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Kuroko Tamaki is the Sixth Player of Teiko basketball team. What will happen when she joins Seirin High's basketball team, and how can she help them along with battling her own inner demons?

Adventure / Romance
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Meeting Him


Set in PoM Universe. He was an enigma to her. He was so similar to her, and yet different at the same time. No one had ever understood her quite like he did. Not like how Mayuzumi Chihiro did. Mayuzumi/Fem!Kuroko

Pairings: Mayuzumi/Tamaki. One sided Aomine/Tamaki. Possible Shigehiro/Momoi

Warnings: AU Universe. OOC. Gender swap. Nice Akashi. Overprotective Generation of Miracles.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke and any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter One: Meeting Him

"Be our support. You who have helped bring Teiko three consecutive victories. Now I'm asking you to help us achieve the same dream." - Kiyoshi Teppei


"There aren't much changes with it." Dr. Midorima Shuji was telling a petite girl with teal hair that reaches down a little below her shoulders with sky blue eyes. "But there isn't much improvements to it either."

Kuroko Tamaki said nothing even as she withdrew her left hand back from the wrist cushion atop the doctor's desk, cradling it to her chest, the fingers of her right hand wrapping gently around the brace on her left hand.

Just like every single time she had gone for her check up or rehabilitation ever since the accident that she had been involved in back during second year, she walked away feeling more distressed and upset than before. The accident that she was involved in during the match that Teiko had with Hanamiya Makoto's team had shattered her left wrist, thus severing the tendons and nerves in it.

And with her dominant hand being her left hand, it just isn't possible for her to continue basketball any longer. Not when she can barely use her left hand for even the simplest of tasks like pick up a pen. She had been practicing using her right hand since then, but it isn't exactly going well. Tamaki was ambidextrous from the start, thus, she can use her right hand for everyday stuff like use it to write, but she can't use it to play basketball just yet, though she had been trying for nearly a year.

The rest of her team have been trying to help her, though from what she'd heard from Kise-kun when she was still in the hospital after that disastrous match, Midorima-kun and Atsushi-kun have to restrain Sei from leaving the hospital and hunt down Hanamiya Makoto and kill him when the doctor in charge who had also been Midorima-kun's father had told them what had happened to her. Though not like they're any better. As for Aomine-kun, don't even go there.

Coach Kashitori and her cousin have both refused point blank to accept her resignation from her post as the vice-captain of the Teiko Basketball Club when she had returned. Since then, as Tamaki wasn't able to play in matches any longer, she had helped with the training of the non-regulars and even stuff like scouting and researching rival teams and planning games, even coming up with tactics for matches. All along, even before the accident, that had been Tamaki's strength. Her strength is her mind, and thus, she is dangerous even when off court.

Everyone in the middle school basketball circuit knew that.

The only female regular of the legendary Teiko Basketball Club, the Generation of Miracles, 'Mirage' Kuroko Tamaki is as dangerous as any of her other teammates. Her strength however doesn't really lie in her skills on the court, though she is dangerous when on the court. Her true strength lies in her mind, and what she could do with her team when she's off-court.

"It doesn't hurt or anything, right?" Dr. Midorima asked the teal haired girl, writing something in his clipboard. He still remembered how panicked that his son and his basketball team have been on that night nearly an entire year ago when they have rushed the young girl to the Midorima Municipal Hospital. That redhead, her cousin, was nearly hysterical when he'd found out what had happened.

Tamaki shook her head. "It's not like I can feel anything anymore," she said almost sadly, letting her left hand fall by her side. The green haired doctor doesn't know what to say, and he watched silently as the petite girl picked up the strap of her school bag with her right hand, slinging it across her chest. "I'll see you again next week, Dr. Midorima."

The doctor nodded silently, almost upset at seeing how sad that this girl looks. She had often come to his house with the rest of her teammates – usually near the exam period when the entire regular team studied together. And despite his son's insistence that they don't get along, Midorima Shuji had seen just how angry and upset that his son had been when she had gotten injured, and later, the entire team had found out that she couldn't play basketball anymore.

"Tamaki-chan." Midorima Shuji called out before Tamaki could leave his office. "Don't give up hope yet. We'll find a cure for you. That cousin of yours for instance will never give up until he finds one. At times, hope is the best medication for patients."

"…Yeah. Thank you." Tamaki managed a small smile at the doctor before she left the office, closing the door behind her.

Almost immediately, there was a message tone from her phone. Raising an eyebrow, Tamaki took her light blue cellphone out from her bag. There was even a cute little black and white dog keychain hanging from her phone. Opening the message, Tamaki saw that it was from her cousin who is also the feared captain of the Teiko Basketball Club.

To: Kuroko TamakiFrom: Akashi SeijuroSubject: How is it?

How did the check up go?

Tamaki wondered for the hundredth time just where her cousin got those 'psychic senses' of his. He always seemed to know things even before it had happened! She had long given up on trying to figure it out ever since they've started middle school.

Tamaki typed out a reply, a little slow as she's still trying to get used to performing simple everyday tasks with her right hand.

To: Akashi SeijuroFrom: Kuroko TamakiSubject: RE: How is it?

It's the usual. Nothing further wrong, but no improvements either.

A reply was almost instantly sent to her phone.

To: Kuroko TamakiFrom: Akashi SeijuroSubject: RE: RE: How is it?

Come to my place for dinner tonight. Mum's worried about you.

Tamaki managed a small smile before placing her phone back into her bag. As always, her cousin knew just what to say to get her to agree. Glancing at her watch, she saw that she still had several hours to kill, and decided to visit her friend who also happens to be hospitalised in the same hospital that she is now standing in.

Kiyoshi Teppei was lying in his hospital bed, watching a match video of a basketball match when there was a knock on his hospital room door, and a petite teal haired girl entered his room.

"Tamaki-chan!" Kiyoshi beamed at the middle school girl who had been visiting him ever since he was taken to the hospital due to a knee injury earlier that year. "You came!"

"For once, I see that you're in your room where you should be instead of wandering all over the place." Kuroko Tamaki sighed, closing the door behind her and settling down into the visitor chair by the bed.

Kiyoshi chuckled nervously. "Well, the nurses caught me and dragged me back," he said sheepishly. "But I can't help it! It's bo~ring just staying in bed all day!"

Tamaki rubbed her temples. Why does he remind her of someone? "If you want that knee of yours to heal quickly, then just please stay in bed and don't move," she almost pleaded, much to Kiyoshi's amusement. "Your team isn't here?"

"No. They're practicing." Kiyoshi beamed. "Riko sent me a text earlier this morning, stating that they'll all drop by this evening. They're preparing to promote our basketball club come this spring."

Tamaki's face fell at the words 'basketball'. "Is that so?"

Several moments of silence fell between the two as Kiyoshi studied the petite teal haired girl.

He knew her, of course, from his time in middle school. Shoei Middle School had gone against Teiko Middle School twice, and he remembered this girl, as she was responsible for the match being so difficult for them. Though his main opponent at that time had been the Teiko Center, Murasakibara Atsushi, Kiyoshi had taken an interest in the vice-captain of the Teiko team, as she had been the only girl playing on an all-boys' team at that point in time, and being a regular on a team like Teiko furthermore.

Then earlier that year when he was injured in a match against Kirisaki Dai Ichi, and thus, was sent to the hospital, he got a surprising visitor one day in the form of Kuroko Tamaki.

Kiyoshi had heard rumours of what had happened to the Teiko team during his third year of middle school, and that one of their players had to be taken off the court and sent to the hospital because of an injury. The entire middle school basketball circuit knew about that, as that is the one match when Teiko had been so furious that they didn't even allow any player on the opposing team to so much as touch the ball after that.

It was only later when Kiyoshi had heard that the Teiko player who had gotten injured had been the vice-captain of the team.

"You're going to high school next year, aren't you?" Kiyoshi asked, and Tamaki looked at him with slight surprise. "Have you decided on a school yet?"

"Not yet." Tamaki muttered.

The rest of her teammates have been getting offers left, right and center from the basketball coaches of various well-known teams thanks to word getting out that the famous Generation of Miracles are splitting up in high school. Not to say that Tamaki hasn't been getting offers of her own. But the moment that they have found out that she can't play anymore…

Kiyoshi eyed her curiously. Whenever basketball came up in their conversation, Tamaki always had this really sad look on her face. And Kiyoshi could understand why. Dr. Midorima Shuji had been his attending doctor, and he had told Kiyoshi about Tamaki in passing when the teen had asked about her.

"You're not going to continue basketball in high school?" Kiyoshi pressed.

"I can't play anymore, and you know that." Tamaki muttered, placing her right hand over the brace around her left wrist. "But it's not like I want to give up basketball either. It's just…"

"Then be Seirin's manager." Kiyoshi said suddenly, and Tamaki looked up at him with surprise. The older teen had a smile on his face like he knew something that Tamaki don't. "Be our manager." He said again. "I've played against Teiko ever since the Generation of Miracles had made their debut. I know how formidable they are, and I know what you can do for your team. You're their support. You plan the tactics and strategies that they use in a match. You're their tactician. Your team grows weaker and stronger depending on the tactics that you use. 'Mirage', Kuroko Tamaki. If the other teams don't want you, then it's their loss. We want you. Seirin once vowed to stand at the top. We will be the best, and I want to help them do it. You are different from your teammates." Kiyoshi told Tamaki. "But the one thing that you have in common with them is that you don't know how to give up. You're hungry to win. That's what we want on our team. You don't have to be on the court in order to help the team win. But of course, you know that already. Be our support. You who have helped bring Teiko three consecutive victories. Now I'm asking you to help us achieve the same dream. Come to Seirin, Tamaki. Be our manager. Watch us reach the top."

Tamaki was silent for several moments. She had met the rest of Seirin a few times in the past when she had visited Kiyoshi. While they are wary of her in the beginning because she's one of the Generation of Miracles, they soon warmed up to her quickly, and she liked them. The lot of them have treated Tamaki like a little sister that needed to be protected, particularly Izuki Shun who had taken a particular liking to her.

Seirin is different from Teiko.

Who knows when it had even begun, but soon, basketball in Teiko soon focused on individual skill rather than teamwork like how it had been when they have first started their varsity team in freshman year. Seirin reminds her of how Teiko had been when Tamaki and Sei have first formed the new varsity basketball club when they were freshmen.

The Teiko Basketball Club isn't just a club to them. They have built the entire team from scratch, even cleaning Teiko of the bad reputation that they have before they have entered the picture. Hence why it had hurt Tamaki so much when the club and the team as a whole have started changing in third year.

"…Let me think about it." Tamaki said at last.

Kiyoshi smiled. "That's all that I'm asking."


I've played against Teiko ever since the Generation of Miracles had made their debut. I know how formidable they are, and I know what you can do for your team. You're their support. You plan the tactics and formations that they use in a match. You're their tactician. Your team grows weaker and stronger depending on the tactics that you use.

"It's really all that I could do for basketball now…" Tamaki whispered to herself even as she left the hospital. She covered the brace around her left hand with her right hand.

Her best friend who is also Teiko's basketball manager, Momoi Satsuki had once told her that she feels that she's as good as any player as she could help them research rival teams and plan games. Before her accident, Tamaki had often helped Satsuki with her work, and between the two of them, they have often came up with several tactics and plans to deal with rival teams for their matches. While she misses being on the court, even Tamaki admits that it is…fun and interesting in a way just by utilising her quick mind by planning tactics and strategies for the team.

'Maybe just once… I can try once more…' Tamaki thought with determination.

Spotting the building of a library not too far away from her, she then entered it, heading straight for the sports section. She picked out various titles that seemed to be of use to her in basketball tactics and strategies.

Probably due to it being so near the period for college entrance exams, the library was packed with several older students – most probably high school seniors. As such, Tamaki couldn't find an empty seat at all. The only available seat seems to be the one tucked away in a lonely corner where a handsome teen was, reading a novel with a particularly colourful cover.

"Excuse me?" Tamaki asked in a soft voice, and the older boy looked up at her with surprise. "All the other seats are full. May I sit here?" She asked politely.

The older boy looked at her curiously for several moments before nodding, smiling slightly at her. He seems to be older than her, with gray hair and slate gray eyes that have a blank look in them – similar to Tamaki's own eyes. He is tall, almost lean and slender in built.

Tamaki was soon engrossed in her own reading the same way that she always did whenever she was occupied with a good book. So much so that she never noticed the curious looks that the older boy gave her every now and then from his own reading. His sharp eyes noted the brace around her left hand and focused intently on her face, finding her familiar.

'She's one of Teiko's…' Mayuzumi Chihiro mused to himself, covering half his face with his own book. 'One of the Generation of Miracles…'

He frowned as the small girl knocked over a pile of her own books as she shifted, and several of them fell at his feet. Seeing the younger girl bend over, trying to pick them up, he was quick to move, and handed them to her. Mayuzumi raised an eyebrow as he saw that majority of the books was about basketball tactics.

"Do…you like basketball?" Mayuzumi asked, initiating conversation even as he passed the pile of books to the teal haired girl.

She looked mildly surprised at the question before she smiled a small sad smile, nodding. "Yes, I do," she said. Her eyes flickered over Mayuzumi's face and hands. "You play basketball, don't you?" She enquired bluntly, much to Mayuzumi's surprise.

Mayuzumi chuckled. "You can tell?" he asked, putting his book away since he had a feeling that he won't be reading anymore of it.

"I can tell by those hands," said Tamaki, nodding towards his hands.

"You got sharp eyes." Mayuzumi commented. "But… I'm thinking of quitting." He admitted, remembering the talk going around Rakuzan of late that they've managed to acquire the captain of the Generation of Miracles. With three members of the Crownless Generals and now the captain of the Generation of Miracles, there is no need for him. No matter how much he practice and train, he will never get to stand on the same court as them. "What about you? You're from Teiko, aren't you? I recognise you from Basketball Monthly."

"That was in the past." Tamaki said almost sadly, covering the brace on her left hand. Mayuzumi noticed the movement almost immediately, and even as he studied her face, he realised that the blank look in her eyes was almost similar to his own. "But… Even just as a basketball manager, it's enough for me. It doesn't matter to me even if I can't play anymore. It hurts definitely, not being able to stand on the court again. But it's better than having to give up basketball entirely. At least this way, I can still help the team in some way."

Mayuzumi felt a slight twinge of guilt. Here he could still play all the basketball that he wants, and he is thinking of quitting. And yet a girl younger and smaller than he is who clearly likes basketball has to give up playing because of unforeseen circumstances.


Mayuzumi looked at the teal haired girl in front of him whom he hasn't gotten the name of yet. He was surprised in the beginning that she noticed him almost immediately when he tends to slip out of people's notice. Pretty soon, however, he realised that this girl seems to have a low presence as well.

She is a lot like him. And he wonders for a moment if she had ever felt as lonely as he does at times.

The corner that the both of them were occupying in the library was practically ignored by everyone who had passed them.

He has never met someone so much like him before. And he wants to get to know her more.


The call rang for a long time before it was picked up, and Akashi Seijuro can't help sighing in relief. He thought for a moment that he wouldn't bother receiving his call. And honestly, after what had happened during the tournament, he really can't blame his childhood friend.

"Seijuro?" A familiar voice, cheery and happy as always, almost like nothing had ever happened before, answered the call. "What's up? It's rare of you to call."

Akashi sighed. "I know that it's a little late and all, but… I'm sorry, Shige." He apologised, recalling what had happened in the last championship game. He's their captain. He should have stopped them the moment that he had realised what they're planning on doing in that game.

There was silence for several moments. "Forget about it," said Ogiwara Shigehiro. "It's not your fault. Neither is it Tamaki's. So can you tell her that I don't blame her? She's been acting like it's her fault, despite the fact that she hasn't even played all year! How is she, by the way?"

Akashi sighed. Honestly, he is worried about his cousin too. Ever since Teiko had started dominating the Inter High tournament earlier that summer, his cousin had started drifting away from him and the rest of the team. The only one whom she even talks to these days is only Momoi Satsuki.

He knows his cousin well enough to know that she doesn't like what the team had been doing. And honestly, he doesn't like it either. But he has a responsibility to the school and the team to bring back a victory, no matter what it takes. Particularly after several rival teams have mocked them that year, scoffing at them that they've grown weaker because of the loss of their vice-captain due to a severe injury the previous year.

The team wasn't amused, as the accident from the previous year is still fresh in their minds, and they are all furious.

But probably, the one that is the most hurt is Tamaki herself. She can no longer play. In the end, she had supported and helped the team the best that she could by planning out tactics and strategies by utilising the data that Momoi had gathered.

The rest of the non-regulars still respected and adored her, even though she is no longer able to play in matches. And then again, Tamaki had been the one training them all along. Akashi will be very surprised if they don't respect her.

"Still the same." Akashi sighed. "Her injury hasn't grown any worse. But it hasn't grown any better either. She can no longer use it for basketball, and even do something as simple as pick up a pen." He sighed. "I'm really sorry for what happened. I'm still the captain after all, and—"

"How many times must I tell you that it's not your fault?" Shigehiro cut him off, sounding annoyed. "Seijuro, having the captain's hat doesn't mean that you have magical powers. The captain's role is to lead the team to victory. What the team does on the court is their responsibility. They're old enough to think for themselves. But never mind that. Did you call me for anything?"

"Yeah." Akashi sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. He had seen the brochures and the pamphlets that his cousin had been going through of late when deciding on her high school. "I have a favour to ask. Have you decided on a high school yet?"

"Not yet. But I do have a few options myself," said Shigehiro, sounding surprised at this question. "Why?"

"Would you mind enrolling in Seirin High School for high school?" Akashi asked after several moments of silence. "I think Tamaki is considering attending that school for high school. She has some offers from other schools because of her reputation and all in basketball. But the moment that they knew about her injury, well…" Akashi shrugged, trailing off. "It's more likely that she will pick Seirin High, as from what I know, she has a few friends there. And with her injury and emotional state and all… Well… I'm a little worried." He admitted.

There were several moments of silence.

"…Tell me more about it."


"Rakuzan, huh?" Kuroko Tamaki mused as the pair walked out of the library, with the teal haired girl having checked out a couple of books that she wants. It was late evening, and the sky was slowly darkening. "I've heard of them. They're the top high school in the nation."

"From what I heard, they're similar to Teiko." Mayuzumi remarked. "To be honest, I've been in the basketball club since I was a freshman." He admitted. "I started playing because I like the sport. But with juniors like the Crownless Generals, and then the Generation of Miracles entering high school, there isn't much room on the court for ordinary players like me."

"Is that why you want to quit?" Tamaki asked, looking at Mayuzumi curiously.

"In a way." Mayuzumi shrugged. "It hurts, but basketball isn't everything. Besides, if I quit, I'll have more time for my books and studies. Literature is definitely more stimulating than basketball."

"It really hurts when you put it like that, you know?" Tamaki almost pouted, and Mayuzumi fought to hide down a blush. "In ways, I envy you. You can play basketball, but you choose not to. I wanted to play more than anything, but I can't." She sighed. "Well, it's your choice. And truthfully, there are many people who think the way you do." She looked at Mayuzumi. "When I was in my second year of Teiko, there were several people who have left the basketball club because they feel that they have no chance to stand on the same court as us."

"Well, the Generation of Miracles are all geniuses." Mayuzumi sighed. "I can't match up to players like that. Besides, I'll be a senior come next spring. It's about time for me to start studying for my college entrance exams. I'm aiming for Tokyo University after all." He glanced at the sky. "Where are you headed to next? I'll walk you there."

"Rising Sun." Tamaki answered. "It's my aunt's restaurant, and I promised to have dinner with her and my cousin tonight." She was silent as they took the route that will take them there. Mayuzumi knew of that restaurant since he had dined there several times whenever he came to Tokyo. "If you have the chance to improve your basketball skills and stand on the court as a regular, will you take it?" She asked cryptically.

"I wonder…" Mayuzumi mused. "It's true that I like basketball, but I don't want to change my play style. It's who I am after all. Why are you asking?" He asked, curious.

"It's just a feeling that I got." Tamaki admitted. "But if I truly can't play anymore, then I'll rather help others to be able to play. I guess what I'm saying is that if you're truly willing to give basketball a try once more, I can help you improve your skills." She smiled at him. "I can't play anymore. That's why… People who can play on the court… In a way, they're playing for me. Particularly the team that I'm with."

The rest of the walk was spent in silence until they were standing in front of the Rising Sun restaurant. "I guess I'll think about it." Mayuzumi said at last. "I enjoyed our conversation." He admitted with a small grin.

"Me too." Tamaki smiled a small smile. "I've never gotten your name." She confessed. "You probably know my name already, but… I'm Kuroko Tamaki. Nice to meet you."

"Mayuzumi Chihiro." Mayuzumi said with a small amused smile. Nearly three hours of conversation about all kinds of things, and neither one of them has ever gotten the other's name. "Nice to meet you."

And that was the memory of their first meeting.

A/N: To be honest, I'm not sure what I want to do with Mayuzumi Chihiro. Should I let him remain at Rakuzan or have him transfer to Seirin or something? As you can tell, events in the story is going to play out differently than it did in canon because of Tamaki not being able to be on the court.

Anyway, I hope that you like this story and the first chapter, and please read and review! Reviews give me inspiration to update!

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