Two Shadows

For Her Sake

Pairings: Mayuzumi/Tamaki. One sided Aomine/Tamaki. Possible Shigehiro/Momoi

Warnings: AU Universe. OOC. Gender swap. Nice Akashi. Overprotective Generation of Miracles

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke and any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter Three: For Her Sake

Kagami was almost yawning his head off the moment that he'd stepped into the classroom the next day.

After almost two and a half months of vacation, he found it difficult to wake up early just to get to school on time. There was still ten minutes to go before the first bell goes off for homeroom, and thus, nearly all his classmates were already in their seats, or just talking with their friends.

Kagami then blinked in surprise when he saw Tamaki and Shigehiro with their heads bowed, apparently going through a mountain of pamphlets and flyers. Tamaki had the window seat in front of his own whilst Shigehiro had the seat next to her.

Kagami could barely sleep last night at all, as his entire head was filled with thoughts about the Generation of Miracles – the legendary team of six players that had taken the middle school basketball world by storm, and had thus dominated the middle school three major basketball tournaments for three years.

Kagami's middle school, Eikan Middle School is a mediocre school when it comes to their clubs, as majority of their students are delinquents, and they don't exactly have a very good reputation to their name. And honestly, with how abysmal Kagami's grades had been, he had been lucky that he even managed to get into a middle school.

The basketball club had always gotten themselves kicked out during the preliminaries round as well, hence why Kagami had never heard of the Generation of Miracles. Teiko Middle School had been first seed starting from their second year, and they never have to go through the preliminary round, but went straight to the championship league.

Hence, it is of no surprise that Kagami had never even heard of them when nearly every single basketball player did. The redhead can't help but feel excited, hearing just how strong they are. That Shigehiro guy is really strong too, and from what Kagami had heard from the other freshmen, he is one of the few players out there is on equal footing with the Generation of Miracles.

Kagami can now see why his seniors are all acting extremely giddy, having gotten a guy like Ogiwara Shigehiro in their team, and also the strategist of the Generation of Miracles.

Kagami frowned slightly as he went to his seat, placing his bag on the ground.

"How about this one?" Tamaki was suggesting, handing over a particularly colourful pamphlet featuring a house of some sort, even with the bathroom facilities and even a small garden.

Shigehiro took one look at it before shaking his head. "Too expensive," he said. "And too far away. I will have to wake up at six in the morning in order to even get to school on time."

Tamaki sighed. "You're really difficult to please, Shige-kun," she grumbled, and Shigehiro grinned at her. "You know that my aunt doesn't really mind you staying with her. She said that you can stay as long as you want, seeing as Sei is currently attending school in Kyoto, and he only return to Tokyo on the weekends anyway."

"Nah, I'll feel better if I find a place of my own." Shigehiro said, flipping through the numerous pamphlets on his desk. "Yuki-san isn't my aunt after all. Oh. This one looks good." He read through the pamphlet in his hand with interest before shaking his head. "No can do. Too expensive."

It is at this moment when Kagami chose to butt in on their conversation. "You moving or something?" he asked Shigehiro curiously, seeing the numerous pamphlets and brochures on his desk that seems to be about housing choices.

"No. Looking for a place to stay." Shigehiro corrected. "I kinda came to Tokyo just a day before school starts, and thus, I'm kind of having a problem with finding housing. All the good ones have already been taken up, and I'm just stuck with these that the realtor has." He gestured towards the pamphlets and brochures on his desk.

There were several high schoolers who actually came from different regions to just attend good schools. Most schools actually have a dormitory complex for their students that came from far away, but as Seirin is a new school, they do not have one.

"How about this?" Tamaki suggested, handing over the brochure in her hand. "It has everything that you need in the house, and the price is reasonable too."

Shigehiro read the brochure for several moments before shaking his head. "Too out of the way," he said.

"What kind of place are you looking for?" Kagami asked curiously. "Maybe I can help." He offered.

"Well, he wants one that rent shouldn't exceed beyond 25,000 yen per month." Tamaki ticked off on her fingers. "His parents send him money every month for food and transportation and even for rent, but Shige-kun is still on a pretty tight budget."

"I don't want one that is too far away from the school either." Shigehiro added. "Though it'll be nice if there is a convenience store or something near it. I can't cook to save my life." He added albeit sheepishly.

"I don't know why you even bother to insist on having a convenience store near your preferred place. You always eat out at either Maji's or Rising Sun anyway." Tamaki muttered, and Shigehiro grinned.

"Apartments like the ones you want always tend to get snapped up quick." Kagami chuckled, understanding now why the two are having so many problems finding an apartment for Shigehiro.

Shigehiro groaned to himself. "Should I take this one then?" he whined, picking up a colourful blue and green pamphlet. "It's a little expensive, but it's the only one that is even remotely close to Seirin."

Tamaki giggled to herself. "Haru-jii-san will kill you if you do so," she pointed out, knowing that Shigehiro's private investigator father is extremely thrifty, despite his huge income. He simply doesn't like spending on frivolous things.

Kagami studied Shigehiro for several moments. Well, he did have room in his too big apartment, and it'll be nice to have some company for a change.

"You know, if you don't mind, you can stay with me." Kagami blurted out of the blue, and both his teammates turned to stare at him in surprise. "My dad had this misconception of what kind of apartment is appropriate for a student, and he brought me this place that is a little too large for just one person to stay in when I first came to Japan for middle school. I have a few extra rooms, so you can just take one. As long as you do your own share of the housework and groceries, you're welcome to stay. I'll appreciate the company too."

Shigehiro was speechless for a long time, and Tamaki gave a small smile before turning towards Shigehiro. "So he said," she told him. "What are you going to do? It will be much better than getting an apartment that is way out of your budget."

Shigehiro sighed. "…Fine. But I'm paying rent too," he said.


Riko had the team members all running drills and such during the practice later that day after school.

As the manager, Tamaki is seated atop the stage as the team members all run their drills, with a stopwatch by her side and a pen in her right hand with her clipboard resting on her legs as she take note of their running times, and what they need to improve on.

The second years are all in relatively good form, given that Riko had been training them for at least a year, but still, stamina and endurance is still a problem for them. As for the freshmen, Shigehiro and Kagami are easily the ones with the most stamina out of all of them. Needless to say, she has a lot of work to do with them.

"Oh dear…" Tamaki muttered, making notes on her clipboard, her mind running over the different plans that she had in mind for their training, wondering which is the most effective way to whip them into shape.

"I'm having them take a break before we start with the mini-match later on between the freshmen and the seniors." Riko told Tamaki, approaching the freshman with a grin on her face. "I gather that you have some good data then?"

"More like a couple of headaches." Tamaki said bluntly. "We're going to have a lot of work to do in order to whip them into shape. The seniors have already gone through your training for a year, but still, we really need to work on their stamina and endurance. Unlike other schools, we don't have the luxury to take reserves and put them on the court in order to allow the regulars to rest." She pointed out, and Riko nodded. Stamina and endurance have always been a major problem for Seirin, as they only have so many players, and not to mention that basketball had always been a sport of endurance. "On the other hand, Shige-kun is a National level player. He has good stamina and endurance, and already has his own style. So did Kagami-kun, but we really need to work on his stamina too. As for the other freshmen, they are amateurs at best, and still have to find their own style. Regardless, we're going to have a lot to do before the Inter High hits us in a month and a half."

Riko winced. Like always, Tamaki is as straight forward and blunt as ever. But still, what she said made sense too. The second years are always easily tired out in matches by the third quarter should they wind up facing a strong team. If they wish to attain their dream by becoming Number One in Japan, they have to step up their training.

"All right. I think that's enough rest for them." Riko said. She then blew on her whistle sharply. "We'll now start the mini tournament between the freshmen and the seniors!"


The school librarian on duty that day raised a brow as a mountain of books was dumped in front of her, with it mainly being medical texts, with a few of the books being about basketball instead. She then looked up only to see a familiar gray haired senior standing in front of her, already with his student ID out in order to borrow the books.

"Planning to be a doctor or something, Mayuzumi-kun?" The librarian asked with a small smile even as she started scanning the books into the system.

"Something like that, yeah." Mayuzumi mumbled.

But if I truly can't play anymore, then I'll rather help others to be able to play. I guess what I'm saying is that if you're truly willing to give basketball a try once more, I can help you improve your skills.

'There must be a way.' Mayuzumi thought to himself even as he carried the mountain of books out of the library, ignoring the confused looks on the faces of passing students as he made his way back to his dorm room. 'I'll find a way to make her better.'


'I thought so.' Tamaki thought with a frown even as she made notes on her clipboard even as she watched the match between the freshmen and the seniors. 'He's a solo player. He's never played in a team before.'

And for some reason, it is really giving Tamaki a funny feeling, as Kagami 'feels' just like her old teammates.

So far, the freshmen is leading, but mainly due to Kagami dominating the game by flying solo. Shigehiro whilst being a National player and a PF like Kagami, had played in a team that focuses on team play like Seirin, and he had assisted the other three freshmen the best that he could. And it is already apparent to Tamaki that even though both Kagami and Shigehiro play the position of Power Forward, their skills complimented each other. Kagami focuses on raw power, but Shigehiro focuses on speed and flexibility. Honestly, Shigehiro could have been the second Point Guard of the team if he works on it.

'It should be time now.' Tamaki mused to herself, seeing the seniors exchange looks with each other.

After all, the earlier half of the game had just been for them to gauge the freshmen's ability and skill level in a match. Just from that game alone, Tamaki already knew that she has a lot to work on, particularly with the three other freshmen that had joined the team alongside them. If the seniors had been serious, the freshmen wouldn't have lasted long, even with Shige-kun and Kagami. Even as good as Shige-kun is, even being known as 'Lionheart', he is only one person.

Basketball had always been a game of psychology, especially with Teiko's playing style, and the strategies that you and Akashi-kun have often utilised in matches. Coach Kashitori's voice almost rang in her ears once more, and Tamaki then recalled the conversation that she had with him back during her freshman year of Teiko when they've first managed to convince Kashitori Kenta to coach the Teiko basketball club.

There have been a few reasons why Teiko had thus been dubbed as a monster team, one of the main reasons being the sole fact that nearly all the strategies and tactics that Tamaki or Akashi have often came up with is human psychology at its finest. They didn't become the captain and vice-captain of the Teiko Basketball Club starting from their first year for nothing. It had been a task in itself to beat their seniors into submission back then, considering how the basketball club had been before their appearances.

Thus, even as Tamaki watched with a critical eye as Kagami slowly grow more frustrated and is steadily growing redder in the face with the double team that he was faced with in the forms of Hyuuga and Izuki, Tamaki can honestly say that if Kagami couldn't deal with this level of pressure defense, he wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell should he go up against say Murasakibara, Akashi or even Midorima.

Tamaki sighed as she made some extra notes against Kagami's profile, 'work on pressure defense'.

Meanwhile, over on the court, Shigehiro sighed as he saw that the colour of Kagami's face is red enough to match that of his hair. "Tamaki, before you work on his skills, maybe you should first work on his anger management issues," he sighed, palming his face. 'He wouldn't last long in a match if he doesn't work on his temper.'

"Give up? Give up?!" Kagami had all but yelled, grabbing hold of the front of poor Furihata's shirt, and the brunette looked ready to faint from fright.

"Good grief." Tamaki muttered to herself as she got down from the stage, walking over to Kagami who is still busy scaring the life out of poor Furihata with Fukuda and Kawahara trying to stop him, and she then smacked Kagami on the head with her clipboard. "That's enough out of you."

"Kagami." Shigehiro interrupted tiredly, seeing that Kagami's next target is apparently Tamaki. "What is the point in terrorising your own teammates anyway?"

"Anyway." Tamaki interrupted before Shigehiro can get the life choked out of him. "I think that we're done here. This mini tournament isn't to showcase your power or to prove who is superior. It is to assess your abilities so that I can come up with a proper training regime for the entire team." She then sighed. "And let me tell you this now, Kagami-kun. I am going to have a lot to work on with you." Kagami still look ready to argue with Tamaki, but cold blue eyes stopped him in his tracks. "Furthermore, you shouldn't threaten your own teammate. The moment you so much as lay a single finger on your own teammate, you're no better than scum."

Hyuuga who was about to head over to the freshmen the moment that he saw Kagami threatening Furihata sighed. "Looks like Tamaki had it all under control," he remarked.

Kagami looked ashamed of himself for a moment. He'd almost forgotten the very first rule that Alex had all but drilled into his head when she'd first started training him and Tatsuya. No violence on the court. If you have any issues to be settled, settle it with basketball.

"Sorry." Kagami mumbled, suddenly finding the floor very interesting.

"Are you apologising to the floor? Look at me." Tamaki said sarcastically, smacking Kagami on the head once more with her clipboard. Behind her, the freshmen and Shigehiro sweat dropped at her words. "And don't apologise to me. Apologise to them!" She pointed at Furihata, Fukuda and Kawahara who have gotten the burnt of Kagami's temper earlier.

"Sorry." Kagami mumbled, looking honestly chastised and apologetic, looking at Furihata this time.

Furihata was honestly bewildered, but he nodded quickly, accepting the apology. It seems that Kagami isn't really a bad guy. He just had a quick temper, that is all.

"Anyway…" Tamaki referred to her clipboard for a few moments before handing it over to Riko wordlessly.

The brunette coach in turn read it for several moments, and then, she got this glint in her eye that all the seniors knew to be wary of by now, and as one, they paled.

Whenever Aida Riko got that look in her eye, someone always suffers.


"Tama really isn't kidding. You do have potential." Akashi Seijuro mused, studying Mayuzumi Chihiro from head to toe.

"I'm not the only player in the club, you know? And there are other players that are better than me. So I'm asking you. Why me?" Mayuzumi deadpanned.

Akashi's lips twitched slightly. Where had he heard the same words again?

The club doesn't need a vice-captain who can't do as much as dribble the ball. There are other players who are better in skill than me now. So I'm asking you, Sei. Why keep me?

Akashi sighed to himself. Honestly, those two are so alike that it's almost scary. But maybe… It is also because those two are so alike that they can understand each other in a way that others can't.

"Maybe you should be asking yourself 'why not me?'" Akashi told Mayuzumi. He was silent for a moment. "You remind me of Tama." He admitted, and Mayuzumi looked at Akashi in interest. "Back when she first had that accident, she was in a deep depression. No one could break her out of it. She even wanted to resign from the club as vice-captain. But the coach got her to stay. A little after that, she then found that she could help the club in other ways. She doesn't have to be the best player, or even being able to play. It is for this same reason that I'm asking you. You don't have to be the best player on the team to be a regular. What I'm looking for is someone with guts; someone who won't give up until the last buzzer sounds. Someone who has dedication. And Mayuzumi, you have that in spades."

Mayuzumi fell silent. Honestly, the two cousins are as different as night and day. But if there's one thing that they have in common; it is for their passion in basketball, and their charisma.

"You don't have to give me an answer now." Akashi sighed. "When you're ready to try once more, you can approach me anytime." He then turned to leave Mayuzumi to his thoughts. But before he could actually leave, he stopped in his tracks. "By the way…" He turned to face Mayuzumi. "In case you're interested to know, Tama enjoys reading and music. If you bring her back crying, the training scheduled for this week will look like a walk in the park once I'm done with you." He smirked at Mayuzumi. "Enjoy your date with Tama this weekend."

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