Second Chances: Azure Blue Moon Rewritten


Namikaze Sayo never meant for this to happen. All she wanted to do was to kill the councillors. So why the hell is she stuck in the time of the shinobi clan wars, befriending a young Uchiha Madara?

Romance / Adventure
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The Horrible Truth


AU Time Travel FemNaru. Namikaze Sayo never meant for this to happen. All she wanted to do was to kill the councillors responsible for her current plight. So why the hell is she stuck in the time of the shinobi clan wars, befriending a young Uchiha Madara?

Warnings: Slight Konoha bashing. Dark fic. Violence. Blood. Gory scenes. Possible lemon.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter One: The Horrible Truth

Pitter. Patter. Pitter. Patter.

The rain did not seem to be letting up anytime soon, as it always is in the Hidden Village of the Rain, Amegakure no sato.

All around Namikaze Uzumaki Sayo, the sounds of battle could be heard, yet she is not bothered in the least, as her focus was just on one person – the self-proclaimed 'God' of the Akatsuki organisation. The criminal cloak wearing crime organisation which consisted of nine shinobis with twisted ideals for the world, and the lengths which they would go to achieve it.

Blood had already stained her hair in streaks, causing it to look more crimson than it already is. Her clothes were also almost in tatters. Yet Sayo wasn't bothered in the least.

She is currently facing the infamous Pein in battle, the killer of her teacher who had been like a father to her.

All around this rain soaked battlefield, the remaining five bodies of the Six Paths of Pein laid motionlessly, all of them missing at least one limb. Now all that remains is the actual man himself to be taken down.

Pein wasn't in the best state of health either, with broken limbs and his Akatsuki cloak in tatters. He gave a grunt as he launched an attack at where Sayo was, and his eyes widened slightly in shock as he only got the black hooded coat which his opponent had been wearing.

Sensing an influx of chakra behind him, Pein turned around too late only to see Namikaze Sayo lunging at him in mid-air with a compressed ball of the Odama Rasengan in her right hand, a look of anger and hatred in her cerulean blue eyes.

"It is over, Pein! This is for Jiraiya-sensei!"

Pein's eyes widened as he saw Sayo approaching, and he seemed as if planning some counterattack before a small smile graced his face, and he let his arms fell down by his side. Sayo's eyes narrowed together, and not a moment later, the Odama Rasengan was launched into his gut.

There was silence for several moments as the palm of Sayo's right hand was pressed against Pein's lower abdomen which she had sent the Rasengan into, and neither party moved for several moments. Finally, Pein coughed out some crimson blood, and let his arms fell down by his sides.

"This…is the end…"

"Why?" Sayo looked up, being nearly two and a half heads shorter than the leader of the Akatsuki. "Why didn't you avoid my attack? Did you take me for an idiot? Answer me, Pein!"

"I…never intended to kill you…" Pein coughed, and Sayo's eyes widened. "If I…had really wanted you dead…then don't you think that I would have finished you off back then when we were forcefully extracting Kyuubi from you? I didn't let you die, as I had been pumping every inch of my chakra into your body in order to keep you alive."

Sayo's eyes widened.

Nearly five months ago, the Akatsuki had gotten their hands on her – the last remaining Jinchuuriki, and they have forcefully extracted the Kyuubi from her. Because Sayo was unconscious at that time, it wasn't too difficult to remove the king of the bijuus from her. And until today, Sayo was still wondering how she is still alive, as she knew that all Jinchuurikis die if they have their inner beasts removed from them. Gaara is the only prime exception, as he had the Sand elder Chiyo resurrect him by using her jutsu.

"Why…?" Sayo muttered. "Why did you go to such lengths to…protect me…protect us? Why?"

Pein coughed out some blood once more, and a small smile tilted at the ends of his lips. "Because…I owe it to my sister. Because I owe it to you for not having been there to protect you. After all…it wouldn't do…to kill my own niece, would I?"

Sayo's eyes widened. Niece?

And now that she looked closely, there is quite a resemblance between him and her late mother after all.

Pein managed a small smile before resting his shaking right hand atop her head. "I will release the seal on you…the one that held back the…legendary Rinnegan… The one…that the Sandaime Hokage…had placed on you…"


But Sayo didn't have enough time to ask any further, as a myriad of visions immediately began flooding her head.

"I object! Why should you seal the Rinnegan away?! That will probably be the only thing that can save this child's life!"

"Exactly. If she ever knew that she possesses such a legendary doujutsu like the Rinnegan, if she ever snaps and turn against the village someday, it'll be the end of us. No one must ever know about her bloodline. Not Tsunade. Not Jiraiya. No one. I can't let her uncle get her hands on her as well. It is Minato's last wish that she be brought up in Konoha."

Sayo's eyes brimmed with tears threatening to fall. The Sandaime…he is the one that did this to her? He is responsible for all the suffering that she went through in Konoha when she still had a living relation somewhere who could have taken her away from there?

Why? WHY?! WHY???!!!

"Uncle…" Sayo didn't even realise that she had spoken, and Pein smiled a small sincere smile.

"Uncle, huh?" Pein uttered, coughing out crimson blood. "That…should be enough for me, I guess. Now you are really…the last surviving bearer of the legendary…Rinnegan doujutsu… If you are a ninja, you have to make some very difficult choices sometimes. Like…your friend…"

With that, Pein, also known as Uzumaki Nagato, died.


Clang. Clang. Clang.

Uchiha Sasuke turned around amidst the light sounds of metal on metal throughout the battlefield as the aura of a barely restrained chakra reached his senses. A slight smirk pulled at the sides of his lips as he saw his best friend approaching him, and he frowned when he saw the tears falling from her eyes.

Namikaze Sayo is never one to cry.

She never lets anyone see her cry.

So why?

"This is it, right?" Sasuke voiced out as the two best friends stood barely five metres apart from each other.

"Why?" Sayo asked. "Why must you make me do something like this?! You know that I never want to fight you! Why must you make me fight you in a fight to the death?!"

Sasuke's lips tilted slightly. "I wanted to be certain of something," he stated. "I can see why he doesn't want you to know about the true nature of his mission."

"What are you saying now?" Sayo asked, barely restrained fury in her voice. "What are you up to now? How many secrets are you hiding from me? Just what aren't you telling me??!!!"

Her voice echoed throughout the battlefield. Sasuke closed his eyes briefly. He really didn't want to do this as much as Sayo wanted to. No matter what his brother had wanted, he can't obey this wish of his. Sayo deserves to know the truth. And know it she will, if she can bring herself to kill him.

Sasuke opened his eyes to reveal the spinning Eternal Mangekyou eyes.

Sayo narrowed her eyes upon seeing those eyes, and her heart almost plummeted down to her feet. "Those eyes…it can't be… Sasuke, you…!"

Sasuke smiled sadly before drawing out his sword. "One last battle," he stated. "Let's end this here."


Konohagakure no satoFire Country

The raindrops pattered against the windows in a steady rhythm.

Senju Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage of Konoha looked out of the window in a slight daze, not really seeing anything at all, looking towards the direction of Amegakure no sato, the pen in her hand just a few inches short of touching the paper that she is supposed to be signing.


The soft voice of her apprentice shook Tsunade back to reality, and she turned around.


"What's wrong?" asked Shizune with concern, placing a cup of cooling tea on the desk.


Shizune eyed Tsunade with a knowing look before sighing. "Is it about Sayo-chan?" she asked, and at the slight flinch that Tsunade gave at the sound of that name, Shizune knew that she had hit the nail on the head. "She wanted to go, Tsunade-sama. You can't stop her, and you know that."

"I know. It's just…" Tsunade chewed on her bottom lip nervously. She then placed her pen down onto the desk and looked up at her apprentice and most trusted friend. "Is it selfish of me? For wanting to keep her in the village?"

Shizune said nothing. She still remembered the argument that one of the most promising jounins had with the Godaime Hokage, and how the fifteen-year-old jounin had managed to get permission to enter the land of Rain in order to take down the Akatsuki by herself.


"Even if you said so, I'm still going. All my training…it has been for this day."

"I won't let you go, Sayo. I can't let you go and seek your death!"

"Even if you tie me down and lock me up, I'll still go to Amegakure. Jiraiya-sensei's last message is for me. That must mean that he must want me to be the one to defeat Pein and Akatsuki by myself. I'll avenge my sensei's death!"

"Sayo, I can't let you go! I've already lost Jiraiya. I can't lose another one of my loved ones! I won't let you fall to the curse of that necklace!"

"I'll still go."

"She wanted to go," said Shizune quietly. "You know that there's nothing that you can do to stop her. She is stubborn."

Tsunade sighed. "I know that. Ever since training under Fukasaku-sama, she refuses to listen to anyone else. She's just like her mother."

Shizune smiled. "I'll take your word for that."

Tsunade looked out of the window at the endless rain, her right hand going to the spot where her grandfather's necklace used to be, her hand shaking slightly. She can't help but have a very bad feeling about this. She still remembered when she, Shizune and Sakura have seen Sayo, Neji and Shikamaru off at the gates – with Tsunade making this a top-secret mission known only to the Godaime and her apprentices to prevent the council from marking the three as nuke-nins.

"Be careful, Sayo."

"I always am, Sakura."

"Be sure to come back alive."

"Troublesome. We'll watch over her, Sakura, so that she doesn't do anything stupid."

"Sayo, be sure to come back alive."

"Let's make a bet then, Tsunade-baa-chan."

"A bet?"

"Yeah. You'll bet that I won't come back. After all, you always lose your bets."

Tsunade bit down on her lower lip. Jiraiya had said the same thing to her before he had set off for Amegakure on a reconnaissance mission about Akatsuki, and he had never came back. Now Sayo is saying the same thing that her teacher did months ago. Is this déjà vu or something?

"Be sure to come back to me, Sayo," she whispered.


The light cackling blue lightning chakra of the Chidori cackled and slowly dispersed as a hand grabbed the wrist that Sasuke was using to form the Chidori.

Startled, the dark-haired Uchiha glanced down only to see Sayo kneeling before him, her right wrist grabbing hold of the wrist of his right hand – the hand that he used to form the Chidori. His best friend was glaring at him with those sky blue eyes of hers that always reminded him of the sky, only that those eyes were swirling and twirling before a ripple pattern formed on those blue eyes.

Sasuke frowned. 'A doujutsu? Sayo had never mentioned that she had a bloodline.'

"This is the end, Sasuke."

If you are a ninja, you have to make some very difficult choices sometimes.

Be sure to come back alive, Sayo.

Jiraiya-sama is very proud of you. He thought of you as his own grandchild, and had never failed to boast about you to all the other Jounins of Konoha. I am sure that he is now watching over you from somewhere.

When you head to Amegakure with Neji and Shikamaru, Sayo, if you can, take out Uchiha Sasuke. Sakura knows this too, but I think that it's best if she do not go on this mission with you. She had never killed anyone during her ninja career before, unlike you. Even that time with Sasori, it was the Sand elder Chiyo who had killed him.

Sayo ran her sword through Sasuke's chest as she straightened up.

There was silence for several moments before a very weak smile formed on Sasuke's face. He coughed out some blood. "It…is the end," he rasped before falling to the ground. "So this is it."

Sayo knelt down by Sasuke's side. "Why?" she asked. "Even after killing your own brother, why would you still continue fighting us? Answer me, Sasuke. You never do things without a reason. I know that you had a good reason for this. Tell me why."

Sasuke smiled weakly. "I guess…that you must know…why too. Itachi…told me everything… What you had represented to him…and what he is to you… At the very least…I want someone…to know what Itachi has sacrificed for the village…and what he had suffered… At the very least…I want you to know the truth…"

"This is the end," said Shikamaru, panting lightly as Zetsu crumpled over in front of them, dead. "At last. How's Sayo doing?"

Neji who had activated his Byakugan was looking towards the western side. "She seems to be fine," he said, deactivating his Byakugan. "She's with Sasuke."

Right on cue, hordes of Ame-nins appeared around them, and Shikamaru almost groaned, muttering, "Troublesome," beneath his breath.

Neji sighed. "Let's clean up here, and go help her," he said, activating his Byakugan once more.

"No… It can't be true…"

Sayo stared unblinkingly at Sasuke.

Sasuke managed a weak smile. "That's what I thought when Madara had first told me about Itachi," he coughed. "But it's the truth. Itachi told me once that he is responsible for guarding you when you were a child. I know…how fond of Itachi…you are. I also know that you thought of him as your own brother. That's why…I never told you this. That's why the council and the village kept this from you. If you knew this, there's no telling what you might do."

"Itachi-nii…was…?" Sayo muttered. "It can't be…!"

Smiling weakly, Sasuke brought both his hands together and began slowly forming a series of unfamiliar handseals – a number of which Sayo recognised as seals associated with that of forbidden techniques.

"Sasuke, what are you doing?"

"Itachi…gave me his final gift…and his last hope…" Sasuke choked out, with blood flowing from the sides of his lips. "During my time…spent with Orochimaru…I picked up a number of…forbidden jutsus. This…is one of them… To transfer…a bloodline to another vessel… With this…the Uchiha bloodline would not…die out. The eyes that my brother gave me…the eyes that I shall now give you…the Eternal Mangekyou… I'll be your eyes from now on…we shall be together forever and ever."

As Sasuke ended the final handseal, there was an influx of chakra, and Sayo felt a sharp pain in both her eyes, and bit down on her lip to resist the pain. Almost as soon as it had started, the pain soon faded away, leaving behind only a dull ache.

Sayo's eyes then widened a slight fraction when she caught sight of her reflection in one of the rain puddles by her foot. The ripple pattern of the Rinnegan was still visible, but the tri pinwheel of the Eternal Mangekyou was also visible, and the colour of her eyes seemed to be that of a mix between blue and red.

Namikaze Sayo had achieved something which no one had ever thought possible: she had attained two doujutsus at the same time.


Konohagakure no satoFire Country

The two chuunin guards at the entrance of Konohagakure no sato brightened up when they saw Namikaze Sayo, Hyuuga Neji and Nara Shikamaru approaching them, all three with some sort of visible injury on their bodies.

"Welcome back," said Hagane Kotetsu with a beam. "You should go and see Godaime-sama, and to show her that you're alright."

Sayo who had been extremely silent the entire way back to the Fire Country turned towards Neji and Shikamaru. "Go back to your homes and rest. I'll take care of the report for the Godaime."

Neji nodded, never happier to actually hear the word 'rest', as this mission had been extremely taxing on him. As for Shikamaru, even though he is extremely drained of energy, he was a little suspicious of Sayo's sudden silence, though he attributed it to Uchiha Sasuke's death at her hands.

The three ninjas then parted ways – with Neji and Shikamaru headed towards their homes, and Sayo headed towards the opposite direction.

Yet if her two teammates have been with her, they would have noticed that whilst Namikaze Sayo had headed towards the Hokage Tower, the redhead headed towards the direction where the council chambers were located – the place where the council had held their meetings.

And with that, the fate of Konoha's council was then sealed.

The council of Konoha were having their usual monthly meeting with the Godaime Hokage as always, though the mind of the Hokage's seemed to be elsewhere. One of the civilians was once again asking for the removal of one Namikaze Sayo, when there was a sudden loud explosion somewhere, and the doors of the council chambers were then blown apart.

The force of that impact caused the two ANBUs standing guard to be rendered unconscious. And when the smoke had cleared away, everyone could see the visage of one Namikaze Sayo standing there with an impassive look on her face, the standard ANBU issued blade clenched in her left hand.

"Sayo!" Tsunade stood up from her seat, both hands onto the table. "What is the meaning of this?"

Sayo said nothing, but merely shifted the blade in her hand, never taking her eyes off of the two council elders and Shimura Danzo.

"This is a closed council session," said Koharu strictly. "Anything that you wished to speak to us about can wait until then."

Sayo still said nothing, but Tsunade who was watching the redhead had her eyes widening in horror as Sayo's sky blue eyes before changing into a red-blue colour before a ripple pattern formed on her irises, with a tri pinwheel in the middle of her eyes.

'A doujutsu?'

"Blood can only be washed away by blood." Sayo stated monotonely. "You three fucktards took Itachi-nii away from me!" The faces of the three elders paled considerably. How the hell did she find out about it? "He's the only one who is keeping me sane in this hellhole that you call a village, and preventing me from releasing the Kyuubi!"

"Hellhole?" One very brave, or very stupid civilian had to speak. "Isn't it your dream to be Hokage?"

"Hokage?" Sayo let out a short bark which almost sounds like a laugh. "Don't make me laugh. That was all part of the 'act' that I kept up to keep me safe from you fucktards, and to keep my sanity in this pathetic excuse of a village! Akatsuki is gone. And so is Sasuke. Now that only leaves only one thing for me to do."

Almost all council members passed out on the spot as an extremely high concentrated bout of killer intent and chakra rose to almost unbearable levels, causing numerous cracks on the walls and ceiling, the majority of it being concentrated on the three council elders.

And it is probably due to the wild untamed chakra, as a dimensional rip appeared beneath Sayo's feet just then.

It is a fact unknown to most, but the abilities that the Eternal Mangekyou that a person gets varies from person to person. And one of Sayo's Mangekyou abilities had been revealed at that very moment, when she is letting her emotions get the better of her, and her chakra is quite untamed right now.

A bright light occurred in the council chambers just then, along with the rise of chakra, and when both light and chakra faded away, and Tsunade looked up from whatever is left of the council chambers, Namikaze Sayo was gone.

A/N: How is this rewritten version? Is it too rushed or something? Next chapter will be the introduction of the Uchiha brothers. And just in case you are wondering, Sayo is fifteen in this story, and so is Madara when he finally appears. I hadn't gotten too far with the anime as of yet, so I'm not sure how Madara manages to retain his youthful appearance, but I'm assuming that it has to do with the Eternal Mangekyou of his.

In this story, an Uchiha who had attained the Eternal Mangekyou can't die unless someone takes his head off or tried to end his life or something. But they can only live eternally if they had mastered the Eternal Mangekyou. Thus, Sayo and Madara haven't attained that level yet.

I hope that you like this chapter, and please read and review!

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