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On his everyday patrol, Jungkook suddenly smells rogues nearby. Running after its source, he finds Boy laying on the ground. Wounds covering each and every part of his body. With no choice but to take him in, he soon finds out that the boy can neither speak, nor walk. He and his pack does everything in their power to get him to speak. How could he? He was never taught how to. But seeing Jimin's newborn daughter in his hands, he finally utters a word. "Ba...by." Who was this guy? Who left him here? Who did this to him? And most of all, why did it hurt Jungkook so much to see him, in this state? Warning: Flashbacks of rape and abuse. Top | Kook Bottom | Tae

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Stealthy eyes watched the Starlight pack’s every movement. He had to be sure about what he was doing, about what kind of people they were. He had to make his decision soon. He was running out of time. He had already wasted six months in inspecting them. Six months of endless torture for Boy. But he couldn’t take risk and throw him into another life of endless abuse. Maybe he took six months but he was now sure about what he doing. They were the right people. They will take care of him.

With quick legs he ran back to his pack, before anyone could notice his long absence. He changed back to his human form and got dressed in the clothes he had hid behind a tree. He sneaked back into the kitchen and mixed himself with the maids like he had never gone missing.

It was dinner time, the supper was almost ready and soon the food would be served. Soon his chance would come. He double checked to make sure everything was in order. After half an hour it was time to serve the food to the prison guards. Gaping around, he made sure that no one was looking his way, before he mixed the drug in their food. Taking a deep breath he picked the tray of food in his hands before making his way out of the kitchen.

“Taking the food to the guards?” The head chef asked who managed everything in the kitchen. He nodded his head at the chef.

“Okay. Get it done quick and go to sleep. I see you’ve been working all day.” The chef said in a concerned voice.

“I will.” He answered. With that he continued to walk to the pack prison. His steps were steady, and his posture was erect. He walked like he had nothing to hide. He has been preparing himself for this day for the last 6 months. Clearing his throat he stopped right in front of one of the prison guard.

“I brought you your food.” He said looking down at the tray. He was the lowest ranked wolf, an Omega, so he wasn’t supposed to look at the other higher ranked wolves in the eyes since they might deem that as a challenge. Just like any other day, the guard instantly took his plate from the tray and began feasting at his food. He then moved to the other guard, who took his plate from the tray too and began munching at his food.

The Omega waited for them to finish their supper so he could collect the dishes. After they were done, he collected the dishes and walked away from them, only to run back to the kitchen. He placed the tray on the kitchen counter, before he ran back to the prison, and hid behind a wall. He patiently waited for them to pass out and as soon as they did he made his way towards them with feather light steps. He knelt down before them as he took out two darts from his pocket. He stabbed the darts behind both of their backs which he had dipped in the same drug. If anyone investigated, they would think that someone attacked them with the poisoned darts. No one would doubt that it was the food that was drugged.

After he was done with them, he took the keys to the cell door from one of the passed out guard’s pocket and opened the cell from it. He slowly made his way inside the cell and saw Boy locked in the corner. He took steady steps towards him and knelt down in front of him. Boy had his eyes closed, either since it was night and he was sleeping or he had passed out from whatever abuse he had gone through the day. He opened the cuffs around Boy’s legs and hands and picked him up in his arms. He then ran away from there through the back door of the pack house that no one used or was around. He had already called a cab so as soon as he was out of the pack house he got inside the cab with Boy in his arms.

“Stick to the destination.” He ordered the cab driver and they soon started driving. It took 20 minutes to get to the Startlight pack borders, and by the time they were there Boy had stirred awake. It was the first time for Boy to be outside his cell. It was the first time for him to sit in a car. With half lidded eyes he looked outside through the window and saw something moving. Something gigantic running along with them. With innocent eyes he tilted his head in curiosity. His eyes couldn’t keep up with the giant structures. As one would get out of view, another would take its place. Boy wanted to sit up and inspect it more closely but he didn’t have enough energy to lift his body. Suddenly the huge objects started slowing down, eventually coming to absolutely stop. Now that Boy could properly see it, he was terrified of it. He had never seen anything this big. It even moved from side to side. Boy was scared that the object would come and eat him up. As Boy was lost in his thoughts he felt his body being lifted up in air and soon he was out of the strange, small surrounding. He looked up to see a face he had seen before a couple of times. Boy identified him to be the man who used to bring the people outside his room, things to eat. Boy enjoyed the feeling of soaring in air as he looked around to find out that he was completely surrounded by the huge scary things. When he looked around he saw strange colours, everything around him was strangely coloured. His surrounding wasn’t completely black like where he used to live. And once again he was terrified. Everything was beautiful but strange and unusual. He soon stopped flying in air and felt his body being descended to a hard, rough floor. The man who was carrying him, looked at him with something coming out of his eyes that always came out of his eyes too.

“I wish I didn’t have to leave you here at night. But I couldn’t have brought you here in the morning. I’ll come to check on you soon Boy. There will be a huge commotion in the morning once everyone at the pack finds out that you’re gone. I won’t be able to go anywhere outside the pack house until the matter dies down. I know you don’t understand anything I say, but I still want to tell you that I’m not abandoning you here.” The man in front of Boy emitted lots of sounds. The sounds were good to hear. It was the first time he was hearing so many things. Boy wanted to make those sounds too. But he didn’t know how.

“Here. This blanket will protect you from the cold. You are inside the pack borders so there won’t be any animals around. You’ll be safe. In the morning someone will come and find you. They’re good people, they’ll take you in. They’ll take care of you. I know you’ll be terrified of this strange surrounding, but it’s just the matter of one night. Soon everything will be good in your life. I know you’ll pass out from exhaustion anyway, but if you can’t, at least try to sleep. Gosh this is all so pointless. Why am I even speaking when you can’t understand me. Just take care.” Soon the man had stopped emitting those sounds and Boy felt disappointed. He then felt himself getting engulfed in the man’s arms. Everything felt warm in that moment. Boy liked the feeling.

“Goodbye boy.” Was the last thing the man uttered before he left him alone in the woods. Boy started shaking in fear. He was alone in this strange environment. Surrounded by the gigantic objects that moved. Boy shut his eyes tightly, believing that maybe that way he would be safe. As the time passed, his breathing got even, cause he had drifted to a deep slumber.

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