Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

Falling into Darkness

Warnings: Violence. Blood. Gory scenes. Murder scenes. Lemon scenes.

Disclaimer: Part of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Twenty Nine: Falling into Darkness

Hagako had always been a dangerous place.

Everyone knew that, and even the ANBUs are wary of even stepping foot in that place. If they absolutely have to, they usually made it a point to send a full squad into that place so as to increase their chances of getting out alive. It isn't much of a surprise, since nearly all of Hagako hates the ANBU and even the police. Even the small police station in Hagako is merely just there for show, since even the police there wouldn't wish to cross the street gangs of Hagako.

The street gangs that infested Hagako consisted of some of the most dangerous individuals in the underworld. No one crosses them and live to tell the tale. Hagako has a rule there; as long as the police in Hagako don't interfere with the affairs of the street gangs, they wouldn't interfere with the police. Hagako is also a place where only the strong can live.

And like most towns and cities in Japan that has street gangs, every once in awhile, Hagako had racing matches that are almost like death matches. Because of the insane number of cheating involved, bets usually ran high as well. As such, death counts are usually high as a result.

Everyone within the perimeter where the racing was taking place was silent as the winner – a racer on a racing motorbike crossed the finishing line. Most of them were regular spectators of racing matches like this, but this is the first time that most of them have seen such reckless actions from this rider.

"Damn…" Some random guy muttered – one of the competitors who had been knocked out of the preliminaries earlier. "Is that guy nuts? Does he not want his life?"

Everyone followed the movements of the winner with their eyes as he accepted the winning money from the stunned judge before riding away, and disappearing around a corner. The rider then looked around to make sure that no one was around before lifting the helmet from his head only for red hair to spill down around the shoulders – revealing the rider to be a girl, and the visage of one Namikaze Shiki appeared from beneath the helmet, pushing her bangs out of her eyes.

Shiki sighed before she stiffened as she glanced over her shoulder over to see a dark haired male walking towards her, and she frowned. "Itachi…" Itachi nodded to her as he approached her. "How did you find me?"

"Iruka-san told me that you'd be here." Itachi answered, and Shiki nodded. "You just about gave me a heart attack with those stunts that you pulled. Danger gives you a thrill or something?" Shiki didn't answer, and Itachi sighed. "Are you not afraid to die?"

Shiki's eyebrow twitched slightly, but other than that, she didn't show any signs of getting affected by Itachi's words. The redhead's mind then drifted towards a time in the past during her time spent in this very city.

You're sure reckless, Shiki. Are you not afraid to die?

Shiki closed her eyes briefly. 'Riku…' She then opened her eyes and glanced at Itachi. "There are things that are worse than death, Itachi," she stated, and the mentioned Uchiha raised an eyebrow in confusion. Shiki sighed. "Come to think of it, today marks the eighth anniversary of the time when we had first met. Maybe even longer."

Itachi managed a small smile. "Yeah." He then shook his head to rid himself of any stray thoughts. "That day feels so long ago now. You've changed since then."

"People change, Itachi."

Itachi smiled a small smile. "Too many things have happened since then as well," he muttered, and Shiki's face fell.

"Yeah." The redhead then glanced at Itachi. "What did you come here for?"

Itachi said nothing for several moments before he looked at Shiki in the eye. "I want to ask you something," he said, and Shiki nodded as a gesture for him to continue. "Shiki. Why are you in Ragnarok?" Itachi frowned. "No. A better question would be, why did you found Ragnarok? The world is at peace before Ragnarok. So why did you…?"

"You're naïve." Shiki snorted, glancing at Itachi. "You are merely averting your eyes away from the sufferings of the world. Why did I found Ragnarok? There are many reasons. But the main reason would be that I just about had enough. I've seen more fights and battlefields than I ever wanted to, and had seen and done things that even the most battle hardened men would have nightmares at, and I wanted to put a stop to that pain and suffering." The redhead glanced at Itachi. "Everyone in Ragnarok feels the same way as well. Those who were used and discarded away…"

In our village, there is a ritual called the cleansing ritual. Every thirty years, our village will sacrifice a nin-user to calm the Fire Mountain. Back then, Hinata was the chosen one. I protested then. But then, they told me that 'if there is another way, don't you think that we would have done that by now?' That's what they said. But then, the village was attacked on the ritual night, and in the midst of the confusion, I took Hinata with me. And as a result, the village…doesn't even exist anymore. It was all wiped out on that night.

"Those who were experimented on and treated like freaks…"

I wish that I had died that day. Seriously, I do. But then, Shiki saved us from Amachi.

"Those who had lost friends due to the stupidity of the ANBU and the world."

Do you wish that you had followed your people to Death, Yugito?

This is your last warning… Leave and don't return…if you don't want to die.

Shiki glanced at Itachi. "Everyone has lost something that they've treasured because of the stupidity of the world. That is the reality of this world."

"But still…"

"I know," said Shiki with a sigh. "To that end, we're just nothing but criminals. We'll accept our punishment, after we change this world. Of course, I know that it's not going to be easy. But we're getting there. Slowly."

"Change the world, huh?" Itachi muttered. "It sounds just like you. But with just Ragnarok alone, it isn't possible."

"Who told you that we're the only ones working on that goal?" Shiki asked with a raised brow, and Itachi blinked in confusion. "How many years do you think we have planned for this? We aren't the only ones working on this. We have comrades with the same goal. We're all working together on this. Our enemy here is the ANBU."

"We're not—"

"Open your eyes, Itachi." Shiki snapped. "Even you must have noticed the strange workings of the ANBU lately. The Black Ops Division – the elimination unit of the ANBU. They're only ever sent out in times of war and during large-scale operations like the time with Orochimaru and Ne about five years back. Once they're sent out, it means total elimination. Not a single one of the enemy will survive. That's what the Black Ops division is for, and that's why they are also only used during times of war, and during large-scale operations. Yet of late, how many times were they sent out?"

Itachi can only stare. It is true that the Black Ops division had been sent out several times for the past six months. Yet, everyone had assumed that it is only for training sessions. He had also been hearing things from Zetsu, Deidara and Kisame about the recent rumours in the underworld about this town and that town getting wiped out. And strangely enough, those rumours usually circulated after the Black Ops were sent out. Itachi had assumed at first that it is merely rumours, and maybe just a coincidence or two. But now…

"It can't be…" Itachi muttered.

"The resistance movement Baled." Shiki stated, looking at Itachi straight in the eye. "They are one of Ragnarok's allies. Their leaders are some of my friends. We're been preparing for this for over a year now. And it looks like the ANBU are really serious about wiping us out if they're sending the Black Ops into the towns where Baled have their hideouts."

Itachi's eyes widened when he realised the exact reason why those towns were wiped out. "That…can't be…"

Shiki studied Itachi for several moments and sighed. "Looks like no matter what I say, you won't believe me," she said. "Very well. Do you remember my old friends – the survivors from the street gang Blade?" Itachi nodded. "Those four are the leaders of Baled. More specifically, it is Sai and Sumaru who are the leaders. Hotaru and Mizure are more like their assistants. Sai and Sumaru are both now in one of the northern branches of Baled – ten miles west of Lake Ogura. Ask them about what they're doing, and the reasons for it. And I hope that it opens your eyes this time."


Baled Resistance MovementShinjuku, Japan

"Fuu-san! Fuu-san! Utakata-san!"

Some random guy ran into the base of Baled's division at Shinjuku, screaming his head off whilst waving his arms like a windmill.

Their base, like nearly every other, was filled with tents of all kinds, as well as crates of several weapons which ranged from dynamites to rifles to handguns to grenades, etc. There were even guards at the outposts as well as the entrance to the hideout, despite the fact that their hideout is pretty much well hidden in the underground, disguised as one of the sewer drainage tanks.

The ANBU resistance movement Baled had actually been around for about two years now at this point in time, slowly gathering followers and members who didn't like the way that the ANBU works, and their methods to 'make' people see their way.

Baled had originally been founded by Sumaru who had done it as a way to reform the street gang Blade of Hagako, only that he had renamed it as 'Baled' – an anagram of the name 'Blade'. When Sai had been freed from Shimura Danzo's clutches by Namikaze Shiki herself, he had joined Baled as well, and had promptly been made co-leader alongside Sumaru, with the guy being an amazing information specialist and spy.

Baled had been allied with Ragnarok ever since their founding to deal with ANBU and also to help with the clean-ups after every single ANBU's armed intervention which had been getting worse of late. Ragnarok had been a great help to them by getting them supplies for weapons, medical supplies as well as food. When one had been around in the underworld as long as Ragnarok, they tend to have lots of connections.

Midori Fuu was currently standing atop a stepladder, doing some work to what seemed oddly like a cross between a submarine and a small plane. It looks rather like one of those mother ships that one will only see in shows that features fighting robots. Takigawa Utakata was on the other side, doing some work on the mother ship whilst sitting atop it. It is a wonder that he hadn't yet fallen off. Both teens looked up at the sound of their names, stopping in mid-work. As one, the two pulled the safety goggles that they were wearing down from their eyes so that it is hanging around their necks.

"What is it?" asked Fuu, annoyed, a screwdriver in one hand, with a fuser in the other, a rather large assortment of tools gathered in a pile next to her. "Can't you see that we're busy here? We need to get this ready within a month!"

Another guy ran up to the next who was panting for breath, hunched over on his hands and knees. "Someone is coming," he informed the two leaders of the Baled base of Shinjuku.

Utakata and Fuu exchanged quick looks before looking at the messenger. "Is it ANBU?" Utakata asked quickly, a frown on his face.

"No. It seems like it's Shiki-san."

Fuu and Utakata blinked. "Shiki?" They both echoed.


Baled Resistance MovementLake Ogura, Japan

Sumaru and Sai exchanged looks with each other as they watched Itachi walked away from their base, with the ANBU looking as if he had the world's burdens on his shoulders.

"Sumaru, do you really think that we can trust him?" Sai asked, worried, glancing over at his friend. "He is an ANBU after all, and it is a fact that both Baled and Ragnarok have been making quite a spill for the past year, especially Ragnarok. ANBU hasn't been staying quiet as well, and they have even put up wanted posters of Ragnarok as well. But Ragnarok is too smart for them, and none of them have been caught yet. But from what we have heard from Shiki, they are pissed as well, especially after Kankuro's death, and then the Sasame affair. And from what I had heard, the informants' circle isn't pleased as well, as Fuuma Arashi is pretty influential among their circle. It is only a matter of time before this will spin out of control. This internal war between ANBU and Ragnarok and Baled… It will soon blow up into something serious."

Sumaru bit on his bottom lip as he glanced at Sai. "Well, I understand your reasoning, but Shiki trust that guy," he said. "So it should be alright…I hope." He added, not sounding very sure of himself as he did so.

Itachi stopped in the distance whilst on his motorbike, and turned around only to see the tiny visage of Baled's Lake Ogura's division in the distance that Shiki had given him the directions to.

A part of him felt glad that Shiki trusted him enough with that information, but another part of him told him that this is valuable information to the ANBU, since many of their ANBU comrades have been coming back in body bags or even as dog tags ever since Baled and Ragnarok have began making quite a splash.

Finally, Itachi made up his mind. He pulled out his cellphone with his right hand, and began dialing a number that would change his life, though he wouldn't know it, and probably ruin the relationship that he had with the only person that he had ever loved in his entire life.

Three rings later, the call was picked up. "Hello, Kisame? It's me." Itachi spoke crisply into the phone. "I have information on one of the bases of the resistance movement Baled. Put me through to Tsunade-sama."


Baled Resistance MovementShinjuku, Japan

"Damn, looking good." Shiki said, impressed, as she took a look at the submarine-cum-plane that Fuu and Utakata were both working on. "You both sure are good at this."

"I built this based off one of those machines that I see in one of my favourite shows, Gundam 00." Utakata informed Shiki whilst working on the ship. "It can fly in the air and also travel underwater. Fuu is adding the missile launchers and stuff, and I'm adding in the shield for this ship. It should be ready in about another month or so – we understand the urgency that you need this for."

Shiki sighed. "Thanks for the help," she said. "The boathouse that Ragnarok have been using as our base kind of stands out now, as ANBU had gotten word that we're using a boathouse as our hideout."

"It took them nearly five years to find that out?" Fuu muttered, incredulous, and Shiki grinned in amusement.

Shiki's phone rang just then, and she gave a light start. "Whoops. Excuse me." She fished her phone out only to see the name 'Gaara' flashing on the LCD screen, and answered the call. "Gaara? What is it?" Shiki listened to what Gaara has to say on the other end of the line, and her eyes widened in shock at what Gaara had to say. "Black Ops attacked the base at Lake Ogura?" Fuu dropped the screwdriver that she is using with a loud clang, and both she and Utakata, along with every Baled member within hearing distance turned towards her with a shocked and horrified expression on their face. "Gaara, are you serious?"

Uchiha Itachi watched on with horror.

He recognised that symbol on that battle plane that had just flown over his head. It is the symbol of the Black Ops division. So Shiki was right then. The ANBU…

Gulping, he kicked his bike into action before speeding towards the base of Baled that he had just left an hour or so ago. He has to see what they did with his own eyes. Inwardly though, he is praying that what Shiki, Sai and Sumaru have been telling him isn't true.

'Please… Don't let it be true…'

Baled Resistance MovementLake Ogura, Japan

Tenten who was steering the boathouse at top speed called out to her friends, all the while keeping an eye on the radar system. "We're close, guys! We're nearly there!"

A loud roar of what seemed like a battle plane reaches their ears just then. "What the…?" Haku muttered, looking out of the window only to see two black battle planes flew past over their heads, with the symbol on the side of the planes easily identifying them. "ANBU Black Ops?"

Neji and Gaara exchanged looks before nodding as one. "Everyone, get ready for battle." Neji called out. "If Shiki is here, she would give the same order. Furthermore, Gaara called her earlier. She's on her way from Shinjuku."

The rest of Ragnarok nodded. "Okay."


Shiki had all but leapt off her motorbike the moment that she had arrived at the base, not caring in the least that her motorbike had crashed somewhere behind her as she ran towards the base.

Several bodies of the ANBU Black Ops' agents lay on the ground, dead, along with several Baled members. Shiki's eyes went wide at that. The Ragnarok members were currently helping with the wounded and the dead, especially Haku, Hinata and Yugito. Tenten was standing not too far away from the entrance, and was the first to notice Shiki.


Shino looked up at that, and approached her. "We didn't really make it in time." Shino answered the unasked question. "Nearly ¼ of Baled was killed before we had even arrived. Sumaru and Sai survived. But the rest of Baled…" He trailed off, glancing at the base.

"This…is shit." Neji approached them just then, looking angrier than Shiki had ever seen him before. "Is this…is this something that humans will do? A full elimination operation of this scale? What the fuck is this? This isn't a war!"

Shiki gritted her teeth together in fury, and her friends looked at her with concern. "It had just become one…" she grinded out. 'Itachi…you bastard… You tipped the ANBU off, didn't you?' "Fine, they want it that way, then so be it." She glanced at her friends. "Once you see the others, tell them this: if you see an ANBU, any ANBU, kill them where they stand. If they can do this to Baled without any mercy, then I shouldn't have to show them any mercy at all. The ANBU are no longer the justice of the country! They are the ones who are initiating war and suffering instead!"

Shiki then stomped off.

A long silence fell among the Ragnarok members.

"Shiki…is really angry, isn't she?" Tenten asked warily. "I've never seen her this angry before."

"I hate this…" Gaara muttered, approaching them, glancing around him at the carnage as he did so, surveying the carnage and the deaths surrounding him. "Is this what the ANBU…what those monsters will do just to wipe their enemies out? You can't be serious…"

Neji and Shino exchanged looks between them. "Looks like the gloves are off now," said Neji wearily. "Let loose the wolves of war."

"Shiki." Sumaru nodded to the redhead as she approached them. "We're fine. But really…" He glanced around him at the carnage. "Who tipped the ANBU off?"

Shiki frowned. "I got a brief idea who," she stated.

Light sobs caught her attention just then, and Shiki, Sumaru and Sai turned towards the sound only to see a Baled member slumped on his knees next to one of the deceased, clutching a silver cross in his hand.

"Born…for Him. Die…for Him." He choked out through his sobs, and Shiki's eyes widened at those words as they resounded a chord in her heart. "If that is Fate…one cannot disobey…"

"H-Hey, I'll…make a move first. I'll leave the others here to help you out, okay? I…have some unfinished business to take care of." Shiki muttered, going pale in the face.

Sai and Sumaru exchanged confused looks before turning towards their old leader. "Shiki, are you alright?" Sumaru asked with concern, and Shiki nodded. "Alright. We'll call you later on."

Shiki nodded before she almost ran outside the base and continued running until she couldn't hear the sobs nor smell the blood and the smoke that are the results of the carnage any longer, and took in deep breaths to calm herself down, squatting down at the edge of the lake where she is at. The redhead stared at herself in the reflection of the water, despite the fact that it's nearly night, and she could almost hear Riku's dying words from that fateful night as her reflection in the water seemed to transform into that of Riku's.

Born for Him. Die for Him. If that is Fate, one cannot disobey. Travel the unseen road. For what lies there is the end of life. That…is God's guidance.

Shiki closed her eyes and tried hard to choke back the sobs that are threatening to well out. 'Never again. I don't want to see something like that from happening again. Why…?' Shiki wiped her tears away with the back of her left hand. 'Why did something like this happen?'


First Security CellANBU Headquarters

Hoshigaki Kisame sighed as he glanced at the nervous guard standing guard outside the metal door that is the first class security cell of ANBU headquarters. "He still pissed off?" he enquired, and the guard nodded wearily. Kisame muttered something beneath his breath before glancing at the guard. "Open the door. I just need a few minutes with him."

"Y-Yes sir." The guard then fumbled with the locks on the door before opening the metal door, allowing Kisame in, closing the door behind the water nin-user as he did so.

Uchiha Itachi was sitting on the lone chair in the middle of the cell, both arms shackled with handcuffs to the arm rests of the chair, as were his feet to the legs of the chair. The Uchiha glared up at Kisame as he leaned against the wall, and sighed.

"Itachi…" Kisame muttered. "Even if you glare at me, it wouldn't change any matters. Why did you attack Tsunade-sama? Even you know that that is an offence enough to get you thrown into the jail cell."

"The Black Ops wiped out the base of Baled's that I've told you about." Itachi muttered, and Kisame's eyes widened. "Why? Why the Black Ops? Why were they sent? Usually, situations like that usually called for Akatsuki or Rendoku! Not the Black Ops!" Itachi snarled at Kisame. "Do you know of this?" Kisame shook his head quickly. "Why…?" He whispered, glaring at the ground. "I'm starting to think that Ragnarok and Baled are right about ANBU all along."

Kisame sighed.

Two days ago, Itachi had returned to ANBU headquarters in a furious temper and had gone straight to Tsunade's office with his katana in hand, ready to take her head off. He would actually have succeeded if it weren't for the fact that nearly the entire Akatsuki have felt their captain's killer intent, and had subdued him. Tsunade had then ordered him to be thrown into the first level jail cell because of his status and his ability level, not to mention the committed offence.

"The others agree with you on that." Kisame muttered, and Itachi looked up at him in surprise. "Nagato and Deidara both got suspicious when you tried attacking Tsunade-sama because of a 'raid' on Baled's Lake Ogura's base, and they both investigated that matter secretly. One of Nagato's informants told him about a rumour going around the underworld that one of Baled's bases was wiped out by ANBU Black Ops. It is unlike anything that they have ever seen before." Kisame sighed. "Make no mistake, Itachi, the entire underworld is furious. ANBU has done something that not even the most hardened criminal or terrorist in the underworld would do. Baled is pissed off as well. And from what I heard from Nagato, Ragnarok is even more so. They would probably be tearing ANBU headquarters down by now if it wasn't due to the fact that they're helping Baled with what had happened."

Kisame then lowered his voice. "The others are trying to figure out a way to get you out of here. With what you'd done, I'm very surprised that Tsunade-sama didn't immediately demand your execution. But it's only a matter of time. Rendoku is trying to keep the fact that you are imprisoned from Sasuke. But it is only a matter of time before he found out." Kisame then glanced over his shoulder. "Alright. I have to go. Just sit tight, Itachi. We'll get you out of here soon enough."

It was nearly midnight when Itachi was nearly nodding off in his cell. He had gone two days straight without food, as he had all but threw the trays of food at the terrified guard that had brought them. In fact, Itachi is more worried about Baled and Shiki, and what she must think. He knew that Shiki must be extremely furious, and he wouldn't be surprised if she wanted him dead. From his point of view, she has every right to do so.

The sounds of someone shooting the locks of the door of his cell startled him awake just then, and he glanced up only to see the door opening with a creak, with a nonchalant Namikaze Shiki standing at the doorway. Behind her, Itachi could see the unconscious guard slumped to the ground.

The redhead then raised her left hand that is currently wrapped around a gun and fired four shots – breaking the chains binding Itachi's limbs to the chair. The Uchiha stood up on shaky legs and stared at Shiki. "Shiki, why—"

"Kisame told me about it." Shiki answered, cutting him off. "Come."

Itachi nodded before he headed out of the cell before Shiki garnered some energy in her hand and tossed it at the walls, creating an enormous explosion, and causing the entire building to shake.

Shiki studied the words on the wall that was created due to her last move: 'The Revolution has begun. Sinners, be warned and beware. You are next.'

The redhead then turned and left.

The war is at hand.


Shiki had all but forced Itachi onto her motorcycle before speeding away from ANBU headquarters, and Itachi was nearly scared of the speed that she was going, and wondered if Shiki had done something to her bike for it to be able to reach that level of speed.

Shiki was silent throughout the entire journey, and for once, Itachi had wizened up and said nothing until they reached Hiraiko, stopping outside Cat's Eye. Shiki glanced at Itachi over her shoulder, and the Uchiha got the message by getting off her bike, and the redhead then followed suit.

"I got a question for you," said Shiki darkly, glaring at Itachi. "Did you tip the ANBU off?"

Itachi hesitated before biting on his lip. "Yes."

The sound of the slap that resounded throughout the air caused his head to jerk back, and he looked at Shiki who looked absolutely furious with him. "I knew it," she muttered. "Do you know how many people have died that day? Their blood is on your hands!"

"I…I didn't mean to…!" Itachi protested. "I thought at first that the Akatsuki or Rendoku would be sent out. We are usually sent out for missions like that. I didn't think that the Black Ops…" He paused. "Just…kill me, Shiki. I know that it's my fault. I…"

"Raise your head and look at me, Uchiha Itachi." Shiki commanded harshly, and Itachi looked at her with surprised eyes. "You don't get to die." She stated. "You can be cruel as an ANBU, but I can be even more so. I'll make you withstand the punishment. You are now a traitor to the ANBU. I want you to be the one to fight against your once comrades, protecting the comrades and friends of the very people whom you have caused the deaths of. I want you to realise that you will be the reason why ANBU will be swooping down on Baled like bees to honey. I want you to accept your punishment like the man that you are." Shiki took one step forward and grabbed him by his collar, yanking him forward. "Furthermore, I was the one to save your life! You don't get to die unless I say so!"

"Fine…" Itachi muttered. "What do you want me to do now?"

"I can't bring you to Ragnarok or even Baled." Shiki answered, releasing her hold on Itachi. "They're both furious, especially Sai and Sumaru. It didn't take them long to figure out that you're the one who tipped the ANBU off about the whereabouts of their base. Shino and Yugito are now helping them to find a location for another base. If I bring you to either Ragnarok or Baled, they'll kill you themselves even before you took half-a-step in. No. I'm taking you to Iruka. He'll take care of you."

Itachi nodded, feeling very subdued and drained because of the events from the past few days. "…Alright."


Ragnarok's Headquarters (Boathouse)Lake Ogura, Japan

It was nearly two in the morning when Shiki had returned to Lake Ogura, and had stepped foot into the boathouse. All of Ragnarok had decided to dock there for the time being as they assisted Baled with the moving to another base once Shino had located a suitable place.

The boathouse was extremely silent, as all of Ragnarok were probably all asleep, and as such, Shiki was surprised to see Temari waiting for her, sitting on the couch. "Temari?"

Temari managed a small smile at Shiki as the redhead entered. "Can we talk?"

Shiki frowned. "What is it?"

Temari fidgeted and toed the carpet beneath her with her toe. "There's…something that I need to do…for Kankuro's sake," she said at last, looking up to meet Shiki's eyes. "For everyone as well."

Shiki narrowed her eyes slightly. "…is it for revenge?" she asked at last.

Temari didn't speak for a long time as she looked out of the window at the dark skies and the dark waters of the lake before she turned back towards Shiki again. "I don't know," she admitted at last. "Shiki. I need a favour from you."

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"It's starting. And it can no longer be stopped."

"Blood can only be washed away by blood."

"If you had even an ounce of Itachi's honour, I would have at least spared your life."

"Fools we might be, but we'll see it right to the end."

"Ragnarok doesn't give second chances."

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