Blood Red Moon: Rewritten


Ragnarok is a secret organisation which kills in the name of justice and only kills criminals of the highest order. What will happen when two enemies standing on opposite sides falls in love? FemNaru

Mystery / Romance
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Namikaze Shiki


AU FemNaru. Ragnarok is a secret organisation which kills in the name of justice and only kills criminals of the highest order. When Uchiha Itachi, a captain with the ANBU – Japan's law enforcer agency was sent undercover into a dance met a mysterious girl named Namikaze Shiki who turned out to be the leader of Ragnarok – the organisation that ANBU is after, their love and feelings are put to the test. War is looming on the horizon and the Sound organisation – a dangerous criminal syndicate that both Ragnarok and ANBU have been after for some time now had made an appearance and only Shiki and Itachi can stop them.

Disclaimer: Parts of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter One: Namikaze Shiki


People with strange powers and abilities which sets them apart from others. No one really knew how nin-users received their powers, but a nin-user is decided from birth when some fragment of their abilities will be shown, and which will be fully awakened at any random time some years down the road.

And it was because that they were different as well that people feared them and their powers, and many treated them as abominations to be killed or the cause of wars. As such, many nin-users were killed, and those that survived fled and hid their powers away from others.

Many years passed, and when civilisation developed, an organisation named ANBU was formed. This organisation was the defence and fighting force of Japan, and had the responsibility to oversee the safety of Japan. And even though the one who commands the forces of ANBU is the ANBU commander, the head of all ANBU is the ANBU Chief who only ever exerts his authority in an emergency.

Years passed, and because of the people's senseless fear of nin-users, a civil war broke out…with people who do not hate nin-users on one side, and people who hate them on the other side. And caught in between them are the nin-users themselves…



The city of Hagako is without a doubt, one of the most dangerous places in Japan, especially since gangs infested this very city, and gang fights and murder were just part of everyday life. Some of the gangs in this very city defended the weak, but other gangs merely kill or fight just for mere pleasure. And usually, majority of the 'bad' gangs resided in the slums of Hagako. It's also extremely common to see gangs comprising of members as young as five-years-old, especially since it's the only way to survive.

And it was also in this very city where one could find a five-year-old girl with fiery red hair with golden highlights to it cascading down to her back and cerulean blue eyes. It was raining heavily that night, and not a soul was out on the streets.

The girl was breathing heavily as she held onto the wall of a building in Hagako. Her eyes were glazed over, and injuries were visible over all over her body. Namikaze Shiki winced as sharp pain passed through her body and she held onto her left arm. It had taken her two years to escape that lab and that man…especially since she was one of the most powerful nin-users ever lived.

Both her parents had died when she was born as a result of the civil war that was still going on in Japan, and she had been bounced from foster home to foster home, never staying long at one as it won't be long before her powers go out of control. And it wasn't long before she was sold to that man by one of her foster parents.

Shiki has powers over the mind as well as manipulate time and control over the five elements. That's what exactly made her so powerful and feared as a nin-user, and precisely because of that very reason that she couldn't control her powers.

'Why? Why must this keep happening?!'

Shiki slid down to the ground, not having the strength to move another step any longer. She has no idea how long that she sat there, being drenched in the rain, but she didn't care. The sounds of footsteps reached her ears just then, and she looked up only to see a man with silver hair reaching to the middle of his back.

"I found you, Shiki," said the man.


Three months had passed since she entered Hagako.

That man, Shiki learned his name to be Jiraiya. He was the teacher of her father who is a freelance agent by trade, and her mother was his partner. He had been searching for her ever since both her parents died and she had vanished. Jiraiya knew that Shiki is a nin-user as both her parents are too, though they've managed to keep it quiet.

It had taken her a little over a month in order to heal from her injuries, and Jiraiya had taught her how to fight and to control her powers just so that she can protect herself if the man that she had escaped from came after her again.

Three months after she came to Hagako, Shiki woke up in the small apartment that Jiraiya had rented to find him gone and a note from him stating that he'll be gone for the week to do some 'research', and she sighed. She knew from her time with Jiraiya that his 'research' consists of him peeking in on the women's hot springs for his novel, Icha Icha Paradise. And other than being a novelist, Jiraiya is also an information specialist and one of the world's top spies.

Sighing, she decided to go out of the apartment for the day since her injuries were long healed, and anyway, she can defend herself quite easily even without the usage of her powers. Shiki raised a brow as she noticed that several people in the streets were giving her a wide berth as she walked past.

Just a week ago, she had taken out one of the gangs as they'd tried to kill her just for the fun of it only to have it backfiring on them. And just as she was walking past an alley, she heard angry yells and screams.

"What the fuck are you trying to do?!"

Sumaru was not having a good day.

Hagako is the fifth city that he'd tried living in with his two best friends, especially since with the civil war, they are unable to stay long at every town and city that they'd tried so far. And they'd barely been in Hagako for more than two hours before they were targeted by a gang.

'Oh great. I'm going to die in a place like this?'


Sumaru opened his eyes, and on either side of him, Hotaru and Mizure opened their eyes as well only to see the gang member about to stab Sumaru collapsed to the ground, a knife stuck in his back. And standing behind him was a girl about their age.

"Y-You are…!" One of the gang members whimpered.

"What are you waiting for?! Get her!"

"W-Wait! She's—"

Sumaru, Hotaru and Mizure stiffened as they saw the cold glint in the eyes of that girl, and as one, they looked away only to hear loud screams and thuds before there was silence. A few seconds passed before Sumaru dared to open his eyes, and he immediately wished that he hadn't as the gang members who had been threatening them a few moments earlier lay dead…every single one of them.

"You…you didn't have to go that far!"

The girl turned towards them, and Sumaru whimpered at the murderous look in her eyes. "You idiots… Don't you people even understand your situation?!"


"It's either kill or be killed here. This is the way that this world works."


"You know that's the truth."

The girl turned around again before Hotaru called out to her. "Wait! Will you be staying here long?"

"I don't know," said the girl, turning to face them. "Maybe."

But Shiki met them again the next night.

She was sitting at the docks of the sea, watching the ships and boats passing by when she heard footsteps behind her and knew them as the three whom she had met the previous night.

"You guys don't give up, do you?" she asked, turning to face the three. She sighed. "…fine. I guess I can hang around for a while. I kind of like this place, anyway."

"Can we come with you?"


Within three years, Shiki soon found herself being the object of admiration with several other people whom she had somehow 'saved'. First were Sumaru and his friends. The next was a boy named Sai and his foster brother, Yamato. Then five others – Riku, Sara, Suigetsu, Juugo and Karin.

And so begun the street gang Blade, Hagako's most feared and legendary gang.

With the formation of Blade, the crimes committed by the other gangs gradually dropped, and Hagako was safer…by only a little. Two years after Blade was formed marks the end of the civil war to which everyone was relieved for, but the aftermath of the war left ANBU with a whole lot of shit to clean up as it was the late ANBU Chief which discriminates against the nin-users, and to protect nin-users from harm, the newly appointed ANBU Chief set up several nin-user laws.

But unfortunately for Shiki…trouble follows her everywhere she goes. Three years after Blade was formed and a year after the end of the civil war…several assassins sent by a certain organisation entered the city of Hagako…and their target was the street gang Blade.


It was raining heavily, and the streets were nearly ankle high with rainwater.

The rain was drenching Namikaze Shiki through, but she acts as if she didn't feel the rain drenching her through or even that she was freezing. Her eyes were wide with shock, cradling Riku's body in her arms.


All of them dead…

The attack had begun a few hours ago. Those black-suited assassins… Sumaru and the others had managed to get away after Shiki had threatened them with dire threats. She knew that Sai had too, but wasn't sure about Yamato as she had seen him fighting off about five of those assassins earlier. But Riku, Sara, Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo…they weren't so lucky…


The bodies of the assassins who had killed off nearly the entire gang lay about on the streets of Hagako. Blood ran down the streets as well.

That night…Hagako truly lives up to it's name as City of the Dead.

And it was this scene which Shiranui Genma, Gekkou Hayate, Shizune and Uzuki Yugao, friends from one of Japan's top high schools came across.

"What the hell just happened here?" wondered Shizune, staring with wide eyes at the blood soaked streets as well as at the number of dead bodies littering the streets, along with the one lone girl on her knees in the middle of the street, cradling a dead body in her arms.

"Excuse me. What happened here?" asked Yugao gently, approaching the girl cautiously.


"Excuse me? Are you alright?" asked Genma, really alarmed now. The look in the girl's eyes was scaring even him. It didn't even look humane.

"…those bastards didn't come."


"The ANBU. They didn't come to help…even though we believed that they would. They didn't come. They left us to die. Riku and the others are dead. They wouldn't be…wouldn't be dead…if the ANBU came! They abandoned us…just like everyone else!"

The four friends exchanged looks. They knew what had happened now. They knew of Hagako's reputation as one of the gang infested cities in Japan, and knew enough to put together the pieces. Shizune and Yugao can't help sympathising with the girl.

"Can we—"


The two women exchanged looks. "But—"

"Leave!" The girl turned to face them, her eyes looking extremely murderous. "I don't need your help!"

Genma placed a hand on his girlfriend, Shizune's arm, stopping her in her tracks. He knew that the girl is now too furious to listen to anyone or anything. "I understand," he said. "If you need any help…any at all…go to Cat's Eye in the town of Hikawa if you need us. Tell the bartender there that you're sent by us. I'm Shiranui Genma."

"Uzuki Yugao."

"Gekkou Hayate."


The girl seemed to be calming down enough. "I appreciate the thought, but I don't require any assistance," she said. "Please leave."

The rain had long stopped and the sun was setting, and one Namikaze Shiki could be seen giving her friends a proper burial in the local cemetery. Two kids around her age, a brunette boy and a dark blue haired girl were entering the cemetery when they stopped at the sight of this.

"Excuse me…"

Shiki turned to face the two, and the two kids were startled to see tears falling from her eyes.

"A-Are you alright?"

"I couldn't save them…" she muttered, and the two kids aren't even sure if she's telling them or just talking to herself. "I promised, and I failed. I failed to protect them. We waited, you know? We tried to draw for time…to delay them… We believed that the ANBU will come… But it is all a fool's hope! They're just like everyone else…just like everyone else! They abandoned us!"

The two exchanged looks. "You're a nin-user, aren't you?" asked the brunette boy, and Shiki turned towards him. "We never thought that we'll meet another one here."

"Then you two are…"

The boy nodded. "We're cousins…and also nin-users," he said. "I'm Hyuuga Neji. This is Hyuuga Hinata, my cousin. Our families died in the war a few years back, and we're the only survivors. My power is to create barriers."

"Mine is to control and manipulate water, and I can attack a person's internal system as well," said Hinata. "We came here a few years ago, but like every town that we tried…living here…is nearly impossible."

"It's the same everywhere," said Shiki, now building the headstones of her friends.

"We'll help too."

"It's best if you leave, seriously," said Shiki sharply, turning towards them. "People tend to have a habit of dying around me. You shouldn't stick around."

But they were back again the next day.

It was early morning, and Shiki was at the docks of Hagako, making the door for the nearly completed boathouse that she had been building for nearly three years. All that it'll take is a coat of paint, and it'll be done.

"You're here again?" said Shiki, looking up at them whilst in the midst of fixing the motor on the boathouse. "Didn't I tell you to leave?"

"We want to come with you," said Hinata stubbornly. "We don't know any other nin-users, and nin-users should stick with each other. Furthermore, we wanted to come with you."


"…they said the same thing too, you know," said Shiki. "And they died. You'll die too if you stick with me…especially since you're also nin-users."

"We don't care."

Shiki sighed and shrugged. "Do as you wish."

Hinata and Neji exchanged smiles. "What're you doing?" asked Neji, looking at the boathouse with interest.

"Building a boathouse," said Shiki, nailing in the final nail of the door. "It's their dream…our dream. We wanted to build a boathouse…so that we can travel all over the world together. It was nearly completed when…"

Neji and Hinata do not know what to say. They instead studied the boathouse. It was fairly large, nearly two storeys high with a roof at the top, with windows. There was even glass for the windows. The boathouse was fairly well made.

"You still require paint for it, right?" said Neji, breaking the silence. "What colour do you want for it?"

"Blue and white."

Neji was soon back in a few minutes with a few paint cans and brushes from the nearby painting shop, and the three children spent the whole day painting the boathouse. At least painting seemed to take Shiki's mind off the tragedy that had happened, and Neji and Hinata were relieved to see her smiling.

"It's done," said Shiki as they admired the boathouse when the sun was setting.

"Yeah," said Hinata with a nod. "Are you planning to go somewhere on this?"

"Yeah," said Shiki with a nod. "I'm leaving this place…then I was thinking of travelling the world or something. Just to fulfil their wish, you know? But maybe…I should drop by Hikawa…to see those people who had tried to help."

"Will you be leaving now?"

"Yeah," said Shiki, turning towards them. "I hadn't introduced myself yet, have I? I'm Shiki. Namikaze Shiki. Nice to meet you."

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