Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

Melody of Agony

I'm back! And sorry for the late update, people! I have a case of writer's block for this story, and I had been really busy lately. I've also changed the rating of this story to M, and just a heads-up, but there is a lemon scene in this chapter, especially since I have some readers clamouring for it.

Warnings: Violence. Blood. Gory scenes. Murder scenes. Lemon scenes.

Disclaimer: Part of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Fifteen: Melody of Agony

Ragnarok's Headquarters (Boathouse)Hiraiko

It was a warm day that afternoon in the small sleepy town of Hiraiko.

Most of the members of Ragnarok were taking the chance to laze around, doing nothing in particular. All the girls, save for their much esteemed leader, were taking the chance to do some shopping in town, whilst Kankuro was taking a quick nap.

Even Shino wasn't at his computer for once.

Instead, the bug user was walking up the stairs in the boathouse until he reached the top, and found both Neji and Gaara seated on the roof of the boathouse, both looking at nothing in particular, with the sea breeze blowing through their hair, several beer cans all around them.

Shino sighed before he approached them, and both Neji and Gaara glanced at him momentarily before turning their attention back towards the sea. The bug user sighed softly before sitting down beside them, forming a semi-circle of sorts.

"Have any of you seen Shiki?" Shino asked bluntly, and both Neji and Gaara sighed before turning around to face him.

"She's with that guy," said Gaara curtly, and Shino sighed. He had thought that it is something like that.

Neji sighed. "I don't understand her sometimes," he said. "Don't ask me what is even going through her head, as I don't know anymore. She knows that she shouldn't even be seeing him. We've told her that countless times, and I'm pretty sure that Shiki is well aware of this too. She is getting too involved with him."

Shino sighed. "Well, it is her," he said. "She knows what she is doing."

Neji and Gaara sighed as one.


BookstoreLeaf City

Horatio says 'tis but our fantasy, and will not let belief take hold of him. Touching this dreaded sight, twice seen of us. Therefore, I have entreated him along with us to watch the minutes of this night. That is again this apparition come. He may approve our eyes and speak to it—

Shiki huffed in annoyance as her concentration into the novel Hamlet was broken as she felt hot breath breathing onto the back of her neck, and knew instantly who the person was.

Uchiha Itachi's amused voice then spoke with much amusement. "I'll be your Romeo if you'll be my Juliet." He said with a mock bow, making his voice low and drawling, sounding rather like one of those old English characters from William Shakespeare's works.

Shiki raised an incredulous brow before she closed the novel that she was reading with a light clap, turning around to face her boyfriend, showing him the title of the novel that she had been reading. "It's Hamlet, you idiot."

Itachi chuckled as Shiki picked up a few of the books that she had picked out earlier, along with the one that she had been reading, before heading towards the cashier to pay for her purchases. "What are you doing in Leaf City anyway?" he asked curiously as the two walked out of the bookstore, with a bell tinkling somewhere in the store as they did so. "I rarely see you head over to Leaf City."

Shiki sighed. "Even I need a break sometimes, you know?" she said sarcastically. "I just thought that I would like a break from work, and some of my friends agreed, as we've all been working pretty hard lately as bounty hunters. I wanted to get some new books, and since the bookstore in Leaf City has one of the largest book collections out here, I headed for Leaf City. Visiting you isn't so bad too."

That wasn't entirely a lie, and it wasn't the complete truth as well.

All of Ragnarok do indeed work as bounty hunters or informants of some sort as side-jobs to bring in side cash, as even though their jobs as Ragnarok do indeed bring some cash in, they were all pretty careful, never doing jobs as Ragnarok for more than twice in the same month in order to elude capture. And ANBU wonder how Ragnarok had been eluding capture for so long…

Itachi sighed, and smiled. 'It doesn't matter about the 'Twila' matter,' he thought. 'I can't be sure if it is her. But for both our sakes, I hope that it isn't her. All that matters is that she is here now.'

Shiki glanced at her watch before sighing and turning towards Itachi. "Well, it has been nice and all, but I have to go now," she said. "I'm meeting my friends at Hiraiko. We have to get ready for our next job soon." She sighed. "And it is going to be a troublesome one."

Shiki didn't betray the emotions on her face as she thought about everything that had happened two days ago which had led to them taking on their next 'troublesome' mission…


It was raining heavily, and the boathouse was currently bobbing about on the heavy waves of the sea as the wind was howling and blowing extremely heavily, that Tenten and Neji have to anchor the boathouse to the sea harbour of Hiraiko to prevent it from floating out to who-knows-where.

The doors and windows were all latched heavily, and the pitter-patter of the rain sounded heavily on their windows, and even the roof. No one in the right sense of mind would go out in this crazy weather, as the winds seemed to be strong enough to even uproot trees.

The members of Ragnarok were all lazing around, doing what they usually do.

Shino was typing away on his laptop as usual with one hand, the other hand with the elbow resting on the table, his cheek resting on the palm, looking extremely bored. Neji and Gaara were both having a game of shougi with Hinata and Tenten both watching with interest.

Currently, both Neji and Gaara's shougi scores stands at 26-19, with Gaara in the lead.

Temari and Yugito were both talking about something which none of the others understood and wanted to know, whilst Haku was seemingly reading a book, yet was quite distracted. Kankuro was absorbed in a manga whilst curled up on one side of the couch with Haku on the other side. Shiki was settled on the windowsill of the boathouse, playing with the hoop of a large key-ring, opening and closing, opening and closing in a steady rhythm, yet was actually thinking deeply about something.

A sudden loud rumble of thunder startled all of the members present, save for Shiki, Neji, Shino and Gaara, and every single person save for those mentioned four jumped about a foot in the air, before a bright flash of lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating the room that they were all in.

Yugito sighed, looking out of the window. "Lightning…" she muttered. "It's just like that day…"

Temari smiled a small smile. She knew what that day was. Stormy nights always managed to put Yugito in a bad mood.

Kankuro whistled, looking out of the window as he closed his manga. "This has to be the worst downpour that we've ever gotten in Japan," he said, getting onto his knees on the couch that he was on, and looking out of the window. "It's even strong enough to uproot trees."

"Somehow, weather like this always seemed to represent a bad omen for us," said Haku, looking up from her book. "Either another revenge request, or someone we knew had gotten into trouble, or—"

There was a beep from Shino's computer just then, interrupting Haku, and everyone present turned their heads towards Shino. All but Shiki who still remained seated on the windowsill, opening and closing the hoop of a large key-ring that she had with her.

"A client?" questioned Gaara, turning towards Shino, and the insect user nodded, clicking on the 'You've got one new message' window on the computer, and reading the mail transmitted to their email via the website which they used to accept requests.

"Please don't tell me that it's another revenge request," groaned Temari.

Really, doing revenge requests every once in a while is fine and all, but doing it once too often is tiring as well.

"No," said Shino with a quick shake of his head. "It's someone we know. She wants to hire our services."

"Who's the client this time around?" asked Haku with a frown, and Shino glanced at the others.

"Your sensei, Haku," answered Shino grimly, closing his laptop and turning to look at said girl. "Shizune-san."

The bell tinkled somewhere in the cafe of Cat's Eye as the door was pushed opened, and Iruka looked up only to see two sopping wet teens wearing similar-looking dark raincoats which were currently dripping rainwater onto the ground.

Even with the raincoats and boots that they were both wearing because of the horrible weather outside, both teens still managed to get themselves soaked to the skin as if they have just jumped into the swimming pool.

Shiki grumbled something about rainstorms beneath her breath as she squeezed rainwater out of her hair, whilst Gaara ran his fingers through his own extremely wet hair with displeasure, squeezing the rainwater out of his hair. Iruka then flung two towels towards the two teens, and ordered them to dry themselves, muttering something about dripping rainwater all over his newly cleaned floor.

"I'm surprised that you two came all the way out there, despite having your boathouse parked at the dorks," muttered Iruka as he received the two extremely damp towels once both teens were done towelling their hair, and stripped out of their raincoats before draping it over the back of the chairs nearest the door. "No one would be caught dead out in this weather, as it is even strong enough to uproot trees. I'm surprised that it hasn't yet."

Gaara grunted. "We have a client to meet," he grumbled, scowling fiercely as he felt the top of his head, and found that his usually dark red hair which was matted down, was now sticking comically in every angle. "Hiraiko is the town closest to us at present, and we'll rather not risk travelling out to another town via boat in this crazy weather. We'll likely get into an accident before arrival."

"True," said Iruka with a nod, pleased that the group of teens were at least sensible enough to know the dangers of travelling via boat in a storm. "Your client's over there." He pointed towards a corner booth with his thumb. "Shizune has been there for a few hours now. She's probably waiting for you. I'll close up now so that you can have some privacy. Though I seriously doubt that anyone would be walking in now."

"Thanks, Iruka," said Shiki with a nod, before she and Gaara both walked towards the booth where Iruka had gestured towards.

Shizune was sitting by the window, dressed in a dark blue kimono, staring out of the window with an unhappy expression on her face, resting her chin on the upturned palm of her right hand. She turned around when she heard Gaara and Shiki approaching her, and smiled a small smile at them, turning towards her cup of coffee which had turned cold.

"It's been awhile," said Shizune.

Shiki nodded before settling down in the seat opposite Shizune, with Gaara taking the seat beside her. "Haku can't come," she said. "Hinata needed her help with some medical cream that she had been developing. She told me to tell you hello though."

Shizune nodded.

"What did you call us out here for?" asked Gaara bluntly. "And judging by the email that you've sent, it seems to be quite urgent, as you can't wait for tomorrow, and choose to meet us in this terrible weather."

Shizune sighed. "I'll get straight to the point then," she said, looking at both Gaara and Shiki in the eye. "It's about Shiranui Genma, my fiancé."

Shiki stiffened. "Genma-san?" she echoed, surprise etched on her face. "What is wrong with him? I've heard that both of you will be getting married soon from Hayate-san and Yugao-san. I even remembered how angry you were when you had found out that you and Genma-san got put into one of Jiraiya's books. What's wrong with Genma-san?"

"He's missing," said Shizune, smiling a small smile at the memory of how she had beat Shiki's godfather up a few years ago when she had first started dating Genma, after she had found out that Jiraiya had put Genma and herself in one of his perverted books.

Gaara frowned. "Missing?" he echoed.

"Yeah," said Shizune with a nod. "It all happened six months ago. It was a week before our wedding day, and everyone was so excited. Yugao was to be my bridesmaid, and Hayate-kun was Genma's best man. It was to be a pretty huge affair, and the wedding was to be held at the church. All the invitations had been given out, and all preparations done. But then…"


"He went missing," said Shizune, tears leaking out from her eyes. "Hayate-kun gave me a call four days before the wedding, asking me if I knew where Genma was, as both of them were supposed to go for a bachelors' night out with the other guys, and they're supposed to go and look at some flowers for the wedding decorations, but he never turned up. We went searching everywhere for him, and we couldn't find him. I know Genma; he won't just abandon me like this, and he would have at least told Hayate if he's planning on going somewhere. With him missing, the wedding was cancelled, and I had been searching for him ever since. Yugao and Hayate-kun have both been helping me, but there isn't so much as a clue. That's why…"

"That's why you came to us," said Shiki bluntly, and Shizune nodded. She sighed. "Do you know what had triggered his disappearance? Has he been acting odd for some time? Anything at all?"

"Not that I can recall," said Shizune, shaking her head. "And he hasn't been facing problems with his work at all. Asuma told me that he's a good police officer – always having a smile for everyone, and always helping with whatever that he can. Even his colleagues at the station have been trying to find him, and Kurenai had contacted every social service office in Japan to keep a lookout for Genma as well."

"Come on, Shizune-san, think!" said Gaara urgently. "There must be something! He wouldn't have just vanished like this!"

Shizune frowned before her eyes widened in realisation.

"Have you thought of something?" asked Shiki quickly, and Shizune nodded.

"It was on one of his cases with Asuma a few months ago," said Shizune with a frown. "After Orochimaru's death, all of that snake's businesses have been falling apart, and those that hadn't were taken over by some of those people in Roots Inc. Asuma and Genma have been following a lead on one of Orochimaru's activities – those that have to do with a children's orphanage-cum-hospice."

"Hospice?" blinked Gaara.

Shiki sighed. "Those children were donors," she answered. "It came up in the news a few years ago, I believe. Genma-san told me about it. Children without any family or who were abandoned by their parents were brought to that orphanage and were made donors. Their organs were then taken out of them and sold for a fair price on the black market."

Gaara's eyes widened. "That's horrible!"

Shizune nodded, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue. "I was the medic and the forensic specialist that examined one of the children's bodies that Genma and Asuma's teams have found. Apparently, the leader of that facility was a doctor that went by the name of Amachi."

Both Gaara and Shiki's eyes widened a slight fraction at that name.

"On the surface, he's a much renowned and respected doctor, having held several Masters' and Bachelors' degrees in medical science, research, organ transplantation and forensic science, but in actual fact, he's nothing more than a murderer! Genma had been following a lead in a town where several people have been going missing, and traced them back to Amachi. Genma told me two days before he had disappeared that Amachi is getting desperate."

"Sounds like he may be involved with Genma-san's disappearance," said Gaara thoughtfully, and Shiki nodded. "Where was Amachi last seen, Shizune-san?"

"I think it's in Narika," answered Shizune. "Asuma was saying something about that when we were having lunch. Apparently, he was last seen there."

Shiki nodded. "That's all the information that we need," she said. "If Genma-san is still alive, he's most likely there."

"'If he's still alive'?" echoed Shizune.

Shiki sighed. "Shizune-san, you don't think that if Amachi is indeed responsible for Genma-san's disappearance, he will just kidnap him, do you? Let's put it this way: if Genma-san is still alive, he's most probably one of Amachi's 'donors'."

Shizune went pale.

"Shiki…you have to save him!" she nearly pleaded.

Shiki was silent for a moment before she spoke. "Don't worry, we'll get him back," she said. "Amachi has to learn what happens to people who mess with our friends!"

Flashback Ends:

That had been nearly two days ago, and Shino had been hard at work locating Amachi's whereabouts since then. He had discovered his whereabouts about a day ago, and Shiki had instructed for her friends to take a day off before setting off on this mission, especially since she knew perfectly well that they might end up having to face off against Amachi and his goons.

Itachi nodded slowly, knowing full well the missions that a bounty hunter has to take, and the risks and dangers that had came with it. "I'll send you back to Hiraiko," he said, approaching his motorbike which was parked by the side of the road, tossing Shiki a helmet which she caught with no problem. "I do not have to return to headquarters for awhile. And I have some business to attend to in Hiraiko."

Shiki nodded before getting onto the bike behind Itachi, and with a loud roar, Itachi veered off.


Five Miles West of DocksHiraiko

Itachi brought his motorcycle to a stop about five miles west of the harbour of the small sleepy town of Hiraiko. It is pretty deserted in this part of Hiraiko, and the people of the town usually wouldn't pass through here.

"Thanks for the ride," said Shiki, getting off the bike, and handing the helmet back to Itachi.

Itachi nodded as he placed the helmet into the compartment on the back of his bike. For a moment, he wonders if Shiki even got a place that she can call her home. And now that he actually thinks about it, he seriously doesn't know anything about Shiki at all. Not where she lives, who her friends are, who her parents are.

Nothing at all.

"I'll come and see you again," said Itachi.

Shiki was silent for several moments. She remembered what Gaara had said to her months ago.

Both our paths oppose each other. Break it off with him before you fall into it even further and before both of you get hurt.

Shiki knew that fully well. But she simply can't bring herself to break it off with Itachi. Whenever she thinks about not seeing him ever again, or even seeing him with another girl, it hurts like no other.


"We'll see," said Shiki at last, meeting Itachi's curious eyes. "Ja ne." She gave him a slight wave and turned around to leave.

But before she could take more than two steps, she felt herself being yanked back and spun around. Shiki let out a gasp, and felt Itachi clamp his lips down onto hers, sliding his tongue into her mouth, kissing her passionately.

Shiki moaned into Itachi's mouth as she snaked her arms up his body and around his neck, pressing her body closer to him, and she could even feel all his muscles that he had attained with all that ANBU training that he had gone though, even through the fabric of the clothes separating them from each other. One hand fisted her fingers into his hair as Itachi murmured something against her lips.

Shiki soon felt Itachi's powerful hands snaking down her sides before he pulled her closer to his body, bringing their hips into close intimate contact, as he began planting frantic kisses down her neck. Cerulean blue eyes fluttered close as the pleasure of his touch and kisses soon rendered her helpless.

Before too long, Shiki soon felt Itachi's hands roaming up her body before snaking beneath her shirt, his palms pressing against the cool skin of her body, and sliding up it slowly before one hand rested against the fabric of her bra, sliding gently into it, his cool fingers pressing against her breast.

Shiki moaned into Itachi's shoulder as his kisses and touches were soon rendering her lightheaded. Itachi smirked to himself in satisfaction as he sucked on the tender skin of Shiki's throat as he slid one hand out of her shirt, and snaking it upwards her body before fingering the top button of her blouse, releasing the first button, showing a decent amount of cleavage.

Before he could unbutton the second button however, Shiki's hand stopped him.

"What's wrong?"

"Not right now." Shiki muttered into his shoulder, moaning a little as Itachi's hand within her bra cupped her breast, squeezing it gently. "Itachi…stop tempting me." She groaned. "As much as I'm enjoying this and would love to continue, you know that I can't. I have a job to finish."

Itachi sighed before stepping away from Shiki, his eyes roaming to her cleavage, and he almost sighed in disappointment as Shiki buttoned up her blouse, before making herself look presentable.

"Fine," he said with a sigh. "I do have to return to headquarters soon anyway. We have a meeting. But I'm not going to go easy on you after that."

Shiki smiled at him. "We'll see about that," she said before giving him a light wave, and turning to leave.

Itachi watched her leave before he veered his motorbike in action, and headed into the town of Hiraiko into another direction. He doesn't want Shiki to know what 'business' that he has in the town after all.

Soon, within moments, Itachi soon found himself in the heart of town, and stopped his motorbike outside a two-storey apartment where a young man wearing a business suit was waiting for him with a manila folder in his hand.

The man's face brightened up when he caught sight of Itachi. "Ah! Uchiha-san! You're here," he said as Itachi got off his motorbike and headed towards the man. "The movers have just finished furnishing your apartment. Here are the keys." He smiled as he dropped a bunch of keys into Itachi's outstretched palm. "It is ready for you to move in anytime."

Itachi sighed and nodded. "Thank you, Takowaki-san," he said as the man gave him a bow before leaving.

Itachi then sighed before heading towards the front door and unlocking it with the keys that he had, before entering the apartment. He had bought this place nearly four months ago, and had it fully furnished, with the walls being painted a light blue colour, with light purple carpets. Baby blue curtains with the patterns of silver crescent moons on it adorned the Victorian-style windows of the apartment.

Itachi smiled as he eyed the apartment. The pay of an ANBU is already pretty high, as they hold the most dangerous jobs in all of Japan. But as an ANBU captain of one of the ANBU's elite teams, Itachi got double the pay that a regular ANBU receive. Hence why he could easily afford this apartment which can easily burn a hole in any regular worker's pocket.

Itachi then smiled wistfully as he took a velvet black box out of his pocket and opened it only to see a pair of clasped-on silver bracelets, one engraved with his name, and the other engraved with Shiki's name.

He is going to ask Shiki to marry him.


ANBU HeadquartersLeaf City

"Nothing?" said Tsunade in an extremely dangerous voice, and all ANBU members present gulped. They knew that they were treading on very thin ice now.

"Not a thing," said Itachi bravely, and for the hundredth time, every single ANBU member marvelled at the fact that Itachi dared to stand up to the ANBU commander when she's pissed. "No names were mentioned during the exchange, and even we can't identify someone with just a face, you know? The two teens who aren't Ragnarok members with them…I'll bet half my life that they are gang members, and you know the number of gang members that we've got in Japan."

Nearly everyone in the ANBU groaned.

"Nearly half of Japan's teen population," mumbled Kisame, his face downwards on the table. He then looked up. "As it is, we're lucky that we got away with nothing but mere scrapes and bruises when Ragnarok had sent us over the cliff. But I think that they meant to as well."

Sasuke snorted. "They're Ragnarok members," he said. "They're no killers. Their targets are criminals, or people who had escaped the hands of justice itself. I don't think that they will kill any ANBU…unless we've done something to piss them off."

Shikamaru groaned out a 'how troublesome' under his breath and looked at all the ANBUs present, glancing at the contents of the file currently in front of every ANBU member. "Look, let's face the facts that we currently knew about Ragnarok," he said. "I've gotten the report about that mission from both Itachi and Sasuke. Apparently, our suspicions are proven right: the Ragnarok members present during that mission were nin-users, and we can also safely assume that nearly all Ragnarok members were nin-users as well."

"Very powerful ones, in fact," added Sasuke. "I thought that those nin-users that we have in Rendoku are pretty powerful ones, but Ragnarok simply out-classed us. Probably, the only nin-users in ANBU able to match up to their powers are Akatsuki."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow. "They're that powerful?" she asked in disbelief.

Rendoku and Akatsuki probably consisted of the most powerful ANBU agents that she have, and here Sasuke was saying that only Akatsuki could defeat them?

Sasuke sighed and nodded. "I hate to admit it, but yes, I honestly think that way," he said. "If Haruno—" His eyes flashed with anger, glaring at the pink-haired girl who 'meeped' and looked away from the captain of Rendoku, "—didn't see fit to insult Ragnarok, we wouldn't even be injured in the first place! Then again, they could have killed us and they didn't." Sasuke smirked, resting his chin on his hand. "Strange person, that Twila character. She's a criminal, yet at the same time, she isn't. She's a killer, yet at the same time, she had good reason to. I can't figure her or Ragnarok out."

Tsunade sighed. "Alright. Onto the next matter," she said. "As you know, with Orochimaru's death, many of his businesses in Japan have either fallen into Ne's hands, or fallen apart, or had been taken over by one of the leaders in his businesses. We have managed to nail most of those leaders, and had taken them into custody, but there are still several out there. We've gotten a tip-off recently that an organ factory belonging to Orochimaru had been located. Nothing but rumours has been confirmed, thus, we'll be investigating first before moving in."

Kiba frowned. "Who's the leader of that factory?"

"A doctor named Amachi," answered Konan.


Abandoned FacilityNarika

"Are those the new donors?" questioned Amachi without looking up from the clipboard that he's reading.

"Yes sir," said the nurse.

"Just put them in the room," said Amachi before walking out of the room to who-knows-where.

The moment that the door swung shut behind him, the 'nurse' smirked, snapping her fingers, and it was like her skin was melting before Nii Yugito stood there. The coverings covering the 'bodies' of the donors were thrown off before Gaara and Neji got down from the bed where they were lying on, before the rest of the Ragnarok's members climbed out from beneath the bed trolley.

Shiki nodded. "Good work, guys," she said. "Now, let's find Genma-san. Shino, can you use your friends?"

Shino nodded before several butterflies flew in from the opened window and flew all around the room that they were currently in, trying to identity Genma among the several hundred bodies in this room. Neji, meanwhile, had sat in front of the computer in a corner and slotted in an empty data disk that he had, before his hands flew over the keyboard, saving the data into the data disk before popping it out again.

He then turned towards Shiki with the data disk that he had in his hand. "The data's in here," he said. "This should be more than enough for the ANBU to nail Amachi, even if we'll be destroying the data and the computers later on. But why are you going to hand Amachi over to the ANBU?"

Shiki sighed. "I have my reasons," she said. "Shino? Found him?"

"Yeah," said Shino as a butterfly perched on his finger. "He's not in this room. He's in another one."

Shiki narrowed her eyes dangerously.

"Lead the way."

"He's not dead, is he?" questioned Kankuro fearfully as Haku and Hinata examined the sleeping Genma who was currently hooked up to all kinds of machines imaginable in the room that they were in.

"No, he's alive," said Haku with a sigh of relief. "I'll only know what organs were missing after a thorough examination once we get back. I don't have the proper medical equipment for it right now."

"Unfortunately…" said a voice, and all Ragnarok members turned sharply to see Amachi in a doctor's coat standing at the door, with roughly six men built like mountains with dark sunglasses in dark suits standing at the doorway. "None of you will be leaving here alive."

Shiki narrowed her eyes dangerously before turning towards the members of Ragnarok. "Temari, Kankuro, Hinata, Neji and Tenten…get out of here with Genma-san. We'll handle them."

Those mentioned nodded before Neji and Kankuro each placed one of Genma's arms around their shoulders, and all five disappeared. The remaining Ragnarok members – Shiki, Shino, Haku, Gaara and Yugito turned their attention back to Amachi and his guards.

"Kill them!" snarled Amachi. "But don't harm any of their organs. They looked to be fine able-bodied young teens. Their organs will fetch a good price on the black market."

Yugito narrowed her eyes as the six guards dashed towards them before she snapped her fingers once and black portals appeared out of nowhere, swallowing them up instantly before they reappeared again, with grievous injuries and cuts on their bodies.

"You're the last one left now," said Shiki, walking slowly towards a terrified Amachi. "This is payback for all that you've done to the people whom you took away from their homes and families, and what you've done to us."

"W-What?" stuttered Amachi. "I never did anything to you at all!"

"I don't think that you will remember us now," said Shiki. "It was so long ago now. But it's all over. I'm going to make you pay for what you did."

Amachi growled before taking out a hidden dagger and taking a swipe at Shiki who leapt out of the way, and threw the dagger towards Shino's direction. The dagger hit Shino head-on, but a short while later, 'Shino' dispersed in a cloud of gleaming butterflies and moths, startling Amachi as those butterflies and moths surrounded him.

Sand grabbed Amachi and threw him to the wall before a hail of well-placed ice senbon needles nailed him to the wall, instantly freezing his limbs into ice and rendering him paralyzed, knocking him out.

Shiki then turned towards Shino. "Shino. The disk?"

Shino took out the disk and handed it to Shiki who took it and placed it on the table in the room before turning towards her friends. "Have the computers been destroyed?"

Gaara nodded. "Tenten and Neji have both seen to that," he said. "All the data have been erased as well."

Shino twitched as a butterfly landed on his finger and turned towards Shiki. "We'd best get out of here," he said. "ANBU is on their way."

Shiki nodded before they disappeared just as the sound of sirens sounded outside the abandoned facility which was the organ factory.

Mission objective, achieved.

The next stop for Ragnarok is a private clinic located in one of the smaller towns in Japan, which is owned by one of Shiki's many contacts.

On the surface, it is a respectable clinic, and the doctor is an extremely skilled one, able to perform most operations and surgeries with ease that many veteran doctors struggled with. But within the underworld, the members of the underworld knew that the doctor of that clinic would tend to their injuries without asking any awkward questions – injuries which couldn't be seen at a hospital.

Shizune had been contacted whilst Ragnarok were getting the hell out of Narika with Genma, and the dark haired medic had immediately rushed to the clinic which doctor is also coincidentally a friend of hers from her high school days, where the doctor, Haku and Hinata were all examining the unconscious Genma.

"Well, he's missing a liver and half a kidney. But other than that, he seems to be alright," said Nishimura Rin calmly, the doctor of the clinic, turning towards Shizune as she scribbled into her clipboard. "You can survive without a liver and a kidney, so Genma should be alright for the time being. I have some contacts with doctors who can do legal organ transplantations. I'll pull some strings for Genma so that no awkward questions arouse. You might have to wait for some time though, Shizune."

Shizune nodded with tears brimming her eyes as she turned towards Genma who is lying unconscious on the hospital bed. "Thank you."

"Shizune-san, don't worry about the fee," said Shiki, and Shizune turned towards her. "This is payment enough."


Shiki's eyes glowed red for a brief moment before fading back to its normal cerulean blue, and a group of gleaming butterflies then covered Shizune's vision.

Neji caught Shizune before she fell out of her chair, and positioned her in a way so that Shizune is lying with her head by Genma's bedside.

Shiki sighed. "A little after-service," she said, before turning towards Rin. "Thanks for the help. Obviously, we couldn't bring him to the hospital, or even a certified clinic."

Rin nodded. "Don't worry about it," she said. "I'll get in contact with several of my doctor friends soon to see if I can do anything to help Genma."

Shiki nodded with a sigh. "Thank you," she said. "I've given the disk to Obito-san. Hopefully, he can manage to get Amachi locked away for eternity. Someone like that man shouldn't even be allowed to live."

Rin smiled. "Well, Obito is one of the best lawyers in the country. And with the evidences that Kakashi had managed to attain, Amachi has no hope to escape from the hands of the law like last time."

"Shiki." Shiki turned towards the speaker who had turned out to be Temari. "Back then, you said that Amachi did something to you. What do you mean by that?"

Shiki was silent for several moments, glaring at the floor.

'Cold…so cold…'

"Increase the dosage by seventy-five percent."

Lights flashing. Alarms were going off.

"Experiment number eighty-six had broken out!"

"…we've dreamt of creating the world's most powerful nin-user…and we've succeeded."


There was a loud explosion.

"Shiki?" Hinata voiced out in concern as Shiki had been silent for the past ten minutes without answering Temari's question.

Shiki closed her eyes before opening them again. "Sometimes, some truths…are better off left unknown." She sighed. "Come on, let's go. Our work here is done."

The members of Ragnarok nodded, before one by one, they walked towards the exit of the clinic, leaving Haku and Shiki behind.

"Haku? You coming?"

"Some truths…are better off left unknown, huh?" Haku mused, glancing at her clenched fist. "Is it really better off though?" She glanced at Shiki. "Memories… Can they even be brought back?"

Shiki stared at Haku for a long while before speaking. "This is what I believe, Haku," she said. "With a strong will, one can even overcome death."

Haku managed a small smile. "I don't know about that."


High CourtLeaf City

Uchiha Itachi walked out of the High Court where Amachi's trial had just ended, in deep thought. As the ANBU had been involved in Amachi's capture, Tsunade had sent Itachi as a representative to see how the trial had gone.

Even Itachi had been surprised at the ferocity of the prosecutor, Uchiha Obito.

That man had been like a third uncle of his twice removed, and had left for the capital soon after finishing college, hence the reason why neither Itachi or Sasuke had heard of him, and why he had managed to escape the massacre of the last war.

Obito had been extremely ferocious during that trial, and shot down every single one of the defence lawyer's feeble attempts to protect Amachi. He had also produced decisive evidence that had the instant effect to make the judge declare his sentence then and there.

And the evidence that Obito had produced isn't something that Itachi had seen before. It had already gone through the usual procedure of going through the law offices, and that means that Obito must already have that piece of evidence in his possession for quite some time.

'I don't know how, but he knew,' thought Itachi with a frown. 'He firmly believed in Amachi's guilt right from the start in a way that isn't just as his duty of a prosecutor. And how did he get his hands on that piece of evidence that had proven Amachi's guilt which none of us at the ANBU had seen before? Who gave it to him?'


Coffeehouse, High CourtLeaf City

"Thank you, Obito," said Shiki as she sat across him in the booth of the coffeehouse of the high court that they were in.

She had stayed hidden in a part of the bystanders' benches earlier as she watched the trial, not allowing Itachi to catch sight of her, or she will have to answer several difficult to answer questions. And even Shiki was surprised at Obito's unnatural ferocity earlier with the trial. And then again, it probably isn't too difficult to understand, as Genma had been one of his best friends ever since his middle high school days.

When Shiki had caught wind that Hatake Kakashi, Nishimura Rin and Uchiha Obito were all involved in this particular case, she knew that there is nothing more to worry about. The three had been one of the best students when they were all studying criminal affairs and law in college before pursuing their desired paths during their senior year. She would be surprised if Amachi wasn't convicted.

The judge wasn't impressed with Amachi's reason for his crimes, and had sentenced him to death by electrical chair, effective immediately. The one form of execution in Japan that is a sure death for Amachi.

"No problem," said Obito with a nod. "I should be thanking you instead for the evidence that you've supplied me and Kakashi with. Amachi wouldn't have been convicted without that piece of evidence otherwise. Rin is now working on finding a suitable donor for Genma. It shouldn't be long before he's on the mend, especially since Rin had countless contacts all over the world. And once Genma is alright, he and Shizune can get married at last."

"Regardless, still…thank you very much," said Shiki, bowing her head to him. "I know that there are other victims aside from us that Amachi had used. This is the reason why I wanted him handed over to the law to receive the punishment that he deserves from the members of the public. This isn't a matter for Ragnarok alone. We carry out the vengeance of a sole entity, not for many others. Therefore, I'll make sure that I know Amachi will get his deserved punishment with the only way that I knew how."

Obito nodded. "I wanted to see him dead as well, not to mention you," he said. "Regardless, it's over at last. He will be dead before dawn tomorrow." He sighed. "Really. Orochimaru is dead, but he left a whole lot of shit for us to clear up."

Shiki chuckled. "I'll come and visit you guys soon," she said. "It's best for me not to be here for long."

Obito nodded. "See you."



"Itachi… What did you bring me here for anyway?" asked an irritated Shiki as she let Itachi led her into this two storey apartment in the town of Hiraiko.

It was near sunset, and several of the members of Ragnarok have disappeared, having some fun in some random town like how they always did after every job. They were actually currently docked in Narika, especially since Haku had wanted to see Isaribi again. Shiki was about to follow when she had received a message from Itachi, asking to meet her in Hiraiko.

It had been nearly a week ever since they've busted the organ factory, and had seen to Amachi's death, and Shiki knew that Itachi is bound to be busy, as it had Ragnarok written all over that case. It made Shiki sad to think about it – that there is no way that she can let Itachi know about her connection with Ragnarok.

In the end, Ragnarok and ANBU are enemies.

"What do you think of this apartment?" asked Itachi, turning towards Shiki.

Shiki raised an eyebrow. "What I think of it?" she echoed. "Does it really matter what I think of it, Itachi? Whose place is this?"

Itachi smirked at her. "Mine," he answered, and Shiki turned towards him with surprise etched on her features. "I bought this place awhile back. It was in this town where we had first met after all." He paused. "Shiki, I had never been good with words, but I want you to listen to me for a few moments. You know that the ANBU are currently in the middle of a fight of some sort with Ragnarok. Once it all ends, I want you to marry me."

Shiki was taken aback by this.

Of all the things that could have happened when Itachi had asked to meet her, she definitely wasn't expecting this!

Marry him?

Sure, she truly does love Itachi, especially since he is the first person who had truly understood her. Not even Neji, Gaara and Shino came close. But she is Ragnarok's captain, not that Itachi knew it, and he is the captain of ANBU's best team.

There is no way for them to be together unless Shiki leaves Ragnarok which she is never going to do, not in a million years.

"Isn't this a little too sudden?" Shiki asked at last, meeting Itachi's eyes. "Itachi, I know how we both feel about each other, but marriage? Isn't that a little too soon? Besides, I…can't…"

"Why?" Itachi wanted to know. "It's not like we have to get married right away. I just wanted you to wait for me."

"Whether it is right away or not, I still can't."

"Why not? Is there someone else?"


"Then why?" Itachi almost demanded, moving closer to Shiki, and the redhead backed away slowly. "At least tell me the reason why! Tell me, Shiki… Let me understand! Tell me the reason. The reason behind it!"

"Itachi, don't force me to, please." Shiki nearly pleaded, backing away slowly until she felt her back hit a wall. Itachi continued moving closer to her until she could almost feel his breath on her face, as the Uchiha placed one hand by her head, trapping her. "I have my own reasons. I just…can't tell you right now. If I let you know my reasons now…it will change everything that you had ever worked for. It will also shatter your views of the world."

Itachi was confused. What did she mean by that?

"I'll understand if you can't at least let me know now," he murmured. "But at least promise me…that you won't ever run away from me again like last time." Shiki knew that he is referring to the time at the island. "And promise me that when the time comes, you will let me know everything. I know that you aren't telling me everything about yourself, and I respect that. But at least…"

"I know." Shiki whispered, watching Itachi leaned forwards slightly until their lips are barely an inch away from each other. "But if even possible, I really don't want you to know."

Itachi closed the distance between both their lips before wrapping his arms around her tightly, kissing her passionately, before his kisses became more demanding and forceful, pushing Shiki back up against the wall as he clamped his lips down onto hers, and practically devoured her.

Shiki's eyes slid shut before beginning to return Itachi's gestures, her arms sliding up his body and around his neck, pushing herself up slightly to make up for their differences in height. Itachi's tongue lapped at her lower lip, demanding entrance which Shiki obliged, before his tongue soon began exploring her mouth.

Sure, they have kissed before, but nothing like this.

Despite Shiki knowing that they shouldn't even be doing this in the first place, she just can't bring herself to stop it. Itachi will be the only person that she'll be with. Despite knowing that a forbidden relationship like theirs should never even have begun in the first place, she simply doesn't want to stop it.

Shiki is tired.

Is love really that wrong?

Shiki let out a low moan as Itachi's kisses became much more forceful and demanding, as both their tongues were entangled into a dance, and Itachi's hold on her became much more forceful. He soon drew back and began planting frantic kisses down her throat, sucking on the tender skin. Shiki leant her head on Itachi's shoulder as she tilted her head in a manner that allow Itachi more manoeuvrability to her throat, enjoying his touches.

Itachi's hands soon began wandering up her body and beneath her jacket and shirt where he began to fondle her breasts through the fabric of her bra, never letting up his kisses on Shiki's neck as he began to nip on the tender skin of the hollow of her neck.

The Uchiha soon began to get a little bolder as he slipped one hand beneath the fabric of her bra where he began caressing her left breast, with his thumb going in small circles around her nipple. The low moan and gasp from Shiki made Itachi smirk, and the redhead fisted the fingers of both hands into his hair, undoing his hair-tie as she did so.


Shiki soon began to feel severely light-headed, as if there is a kind of strange magic behind Itachi's touches, and she almost melted into him. She probably wouldn't even be able to remain standing if Itachi hadn't been there to hold her.

Itachi murmured something against her throat before pressing his nose into her hair, smelling the smell of the floral shampoo that she uses to wash her hair. He slid his hand out of her bra and down her body, stopping at her hips.

"You want more?" Itachi murmured against her throat, and he felt Shiki gave a small nod of her head.


Itachi smirked against the tender skin of Shiki's throat before his powerful hands began going to the buckle of the belt around Shiki's pants, and began fumbling with it, releasing the buckle of the belt. He was about to move to her pants before he paused and began fumbling with his own pants before letting it drop down to the floor, followed by his boxers. Itachi then moved towards the buckle of Shiki's pants and began fumbling with it, as he brought Shiki's body closer to him, finally undoing the buckle and zipper, and letting it drop down to the floor.


Itachi smirked as he heard Shiki's breathless moan, yet at the same time, she is also driving him crazy.

He knew what she wanted.

{Lemon scene starts here. Don't read if you don't want to! I will not be held responsible for any scarring left behind!}

Itachi swept Shiki off her feet and carried her up the stairs to where the bedrooms are, where he laid her down onto the king-sized bed lined with velvet black sheets. He kissed her tenderly on the lips before pulling his shirt over his head, and began pulling the zipper of Shiki's jacket down, and pulling the jacket off of her body.

She was wearing a white blouse with folded-up sleeves which ended at her elbows beneath that jacket, and Itachi could faintly see the outline of the bra that she wore beneath it which had the instant effect to arouse him. Itachi's hands moved towards the buttons of her blouse before he paused and moved down her body, and began caressing and fondling her breasts through the fabric of her blouse which Shiki moaned at, slowly getting turned on by Itachi's touches.


Itachi smirked. "Yeah?"

"You…are evil. Hurry up!"

Itachi chuckled. "Patience, darling," he crooned, before he reached down and began slipping Shiki's white cotton panties off. He then leaned over Shiki's body, pressing a knee in between her legs, causing her to moan.

He had teased and tortured her enough.

Slowly, Itachi reached up and began unbuttoning the buttons of her blouse, almost tearing it off her body, and revealing the white lace bra that she wore underneath. Itachi then leaned forwards and kissed Shiki tenderly on the lips, tangling their tongues together in a dance as both his hands travelled up to Shiki's shoulders and slowly brought both the shoulder bra straps down. He then moved his right hand beneath her body and unclasped her bra, throwing it over the bed.

Itachi then moved his lips down to her throat and began sucking onto the tender skin, pinning both of Shiki's wrists down onto the bed by her head, moving slowly down her body, and onto her breasts. Itachi released his hold on Shiki's wrists before sticking his tongue out and licking her left breast from the bottom to her nipple, before beginning to suck on it, nipping on it gently with his teeth as he kneaded her other breast roughly with one of his hands.

The low moan that Itachi heard pleased him.

He soon started moving slowly down her body which was slowly heating up in the heat of passion, licking her abdomen on the way down until he got down to her inner thighs, kissing and caressing them as he did so.


The mentioned guy almost groaned to himself as his girlfriend's breathless moans were driving him almost crazy which is already strange in a way. Especially since Uchihas do not show emotion, and they do not lose control. Yet here he is, doing both of those things right now.

Itachi moved up her slightly heated body slowly, reaching her lips, smashing both their lips together, fondling her entrance with his fingers, before inserting his index finger into it, moving within her. A light gasp made him smirk, and he then inserted another finger slowly, causing her to wiggle beneath him restlessly.

Shiki moaned into his mouth as she wrapped her arms around Itachi's neck, bringing him closer to her, as Itachi's tongue tangled together with hers, exploring her mouth thoroughly, as he wiggled his fingers about in her.

As he pulled his fingers out, Itachi smirked as he felt the cool liquid coming from her.

She was ready.

And Itachi doesn't want to draw this out any longer. Any longer, and he might lose control and hurt Shiki unintentionally. And besides, he needed to be inside her as soon as he can. His erection is already hardening by the minute.

Itachi started caressing her breasts and nipples, and Shiki leaned into his touch, her eyes closed, her face flushed with the heat of passion.

He then placed his hard cock at her entrance and started to push into her slowly. The low moan from Shiki aroused him even more, and Itachi fought to stay in control as he pushed in halfway. Finally, he hit her barrier that meant he was her first, and about to take her innocence, and stopped moving, chewing on his bottom lip.

Should he really go on ahead with it?

He's an ANBU after all. And ANBUs rarely retire from service. Most of them died in the line of service, which also explains why the ANBU are always lacking in manpower, and why Tsunade had always worked Itachi and his team to the bone.

If he dies, Shiki deserve someone who will cherish her and treasure her. Should he really be so selfish as to take away her innocence which should be reserved for that 'someone else' if he should die? And yet, thinking about it really makes his heart ache – that his lover would be with someone else other than him.

Already feeling a little breathless and lightheaded, Itachi looked down at Shiki only to see that his lover had her eyes shut, with her face flushed, and her mouth was opened slightly. Damn. She looked so delicious like that, and Itachi had to resist the urge to simply take her then and there.

"Shiki." Itachi breathed, caressing her face with one hand, still with his cock slightly into her entrance. Shiki's eyes slid opened blearily, and Itachi could see that her eyes were glazed over, and she was breathing heavily as well. Itachi panted slightly; he couldn't take much more of this any longer. "Are you sure that you want to go through with this? Are you ready?"

"Yes," she moaned, giving a slight nod with her head, her face flushed, and feeling a little lightheaded from their current activities. "Do it."

"This will hurt for a little bit." Itachi murmured before he leaned down and kissed her senseless at the same time when he thrust into her completely and ripping through her barrier.

Her scream of pain was slightly muffled with Itachi's lips covering hers, and Itachi groaned into Shiki's mouth with pleasure as he released himself into her tight heat. Shiki tightened her hold around Itachi's neck, her nails digging into his back as she tried to deal with the pain.

Itachi quickened and hardened his kisses as he felt Shiki wiggling about beneath him, pushing deeper into her, thrusting and grinding as he did so. He soon felt Shiki loosening her grip on his back with her nails which meant that the pain that she was feeling must be dulling by now. She moaned into his mouth as he filled her completely.

Itachi broke the kiss for some air, and Shiki opened her eyes blearily to look at him.

"Itachi. Move."

Itachi smirked before he swooped down on her again, and captured her lips in a passionate kiss as he pulled out of her. But before she could protest, he thrust back into her, thrusting and grinding as he did so, causing her to moan in pure pleasure. Itachi started out with a slow pace as he thrust in and out of her, slowly grinding into her, listening to her screams of pleasure.

'Kami… This feels so good…' Unknowingly, Shiki had started to move with Itachi's pace, feeling him thrust in and out of her, and still wanting more. 'I shouldn't be doing this with him, I know, but I want more.'

"More, Itachi. Please. Give me more." Shiki moaned into his mouth, and Itachi smirked against her lips.

He then quickened his pace and did her harder, and Shiki then started to moan in pure pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his waist, allowing Itachi to be able to dive deeper into her. Itachi moved his kisses down onto her neck as he began nibbling onto the soft tender skin there, leaving a red mark.

'Screw control. I want this.'

Itachi then abandoned all thoughts of self-control and began grinding into her, grunting in pleasure when he saw Shiki arching her back as she dug her nails deeper into his back. He then started thrusting in and out of her in a steady rhythm, suddenly diving into a spot that made Shiki suddenly feel extremely lightheaded and breathless both in one, almost reaching her climax.


Itachi grunted as he thrust into her in that same exact spot once more, causing her to scream in pleasure, his movements quickening, and becoming more erratic. He soon felt her inner walls tightening around him, causing him to go harder and faster as a result, and making Shiki scream in ecstasy.

"Itachi…" she moaned loudly, feeling the pressure building up within her. "Almost…there… More…!"

Itachi grunted as he understood what Shiki was trying to tell him as he quickened his pace, thrusting in and out of her, with both of them almost reaching their climax. But he wanted more at the same time as he thrust in even deeper, causing the pressure within both their bodies to build up even more.



They both screamed out as they climaxed at the same time, as he spilled his semen into her at the same moment when her inner walls clammed down on him.

{Lemon scene ends}

"Wow." Shiki murmured, dropping back onto the bed, feeling decidedly worn-out.

"Amen to that." Itachi grunted, sliding out of her and rolling off Shiki at the same time, pulling her body close to him.

It was already nightfall when Itachi glanced out of the window, and the moon was high in the sky. Shiki took one look out of the window, and almost groaned to herself when she saw that it was already night outside. And she didn't even have to look at the clock to know that it's fairly late. She is probably going to be bombarded by the interrogation squad (Neji, Shino and Gaara) come tomorrow morning.

Besides, Shiki seriously doubt that she would have enough energy left in her to continue the trek back to Narika, seeing as how Itachi had really worn her out. The redhead then slumped up next to Itachi, wrapping her arms around his torso, resting her head on his chest as she listened to his steady heartbeat which seemed a little too excited, and was calming down some.

"You should stay the night today." Itachi said lazily a few moments later. "I don't think that you have the energy left to walk back to wherever you are staying in right now anyway."

Shiki laughed to herself tiredly. "And whose fault is that?" she said, exhausted. "I'm going to have a lot of explaining to do come tomorrow though."

Itachi chuckled. "Time to sleep, I guess," he murmured, and Shiki nodded sleepily, already halfway to la-la-land.

Itachi chuckled at that before reaching for his shirt which had somehow ended on the bedside table, and started searching through it for the black velvet box which he found with little difficulty. Removing the silver bracelet with Shiki's name on it, he slid it onto the redhead's left wrist where it fitted like a glove.

Finally, Itachi closed his eyes, especially since that day's events had been particularly draining on him as well, and he soon fell asleep.

It was several hours later when Shiki woke up to the sound of the muffled ringing of her cellphone somewhere in the room. Itachi was snoring gently with his arms wrapped protectively around her, and Shiki carefully got out of his embrace without waking him up before tracking the muffled ringing down to where her blouse was discarded on the floor…along with several other pieces of clothing.

Shiki began rummaging through her blouse before finding her phone and answered it, sitting on the edge of the bed with a part of the blanket covering her body.

"Hello?" she spoke into the phone, her voice sounding a tad bit hoarse.

"Shiki? Where are you?" Gaara's voice sounded through the phone, sounding both concerned and worried.

"Gaara? Sorry, I probably should have called back," said Shiki, glancing over at Itachi before tearing her eyes away from him. "Don't worry, I'm alright. I'll be back by morning."

There was silence for a long while before Gaara sighed heavily on the other end of the line. "I don't even want to know what you're up to with that guy," he muttered, and Shiki blushed. "Seriously, Shiki! I would have expected something like this from Kankuro, but from you?"

Shiki chuckled lightly. "Sorry," she apologised. "Do the others know?"

Gaara sighed. "Apart from me, only Shino and Neji," he said. "Do you seriously think that the others would have let that ANBU guy live if they had figured out his relationship with you? Yugito especially." He then turned serious. "I've already told you countless times, and so did Neji. I don't think that it's advisable for you to continue seeing him, but it's your choice. I can't force you to end it. It's just that I don't think that it is a wise decision on your part. We are Ragnarok. And he is ANBU. We are enemies."

Shiki sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "I know," she said. "You don't have to tell me that." She then sighed. "I'll be back by morning, I promise. Help me come up with any excuse to convince the others, especially Yugito and Haku."

Gaara sighed. "The things that I do for you…" he grumbled, making Shiki chuckle. "Fine. I'll see what I can do. Hurry back tomorrow. We're heading to Katokori tomorrow to lay low for awhile, especially with our previous job."

Shiki nodded, despite knowing that Gaara can't see it. "Thank you." Click.

Shiki then sighed as she closed her phone, turning to look at Itachi's sleeping form. She then blinked as she noticed the new addition of a bracelet onto her wrist, and smiled to herself, bringing it up to her eye-level. She then sighed, letting her hand fall onto the bed.

"I see two sides of you," she murmured. "The ANBU captain that you are. And the Uchiha Itachi that I knew. From the start, I know that our relationship is going to be like this. If truth be told, if I had a choice, I would rather that I had never met you. Then I wouldn't be worrying about whether the others will kill you or not once they found out. Our relationship…is almost like a double-edged sword for you. If you knew the truth about me, then your views of everything – the world, me, even the nin-users…will be shattered."

Shiki then sighed and got up, unwrapping the blanket around her before stumbling around in the darkness, trying to find her clothes before putting them on. As she headed out of the room, Uchiha Itachi opened his eyes, frowning slightly, as several moments later, he heard the front door open and close.

What did Shiki mean by that?

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