My Sun, Your Moon

Meet the Parents

Pairings: Shigehiro/Tamaki. One sided Aomine/Tamaki.

Warnings: AU Universe. OOC. Gender swap. Nice Akashi. Humble sibling Rakuzan. Some character bashing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke and any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter Eleven: Meet the Parents

“The ones we love are never truly gone. They are still alive—in our hearts.” - Ogiwara Aya


The Rakuzan freshmen trio boarded the 8AM bullet train for Tokyo early on Sunday morning, arriving at Kyoto near noon, considering the fact that both Shigehiro and Tamaki have a date with Shigehiro’s parents that night. And though Tamaki didn’t show it, she is nervous.

Sure, she had grown up with Shigehiro, and hence, has already met Shigehiro’s parents numerous times in the past. Hell, she and her cousin both often had sleepovers at Shigehiro’s home when they’re kids due to their family situations.

But meeting her childhood friend’s parents and meeting the parents of her boyfriend are two entirely different matters. Hell, Shigehiro had even received a text message from his mother when they were still en route to Kyoto, with Ogiwara Aya reminding her son to come back for dinner that night—and to bring Tamaki with him.

Akashi even had that knowing smirk on his face when he had read the message over Shigehiro’s shoulder.

The dorms of Rakuzan were usually left empty on the weekends, as the students tend to go back home for the weekends. Hence why Tamaki was pleasantly surprised to run into Sasaki Hinami in the hallway of the female wing of the dorms—or at least, the ones meant for the athletes of the school.

Rakuzan had separate dormitory buildings for those in the sports clubs. The dormitory buildings for those in the sports clubs have their own personal gym and fitness centre, and even various sports facilities—including an indoor swimming pool. Hence, it isn’t too uncommon to find someone using the sports facilities even during their free time until curfew.

The managers of the various sports clubs were even given dorm rooms in the sports dorms—on the manager floor where there are a few computer rooms and even AV rooms for them to perform their manager duties. Thus, it isn’t too uncommon to find the captains of the individual sports teams paying that particular floor a visit.

Sasaki Hinami had been a classmate of Tamaki, Shigehiro and Akashi, and had also been the third string manager of Rakuzan’s basketball team. In certain ways, apart from Shirokawa Airi, she could be considered Tamaki’s best female friend. Due to Tamaki’s skill at basketball and also her position within the male basketball club, there were plenty of girls who were jealous of her. However, those girls wouldn’t dare to do anything to Tamaki directly—they aren’t suicidal. Even if Akashi didn’t do anything, Tamaki is no damsel in distress. She can handle herself, and wouldn’t subject herself to bullying.

Much like the Uncrowned Kings, each member of the Generation of Miracles has high pride—Tamaki included, and wouldn’t withstand ridicule due to their overwhelming talent and skill in basketball.

However, it is also because of Tamaki’s position within the basketball club that leaves her with few friends. Sasaki Hinami had actually been brought into the basketball club to be the third string’s manager by Tamaki herself when the teal head had noticed that Hinami seems to be the only one who could understand all the basketball terms that Tamaki and Akashi have been talking about one day in class. When asked, Hinami had later admitted that she used to be the manager of her basketball club in middle school.

Much like with Fujiwara Reiya, Tamaki had enough problems trying to find a competent manager whom she could trust to lead the training for the third string, instead of just some girl who just wants to join the club to ogle at boys, and had asked Hinami to be the third string manager. Hinami and Tamaki have later grown close, as the two girls were vaguely similar in mannerisms—and that is enough to deter any bullies from targeting Hinami.

Being the third string manager, and thus, having to run training regimes under instructions from Tamaki is enough to boost her confidence as well, and the once shy and meek Hinami had now grown in confidence. More so with how Hinami had actually helped the first stringer left in charge with the training regimes when all the regulars and the coach have left for Tokyo for the Inter High.

“When did you even get a boyfriend anyway?” Hinami asked in confusion even as she stood in front of Tamaki’s wardrobe, trying to find an outfit for her best friend to meet her boyfriend’s parents. “You and Ogiwara-kun were still dancing around each other when you were in Kyoto less than a month ago.”

Unlike most schools, Rakuzan actually allows their students to have their own rooms, though there are always the few that chose to share dorm rooms.

Tamaki groaned even as she heard Hinami say that. “Does the entire club know?”

Hinami rolled her eyes even as she turned towards Tamaki. “As long as you have eyes and a brain to go with it, then yes, anyone could tell,” she deadpanned. “So Ogiwara-kun finally grew a spine and asked you out? Finally!” She sighed. “And do you even own a dress of some sort?” She wondered, returning to her task at rifting through Tamaki’s wardrobe.

“Not really.”

Hinami sighed before finally picking out a white off shoulder blouse and figure hugging jeans—deciding that it would do. “I’m taking you shopping with me someday,” she decided. “You need some variety in clothes. But really…” She looked at Tamaki curiously. “When did you realise that you liked him?”

Tamaki paused. “…I don’t know,” she admitted. “It’s like…I just know. It just…feels right, you know? We knew each other for such a long time. It’s like…it almost feels wrong when I’m not with him. I don’t really know how to explain it.”

“I don’t get it.” Hinami deadpanned.

“And speaking of me and Shige-kun, what about you and Sei?” Tamaki asked Hinami who blushed. “I am neither blind nor deaf. You like my cousin, don’t you? At least you’re one of the few that had enough brains to look past his looks and reputation as the Student Council President as well as the basketball captain to see him for the person that he really is.”

Hinami was silent for a long time. She knew that one of the reasons why Tamaki can’t stand about half the girls in the school is because they are all so shallow—most of them just wanting to get close to her just to stand a chance at being the Akashi Seijuro’s girlfriend. Unfortunately for most of them, the two cousins are good at reading people, and could easily tell if they wanted to be friends with them because of who they are rather than what they are. Hell, there are times when more than one person in the basketball club had wondered if the two cousins could read minds or something.

Hinami is just one of the rare few that Tamaki actually takes to, with the teal head actually stating once when she was training Hinami in her managerial duties that she likes Hinami’s honesty and frankness—finding it refreshing. Akashi had actually liked her enough to treat her as a friend too, judging by how he actually treats her like he would treat Shigehiro and any of his friends, and not the ‘walled up façade’ that he uses on most of the girls in their class.

“…I don’t really stand out much.” Hinami admitted. “I’m not really all that pretty either. Neither am I that popular. Grades wise, I’m somewhere in the middle rankings—unlike you or Akashi-kun who constantly takes the Number One and Two spots amongst the freshmen rankings. I’m just…nothing. I harbour no hope in actually having Akashi-kun look at me as a potential girlfriend.”

Tamaki sighed, pressing the blouse that Hinami had picked out for her against her body, trying to see if it can fit her. “Actually, I know for a fact that you’re one of the few girls in the school that my cousin can actually stand to be in the same room with,” she said at last. “And I know that he respects you. Want me to set you up with him?” She offered.

“No thank you.” Hinami said with a smile. “Worry about yourself first. You had to meet the parents tonight, right? It’ll go fine. Just be yourself, and everything will be fine.”


“You nervous?” Ogiwara Shigehiro grinned at Tamaki even as they stood outside the Ogiwara residence—a decent sized property with two storeys, also with a tiny garden around it that already had several beautiful flowers blossoming. There is even a den at the back where presumably, Shigehiro uses it as his getaway when he is a kid or something.

“Well, they’re your parents.” Tamaki admitted. “I know that I’ve met them before, but not in the capacity of my boyfriend’s parents.” Shigehiro flushed pink faintly when Tamaki said ‘my boyfriend’. “Do I really look okay?” She asked Shigehiro nervously, tugging at the hem of her blouse.

“You look pretty.” Shigehiro grinned. “And you know my mom. She wouldn’t care even if you turned up in a garbage bag. Back when we’re kids, she always used to tease us—saying that she hope that I’ll marry you one day.”


Shigehiro grinned at Tamaki before grasping hold of her hand gently, walking up to his front door and ringing the doorbell. “Mom, it’s me! I’m back!” Shigehiro called out.

There was silence for several moments before there was the sound of light footsteps, and the door to the Ogiwara residence then swung opened, revealing a beaming Ogiwara Aya who is wearing a light blue dress with a white apron over it. Despite already having a teenage son, Ogiwara Aya still looks young, with wavy black hair that reaches to the middle of her back and warm brown eyes.

“Welcome home, Shige!” Aya greeted, and she then turned to smile at Tamaki who is half hiding behind Shigehiro. “And welcome, Tamaki-chan. It’s been a long time.”

“Thank you for having me.” Tamaki bowed politely to Aya. “It’s been a long time, Aya-san.”

“You’re both just in time.” Aya beamed as the teenage couple removed their shoes and stepped in. “Dinner’s ready. Your father’s already at the dinner table.”

By this time, they have arrived at the kitchen where Ogiwara Haru was sitting at the dinner table that had several dishes upon it that one would think that they’re preparing for a party. And like always, Ogiwara Haru looks almost like an older version of Shigehiro. He smiled as the two teens arrived at the kitchen along with his wife.

“Welcome home, Shige. And welcome, Tamaki-chan.” Haru smiled warmly at the teal head.

“I’m home, Dad.” Shigehiro grinned at his father before the two teens went to wash their hands and sat down at the dinner table.

Dinner was a lively affair, as both Ogiwara parents tried their best to make Tamaki feel welcome and less nervous. Pretty soon, it is like they were back in their childhood as Ogiwara Haru regaled the table with tales of his private detective work. Honestly, some of those tales are so far fetched that neither teen has any idea if it’s true or not.

Haru has also enquired about his old friend and classmate, Kuroko Yuki and her state of health, and was pleased when Tamaki had informed him that her aunt is in perfect health, and is getting along well—perfectly happy with her current lifestyle with running her restaurant. Sure, Kuroko Yuki is always busy these days—such is life when you’re running a business, but she couldn’t be any happier with her life, and not having to fear getting beaten up by her husband.

Basketball had also came up in conversation, and both Ogiwara parents were really amused with how excited that Shigehiro had been—describing the Inter High matches in detail and all.

Aya had refused to allow Tamaki to help her to wash up the dishes, and instead, had shooed her to the den at the garden with Shigehiro. The orange head was seated at the den, staring up at the night sky that was dotted with millions of glittery silver stars—all shining like diamonds on black velvet. Unlike Tokyo, it is still possible to see the stars in Kyoto.

“I told you that my parents would love you.” Shigehiro grinned as he scooted over to make room for Tamaki, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. “They always did. Honestly, if you hadn’t made the decision to come to Rakuzan with Seijuro, I would likely have gone to whatever high school that you had decided to join.” He admitted.

Tamaki managed a small smile, joining her boyfriend in watching the night sky. That had been a favourite pastime of Tamaki, Shigehiro and even Seijuro when they were kids. They probably knew the name of every single constellation and star in the sky by now. Hence why their favourite place to go to had always been the observatory in Kyoto.

“That’s the Dog Star, Sirius.” Tamaki murmured, tracing the outlines of the constellation with her index finger. “And that’s Canopus. It’s pretty unusual to see so many stars in the night sky. Back in Tokyo, we could never see them.” She admitted. She fell silent for several moments. “I wish that Dad could have met you, Shige-kun.” Tamaki said at last, looking at Shigehiro who looked solemn at the mention of the late Kuroko Takeru, Tamaki’s father.

While both of Tamaki’s parents are always busy with their own careers and aren’t really the best parents in the world, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love their own daughter any less. The letter that Kuroko Takeru had left in his will to his daughter had been proof of their love to her—that even though they couldn’t do their duties as parents, they would always love her and watch over her.

“I don’t really remember them all that much anymore.” Tamaki admitted. “They were never around back when I was a kid. But I do know that Dad would have liked you if he had ever gotten to meet you.”

“He will probably want to kill me if he ever met me now.” Shigehiro managed a wry smile. “Most fathers would when meeting their daughter’s boyfriend for the first time.” Tamaki managed a small smile. “But yeah… It would have been nice to meet them.” He admitted. “I…would have liked to ask Kuroko-san for his permission in dating his daughter. That’s the proper thing to do.”

“Takeru would have been pleased with your intention, Shige.” Ogiwara Aya approached them just then, smiling. “He would have liked you. And I’m not saying this just because you’re my son. Because you’re the kind of boy that he would have chosen for his daughter too.” She looked kindly at Tamaki. “Tamaki-chan, the ones we love are never truly gone. They are still alive—in our hearts.” She told Tamaki gently. “I knew both of your parents when they were still alive. They would have been proud of you. It comes as a surprise to all of us when Shige came home one day with both you and Seijuro in tow—stating that you’re his best friends. Fate sure has a funny sense of humour at times.” Aya laughed.

Tamaki managed a small smile. Shigehiro then looked at his watch and got to his feet. “We have to go, Mom,” he said apologetically. “If we don’t leave now, we won’t make it back in time for curfew. Dinner is great as always. I’ll try my best to come back this weekend, but I have midterms to worry about, so chances are that I’ll probably stay at school this coming weekend.”

Aya smiled and nodded. “I understand. Have a safe trip. Your father said something about seeing something that you would have liked in Yokohama. He’s planning on getting it for you as a belated birthday gift, as he missed celebrating your birthday with you—with you busy in school.”

“Aw, you don’t need to.” Shigehiro protested. “I’m too old for presents.”

Aya only laughed at her son. “That’s what you say now, but you’ll be singing a different tune once you see your gift,” she said mysteriously, much to Shigehiro’s confusion. “Go on, both of you. You shouldn’t miss curfew. Come back and visit soon, Tamaki-chan.”

Tamaki smiled and nodded before bowing to Aya. The two teens then left the Ogiwara residence, walking down the road and disappearing around the corner. Ogiwara Aya watched until she could see them no more. She smiled to herself.

“Are they gone?” A gruff voice reaches her ears, and she turned only to see her husband. Ogiwara Haru wrapped his arm around his wife’s shoulders—almost reminiscent of how his son had wrapped his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders earlier. “He’s grown up now. Both of them are. It makes me sad sometimes to think about it. That the little boy who is always asking me to play with him is in high school now. In just a few more years, he’ll be in college.” He admitted, looking really wistful. “Just where did the little boy go to? In just a couple of years, he’ll be ready to start his own family.”

Aya smiled. “He’ll always be our son. That won’t change,” she said. She then looked up at the stars in the night sky. “Takeru… Mayumi… She’s grown up well. You would have been proud of her if you could see her now.” She whispered.


It feels almost strange to Tamaki to go back to a normal routine without having to go without sleep, going through data charts and match videos and even calculating match statistics. But Tamaki knew that in just a few more months, she would be resuming that routine once more when time comes for the Winter Cup.

Midterms came and went for the students of Rakuzan High School. And for nearly a month after the regulars have returned to Rakuzan with the championship trophy of the Inter High, all club practices have been suspended for the students to prepare for their midterm examinations.

The basketball club regulars have formed study groups to study for the midterms. Hayama and Nebuya in particular have found it helpful, as they aren’t the most academic inclined. Mayuzumi on the other hand was more stressed than he ever was before, as he had prep classes and college mock exams to worry about atop of his midterms—along with every other third year in the school. As the silver haired senior is aiming for Todai University, he needs top marks in his exams.

Hence, the two weeks leading up to the midterms saw the study rooms and even the dorms still with their lights on until well into the wee hours of the morning—all burning the midnight oil. Tamaki and Akashi have been excellent students from the very beginning—being the Number One and Two students in the freshmen year, and hence, they didn’t find it very difficult to prepare for their exams. Their three years at Teiko have readied them for high school life by now, as Teiko had pretty strict standards for their academics, being the top middle school in Japan.

Even still, Tamaki and Akashi couldn’t help celebrating with the rest of their team when their midterms were over, and they have walked out of the classroom—having finished their last paper.

Basketball practice had resumed once more after midterms were over—due to the Winter Cup being just around the corner. With recent years, the Winter Cup tournament has became even greater in prestige than the summer Inter High tournament. Also, due to the Winter Cup that year commemorating some kind of anniversary, there had been a special rule implanted, with more schools participating in the tournament. With Rakuzan being first seed, they got a free pass straight to the championship league, and thus, Tamaki is going to be very busy researching all their potential opponents.

“Shutoku. Yosen. Touou. Kaijo. Senshinkan. Kirisaki Dai Ichi.” Tamaki who is in the clubroom with Shigehiro and Akashi looked over the numerous files and papers that were scattered all over the table. The board had the names of the various teams written on it, along with several sticky notes. “No matter which school we’re going to draw for our opponent, we’re in for a tough game.”

“Well, it is the Winter Cup.” Akashi noted, clicking the pen in his hand, noting the various team names written on the board. “And not to mention that this year’s Winter Cup commemorates some kind of anniversary. It just so happens that this year is also the year when the Generation of Miracles had entered high school.” He shook his head. “Can’t be just a coincidence. It makes me feel like the authorities are playing on the fame of the Generation of Miracles again.”

Shigehiro sighed. “Can’t be helped,” he said with a heavy sigh. “You guys are famous. There isn’t a basketball player alive in Japan who doesn’t know who you are. I’m not surprised that the authorities would want to play on that. After all, Japan never had much talent for sports. Maybe in just a few years, professionals would want to scout you guys.”

“No.” Akashi scowled. “I like basketball, and I’m good at it. But I don’t want to play it professionally. Too troublesome for me. We already had enough problems playing it as a school game. How much worse is it going to be should we play it professionally?”

Shigehiro said nothing, exchanging glances with Tamaki. As the first and second-in-commands of the Generation of Miracles, Tamaki and Akashi knew better than anyone else that people would always be waiting to take advantage of them and their skill in basketball. The two cousins have to play with politics starting from their freshman year in middle school—despite the fact that they were barely more than children back then.

“The preliminary rounds of the Winter Cup will commence in two weeks.” Tamaki announced, uncapping her marker, and circling the names of the teams on the whiteboard that would be participating in the preliminary round. “It will weed out the weaker teams, with only the victors going to the final league.”

“And from there, the final league will start the process of elimination—eliminating it down to the six teams going to the Winter Cup.” Akashi added, twirling the pen in his hand. “This will probably be the tournament that will truly test our skills. The Winter Cup will be the tournament that will pit the best teams in Japan against each other.”

Shigehiro glanced at Tamaki. “Will Mayuzumi-sempai be ready by the Winter Cup?” he asked, knowing that Mayuzumi himself had been training like a madman outside of his studies in preparation for the Winter Cup. This year is his final year of high school after all. He will never get another chance after that.

“He will be.” Tamaki said instantly. “I’ll make sure of it.” She cradled her left wrist to her chest just then, a thoughtful look on her face. “…I have an appointment with Dr. Ueda next week. Hopefully, he’ll clear me for matches.” She had a wry smile on her face. “I’ve been away from the court for long enough.”

“This winter will mean war.” Akashi murmured. “The Winter Cup will decide everything.”

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