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Bouquet of roses.


4 roses she received from the same boy, four times she rejected him, will the fifth time be the right?

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Trainer Pink
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First Rose.

Like almost every day, a new Akuma threatened the tranquility of Paris, this time it was a student who could no longer tolerate bullying.

We had to finish the work quickly because I wanted to go home and see the fashion show, who obviously had Adrien in the main event.

My lady, as always it is an honor to fight by your side.— He said as he extended his arm, posing a red rose in front of me.

That of giving me roses was beginning to become an annoying habit on his part.

Not now Chat, I have better things to do and you are wasting my time. —I was annoyed by the interruption, he had nothing better to do with his day?

A grimace of disappointment crossed his face, though he quickly returned to his irritating smile.

I decided to ignore it, that tactic always worked for me.

Second rose.

A quiet night of patrolling, nothing more than a few couples enjoying the warm night weather and the lights that the tower released.

I just looked with some heaviness, I wondered why Adrien was not looking at me.

She is just a friend.

That damn phrase that seemed to repeat as if it were a tape recorder.

Why he refused to be with her?

The sound of something falling slightly to the side of me made me look up.

My lady, why do you look so sad?—He asked as he approached me.

Only that was missing to ruin my night.

I guess you don’t want to talk about it, do you? I hope this reminds you of how beautiful and special you are.—He said as he gave me a yellow rose.

After that he left jumping across the rooftops, I followed him with my eyes until I finally lost him.

I looked at the flower and immediately broke it by throwing the petals into the air.

What kind of stupidity is that?.—I whispered with some disgust, at what moment did he think that silly flower would make me feel good?

Third Rose.

Things had only gotten worse, with the appearance of Kagami my chances had decreased almost 100%.

She was perfect, shared his tastes and even belonged to the same social circle.

How could I compete against that?

My head was about to explode, I was afraid of losing Adrien.

My Lady ...

That damn voice that made me mad, I turned annoyed and there I looked at him, in his hands he had a small bouquet of roses.

-What is that?.-

It’s for you, did you forget it?, Today is the anniversary of when we met. — He replied with an enviable glint in his eyes.

I took the bouquet without care, damaging some of the flowers in the process.

Another reason for this to be a shitty day.—I blurted out almost in a whisper.

Stupid cat.

Fourth rose ...

It was official.

I had lost Adrien forever.

Since I saw him arrive with Kagami at the Kitty section rehearsal, I knew it.

Maybe it was for the best, it was time to forget about that impossible love, but hurts too much just thinking about it.

You are thoughtful again ...

I hate when he tried to get into my life.

Hasn’t it been a good week?—He ask, insisting on forcing my voice out.

No, and it gets worse and worse ...— I answered, asking God to understand the little hint.

But as I suspected, he was a complete idiot who did not know more than annoying others.

He walked over to me and handed me another damn plant.

A dandelion?

Yes, I heard that if you make a wish and blow it will come true.

My God, how childish he was, how could he believe such stupidity?

Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to follow his game.

There were many things I could ask for, but as a way of catharsis, I decided to focus on a special person.

I wish you would disappear from my life forever.—I released and then blew hard.

As a good black cat he only brought misfortunes to everyone.

He was a misfortune.

My wish benefited everyone.

Fifth rose.

It was Akuma’s third attack in which Chat Noir did not appear, for obvious reasons I had to call other holders to cover him.

Where is Chat?— Rena asked trying to resist the enemy’s attack.

It’s the same thing I ask myself, why didn’t you call him?—Support Queen Bee.

Please, we don’t need it. I bet it would just get in the way.

You think that?.

That voice was familiar, we all turned to see clearly the bearer of that sad voice.

I didn’t expect to see that.

What?— I asked with a somewhat shaky voice.

In front of me was that irritating cat, but with a different image.

His emotion, his joy, his brilliance had all been letting in a cold neutral expression.

He showed no feelings.

Not to mention that now his suit, as well as his hair, were white.

Had he been Akumatized?

It didn’t seem like it, because he still kept his mind uncontrolled.

He approached me, I was on my guard I could not trust him.

I was expecting an attack.

But he handed me a white rose.

I love you Ladybug .... never forget it.

Those were his last words.

What remained was a bluish trail and then nothing.

A cataclysm had been launched, my stupid wish had been fulfilled.

That day Chat Noir had disappeared forever.

The guilt gnawed at me, it had not been my intention for that to happen, but I obligated him with my damn hostile attitude.

He only gave me affection and I responded with hatred.

Now three years later I wish I could receive another rose from him, I wish I could hear his voice again.

But sadly this time the dandelion wouldn’t work.

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