in town, so I'll meet up with you both later if you want to go and check it out."

"Now that's a familiar sight." Shigehiro grinned as the couple entered the basketball park where the street ball tournament was being held as is featured in the flyer. Groups of teens were lounging about, chatting excitedly. And judging by the board next to the sign up tent, most of the matches of the day are already over. "It has been awhile since we've played street ball. Not since we were in elementary and middle school at least."

Tamaki smiled at that, as the basketball of Tamaki, Seijuro and Shigehiro have originated from street ball. They just improvised their styles from that—hence why Kise could never copy the signature moves and styles of the members of the Generation of Miracles.

"I think there is one last game for the day." Tamaki noted, sharp eyes glancing over the board next to the sign up tent. "It's over there, I think." She mused, pointing towards where there is an unusually large crowd of people around a basketball court.

"Let's go." Shigehiro grinned, taking Tamaki by the hand before the two walked towards the court hand-in-hand.

There seems to be a pause in the final game of the day, as the attention of everyone—the players in the court, the referee and even the bystanders were staring at a certain purple haired giant in the court, munching on some snacks.

Shigehiro frowned. "What is he doing here?" he whispered to Tamaki, eyeing the form of one Murasakibara Atsushi. "Didn't he go back to Akita?"

"My guess is that he remained behind to do some visiting. Or maybe showing a friend around." Tamaki added, sharp eyes noting the familiar purple and white Yosen sports bag by the side of the court, and that most probably belonged to that black haired teen currently smiling at Murasakibara.

According to Tamaki's info, that teen is Himuro Tatsuya, a second year in Yosen High. He had actually played against Rakuzan during the semi-finals of the Inter High, and had an orthodox style of playing. His skills compliment Murasakibara a lot, and thus, Tamaki isn't really surprised that Yosen had two aces—Murasakibara and Himuro Tatsuya.

The two Rakuzan players watched as an argument almost broke out between Murasakibara and a tall redhead as the latter tried to provoke the former into having a game with him and his team.

Tamaki frowned to herself, knowing from personal experience from when she was in Teiko how…violent Murasakibara could get if you pissed him off enough. The nickname 'Maou' isn't just for when Murasakibara is on the court after all—when he is motivated enough to play offense that is. Heavens knows how many times that the regulars and even half of the first stringers have to intervene on either Akashi or Tamaki's orders to restrain Murasakibara when he is on the verge of strangling some random Teiko player—especially during their third year when the tempers of the regulars were at an all time high due to the countless problems that the club had that year.

"Huh?" A dark and menacing look appeared in Murasakibara's eyes as he glared down at the smirking redhead that doesn't seem to have realised that he had pissed off the one member of the Generation of Miracles that he shouldn't piss off. "What did you say?"

Tamaki almost groaned. "Shige-kun." She made a gesture, and Shigehiro nodded before following his girlfriend as she pushed through the crowd to get to Murasakibara before he would do something that he will regret.

…Okay, he probably wouldn't regret it, but Seijuro wouldn't be pleased if Yosen was disqualified from the Winter Cup heats just because Murasakibara couldn't keep his temper and his hands to himself.


Himuro Tatsuya paused in his tracks when he saw a teal haired girl wearing street clothes restraining Atsushi's wrist before he could punch his brother for letting his mouth run away with him. A vaguely familiar orange haired teen stood by the side of the teal head, a small frown on his face as he glanced at the Seirin players.

Tatsuya's eyes widened when he remembered where he'd seen them. "You are…!"

Kuroko Tamaki's eyes snapped towards Himuro Tatsuya, warning him with her eyes not to reveal which team they are from. Tatsuya hesitated for a fraction of a second before he nodded slowly. It is already bad enough for them when they revealed that they are Yosen players. How much worse is it for the Rakuzan players?

Murasakibara Atsushi blinked down at the teal haired girl restraining his wrist. "Hime-chin?" he muttered before an almost childish smile lit up his face. "Hime-chin!"

"You're a handful as always, Atsushi-kun." Tamaki sighed, ignoring the expression on the redhead behind her, and the gobsmacked expression on the face of Kiyoshi Teppei who no doubt recognised her and Shigehiro immediately—being one of the Uncrowned Generals. "No fighting on the court." She told her former teammate. "You know that."

Atsushi sulked. "But he's being mean!" he complained, pointing at Kagami.

As one, everyone—both the bystanders and the players on the court, excluding Tatsuya who is obviously used to Murasakibara's antics stared at the purple haired giant like he'd just grown two new heads. Is this really the same guy who is just threatening to crush Kagami? Why is he acting like a five-year-old now?

"That doesn't excuse the usage of violence on the court." Tamaki reprimanded, and Atsushi sulked, shuffling at the ground beneath him with his foot. Tatsuya barely restrained an amused smile. Not even he could make Atsushi see sense when he gets angry. Seems like Atsushi's former captain and vice captain still had a kind of control over him despite the fact that they are now in different teams. "Apologise."

"Sorry Hime-chin." Atsushi mumbled.

Tamaki's eye twitched. "Not to me. To them." She gestured towards the confused Seirin players, ignoring the suspicious coughing fit that Shigehiro is giving out that oddly sounds like laughter to the teal head.

"…Sorry." Atsushi almost sulked as he said so, refusing to look at Kagami, and Tamaki sighed. This is the best that she can get out of Atsushi, as he honestly acts like how a child would when reprimanded for doing something wrong.

Kagami scowled. "Who are you—"

The heavens above opened up just then, and a heavy downpour rained down on them, drenching the players on the court. A shrill whistle rang out even as the spectators all ran for cover.

"Ah. It's raining." Shigehiro pushed his dripping hair out of his eyes, making him look more like a drowned rat than ever. "And it was so nice out just a moment ago as well."

"We have an announcement to make. The game will be suspended. Players and referees, please return to the tents."

Tamaki sighed even as she ran a hand through her wet locks. "Good grief," she murmured.

"Atsushi, we should go back. Coach will be after us if we aren't back by tonight." Tatsuya told the still sulking Atsushi. He then turned towards his brother. "See you. If we meet again…"

"It'll be this winter." Kiyoshi cut in, smiling at Tatsuya and Atsushi. "Next time, we'll play in our uniforms."

Tamaki's sharp eyes glanced at Kiyoshi's knee. She had more than enough experience in seeing sports injuries by now due to her therapy sessions at the therapist to know that Kiyoshi's knee is injured—not only what she knew about Seirin's match against Kirisaki Dai Ichi last year.

Atsushi grumbled something beneath his breath. "Atsushi." Tatsuya reprimanded him, before he then turned towards Tamaki and Shigehiro and bowed slightly to them, taking Atsushi by the arm, and leaving the court.

"See you, Hime-chin." Atsushi said even as Tatsuya pulled him along. "See you in the Winter Cup." He added, further confusing the Seirin players who have all assumed that Tamaki and Shigehiro were in Yosen as well.

"We should go as well, Tamaki." Shigehiro said, scowling down at his wet clothes. Fortunately for both teens, they aren't wearing white shirts that day, thus, they didn't have to worry about public modesty. "We need to get into some dry clothes."

"Wait." Kagami interrupted before they could leave. There was a scowl on his face, and Tamaki is starting to wonder if it's the redhead's default expression, as there is a constant scowl or frown on his face ever since she'd met him. "Who are you?"

Tamaki glanced at Kagami before shifting her gaze towards Kiyoshi. "…We'll meet again in the Winter Cup," she said, much to his surprise. "See you."


The Seirin players that have decided to play a round of street ball that day weren't able to wonder at the teal head and her companion before being summoned back by their coach to their school's gym for an emergency meeting, as the results of the Inter High tournament were just released.

"The results of the Inter High are out." Aida Riko was telling her team who were all standing in front of her. "Just as we expected, the schools attended by the Generation of Miracles took the top spots." Kagami's ears pricked up at the mere mention of the famous team as the rest of his teammates paid rapt attention. "Third, Yosen. The runner up, Touou. And the champion…" Riko closed her eyes briefly before opening them again, looking from face to face. "Rakuzan."

There was brief silence before Izuki broke it, a frown on his face. "Rakuzan." The Point Guard murmured. "They're the ones who took the Winter Cup last year."

"Ano…" Kagami spoke up, and all his teammates turned towards him. "Are they that strong?" He asked doubtfully.

"They're a pretty well known name for being the top school in the country." Hyuuga answered Kagami's queries. "You can think of them as the high school version of Teiko Middle. It is the dream of nearly every single student in the country to attend Rakuzan High. That school always took first place for musical recitals and such, even having won countless championships in all things sports or academic related. They're also the reigning champion for the three major basketball tournaments for the past decade."

Kagami's eyes widened in shock, along with that of his fellow freshmen.

"The Emperor, Rakuzan High School." Izuki murmured darkly. "That is what people call them. And this year, they're said to have the strongest line-up."

"And that's not all." Riko said seriously. "This year, Rakuzan have the captain and vice-captain of the Generation of Miracles!" Furihata almost choked on air at that comment, and the eyes of nearly every single Seirin player widened in shock. "Along with 'Lionheart' Ogiwara Shigehiro—one of the few people who can play on equal footing with them!"

"T-The captain and vice-captain?" Hyuuga almost roared. "How the hell did Rakuzan get their hands on two of the top basketball players in the middle school circuit? And 'Lionheart' too? If we ever wind up facing Rakuzan, we're in for a tough match—it will be like facing a team version of the Generation of Miracles!"

"Ano…" A very confused Fukuda raised his hand like he's in class. "Can someone explain?"

"The Generation of Miracles, as you know, are insanely talented basketball players that no one could hope to beat in a match." Izuki said, turning towards the freshmen who were all hanging onto his every word. "The best amongst them have been their leaders—the captain and vice-captain of the Generation of Miracles. Those two are also the most mysterious members of the entire team. From their third year onwards, they rarely played in any matches. Teiko owe it to them for having gotten the reputation that they did now. Before the arrivals of the Generation of Miracles, Teiko had been an unknown name in basketball. They built a team like Teiko in just under a year, and under their leadership, brought Teiko victory after victory."

"And this…'Lionheart'?" Furihata frowned. "I've heard of him before when I was still in middle school. But as my middle school is a mid-tier team at best, we've never gotten the chance to face him or Teiko before."

"He is one of the few players that can play on equal footing with the Generation of Miracles." Kiyoshi added, a grim smile on his face. "I've played against him once when I was in middle school. He is strong. Insanely so. If Lionheart had been in Teiko as well, without a doubt, he would have been named as one of them."

"Is he really that strong?" Kagami asked, the familiar spark of challenge appearing in his eyes once more at the mere thought of a player out there that is as strong as the monster team that he wanted to challenge. "And the captain and vice-captain of the Generation of Miracles… How strong are they, compared to the others?"

"They're the top basketball players in the middle school district. Not even Aomine could defeat them." Hyuuga said tiredly. He had only seen those two play once when he was in his second year and they were freshmen. That game is a marvel—a beautiful game. Unfortunately however, the two leaders of the Generation of Miracles rarely played in games after that, and even if they do, it is only for two quarters. "They're strong. If they can turn out a team like Teiko, then the last thing that we should do is to underestimate them."

"Besides, the captain set aside… Kagami, you should have already met the vice-captain of the Generation of Miracles." Kiyoshi said suddenly, much to their confusion. "The vice-captain of the Generation of Miracles—the number one strategist in the middle and high school basketball circuits. You'd met her before. Any person who even played basketball will know her name. 'Mirage' Kuroko Tamaki, also known as the 'Ghost of the Court'. That girl from earlier—the one with the blue hair. That's her."

Kagami's eyes widened when he realised that he had been speaking to the vice-captain of the Generation of Miracles earlier, and he never even realised it.

"I've also heard rumours about her." Riko said grimly. "If Akashi Seijuro is the captain that dwells in the light—the one that brought Teiko to victory while leading them on the court, then Kuroko Tamaki is the vice-captain and strategist that dwells in the shadows—supporting the team with her tactics and strategies. She has a brilliant mind—better than even Touou's Momoi. Not that she isn't skilled on the court. She is. She isn't one of them for nothing. Make no mistake, she is dangerous. The last thing that you should do is to underestimate her. You won't live to regret it. Those two are the leaders of the Generation of Miracles for a reason."

"But for the past year, Kuroko Tamaki hasn't been playing on Rakuzan's court—merely assisting them from the shadows." Kiyoshi added. He then sighed. "But no matter what, if we should wind up facing Rakuzan in the Winter Cup, it'll be at the finals. And we would be in for a tough match."

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