Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

Sacrificial Love

Warnings: Violence. Blood. Gory scenes. Murder scenes. Lemon scenes.

Disclaimer: Part of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Twenty Three: Sacrificial Love

The slow and steady ticking of the clock hanging on the wall was the only sound that could be heard in the silence of the waiting room as all of Ragnarok sans for Hinata waited soundlessly in the waiting room of the clinic of one Nishimura Rin, worry visible on all their faces.

Hinata who is currently the only one still able to use her healing powers was assisting Rin with the surgery as the doctor is trying to save Sasame's life. At this point with Sasame so close to death, not using their healing powers isn't exactly an option here right now. Shiki wasn't able to contact Arashi yet, something which she isn't surprised to find, as Arashi is an informant after all, and he is probably currently on a job.

"It's all my fault," said Haku suddenly, and everyone turned towards her. The ice user is looking extremely distressed, and her aura of gloom was so strong that everyone could almost feel her depression. "If only I was able to use my healing powers, then Sasame wouldn't have—"

"It wasn't your fault, Haku," said Shiki, interrupting Haku, and everyone turned towards her. The redhead then sighed. "It was my oversight. I didn't think that you guys would need a healer, as this is just a pure undercover mission. That's why I didn't send Hinata with you, as I didn't think that you guys would need a healer. I sent you along instead as your powers allow you to both attack and defend – something that is essential in this mission. It was my oversight."

Yugito sighed. "It wasn't your fault, Shiki," she said, and the others nodded. "No one knew that the ANBU will do such a thing. It is true that at that time, they see Sasame as a Ne agent, but still, technically, she is still a civilian. They shouldn't have opened fire in the first place."

"Well, the fat's really in the fire now," said Neji with a sigh. "The ANBU knew who we are now. Or at least, they knew who half of us are now. And without a doubt, they are bound to ask at all the hospitals and clinics in Japan about a girl who is brought in with a gunshot wound. As long as Sasame doesn't go to another clinic or a hospital even for treatment, she'll be safe. Rin-san can hide her for us."

"But still, the ANBU is pissing me off more and more with each passing day, and the actions that they're undertaking these days," said Shiki with a growl, crossing her arms over her chest, her eyes flashing dangerously. "We've all been in the underworld business for long enough, and I've learned plenty of lessons along the way as well. Life is not measured by the number of breaths that we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Two things are also infinite for people in our line: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

Everyone was silent for a long time before Shino broke the silence. "People are idiots," he stated. "We all knew that, with everything that we've seen and been through for the past five years. The requests made by our clients. Some of those that we've ignored can be pretty ridiculous requests. But one thing is a fact – hatred and darkness will always exist in this world." He then sighed, leaning his head against the wall behind him. "Human lives are so fragile. It can be gone in an instant." He snapped his fingers. "Just like that. Just like a piece of glass. It can just shatter in an instant."

Temari sighed. "You only live once," she said sombrely, tightening her arms around herself, almost like trying to reassure herself in a way, "but if you do it right, once is enough." She sighed. "Just like Kankuro."

Silence fell just then, only to be broken a few moments later when the doors of the surgery room swung opened, and Rin exited out from the surgery room, wearing surgical garbs, removing the mask from around her face. There were even bloodstains on her surgical garbs and the gloves on her hands. There was also a weary look on her face.

"Rin-san! How is it?" asked Shiki, straightening up immediately and approaching Rin.

"It's no good," said Rin, shaking her head. "I don't have the tools and the required surgery skills for an operation of this scale. The bullet hit Sasame quite near the heart, and it had already taken me everything that I could in order to stop the bleeding, and to stop her blood veins from haemorrhaging any further to prevent extensive damage to her heart muscles and arteries. I am quite an accomplished doctor, Shiki. But I'm no heart surgeon. You have to get a heart surgeon's help if you want to save Sasame's life. You're going to have to take her to the hospital."

Silence fell almost immediately as everyone turned towards Shiki to gauge her expression. The redhead was gritting her teeth tightly, a look of worry and fury in her eyes as she did so. Everyone knew the risks involved should they take Sasame to the hospital; not for Ragnarok, but rather for Sasame herself. She face danger from both Ne and the ANBU should they take her to a hospital, but at this point of time, they don't really have a choice.

"Damn it!" Shiki cursed to herself. "We don't have a choice."

"I'll arrange for an ambulance to come," said Rin.

"We'll stay with Sasame," said Yugito, stepping forwards. "Shino and I will stay with her. We're the only two whom the ANBU haven't seen yet. We'll let you know if anything changes in her condition, Shiki."


Wind CityJapan

It was raining.

Almost like the heavens were weeping, Namikaze Shiki trudged through the weather beaten streets where the raindrops were pelting down hard on her, but Shiki didn't care. Rin had called for an ambulance from the hospital in Wind City – one of the major cities in central Japan, and which size and population is large enough to vie with Leaf City.

And it is in that very city where one can find Shiki right now.

All of Ragnarok sans for Shino and Yugito were currently in the boathouse docked at the ports of Wind City, with the after-mentioned two currently in the hospital, awaiting news of Sasame's condition as the two were the only ones whom the ANBU haven't seen nor exchanged blows with sometime in the past, unlike the rest of them.

"Hey. You."

Shiki turned at the sound of that voice only to see a man who seemed to be in his late thirties with a guitar case strapped on his back bound with waterproof material, with the man himself dressed in rather worn clothes. The redhead frowned slightly as she could swore that she had seen the man somewhere before. Shiki always had a good memory for names and faces, and she can usually remember someone even if she had only met them once.

Her memory clicked in just then, and Shiki snapped her fingers. "Didn't I meet you at Hiraiko nearly a year ago?" she asked, bewildered.

The man smiled and nodded. "I was afraid that you wouldn't remember me, since we never did spoke before," he said. "I remember you, since your boyfriend actually loaned my guitar just to play a song for you. It is also thanks to him that I got the most ryou that day, despite it not being me who had played that song. How is he by the way?"

Shiki's face fell slightly at that. "Well…"

The man studied Shiki for several moments before he sighed. "Well, I won't ask what had happened since you young people always have problems with your relationships," he said. "I can only say this. I don't know who you are, and I don't know who he is, since I did only met you both once. But I'm not blind to love. That boy really loves you a lot. I can see that. Despite how I look, I have fallen in love before, and I know what I'm talking about. If you've found love, grab hold of it and don't let go. You probably won't get another chance like that again. Don't make the same mistake that I did."

"You don't understand our situation." Shiki muttered, turning her face away. "Leave me be."

The man was silent for several moments as he studied Shiki. He then sighed. "It is true that I don't understand your situation. But at least, I want you to listen to me for a few moments," he said, and Shiki turned towards him. "I was young once, and I was in love once as well. Love is a funny thing. It can come at any moment, and can even blossom in the strangest of places. You might even know this guy for less than a day, but you'll still find yourself falling for him. But there is one thing about love and romance that I know that I'm not wrong about. People will forget about what you've said, people will forget about what you did, but people will never forget how you've made them feel. I believe that love is like that."


Two Days LaterHospital, Wind City

It was near sundown, and the hallways of the hospital of Wind City were extremely silent. Save for the few ANBU agents patrolling the outside of the hospital building, and the nurses and doctors conducting their rounds within the hospital, there isn't anyone around at all.

When Fuuma Sasame was first brought into the hospital of Wind City with serious injuries two days ago, as given by the report from the resident doctor of Hope Clinic, Nishimura Rin, the director of the hospital also had little choice but to report the fact that a girl with a gunshot wound was just brought into his hospital. Especially since all clinics and hospitals in Japan were given a message by the ANBU, stating that if a girl with a gunshot wound was brought into their premises, they are to inform the ANBU immediately.

However, the director had lost patience when some arrogant ANBU who was sent to ascertain the patient's identity demanded for two ANBU agents to be posted outside her door whilst not allowing anyone to visit the patient, despite the fact that the patient's elder brother who was nearly tearing his hair out with worry for his sister was barely standing ten feet away from him.

The director had then kicked the ANBU agent out, and had later told the captain of the ANBU team sent by the ANBU commander later on sternly that he don't care if they are here on business, and he doesn't even care if the girl is a criminal wanted by the ANBU or just some unfortunate soul that had some information that the ANBU wants. Fuuma Sasame is still a patient in his hospital, and he had his duty as a doctor to perform to ensure that she will recover, and he will damn well do so even if he has to kick all ANBU agents out of his hospital. He'll allow them to patrol the vicinity of his hospital, but he had basically banned them from entering his hospital unless there is an emergency like a wanted criminal entering his hospital.

The emergency surgery performed on Fuuma Sasame two days ago was an extremely close one, as they have almost lost her several times, and three times, her heart had actually stopped beating. The surgeon that had performed the surgery on her had later stated that if it wasn't due to the fact that the doctor of Hope Clinic had sutured the wound as well as close up the damaged veins and heart arteries, repairing as much of the damage as she possibly could, the patient would probably have died halfway to the hospital, with the amount of blood that she had lost.

And thus, in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, two figures could be seen walking down the hallways until they came to a stop outside room 306 – the only occupied ward room in the ICU unit. A name plate was also visible on the wall outside the ward, with the name 'Fuuma Sasame' written on it.

Namikaze Shiki then pushed the door of the ward room opened silently before stepping in, before being followed by Hyuuga Neji. Fuuma Arashi was seated in a chair beside his sister's bed, the latter who was currently in the hospital bed, with bandages wrapped around her torso and neck, with the bandages just peeking through her hospital gown. An oxygen mask was also visible on her face, helping her to breathe, and several tubes were running in and out of her body – hooking her up to a machine next to her.

It wasn't easy for Shiki to contact Arashi, and when he had heard of what had happened to Sasame, he had practically dashed over to Wind City immediately, almost tearing the front doors of the hospital off of its hinges as he demanded for his sister's ward room number from the frightened receptionist.

Arashi jerked his head up from where he had nearly dozed off in his chair, and he then stood up, surprise on his face upon seeing Shiki and Neji. "Shiki? Neji?"

"Arashi." Shiki nodded to Arashi. "How is she?"

"Still the same as she is two days ago," said Arashi with a sigh, gesturing towards his sister's prone form on the hospital bed. "But more importantly, you guys shouldn't be here. There are ANBU agents patrolling outside the hospital, and they are looking for you guys after all."

"We know," said Neji, exchanging looks with Shiki before turning back towards Arashi. "We wouldn't be long. We've heard from Yugito and Shino about the surgery, and that Sasame is alright, though she isn't out of danger yet. It's just that we have to see that she is alright with our own eyes. I mean…" Neji bit on his lower lip and turned his face away in shame. "It is partly our fault that Sasame is in this state after all."

"It…wasn't your fault." A raspy voice reached their ears just then, and all three turned only to see Sasame staring at them with half glazed over eyes. "I…was…just too careless."

"Sasame, don't speak!" Neji rushed over to her bedside almost immediately. "You're not out of danger yet. Save your strength."

"Sasame's right," said Arashi with a sigh. "It wasn't your fault. Both Sasame and I knew the dangers involved, as well as what we're getting ourselves into when we've both became informants. If there is anyone to blame for Sasame's current state, it is the ANBU themselves." He growled low in his throat. "That's why I hate the ANBU!"

"Sasame…" Neji whispered.

"It wasn't your fault." Sasame rasped weakly as she stared up at Neji, lifting a heavily bandaged hand to her face, and pulling the oxygen mask partially down. "I…just got careless."

Arashi and Shiki then exchanged looks before heading towards the door together. "We'll be at the cafeteria of the hospital," said Shiki, turning to look at Neji over her shoulder. "We'll give you some time together."

Neji nodded before the door swung shut behind Arashi and Shiki, and the silhouettes that could vaguely be seen through the misted glass panel in the hospital room door then disappeared from sight. Neji turned back towards Sasame, dragging a chair over so that he could sit by Sasame's bedside.


"Don't talk." Neji ordered, sitting down onto the chair. "I'm glad to see that you're alright…or at least, as alright as you could be." He added, glancing at Sasame. "You literally gave us all heart attacks when that ANBU guy shot you. I only hope that I did punch him hard enough for him to dislocate his jaw." Neji added venomously.

Sasame laughed weakly, before coughing harshly after that. "You and Shiki shouldn't be here right now," she rasped weakly. "It's too risky for you to visit me now. The ANBU are looking for you guys, isn't it? And I've heard from Arashi-nii-san that ANBU agents are practically crawling all over the hospital."

"So I've heard. Shiki and I saw quite a few of them when we were coming here as well," said Neji. "But we aren't Ragnarok members for nothing. We have a knack for entering into places that we aren't supposed to be. Shiki and I, that is."

Sasame was silent for a long time before she spoke again. "We're the same," she said. "We're the same, aren't we?"


"Falling for someone whom we can't ever be with, a fact that we know extremely well." Sasame muttered, coughing every now and then. "We're the same." She then turned her head to look at Neji. "I know about Shiki and that Akatsuki captain. She never said anything much, but I know there's something going on between them both. And I…" She smiled weakly. "This is for the best. For everyone. I don't want you guys…you and Shiki especially to see me go."


Sasame laughed weakly. "I'm a spy and informant after all," she said. "I know that I will die in the line of duty someday. This is the fate of a spy, and something which I knew right from the start when I choose to go into this line. I knew what I'm getting myself into right from the very beginning. That's why…don't blame yourself for this. This is my decision."

"Sasame… I…" Neji tried to struggle to form some words, but the sentences couldn't come. Neji had always found it easy to form words or sentences, but right now, at a time when he needed to actually reassure Sasame that she wouldn't die, those words simply refused to come.

"Do you know something, Neji?" Sasame questioned, and Neji turned towards her. Sasame then smiled weakly at Neji. She just seems so fragile, lying on that hospital bed with all those tubes running in and out of her body. "I didn't become Shiki's informant all those years ago because Gin-san recommended us to her, despite Arashi-nii-san agreeing to it first. I became her informant because of you." Neji's eyes widened slightly. "I wanted to protect you. This is the only way that I know how." Sasame coughed harshly. "Really, love is really the strangest thing on Earth. I know that you loved Shiki, but I couldn't help it. Then I decided that as long as I can help you and to protect you with any way possible, even the smallest way, then it is enough for me."


Neji then reached for Sasame's hand, but before he can even touch her, the door of Sasame's ward room flew opened just then, and Neji turned sharply only to see a full ANBU squad standing at the doorway, all with guns pointing at him, each wearing a bullet proof vest.


Neji narrowed his eyes as he stood up, partially shielding Sasame from view, his eyes narrowing with scornful dislike and loathing for the ANBU agents currently standing in front of him, recognising each of them instantly.

"Akatsuki…" Neji hissed, sounding rather like a snake of some sort.

This is not good.

Not good at all.

"Chouji!" Ino screamed at the sight of a rather furious looking Namikaze Shiki having Chouji in a hostage hold, one hand at his neck, ready to break it within a moment's notice. "You coward! Let her go!"

"You should use that word to describe yourselves." Shiki hissed with fury. "Think and reflect back on everything that you've done, and then come and tell me if you're the cowards, or if we are." She then turned her head slightly towards a wary looking Arashi. "Arashi, go to Sasame. If these guys are here, then without a doubt, they'll be going for Neji as well. And I seriously doubt that they will care if they hurt or kill Sasame as they do so."

Arashi nodded before taking off down the hallways of the hospital.

"The ANBU aren't such cowards as to hurt or to even kill a civilian!" Chouji protested weakly, his hands grasping onto Shiki's arm, but to no avail.

Shiki almost snorted, still keeping one eye on Ino. "You could have fooled me," she said with a sneer. "Might I remind you that the only reason why Sasame is in the state that she is right now is because that idiotic teammate of yours opened fire at her in the first place? She almost died, do you know that? If it wasn't because of a doctor friend of ours, she would have!"

"Let Chouji go!" Ino demanded, the gun in her hands shaking slightly as she pointed it at Shiki, a fact that Shiki seemed to have noticed almost immediately.

"I've had it with you ANBU bastards." Shiki hissed, her eyes flashing murder, and Ino gulped, taking one step backwards, something that Chouji wished that he could do right now. "Again and again, you kept committing atrocities against my people again and again. I can forgive it if it is just me alone, but if you touch my people, you'll pay for it! And the nin-users of this country as well… You ANBU bastards preach about liberty and decency and glory and honour and all that crap, yet you have no qualms about leaving the nin-users to die. I've seen that hundreds of times, so don't you dare tell me that you didn't! You fucking bastards, you left them to die, and I've seen how they have suffered! We couldn't save every single one of them, and those that we have failed to save, they died cursing the world and the people who have given them nothing but pain. Can you tell me that you can live with that sinful blood on your hands?"

"I…" Ino stammered, the gun in her hands shaking slightly as she pointed it at Shiki.

The redhead smirked slightly, the ends of her lips pulling slightly as she did so. "You hadn't killed anyone before, have you, little girl?" Shiki nearly sneered. "You called yourself an ANBU, but you truly have no idea what the real world is like."

The echoing sound of a gunshot rang out from somewhere in the hospital just then, and the two ANBU agents with one Ragnarok captain turned their heads sharply towards that initial direction. Shiki then frowned slightly, immediately realising where that gunshot had came from.

'That's from where Sasame and Neji…'

Shiki is starting to have a really bad feeling about this…

It is just like that time with Kankuro when she had a bad feeling, and less than two hours later, she had found Kankuro dead. Most nin-users have very good instincts and survival senses because of how they've lived, and Shiki had survived this long because of relying on her instincts and survival senses.

Ino got the fright of her life when Chouji was suddenly thrown at her, and that sudden action along with the additional weight of her chubby teammate had the effect to cause her to fall over. And the next moment, there was the sound of shattering glass as the glass pieces of the nearby window fell all over Ino and Chouji, and then, Namikaze Shiki was gone.

The loud echoing sound of the gunshot echoed all throughout the ward room of 306, and there was even the sound of splattering blood as the crimson liquid splattered onto the pristine white tiles of the hospital.

Neji's eyes widened in horror at the figure clad in the white hospital gown had suddenly performed a supposed to be impossible feat by literally planting herself in front of him, and had taken the gunshot meant for him in the chest.

"S-Sasame…" Neji whispered in horror as he stared at the girl.

Sasame shouldn't even able to have the strength to move on her own right now, with the seriousness of her injuries, so how could she be able to literally cover nearly five paces of the room in record time even without him noticing?

Itachi snarled in anger, glaring at Deidara who had been the one to fire that gunshot, and the blonde looked extremely petrified of Itachi for a moment, along with every single one of his teammates right now, as this is actually the first time that any of them have ever seen Itachi so angry.

"Deidara…! Why the hell did you open fire?" Itachi almost snarled at Deidara. "Did I give you the order to shoot?"

Sasame coughed out blood, with the crimson liquid seeping from the ends of her lips as she turned her head weakly to look at Neji over her shoulder who still had on a petrified and horrified look on his face. She then fell slowly backwards, only for Neji to catch her in his arms just before she could hit the ground.

"S-Sasame…" Neji whispered, his eyes wide with horror. "You…shouldn't have done that… I was ready to intercept that gunshot… Why…?"

"My…body moved on its own accord." Sasame whispered. She then smiled weakly. "This…is it for me, I'm afraid… Tell Shiki…that I'm sorry…that I couldn't help her…any longer… It's really…too bad…that I couldn't…see her bring down Ne…and Danzo…and that…I couldn't see her…bring about a…new era in this…chaotic world that…we now live in." Sasame coughed harshly once more, with the blood trailing from the ends of her lips as she did so. She then raised a shaking hand before cupping Neji's face. She then smiled weakly. "I'm…content enough…to just die in your arms like this…"

Neji shook his head frantically. "No…! You're not going to die!"

Sasame smiled weakly. "Live on…"

Her eyes then slid shut, and her breathing stilled.


The glass pane of the window behind Neji shattered into pieces just then with a loud crash, and this is enough to startle all the Akatsuki that none of them were able to do anything as Shiki appeared in the room via the broken window.

"Neji, what—" Shiki's voice was caught in her throat when she saw Sasame's prone form, and Neji's current state, and she then knew enough to put two and two together. "Sasame…" She nearly whispered. 'This can't be happening…!' She then turned towards the Akatsuki, and they are all literally frozen to their spots when they saw the pure anger and hatred in the eyes of the redhead. "You damn ANBU…!"

"What the hell is going on here—" Another party crasher arrived at the scene just then, in the form of Fuuma Arashi, and the eyes of the informant widened in horror when he saw the current situation in front of him from his place at the opened doorway. "Sasame…"

The informant's eyes then narrowed together in fury as he literally threw a punch towards Deidara who is the one currently standing closest to him who was literally sent flying across the ground, and Arashi then planted himself in between the ANBU agents and Neji and Shiki.


"Both of you, run!" Arashi commanded, as a pair of hand daggers appeared like magic in his hands.



Shiki gritted her teeth before turning towards Neji. "Damn it! Neji, come!"


"Neji, just go!" Arashi commanded without taking his eyes off of the Akatsuki. "I'll be fine. Go!"

Neji nodded before laying Sasame back gently onto the ground and taking off after Shiki as she leapt out of the window. Before leaving however, he turned back to have one last look back at Sasame, but she neither moved nor opened her eyes.

It was then that Neji knew that Sasame will never open her eyes again.


Akatsuki's OfficeANBU Headquarters, Leaf City

"What the hell do you think that you're doing back there?" Itachi still hadn't yet finished railing at Deidara despite already having been at it for the past hour ever since returning to the ANBU headquarters approximately an hour ago. "Why the hell did you even open fire in the first place?"

Fuuma Arashi was silently angry with them, though furious is probably a more appropriate word for it, and had refuted all attempts of ANBU 'escort' to his hometown, actually declaring that he would rather go all 'buddy' with Ne than accept ANBU help.

As the ANBU technically didn't have a reason to hold Arashi in any of their interrogation rooms apart from the fact that he seemed to know Ragnarok, and then again, he is an informant by trade, and is bound to know all kinds of people. If ANBU has to arrest anyone who had a connection to Ragnarok, they would have to arrest half the country, since Ragnarok had several clients throughout the years.

Rendoku's Yamanaka Ino and Akimichi Chouji were still in a deep shock, due to their brief encounter with the captain of Ragnarok, and Sasuke is still trying to calm them both down back in his own team's meeting room.

Itachi had been silently angry all the way back to ANBU headquarters, and after giving his report to Tsunade, he had then promptly dragged his entire team back to his team's meeting room and had locked the door. Following that had then been the longest hour of Deidara's life as he received the roasting of his life by his captain. It was a wonder that Itachi hadn't yet received the urge to cook Deidara alive with his flames yet.

"I didn't have a choice!" Deidara protested, finally managing to put in a word, as Itachi had been so angry with him that the blonde bomber simply didn't dare to even utter a peep. "That guy was going to do something to attack you or something! I couldn't simply just stand there and do nothing! Besides, we have our orders from Tsunade-sama to take out any Ragnarok member that we encounter if we couldn't bring them back in alive! I know how you feel about those orders, Itachi!" Deidara cut Itachi off before he could say anything. "I feel the same way myself! As do everyone here!" The rest of Akatsuki shifted on their feet uncomfortably. "But orders are orders, you know that! As ANBU, we can't defy our orders, or you'll know the consequences that might and will follow if we do that! You are my captain, Itachi, and that is why it is also part of my duties as an Akatsuki ANBU to protect you with my life!"

"And I would also like to remind you that I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much!" Itachi snarled back, his temper rising to the surface once more. Itachi had been short tempered with just about everyone lately, and had basically kicked them all; no matter what they did in order to prevent themselves from getting on his bad side. "And now, because of your hot headiness, there is now a civilian dead thanks to you! I can just imagine the headlines of the papers tomorrow as well as the reactions of the ANBU Chief and the High Council!"

Deidara flinched at that.

Itachi snarled and practically threw his arms up with frustration. "Forget it! No one around here listens to me anymore! Go ahead! Go and do whatever you want! I've just about had it with all of you! Everyone around here always thinks that they're always right and that they knew better than I! I've just about had it! Go on, go and do whatever you want! I'm washing my hands off you!"

He then turned and left the office, slamming the door behind him so fiercely that cracks had actually developed in the walls.


Two Days LaterCrematorium, Aoyama

Two days later can find Namikaze Shiki and Hyuuga Neji walking towards the crematorium in Aoyama, a town in the northern part of Japan, and which is Sasame and Arashi's hometown. A riot had nearly broken out in Japan when the papers have reported the details of Sasame's death, and that she is actually injured once by an ANBU agent, and killed by another in the hospital.

And if the ANBU isn't careful, they might just face another civil war like back then, something which Shiki is sure that no one wants again, as they are all still recovering from the last war. And truthfully, Shiki doesn't care anymore. Sasame's death is the last straw for her now. Usually, she had quite a tight rein on Ragnarok, making sure that they don't go about causing any unnecessary deaths, even if she feels that the ANBU kind of deserves it, but now…

Sasame might be an informant, but she is still a civilian, and isn't it the ANBU's sworn duty to protect the civilians of the country? What, they're not beneath killing civilians now if they just happened to get in their way? Then they might as well go about committing genocide then!

Arashi was standing in front of the panel where Sasame's ashes were cremated behind, wearing a sleeveless black vest and cargo jeans, a solemn look on his face as he stared at his sister's picture on the cremation panel.

"Sorry." Shiki said with a sigh as she stopped behind Arashi with Neji standing beside her. She studied Sasame's picture for several moments before she spoke again. "I knew that no matter how many 'I'm sorry's that I've said, it can't bring Sasame back. But still, I'm sorry."

"No, it wasn't your fault," said Arashi, turning to face Shiki and Neji. He then managed a wan smile. "Sasame wouldn't have blamed you if she is still here now. She went the way that she wanted to. And besides, I knew that Sasame would probably die in the line of duty one day. That's what it actually means to be an informant. Both of us knew that. I just didn't expect for that day to be so soon, and that she will actually go before me. This is ridiculous."

"The ANBU didn't do anything to you, did they?" Neji asked with concern, and Arashi shook his head.

"No, they didn't. They actually tried to, but they didn't have enough evidence, and neither do they have the right to keep me locked up in the interrogation room," he said. "It's actually the fact that I'm an informant that actually made them release me. That ANBU commander lady actually tried to have me work for them as an ANBU informant, but I said some pretty colourful words to them. I actually told them to their faces that I'll rather be Ne's informant than be the ANBU's informant, especially since it is the ANBU who had killed my sister! What, putting her in the hospital isn't enough, they have to kill her too? This is ridiculous." Arashi glared at the ground.


"I have just about had it with this life." Arashi mumbled. "I'm grateful to Gin-san for taking me and my sister in when we didn't have anywhere to go, and trained us as informants. I don't want to be an informant any longer if I have to see people dear to me die around me all the time."

"Well, I can't say that I don't understand your reasoning," said Shiki with a sigh. "Actually, I kind of had a suspicion that you will do something like this. From the start, being one of my informants is kind of risky, and I've told you both that at that time, but you still didn't care. But I guess that truth had hit a little close to home right now. Losing you and your services as an informant at this point in time is a big blow, Arashi, but I can handle it. I still have other informants that I can use, though they aren't as good as you."

"Don't worry about it," said Arashi with a sigh. "I hate leaving my jobs undone as well, and Iruka-san doesn't really go more into the active service of informants like how I and Sasame do. He is more towards the technical side of informants by using his computer and hacking by gaining his information. I want to see Ne and Danzo go down too, and I didn't work on this assignment for over a year only to give up on it now." He then sighed and turned towards Shiki. "Don't worry, I'll still help you nail them down, and end all that issue with that Bijuu Shrine. But once it is over, I don't want to be an informant any longer."

Shiki sighed and nodded. "I understand."

A/N: So sorry for killing Sasame off! But her death is rather needed to keep the plot moving! Also, I do have a favour that I would like to ask my readers. Is there a kind soul out there that might be so kind as to help me draw some pictures for this fic, as I'm planning on making a video of some sort for this story, and I really suck at drawing people! Don't worry, I'll give you credit for it.

Anyway, I hope that you like this chapter, and please read and review!

Preview of next chapter:

"It's okay. I'll take responsibility. Bomb the place."

"This time…you ANBU fucktards have gone too far…!"

"Hear this, you're only alive as long as we wish it. We can end your lives easily anytime that we want."

"Do you idiots really think that you hold the power of a god? Fools."

"You ANBU are nothing but murderers! I hate the ANBU!"

"I want to know. Where is that person that I knew?"

"If I can't break out of this Hell that is this world, then I shall drag everyone down to Hell with me!"

"We've found the one who had been hiding from Ne ever since he had dared to betray them and Danzo, and had also been the one to give us information on them five years ago."

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