Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

Last Decision

Warnings: Violence. Blood. Gory scenes. Murder scenes. Lemon scenes.

Disclaimer: Part of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Twenty Six: Last Decision

HospitalLeaf City, Japan

The red lights above the operating room swung opened, and Kisame immediately strode towards the doctor, with the rest of his teammates staying where they were on their seats in the waiting hallway, all with some sort of visible injury on their bodies.

"Doctor, how is he?" asked Kisame breathlessly.

"Well, the surgery is a success, but we need a blood transfusion for him urgently, and that is the problem here," said the doctor hesitantly, and this caught the attention of the rest of the Akatsuki.

"What is the problem?" asked Konan with a frown. "Can't you just give him some blood from the blood bank?"

"It's not that simple," said the doctor with a sigh. "His blood type is the Bombay blood."

Konan's eyes widened in horror whilst looks of confusion covered the faces of the rest of team Akatsuki. "Bombay blood?" Deidara echoed in confusion. "What is that?"

"It's the world's rarest blood type, Deidara," said Konan seriously, her face pale. "Only one in a thousand people would have that blood type. It's so rare that the blood is also extremely valuable. People would kill just to get their hands on a packet of that blood. As such, most hospitals and clinics wouldn't have Bombay blood in their blood banks."

Identical looks of horror covered the faces of the rest of team Akatsuki just then.

The last mission that they were on had ended in complete disaster, and for once, it had nothing to do with Ragnarok, but more to do with Ne, their arch nemesis, and also Ragnarok's, it seems like. And ANBU definitely didn't make any friends especially with everything that they've been doing lately. Even the Akatsuki are starting to question the orders given to them by their commander.

"But Itachi will die if he is not given a blood transfusion, right?" Sasori asked, looking from one to the other, chewing on his bottom lip nervously. "What about Sasuke? Or that lawyer cousin of theirs? Do they have the same blood type as Itachi?"

"No, they don't," said Kisame, shaking his head as he turned around to face his teammates. "As Itachi's vice-captain, I assessed all the profiles of the new ANBU recruits that came in after Akatsuki's formation. And naturally, I've seen Sasuke's as well when he had first graduated from the ANBU Academy alongside all his peers years back. He doesn't share the same blood group as Itachi. And from what I've heard from Itachi during a conversation that we once had, his cousin doesn't share the same blood group he does as well."

"Then it's going to be problematic," said the doctor worriedly. "I'll make some calls around all the other hospitals and clinics if they have any Bombay blood in reserve. But please be prepared for the worst if we can't find any."

Kisame nodded. "Thank you, doctor."

The doctor bowed to them before turning to head towards his office, ready to make several calls to find some Bombay blood in reserve for Itachi. Konan bit on her bottom lip nervously. "I'll make some calls around the few connections that I've made as well," she said. "Even if there is just the slightest chance…" She sighed. "Why must Itachi have one of the rarest, if not the rarest blood type out there? I'll be surprised if we can even find another person in Japan who has the same blood type as Itachi!"

Cat's Eye CaféHiraiko, Japan

"You can't be serious…" Namikaze Shiki muttered in dismay, being seated across Nishimura Rin. "Bombay Blood, huh? The world's rarest blood type ever. I didn't even know that Itachi's blood type is Bombay Blood."

"Yeah," said Rin with a sigh, stirring the cup of coffee sitting in front of her. It was currently nighttime, and no one else was present in Cat's Eye apart from them two. "I've finally managed to acquire a donor for Genma about two months back, and right after Shizune and Hayate-kun have taken him home after I've given him the green light, a call from a doctor at the hospital at Leaf City came for me, asking if I have any Bombay Blood packs in storage in my clinic. I told him that I didn't have any, and he immediately hung up. Seems to be in an awful hurry, and that means that this case must be serious. But I seriously doubt that that doctor will be able to find any Bombay Blood packs in storage anywhere, even in the black market."

Shiki almost snorted. "The ANBU would never turn to the black market," she said. "They're too proud for that. Even if it were to save a comrade's life, they wouldn't turn to the black market. The Akatsuki might do it behind Tsunade's back, but I don't think that even the black market has that blood." She then sighed. "Only one in a thousand people have that rare blood type. Seriously, I'm surprised that Itachi's blood type is Bombay Blood. He's never mentioned it before."

Rin sighed. "It's probably for the best that you didn't know," she said simply. "Those who carries the Bombay Blood in their veins will always be the targets of blood peddlers. Surely even you knew that?" Shiki was silent at that. "What are you going to do, Shiki? Your blood type is the Bombay Blood as well, isn't it? That's part of the reason why Orochimaru had targeted you back then when you were a child!"

Shiki was silent.

HospitalLeaf City, Japan

"You don't have any?" The doctor was shouting down the phone at whichever unfortunate soul had the misfortune to end up answering his call. "Then find some! I don't care how you do it! We've got a dying man here—"

There was a knock on the door just then, and a nervous looking nurse poked her head in. "Doctor? We've got a girl here who insisted on seeing you. It's regarding the patient in Room 605."

The doctor raised both his brows. "Send her in."

A redhead girl who doesn't seem to be older than seventeen or so stepped in silently, a contemplative look on her face. The doctor raised a brow. "May I help you?" he asked politely.

"I'm here as a blood donor for one Uchiha Itachi." Namikaze Shiki answered.

ICU Ward 605Hospital, Leaf City

"Man, you're sure lucky!" Sasori grunted a week later as all of Akatsuki were gathered in Itachi's hospital room. "You had the devil's luck or something?"

It was a week after the blood transfusion had been done, when some mysterious donor had simply walked into the doctor's office and had offered to donate some of her blood to Itachi. The donor didn't give her name or anything, and simply left the hospital silently after the transfusion was done.

"You're really lucky." Konan agreed with Sasori as Kisame was helping Itachi to pack his bags as the doctor had given Itachi the all clear, and had allowed him to be discharged, only with strict doctor's orders to keep his activities light with no strenuous activities of any kind. "I didn't expect for another person with Bombay Blood to be in this country. You can usually only find one person with that blood type in this country. I wonder who that mysterious donor is…"

"I want to know the same thing too." Itachi commented, though he had a faint idea who it is. He remembered something that Iruka of Cat's Eye had once said, and about Shiki after he had figured out her true identity.

"Itachi? Let's go."



Ragnarok's Headquarters (Boathouse)Hiraiko, Japan

"You're really back late." Hyuuga Neji commented as Shiki stepped in through the doors of the boathouse, closing it behind her. The Hyuuga was currently seated on one of the couches in the boathouse reading a book of some sort, and the boathouse was awfully silent. "The others are not here." He answered the unasked question. "Shino's gone over to the next town to have his laptop repaired, and the others followed as well. Gaara, Temari and Yugito said something about going after a bounty. Tenten, Hinata and Haku have gone to stock up on the medicine supplies, along with food for the boathouse. They said that they'll be back by nightfall, and that they'll all be gone the whole day."

"I see."

Silence fell between them both for several moments before Neji closed his book with a light clap, looking at nothing in particular. "Rin-san called about an hour ago," he said curtly, glancing at Shiki. "She told me about that ANBU captain. You went to the hospital to save his life, didn't you?"

Shiki closed her eyes as she covered her arm with one hand, never mind the jacket that she is currently wearing, despite knowing the fact that Neji can't see the bandage covering the wound made when the nurse was taking some of her blood for the transfusion.


"How much longer are you going to punish yourself like this?" Neji almost demanded, his pearly white eyes flashing with anger at Shiki. "What else is that guy good for aside from hurting you again and again? You know that none of us approved of him because of the mere fact alone that he kept on hurting you again and again, putting aside the fact that he's the captain of one of the two ANBU teams currently after us! Stop torturing yourself like this! I can't stand watching you like this!"

"I know what I've told you, Gaara and Haku," said Shiki, closing her eyes briefly before opening them again. "But it's easier said than done. Forgetting him is easier said than done. I know what he represents to us. I know what he had done…to me…to us…to everyone… But…"

Whatever that Shiki wanted to say was cut off as a pair of lips was clamped down onto her lips just then, and her back was sent crashing against the nearest wall as a much heavier body was forced onto hers.

"…Neji? What are you doing?" Shiki tried to push Neji off of her, but to no avail, as she is still a girl after all, and Neji is pretty well built for a male, and is also pretty strong.

"It's always him that you're seeing." Neji muttered, his bangs covering his eyes as his head was bowed down, with both his hands gripping onto Shiki's shoulders, but not enough to hurt her. "There's only him in your heart. Then what am I to you?"

Shiki was silent at that. She isn't an idiot, and she is well aware of Neji's feelings for her. She just never did or said anything about it, as she didn't want to hurt him.

"You're just a friend to me, Neji. Nothing more and nothing less." Shiki replied.

Her words were cut off as Neji kissed her forcefully again, with one of his knees being driven in between her legs, with his body being pressed down hard against hers, as his forceful kisses trailed down to her neck.

"N-Neji…! S-Stop—" Shiki tried to push Neji off of her, but to no avail. She then felt his hands roaming over her body before he pushed the hem of her shirt slightly upwards, allowing cool air to hit her bare skin as he slipped his hands beneath her shirt. "Stop!"

Shiki wiggled about in an attempt to get loose, and finally managed to get her right leg free. She then rammed her right knee upwards in between Neji's legs in a cheap shot that Jiraiya had taught her once for self-defense as a child, and Neji almost doubled over in pain. She then took advantage of his state before pushing him away from her as hard as she could, resulting in Neji falling backwards onto the couch, as Shiki rubbed at her lips with one hand, the other hand holding her jacket closed, an angered look on her face.

"Touch me again and I'll kill you!" Shiki hissed in pure fury. "Set your priorities straight, Neji! If all you're looking for is a bed partner, then go to the red light district of Leaf City or something!"

"I-I didn't mean to—"

"Enough!" Shiki snapped. "I don't trust myself to be alone in the same room that you are now. I'm going out."

The door then slammed shut behind her.


Cat's Eye CaféHiraiko, Japan

The low drones of a motorcycle soon drummed and faded away slowly as Uchiha Itachi stopped his bike outside the Cat's Eye café and stared into the shop. He saw the forms of the waiter and waitress along with Iruka, but he didn't see the person that he wanted to see the most.

The sounds of light footsteps reached his ears just then, and Itachi turned around only to see Shiki approaching him, a nonchalant look on her face as she reached him, her hands stuffed into her pockets as she did so. Both said nothing for several moments before Shiki sighed and got onto the motorbike behind Itachi, startling him.

"I need you to come with me for a moment," she answered the unasked question. "There's something that you need to see, and that I need to show you."



"Well, I guess that we're done here," said Yugito with a sigh as she walked out of the police station with Temari and Gaara, having just collected their bounties. It had been a little difficult for them to do bounty collections of late because of the fact that all their faces were on wanted posters as Ragnarok members. Fortunately though, all of Ragnarok are masters of disguises. "Hmm?" Yugito looked over at Temari only to see a thoughtful look on her face. "What are you thinking so hard about, Temari?"

Temari gave a start as she looked up, and managed a wan smile. "Nothing much," she answered. "Just…thinking about some stuff." She then frowned and stopped in her tracks, turning towards the other two. "Hey. Yugito. Gaara. What do the both of you think about everything that had been happening of late?"

Yugito and Gaara exchanged looks over Temari's head. So even Temari had been bothered by it as well. Everyone was bothered by it, and they knew that Shiki is concerned about it as well. That is the reason why the redhead had been going out so often lately. And fortunately, they do not have any requests so far, and thus, they are able to keep a low profile, especially since the ANBU had been after them.

"It is true that things hadn't been adding up recently, and now that I think about it, weird things have been happening ever since Ragnarok's formation," said Gaara with a frown before ticking points off on his fingers. "All of us were orphaned. We were all nin-users of high-level status – bordering on S-rank level. All our parents were involved in the last war in some way. And all of them were murdered, with the murderers unknown. And Shiki seems awfully pissed with the ANBU ever since the Sasame incident."

Temari chuckled. "Yeah, you've got that right. She was so mad for a few days after her death that all of us were literally treading on eggshells around her."

"And not to mention the fact that Shiki seems to know of the two leaders of the ANBU." Yugito added with a frown. "Our parents were all involved in the war. All our lives were shit before we have met Shiki. And all of us have met with some horrible incident before we've met Shiki, resulting in us following her, even Shiki herself. Something's wrong."

"Well, I believe that Shiki knew what she's doing. She's probably doing something about this," said Gaara thoughtfully, and both girls nodded. "If we have already came to this conclusion, then she probably had as well. Besides, I trust Shiki more than anyone else in the world. If I have to give my life for her, I'll gladly do it. Because for me…for all of us…she is the first person who had ever extended a helping hand to us. The same way that my brother did."

Yugito sighed. "Of course, I trust her as well," she said. "All of us did. Otherwise, we wouldn't have stayed with her for so many years. But with everything that has been happening of late…" She sighed. "Let's hope that nothing goes wrong. We can't lose Shiki."


GraveyardHagako, Japan

Gravel was crunched lightly beneath feet as Itachi and Shiki stepped into the cold and dark graveyard of the city of Hagako. The sun was slowly setting, painting a beautiful picture of oranges and reds onto the city. Finally, Shiki stopped before a neat row of unmarked graves.

"This is…"

"The graveyard in Hagako, the City of the Living Dead," said Shiki with a sigh, turning towards Itachi. "Iruka-san told me that he told you of what he knew about my past." Itachi nodded. "And you should know why I'm doing this as well. That's why I've taken you here." She then stepped up to one of the unmarked graves and knelt down by it, brushing the dried leaves off of it. The redhead then reached into her pocket and drew out a small toy airplane, placing it before the unmarked grave and saying a silent prayer beneath her breath. Shiki then stood up.

"To who does this grave belongs to?" asked Itachi, stepping up to Shiki.

"A boy. A child," said Shiki with a sigh, stuffing her hands into her pockets. "He's only six years old when he'd died. He is…was one of Blade's die hard fans." She glanced at Itachi. "My old gang. Like many of the residents who'd lived in the eastern parts of Hagako back then, especially those who resided in District 30, also otherwise known as Dead Men's Street, he looked up to us and practically worshipped us. If you ever saw Sumaru and the other two, they would tell you the same thing. You never wondered why all those from Hagako hates the ANBU so much?"

"I had wondered for some time now." Itachi muttered. "As a rule, the ANBU tends to avoid Hagako like the plague. And if we absolutely have to enter Hagako for a mission, we would usually send a squad of four. It is for safety reasons, as it would at least help to increase our chances of leaving Hagako alive."

"Hagako never used to be like this," said Shiki, still staring at the unmarked grave that she'd come to visit, with her hands stuffed into her pockets. "It changed during the war and soon became known as one of the most dangerous cities in Japan, where it is a fight for survival in this lawless place, where only the strong survives, and the weak are food for the strong. Hagako ended up in this state it now is because of the ANBU."

She turned towards Itachi. "I don't really understand all the details, but apparently, several years ago during the war, the fights that the ANBU had with the enemy was brought to Hagako, and an ANBU killed a child by mistake. That's what sparked off Hagako's hatred for the ANBU, and also part of the reason why the war went from bad to worse. Most of the gang members from Hagako carries much influence in the underworld, and word soon spread about that incident which is the reason why Hagako and the country is in the state it now is, and why the ANBU had never really been popular in Hagako, along with several of the other towns and cities that have underworld dealings."

"I never knew that." Itachi muttered.

Shiki shook her head. "You wouldn't," she said, turning to face him. "Many of the dark deeds that the ANBU had done during the war were kept under wraps, and only those who served in the undercover division or the elite forces of the ANBU knew that. This boy here…" She turned back towards the grave. "He totally worshipped and adored us. It is probably because Blade is one of the few street gangs in Hagako that actually protected the place and the people who live there. Not many street gangs did that. Most only hanker for more power and authority. Blade never does that. I made sure of that, and I would also have never allowed that to happen under my watch. If any of those under my command committed that crime, I would have killed them on the spot. And because of our strength and reputation, Blade became known as the legendary street gang, and also the most powerful gang in Hagako and the underworld. We kept the peace there. And it's probably because when Blade was nearly eliminated years ago, the order in Hagako dropped as a result because of our disappearance."

"Deidara and Sasori were both saying something about that about a year ago when we were investigating Hagako," said Itachi with a nod. "Blade's name came up during several of our investigations about Hagako."

"When you say Hagako, Blade's name will always come up," said Shiki with a sigh. "We gave the ANBU some problems during the war. We kept the ANBU away from Hagako because even we do not trust them. We have enough problems as it is with the war and Hanzo at that time. We do not need more problems, and we most definitely do not need the ANBU dominating over us. Even you knew what the ANBU are like, especially during the chaotic period of the war. They will use you, and then discard you once they no longer have any use for you. That's what had happened with Shino's brother."

Itachi was silent, as he knew that Shiki speaks the truth. That was why he initially had so many reservations about accepting the ANBU's invitation back then. But he didn't have any choice but to join them in the end, because it was the only way to survive during the chaotic period of the aftermath of the war.

"I never did like graveyards, even back during my time with Blade," said Shiki, turning back towards the grave. "The graveyards that I usually see, even now during my time with Ragnarok, are usually full of the graves of children. Children that I couldn't save. That I was unable to save." She sighed. "Children still with their whole lives ahead of them, dying at such a young age. Seto is one of those unfortunate few." She glanced at Itachi. "This boy lying here."

Itachi nodded slowly.

"Like so many of the war orphans back then, he never knew his parents." Shiki sighed. "Better to not remember them at all, than to remember one who had abandoned him, I guess. I met Seto when he was about four or so – a street rat, something not that uncommon in those days, I'm afraid. I then started helping him out, as Blade was already formed then. And thus, that began his hero-worship of me. He started following me everywhere like a duckling after its mother. But then, more than eight years ago, the night that marked the end of Blade's demise."

Shiki fell silent as her eyes clouded over, recalling that disastrous night so many years back when she couldn't even protect and save the very people whom she wanted to protect and save.


I won't!

Seto, stop being an idiot and run!



You bastards!

Jun! No! Stop—





A tear fell from Shiki's eye as she remembered the events of that night.

"They merely wanted to help us. Seto and his friends," said Shiki softly. "They only wanted to help us. To help protect us the same way that we've helped protect them. That's all that they wanted to do. I knew that there is no chance of them ever succeeding. I tried to make them run away. But they didn't listen. Of all the times when they refused to listen to me, it just has to be at a time like that. Seto. His friends. And my old gang. Sumaru and the other two have the devil's luck, and they managed to escape with their lives intact. But the others weren't so lucky. They refused to listen to me, and they died the lives of fools. They're only kids. Foolish kids that should be talking and laughing about stupid things that only kids their age talk about. But they never got to do all that. Seto and his friends. And it is also in this very place, the graveyard of Hagako, where I've first met Neji and Hinata."

"I was building the graves of all those that have died that night when those two came up to me. At first glance, I knew that they're nin-users. No matter what I said to them or even do, they simply refused to leave me alone, just like Riku, Sara, Seto and all the others. And before I knew it, the others soon started following me around after I've helped them, and they simply refused to leave me alone. And thus began the formation of Ragnarok." Shiki turned towards Itachi. "Trust me, I didn't ask them to follow me. They did it on their own accord. Probably, because for them, I was the first one that had ever extended a helping hand to them. And this just proves my point: the ANBU are nothing but just useless wastes of air when it comes to helping the nin-users of this country. If you useless wastes of air really wanted to, you could have made life better for the nin-users with your influence and power. But you didn't. You left them there to die."

Itachi took those verbal blows silently. He knew that it is what he had deserved.

"Give me another chance, Shiki."

"I did," said Shiki, turning towards Itachi. "I've already given you way too many chances." She took one step towards him. "The incident with the TV station is the last one. I'm tired, Itachi. And I've already told you: as long as you are in the ANBU, it is impossible for us to be together."

"I know," said Itachi. "Kisame told me a few things about his sister, and what she'd said to him during their encounters with each other. And that Neji guy and Haku-san have both told me the same thing months ago. I am also aware that I'm going to have to make a choice soon enough. And I realize that it's selfish of me to expect you to give up everything for my sake. I… Just wait for me, Shiki. For you, I can give up anything. Even my career. I'll even leave the ANBU for you. That's why…give me some time. Give me four months. I'll settle everything within four months, and I'll then leave the ANBU. For you."

Shiki sighed. "Itachi, I—"

A low rumble of thunder sounded in the distance, and both Shiki and Itachi then looked up at the skies only to see that dark clouds are slowly converging in the skies. The redhead then turned towards Itachi. "I still had the key to my old apartment," she said. "My godfather always stays in that apartment whenever he dropped by Hagako. Let's go there. Seems like there's going to be a heavy downpour soon."

Itachi nodded.

Apartment ComplexHagako, Japan

Both Itachi and Shiki reached the apartment just as rain came pouring down from the skies. The apartment is a small one-room apartment, and it is unexpectedly clean, especially considering the fact that Shiki hadn't been back to Hagako for months.

"Someone always comes by to clean every three months." Shiki answered the unasked question. "So that the apartment will at least be habitable by my godfather if he ever drops by."

"I see," said Itachi before dropping down onto the couch. The apartment basically had nothing at all save for a couch, a small coffee table, a bed, a desk and chair as well as a refrigerator.

"Itachi," said Shiki, and Itachi turned only to barely catch a beer can that was thrown to him. The redhead opened the can in her hand with a light pop before dropping down on the couch beside him, even as a low rumble of thunder rumbled in the distance. "What is your dream?"


Shiki nodded. "You can't truly live without having dreams, can you?"

"Then what is your dream, Shiki?" asked Itachi.

Shiki smiled slightly at him. "Who knows?" she said mysteriously, taking a gulp from her drink. "There was once upon a time when I'd believed that the one who fights and emerges as the victor is the strongest. That is especially true during my time in Hagako as part of Blade. That…was what I'd believed in at that time. Then, I killed a man when I was about six or so, and everyone was afraid of me as a result. As up until then, the youngest that had ever taken a life is twelve. Thus, I ended up developing a fearsome reputation."

"Hagako…" Itachi muttered, and Shiki nodded. His eyes are slowly opening to the world that Shiki had grown up in, and had seen throughout all her life. Itachi is starting to understand just what Iruka had meant by saying that if he delves any deeper into Shiki's life, he would soon start seeing things differently, and his view on the world would also change drastically. Knowing Shiki's world would twist his fate and his world.

"That's right," said Shiki with a nod. "But…" She stood up and walked towards the window, looking out of it. "Times are changing. The current situation at hand had already proven that." She turned towards Itachi. "The age of the nin-users is slowly coming to an end."

"Coming to an end?" Itachi echoed.

Shiki nodded. "That's what I'd been seeing for the past four years," she said, walking back towards the couch and sitting beside Itachi. "The Rebellion Group. Ne. And Orochimaru. Do I still need to say any more?" Shiki sighed. "All of them fought for the same thing. Be it the elimination of nin-users or the usage of them… All of them wanted the same thing: to have the nin-users under their control or destroyed."

Shiki smiled grimly. "If you can't control them, destroy them. What a convenient way to settle things, huh?" Itachi said nothing to that. "And don't try and tell me otherwise. The Rebellion Group had been around ever since the war. Why hasn't the ANBU done anything then if they truly wanted to help the nin-users? The nin-users are an unwanted relic in this world. That is part of the reason why I'd formed Ragnarok. To at least give those who are different a chance at surviving in this harsh world. But times are changing, Itachi. Pretty soon, even I won't be able to do anything about the changes. But I believe that as long as your fighting spirit doesn't change, you still have a chance. A new world where nin-users will be accepted. That's our dream."

"An idealistic dream…" Itachi muttered. "One that might never bear fruit."

"Maybe it's just as you've said." Shiki agreed, much to Itachi's surprise. "Maybe this is just a fool's errand." She glanced at him, her cheeks having a slight flush to them because of the consummation of alcohol. "But better to be a fool than to live your life knowing nothing at all."

Itachi was silent for several moments. He then chuckled. "Iruka-san was right. You are right. Even Haku-san and that Neji guy… Seems like I really had been living a pretty sheltered life if I couldn't even see all that happening, and could only see that when you've laid all the cards out in front of me." Itachi sighed, running the fingers of his right hand through his hair. "I'm really such an idiot."

"You've got that right," said Shiki with a nod, sighing. "I must be crazy to even fall for a guy like you when you are such an idiot. An idiot you might be, but…" Itachi was taken aback when Shiki's hand was placed on his cheek, and his head was turned towards Shiki's direction before a pair of warm lips was pressed against his, before pulling away again. "…but you're my idiot."

The redhead was taken back by surprise the next moment when she was suddenly laid flat on her back on the couch, with Itachi above her, straddling her, with a pair of warm lips pressing against hers, kissing her tenderly, one hand tangled in her hair, the other by the side of her waist.

"Itachi…" Shiki murmured against his lips, and Itachi growled something before increasing his kisses, his kisses growing more passionate and forceful.

"Fuck them all…" Itachi growled, drawing back from Shiki for a few moments. "What is forbidden? What is against the law? Fuck them all. This is my life, and my choice. I don't give a flying fuck what they want. I've been waiting for this for months. I want this."

He then smashed his lips against Shiki's once more, kissing her passionately, licking at her bottom lip with his tongue, demanding entrance. Shiki moaned unwittingly, and Itachi took that chance to slip his tongue into her delicious mouth, savouring her taste, and exploring the cavern of her mouth with his tongue. Both their tongues then entangled together into a dance as they savoured each other's tastes.

"Itachi…" Shiki murmured against his lips as she snaked her arms up around his body, and around his neck, pulling her upwards slightly, pressing her body closer to him. She could even feel all the muscles that he had attained with all that ANBU training that he had gone through, even through the barrier that their clothes provided. She fisted one hand into his hair, undoing his hair from his usual ponytail.

Shiki soon felt Itachi's hands trailing down her body, and gasped slightly as Itachi wedged a knee in between her legs, pushing them slightly apart from each other, as he pulled her closer to his body, bringing both their hips into close intimate contact with each other, as he began planting frantic kisses down her neck.

Shiki soon began to feel extremely lightheaded from Itachi's kisses, like how she had been the night when they first had sex with each other. And like back then, she didn't stop Itachi. She knew what Gaara and the others have said. But she can't bring herself to stop this. Her mind is saying one thing, but her body is reacting completely differently.

She wants this too. She wants Itachi.

Shiki soon began to feel Itachi's hands roaming all over her body, exploring every inch of it tenderly. "Itachi…" She gasped as she felt his hands roaming from her hips to her chest, as his hands found her breasts and began to fondle them before caressing them slowly, and then slowly kneading them.

She is slowly starting to get aroused by his touches.

"This…isn't right…" Shiki murmured, feeling extremely lightheaded, and almost felt like she is floating. Without even realizing it, she moved her body slowly in rhythm together with Itachi's. "This isn't…"

"Then what is?" Itachi murmured against her throat, sucking on the tender skin there, and Shiki gave a gasp as Itachi bit softly on her skin, leaving a red mark there. "I know that you want this. You want this as much as I do."

"Why…? Why is it always with you that I…?"

"Just don't think about this for now…"

Shiki moaned slightly as she felt Itachi bringing his knee up higher, pushing against the area in between her legs, arousing her more. His hands then snaked down her sides and to her sides where her blouse had fallen apart slightly, exposing a little of her abdomen. Shiki gasped when she felt Itachi's hands roaming around her waist area before snaking beneath her shirt, sliding up her body slowly. Shiki moaned when Itachi began to massage and fondle her breasts through the fabric of her bra, touching, and yet not touching her.


Shiki moaned before she gasped as she felt Itachi's cool fingers slipped in between her bra, and in the area between her breasts, wiggling his fingers about. Itachi grunted before slipping his fingers out. And before Shiki could moan in protest, he slipped one hand gently into the fabric of her bra, cool fingers pressing against her breast as he fondled her breast, with his thumb rubbing circles around her nipple.

He then slipped his other hand out from beneath her blouse, and snaking it upwards her body before releasing the top button of her blouse, showing a decent amount of cleavage. The second button came off too, revealing the white lace fabric of her bra. Itachi grunted before he moved down Shiki's body, flicking his tongue out and licking the skin of her breast, both hands slipping beneath her bra and fondling and tweaking her breasts.


Itachi grunted in response, and as one knee slipped partially off the couch, he then realized what they were lying on, and glanced over to the sole bed in the apartment before lifting Shiki into his arms and bringing her over to the bed where he pinned her down, with his hands pinning both her wrists down, with his knees pinning her thighs down.


"I won't let you get away from me ever again." Itachi grunted as he began to suck on the tender skin of her throat. "You're mine. You're my woman. I won't let anyone else have you, or even to touch you. I'm just claiming what is rightfully mine right now."

"Possessive little bastard, aren't you?" Shiki muttered, before she gasped as she wiggled slightly beneath his hands as they kneaded her breasts through the fabric of her bra.

{Lemon scene starts here. Don't read if you don't want to! I will not be held responsible for any scarring left behind!}

Itachi smirked before pulling Shiki's jacket down from her shoulders and pulling it off her body. He soon felt a pair of hands trailing up his body and towards the hem of his shirt, pushing it up as far as it could go. Getting the hint that she wanted his shirt off, Itachi paused in his current activity, and pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it onto the ground.

Itachi trailed his hands down Shiki's body once more, towards the hem of her blouse and snaking his hands beneath her blouse, and under her bra before squeezing her breasts gently. He was rewarded with a moan, and Shiki moved her body slowly in accordance to his.

Itachi undid the rest of the buttons of Shiki's blouse before pulling it off her body, and discarding it to the ground. He then fumbled with the belt and buckle of his jeans before slipping it off of his body and to the ground, before being followed by his boxers and underwear.

Shiki blushed slightly when she saw how big he was, though it isn't like she hadn't seen it before. Itachi then reached down towards Shiki's jeans, and began to undo the buckle, slipping the clothing article off of her body, before being followed by her panties. Itachi then bent down towards her neck and began to suck on it, feeling her breasts pressing against his bare chest as he did so.

Shiki groaned as she felt Itachi driving one knee in between the area between her legs before he moved slowly down her body, and bit on one of her bra straps with his teeth, tugging at it slightly, trying to get the item off. Itachi then slipped one hand beneath her body and unclasped her bra, throwing it to the floor, baring her in her full glory.

They were both now completely naked, kissing each other heatedly as they roamed their hands over each other's bodies eagerly. Itachi moved slowly down Shiki's body before reaching her breasts and licked her left nipple with the tip of his tongue before taking it into his mouth, slowly sucking and nipping on it gently, whilst one of his other hands was fondling and caressing her other breast roughly.

Shiki moaned from feeling Itachi's touches and actions to her body, before he moved slowly down her body, kissing and licking gently as he did so before reaching her inner thighs and kissing and caressing them gently.

"Itachi!" Shiki cried out, and Itachi smirked before he moved up her body, letting his fingers trail across her breasts teasingly, and smashed his lips against hers, kissing her passionately. Shiki moaned into Itachi's mouth as he kissed her, his tongue exploring every inch of her mouth as he fondled her vagina with his fingers, causing her to wiggle about beneath him. She then gasped as he inserted one finger into her entrance. "I-Itachi…"

Itachi smirked against her lips as he slowly started to push into her. The moan that he heard from Shiki pleased him, and he pulled out of her before pushing in again, yet not going fully into her. He continued at this pace for several moments before Shiki's hands trailed to his upper back.

"Itachi…" Shiki almost begged. "Please…"

"What?" He smirked against her lips as he continued pushing in and out of her, teasing her.

"Get…in me."

Itachi chuckled. "Aren't you impatient today?" he teased.

Feeling Shiki pushing her hips into him, he obliged to her request and kissed her passionately before drawing back. Without any warning, Itachi then thrust himself hard into her, with Shiki letting out a scream of pain as he did so, her hands clenching into fists on the bed sheets, as Itachi pinned both her wrists down onto the bed. He then pulled out of her only to thrust back into Shiki again, with the redhead wiggling about beneath him from the pain that came whenever they made love to each other.

Eventually, the pain that Shiki was feeling lessened to a dull ache, and she was soon completely aware of being completely filled as he went inside her. She moaned as Itachi thrust into her once more, relieving in the sensation wrought.

"Itachi…!" Shiki gritted her teeth from the intrusion as Itachi started to quicken his pace, with the Uchiha smirking as he felt the cool liquid coming from her. He then released his hold on Shiki's wrists and began to fondle and caress her breasts and nipples slowly and gently, causing her to moan in pleasure.

Itachi pulled out of Shiki again before slamming back into her harshly, causing her to give out a startled scream of pleasure. He then started to quicken his pace, with Shiki starting to move with Itachi's pace unconsciously.

'This feels so good…' Shiki thought breathlessly as Itachi came into her again and again, also feeling his hands fondling her breasts and nipples, and she let out a moan of pleasure. 'I want more.'

She screamed again as Itachi sped up his pace, brushing against a spot inside her that left her feeling extremely lightheaded and breathless, itching for more as she did so.

"Oh kami… This feels so good…" Shiki moaned, and Itachi smirked. "More! Itachi, more!"

Itachi obliged by speeding his pace and doing her harder, causing Shiki to scream in delight as he hit that desired spot again. "Kami…" Itachi moaned as her walls clammed down around him, causing him to lose whatever restraint and control that he had as he went harder and faster, making Shiki scream in ecstasy. "So you like it rough, don't you?"

"Oh kami… This is…! Itachi…!" Shiki moaned loudly, feeling the pressure building up within her. "Almost…!"

Itachi grunted as he understood what Shiki is trying to tell him as he quickened his pace, thrusting in and out of her, both of them almost reaching their climax. But he wanted more at the same time as he thrust in even deeper into her, causing the pressure within both their bodies to build up even more.



They both screamed out each other's names as they both climaxed at the same time, as Itachi spilled his semen into her at the same moment when her walls clammed down on him.

{End Lemon}

"That felt so good." Shiki muttered, falling back onto the bed.

Itachi smirked before kissing her passionately again, feeling her starting to return his gestures as his hands roamed about all over her body, and he then broke their kiss. "Ready for round two?"

Before Shiki could answer that, the ringtone from Itachi's cellphone blared out just then, and he growled before reaching out with one arm towards his discarded jeans on the ground for his phone. Before he could touch that article of clothing however, the ringtone from Shiki's cellphone blared out as well.

Itachi passed to Shiki her cellphone as he didn't move from his place atop her, as both answered their phones at the same time.

"This had better be damn important, Kisame, or I swear that you'll be cleaning bathrooms with your bare hands for the next two weeks." Itachi growled into his phone, not feeling very happy at the fact that his vice-captain had just disrupted his love making session with his lover. His brows then rose almost to his hairline. "What? Ne?"

Meanwhile with Shiki, she is frowning intently from her position beneath Itachi. "Danzo?" she echoed. "Are you serious, Gaara?"

"The information came from Arashi, so it can't be a mistake," said Gaara on the other end of the line. "It's some building that Ne had been using for their human trafficking activities. If we hurry, we might be able to get Danzo. Where are you now?"

"Hagako." Shiki answered, glancing at Itachi who is listening to whatever that Kisame had to say on the other end of the line with a frown on his face. "Where's the location?"

"Seikan." Gaara answered. "It's about a half-an-hour ride from where you are. And with the current awful downpour…" Shiki glanced out of the window only to both see and hear the raindrops pattering onto the glass panes of the windows angrily. "How soon can we expect you?"

"Half-an-hour to forty five minutes." Shiki answered, propping herself up by her elbows. "Tell the others to get ready."

"Roger." Click.

As Shiki glanced over at Itachi when she hung up the call, she saw that Itachi had hung up his call as well, and was looking towards her. "Danzo and Ne have made an appearance at last after the last incident at the TV station." He informed her, and Shiki nodded, having had a feeling earlier that Itachi's phone call might be related to her own call from Gaara. "And his location is—"

"Seikan." Both answered together, a reigned expression on both their faces.

Itachi then sighed before bending over the bed and retrieving all their clothes, tossing to Shiki her own, and pulling his shirt over his head, getting dressed hurriedly. "Let's hurry."


Half-an-Hour LaterSeikan, Japan

The low drones of Itachi's motorbike soon droned out as he stopped it beneath a large oak tree, with the rain falling onto them. Shiki got off the bike behind Itachi as she landed onto the ground on both feet.

"We'd best part ways here," said Shiki, and Itachi nodded, killing the engine of his bike.



Gaara gave a light start as he turned around only to see Shiki approaching him where all of Ragnarok were currently hidden within some trees surrounding the fortress that they were all currently staring at, ignoring the rain coming down on them.


"What's the situation?" asked Shiki briskly.

"We're still unsure if Danzo is inside as the bug that Shino had sent out hasn't returned," said Haku with a shrug, tilting her thumb towards the fortress that Shiki privately thought looked like some prison fortress. "We also saw ANBUs around the area when we've arrived. Rendoku and Akatsuki are here." Haku glanced at Shiki before turning her attention back towards the fortress. "But one thing that we know for sure though." She exchanged looks with Gaara. "There are children inside. Probably victims of Danzo's human trafficking activities."

"How many—?"


Whatever that Shiki wanted to ask was cut off as a loud explosion rocked the area, and all of Ragnarok have to grab onto nearby trees to steady themselves on their feet as a huge ball of flames engulfed the fortress before their horrified eyes. The loud and terrified screams of children reached their ears just then.

"No…!" Temari whispered, her eyes wide. "T-There is still children inside!"

"No!" Haku made a lunge forwards, but was held back by Gaara. "Gaara! Let me go! The children—"

"It's too late!" Gaara growled in her ears. "The flames are too strong! Not even your powers can douse those flames. You can't save them."

"Damn it!"

Itachi's eyes widened with horror when the fortress was engulfed in flames before his eyes, and the screams and cries of children reached his ears.


Itachi-nii… Do you have a dream?

A dream?

Yeah. My dream is to have a puppy this big, and where we could live together in happiness forever. Papa and Mama are now in Heaven, but I know that they'll watch over me.

what a simple dream.


But that dream…was never fulfilled…

I-I'll go and get some medicine!

Stop it, Itachi-kun! Not even you can survive against that many people!

We still have to try!


I-Itachi-nii… Looks like…my dream…will be just that…a dream…


"…Miki…" Itachi almost whispered, his eyes wide in horror when he saw the strong and powerful flames. 'I couldn't save you. Just like so many children, your life was extinguished in an instant. And even now, I'm still so helpless… Just… Just what have I been doing up till now?'

His earlier conversation with Shiki came to the surface of his mind just then.

Times are changing. The current situation at hand had already proven that. The age of the nin-users is slowly coming to an end.

All of them fought for the same thing. Be it the elimination of nin-users or the usage of them… All of them wanted the same thing: to have the nin-users under their control or destroyed.

An idealistic dream… One that might never bear fruit.

Maybe it's just as you've said. Maybe this is just a fool's errand. But better to be a fool than to live your life knowing nothing at all.

Itachi clenched his hands into fists by his sides. 'It's as you've said, Shiki,' he thought. 'I'm just a fool. A fool clutching onto a hopeless dream.'

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