Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

The Reckoning

Warnings: Violence. Blood. Gory scenes. Murder scenes. Lemon scenes.

Disclaimer: Part of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Thirty: The Reckoning

Mist's HeadquartersUnknown Location

The underworld mercenary group Mist had a reputation equivalent to the ANBU in the underworld, and they are like the 'police force' of the underworld as well, though the only difference being that they only stepped in when things are spinning out of control.

Mist are made up of seven of the greatest fighters, with one leader among them, and with the end of the war over a decade ago, their members have dwindled down to three, which resulted in the new leader of Mist, Mei Terumi, rebuilding their forces back up. As Mist held considerable influence with several villages and towns of Japan thanks to their assistance with the rebuilding, after the war, Mist was then given a seat on the High Council, a great honour, as it also serves as a chance for them to get their opinions spoken out, and a chance for them to change things with regards to certain towns and villages as well as the underworld.

As such, this is why Mei Terumi, the first female leader of the Mist in history had a most surprising visitor that day by none other than the infamous leader of Ragnarok, Namikaze Shiki, the leader of the very organisation that ANBU have been after like a shark after blood for the past five years.

"I see. ANBU Black Ops, huh?" Mei mused, seated behind her desk with her fingers curled together before her mouth. She glanced at the younger redhead sitting opposite her, and even though Namikaze Shiki is the master of masks, Mei Terumi knew her well enough to see that she is obviously very upset and furious with the ANBU. And probably, she is furious with herself as well. "It's true that the ANBU's movements and actions have been getting worse of late. It is like they do not care who and what they sacrifice, as long as they attain their objective. It won't be long before the High Council steps in, as they won't be able to cover it up for long."

Shiki sighed, rubbing her temples to ease her headache. "Baled is in an uproar," she informed the older woman. "Apparently, they all decided that they had enough. The base at Lake Ogura is the third one wiped out by ANBU Blacks Ops, and Lake Ogura's base wasn't a complete wipe out because Ragnarok made it there as the attack was happening to prevent the worst from happening. Baled had been staying quiet for the past year or so ever since ANBU Black Ops is coming down on us like a hawk after a tasty morsel, but with Sumaru and Sai both being at Lake Ogura when it nearly went up in flames, and the fact that they've both narrowly escaped with their lives, well…" Shiki shrugged one shoulder. "Baled is pissed off. So is Ragnarok. It took Sumaru everything that he had to convince his comrades to not hunt down the ANBU! We don't need another civil war on our hands. It's the same for my side as well. Though the fact that we're currently helping Baled to rebuild and find another base helps in that, as they're too busy to think of anything else."

Mei sighed. "Shiki, to be honest, I think this is going to blow up into another civil war sooner or later," she said wearily. "With how ANBU is acting lately, the underworld isn't staying silent as well. With that latest stunt pulled on Baled, they are all furious. Not even the most hardened criminal and terrorist will do something like that. Make no mistake; they are all just itching for an excuse to hunt the ANBU down. I do think that this is the first time that I ever saw them all so united before."

"I've been hearing rumours from Arashi and Iruka as well." Shiki stated with a sigh. "They said that the informants' circle aren't happy as well. I think it all started when an ANBU had killed Sasame by mistake. The informants' circle is a very tight group. I'm not surprised that they acted that way. But from what I heard, none of the informants are responding to any ANBU's calls for about six months now."

Mei raised an eyebrow. "I guess that explains why the ANBU had been acting this way…" she mused. "They are probably trying to get the underworld back under their control." She snorted. "Like we were theirs to control in the first place. We answer to no one!" She muttered. Mei then shook her head. "Anyway, I heard that the High Council has been buzzing with activity as well. It should only be a matter of time before a meeting is called – for the first time in years ever since the war had ended."

Shiki scowled at the mention of the High Council. "High Council, eh?" she muttered. "I don't like those guys in there. If I had it my way, we wouldn't have a ruling council of old farts who hasn't been in battle or even been in the underworld since fuck knows when!"

Mei snorted in amusement. "Pity that you aren't the one to decide how this country is run then," she said. She then shook her head. "Well, with Mist's revival, we'll keep a close eye on the High Council and ANBU for you, seeing as how you lost your ANBU spy. That Kakuzu guy, I think that's his name."

"Yeah, and I'm concerned about his death." Shiki frowned, remembering the awful way in which he had died, though technically, it is Neji who had killed him. "I hope that I'm just thinking too much about things, but the way that he had died…" She trailed off.

Mei sighed. "Well, we'll continue keeping an eye on things. No one apart from you and the rest of those in Mist knew that we're allied with Ragnarok after all." Shiki held up a hand just then, silencing Mei as she turned to look at the closed office door. Mei blinked in confusion. "What's wrong?"

Shiki didn't answer. Instead, she merely stood up and vanished in a blur at the same moment as when the door opened, and an annoyed looking Ao stepped in, a man wearing the messenger uniform of the High Council with him.

"Mei, there is a messenger from the High Council. He demands an audience." Ao stated, though the looks that he gave the man with his one eye told everyone present just what he thought about the man next to him.

Mei nodded before standing up from behind her desk. "What is it?" she asked briskly.

The messenger said nothing for several moments before reaching into his pocket and pulled out an official-looking scroll that bore the official crest of the High Council. "The ANBU Chief, Sarutobi Hizuren-sama, has called for a meeting of the High Council in ten days regarding the Ragnarok affair."

Mei's eye twitched visibly at this as she accepted the scroll and nodded. "Very well," she said. "Standard procedure as usual, I assume?"

"Yes," said the messenger with a nod. "You are not to bring more than two bodyguards with you. The meeting will be at the Intelligence HQ of Wind City."

Mei sighed. "Very well," she said briskly. "Tell Sarutobi-dono that I'll be there."

The messenger then saluted and left the room. Ao followed after him, scowling fiercely the entire time until he had disappeared, closing the door behind him. Several moments of silence reigned after that before Shiki dropped down from the ceiling, wearing a serious look on her face.

"Looks like we've hit the nail on the head," said the younger redhead grimly. "Seems like the High Council isn't staying silent as well."

Mei glanced at the scroll currently clutched in her hand. "That's true."


Baled Resistance MovementLake Ogura, Japan

"Shino has found an appropriate base for you lot," said Shiki, entering the make-shift tent constructed in the now half-destroyed base in Lake Ogura, where Sumaru and Sai are both in there, both of them poring over a map on the table. "It's the only one that we can find that might ensure your safety."

"Where is it?" asked Sumaru with interest.

Shiki hesitated for a few moments before she answered. "It's about five miles west of Eternal Lake, not too far away from the Forbidden Forest – the nin-users' sanctuary," she said. "Not many people go there, so there is little chance that ANBU might stumble upon you, as even the ANBU steer clear of that place. But the downside is that you have to travel at least half-a-day in order to get groceries and stuff at the nearest town. We can help you with that, but we're going to be pretty busy for a few months, so…" She trailed off.

Sumaru nodded. "Don't worry about it," he said. "My people's lives come first and foremost. I'm thankful enough that we managed to find a place where the ANBU won't find us."

Shiki nodded. "Alright. Ragnarok will help you to move. We'll start on it tomorrow."

Sumaru nodded. "Okay," he said. "I'm pretty tired. I'll go and rest for a bit."

Shiki nodded as Sumaru headed out of the tent, and she then turned towards Sai. "I've been doing some asking around, as the informants aren't too happy with ANBU of late," she said. "No news of Yamato yet."

Sai sighed. "I see," he said. He then glanced at Shiki. "I heard from Shino about the High Council meeting."

Shiki's face darkened considerably. "Yeah," she said with a sigh. "Things are picking up now." She then glanced at Sai. "About Yamato, don't give up hope just yet. I don't believe that he is dead until I see his corpse with my own eyes. Besides, I believe that with a strong will, one can even overcome death." She smiled at Sai. "As long as you don't give up and continue to believe, your dreams and wishes can come true, Sai."

Sai smiled weakly. "I guess so," he said. "I guess, after being in so much danger after all these years, it has kind of numbed me now. I can't believe any longer."

Shiki studied Sai for several moments. "Well, I can't say that I don't understand you," she said briskly. "All of us lived through the chaotic era of Hagako during the aftermath of the war, and we saw the terrible things that had happened back then. To us who had lived through that chaotic era of Hagako, life is like a game. You either win or you lose. If you win, you will be able to live to see another day. But if you lose, in the chaotic era back then and even now…it means that you die." She glanced at Sai out of the corner of her eye. "It's that simple."


Mist's HeadquartersUnknown Location

"Mei, are you ready?" Momochi Zabuza poked his head through the door. "Ao and Choujurou are both ready for you."

"Yeah," said Mei Terumi, standing up from behind her desk, and grasping the long katana that hung in a gray cloth holster on her desk before fastening it across her chest. She is wearing her usual clothing, but had changed her battle dress into something more suitable for a High Council meeting, though still in the same style. "A High Council meeting…" She mused. She then glanced at Zabuza. "Are you sure that you don't want to come with me?"

Zabuza grunted. "No thanks," he said. "For one thing, I never liked those guys, and I won't be able to stop my mouth from running off. And for another thing, that bastard will be there, and I don't think that I will be able to prevent myself from attacking him when he is the sole reason why Mist is in shambles after the war, and Ayumi had died!" He grumbled something beneath his breath. "I wonder how you and Ao can both stand seeing him, let alone being in the same room as him. Choujurou, I can understand, as he isn't part of the original Mist before the end of the war to begin with." Zabuza then sighed and glanced at Mei with concern. "Just be careful. I trust those two to guard you well, but still…" He trailed off.

Mei sighed. "You worry too much. I'll be fine," she said. "I'm leaving headquarters to you whilst I'm out."

Zabuza smirked as she strode past him. "Will do, Leader!" he said in mock salute.

Ragnarok's Headquarters (Boathouse)Eternal Lake, Japan

"It should be starting soon. The High Council meeting," said Haku, glancing at all her friends who were all gathered in the sitting room of the boathouse, all crowding around the small portable television currently sitting on the coffee table. The screen of the television showed a whole lot of ANBU agents and even the police standing guard around the Intelligence HQ where the High Council meeting will be held.

Tenten then frowned. "I might be a little behind the times, but who are the members of the High Council again?" she questioned. "From my understanding, there are nine members, right?"

Shino was the one who answered her, being the only one aside from Shiki to be well versed in the political views of their country. "That's right," he said. "Two members from the ANBU – their leaders. One the representative of the underworld, in this case, Mist itself. Three representatives from the north, east and south cluster of Japan – the ones that manned the towns and villages in those districts. Two representatives of the entire political cluster. And the last one is a neutral party. In this case, I think that he's the Head Judge of the courts."

Gaara whistled a low whistle. "Man, all the top shots of the country are in the meeting then," he said. He then frowned. "I hope that no one is crazy enough to attack the meeting. I don't mind Mei so much, but I don't like the others. And even as much as I do not like them, our country simply isn't ready for another war, especially since we're still recovering from the last one." He glanced around. "If another major war breaks out with another country, it might just be the end of Japan."

"Well, I don't think that anything bad is going to happen," said Hinata reassuringly. "Let's watch and see what happens."

High Council ChambersIntelligence HQ, Wind City

"Announcing, the arrivals of the head of the Mist mercenary group, Mei Terumi and her guards."

The eight people already in the meeting chamber that is really a circular table set in the middle with platforms on the second level of the chambers for their individual guards to stand behind them, looked up. They have all heard of Mist's reformation and comeback, and were thus, surprised to see that the new head of the Mist's mercenary group that had a rather fearsome reputation turned out to be a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties, wearing a dark blue dress that showed the smooth skin on her shoulders, with a lock of red hair covering one eye.

"Ah, Mei-san!" Mifune, the person leading the meeting stood up. "I hope that you've managed to find this place with no problems."

"Not at all. Your directions are extremely clear, Mifune-san," said Mei with a smile. "Please excuse my tardiness." She then walked towards the sole empty chair at the circular table whilst both Ao and Choujurou went behind the partition for the guards.

The redheaded woman then ran her eyes over the other members of the High Council. There were the two ANBU representatives – Sarutobi Hizuren and Senju Tsunade. The three representatives from the north, east and south cluster of Japan – Onoki, Mitokado Homura and Utatane Koharu. The person leading the meeting, a neutral party, the Head Judge of the courts of law – Mifune. And… Mei scowled as she laid eyes on one of the two people who were the representatives of the entire political cluster; A and Yagura.

'That bastard…!' Mei Terumi narrowed her eyes dangerously at a smirking Yagura. 'He indirectly caused the deaths of Minato and the rest, along with the near destruction of Mist, that had it not been for Zabuza, Ao and myself, along with Ragnarok's assistance, it would be the end of us! And he dared to act all high and mighty now?'

"With that." Mifune cleared his throat. "Let's begin the meeting now."

"But before that, I would like to say something first," said Mei, cracking one eye opened. "We have been content to leave Ragnarok alone for years. Why act now, Sarutobi-dono?" She glanced at Sarutobi Hizuren.

The ANBU Chief said nothing for several moments before he answered. "This matter has been going out of hand. Baled as well," he stated. "If this goes on, we might as well hand the running of the entire country over to them! Furthermore, with one of my top ANBU captains defecting, we can stay quiet no longer."

Mei twitched. "Then maybe you shouldn't have deployed the Black Ops in the first place!" she snapped.

"Mei-san." Onoki interrupted before an argument can break out. "From my understanding, the underworld had been acting strangely of late, and even several of the informants that used to work for me had been ignoring my calls as well. You as the representative of them should know their reasons. Would you care to answer them?"

"After the last stunt pulled by the ANBU, the informants are furious. As is the entire underworld." Mei stated, glaring at Tsunade and Sarutobi. "What I can say is this: they won't stay quiet for long if the ANBU continued the way that they are going. The informants that used to work for the ANBU are in fact now passing on information about them to their enemies. So if I am you, I would choose my decisions wisely." Mei smirked. "Information is a powerful tool. They can destroy the ANBU with this."

Tsunade and Sarutobi went pale.

A snorted. "They are nothing but terrorists and murderers." The dark skinned man stated. "They dared defy the law, and thus, they must pay the price for it."

Up on the platform, Ao frowned. "This isn't going well," he muttered, and Choujurou nodded.

Mei scowled. "Be my guest and go ahead, and you'll have a civil war on your hands," she stated, and the eight High Council members blinked. "I don't think that you're too old to realise the fact that nearly the entire underworld respected Ragnarok and their ideals. At the beginning, it started as a begrudging respect, but as time went on, it soon became true respect. And probably, a quarter of the public is the same as well."

"They're not the law." Yagura stated, and Mei's eyes narrowed.

"Fine. Then let me ask you a question then." Mei stated, standing up from behind the table. "All of you… When did you forsake yourselves?" The surrounding people blinked in confusion. "If this country is as good as what you've claimed, then do you seriously think that Ragnarok will do what they did? That Baled will do what they did? That the underworld would even band together and turn against you in the first place?" Mei looked from one face to another. "I might be the leader of Mist, but even so, I do not interfere with the business of the underworld unless otherwise. That is our law."

"They're nin-users after all." Onoki uttered, closing his eyes briefly. "Even you know what that means. They fall under the nin-user charter: no nin-user is allowed to walk free without surveillance from the ANBU."

Mei felt her blood boil at this; now she understood why Zabuza didn't want to come with her. She is the most patient of their lot, but even this bunch of old farts is really trying her patience! Mist had worked with nin-users during the war, and they respected their power. The sole reason why Mist and the underworld had never liked the ANBU and the High Council is because of the fact that they always treated the nin-users as tools to be used and to be discarded once they've fulfilled their purpose.

"Let me ask you another question then," said Mei coldly. "No, let me put some facts out for you. Whose fault do you think it is that Ragnarok will do what they did? Is it not true that you bunch of idiots tried to suppress and control the nin-users of the country, causing them to suffer a Hell worse than anything that I've ever seen during the war, and trust me, I've seen a lot. I am not surprised that Ragnarok snapped and decided to do something about that. The more powerful a nin-user is, the more the suppression that they'll be under." Mei looked at them coldly. "You people created that evil in them. You people forced them to be what they are. In the end, the situation is one that you created! So don't you dare say that you had nothing to do with it! Don't you dare say that they deserved it! They never chose to be a nin-user! The only thing that they chose is the type of path that they walked, and then again, they never had a choice as well! You people forced them to this! And you dare claim that they're evil? You make me sick!"


ANBU Headquarters' Archives LibraryLeaf City, Japan

Shiki flipped through a couple of files and folders in this part of the archives' library where the ANBU kept all their records. It wasn't too difficult for someone of her calibre to sneak into ANBU headquarters, especially considering the fact that nearly half of the ANBU forces were sent to Wind City to guard the Intelligence HQ.

Shiki's eyes narrowed as she read through the records with the help of a flashlight that she had with her. 'I knew it…' she thought. 'Those five… Damn them to Hell.' She closed the record book that she had been looking through. "I'll make them pay for their sins. I swear it."


High Council ChambersIntelligence HQ, Wind City

"Damn, Mei, you sure had some guts!" Ao muttered to Mei an hour later as the meeting was dismissed. "My legs are still shaking! Those guys are the High Council after all. Is it wise to aggravate them like this?"

"Well, I don't care. Someone has to tell them to their face what majority of us think of them." Mei huffed. "But never mind that." She glanced at Ao. "Send a message to Shiki. Tell them to be on their guard. Baled as well." She frowned. "I don't like the feeling that I got. Something is going to happen soon."

Ao nodded. "Okay."


Cat's Eye CaféHiraiko, Japan

Uchiha Itachi stared fearlessly at the barrel of a gun currently held in the hand of an emotionless looking Sai.

"Sai, stop it!" Iruka tried to stop the teen. "He's—"

"I want some answers, Iruka," said Sai, and he then turned towards Itachi. "How much longer are you going to torture Shiki? She never said anything, but I can tell! You are the source of her agony." Itachi's eyes widened. "Set her free! From the start, Shiki had always hesitated going after the ANBU because of the coward that I see in front of me now! And she knew what it cost her! Riku. Sara. Suigetsu. Kankuro. Sasame. She blamed herself for their deaths. Throughout all these years, she has already lost too many comrades and friends to the ANBU and the stupidity of the High Council and the world! Can you blame her for wanting to change this world?"

Itachi said nothing for several moments. "The world is peaceful before Ragnarok…before Baled," he said. "Why are you people instigating conflicts? Do you want another war?"

Sai scowled. "Then it's all right if just your world is peaceful?" he stated, and Itachi jerked back as if slapped. "You've naïve. So naïve that you make me sick!" Sai spat. "See the real world with your own eyes, and stop living in your little black and white world! I'll never know what Shiki sees in you, and I don't care to find out. Even from back then, Shiki never gave up. Right until the end, she never gave up. That's why all of us follow her. Even to death if necessary. And I'll give you two choices here now. You can either help us with our goal to change the world, or you can just disappear and leave her to someone more worthy." He narrowed his eyes. "You're treading on very thin ice with us as it is. And I know Shiki. She'll throw her own heart and feelings away if it meant that she has to protect her friends and comrades. Besides, war is going to break out soon between the ANBU and us. We'll change the world. Even if we have to break this world to do so."


Baled Resistance MovementShinjuku, Japan

"It's ready." Fuu chirped, dragging Shiki by the wrist to where the submarine-cum-plane stood waiting. "We heard about it from Sumaru and Sai. That's why we rushed it out."

Shiki smiled as she eyed the new mother ship of Ragnarok. Utakata even had the foresight to add in Ragnarok's symbol on the side. "It looks wonderful," she said, and Fuu beamed. "And you both finished this just in time too." Fuu looked confused at that. "We're about to launch an attack against ANBU headquarters soon." Shiki glanced at Fuu. "We decided that we've had quite enough. And Mei told me what had gone on during the meeting as well. The others are definitely not happy."

Fuu nodded slowly. "So what are you going to name this?" she asked.

Shiki thought for a few moments before she got the perfect name in mind. "Exilia," she stated.

Fuu smiled. "Exilia, huh? Short for Executor." She laughed. "Perfect for Ragnarok. Nice naming."

Shiki smiled.


Baled Resistance MovementEternal Lake, Japan

"So it begins then." Sumaru stated that night as he, Sai, Shiki, Gaara and Haku stood around a table on which a map of Leaf City was spread across. "With this…" He glanced around at the four other solemn faces. "There is no going back."

"Well, Fuu and Utakata finished the mother ship for us just in time," said Shiki, a slight smirk tugging at the ends of her lips. "The plans that Fuu had first drawn up of the mother ship are meant for siege attacks like this in the first place. And even if it isn't ready, I have another plan in mind, only more risky. Thus, both of them finishing that ship way before schedule is an added bonus."

A knowing smirk spread across the faces of both Sai and Sumaru whilst confused looks appeared on the faces of Gaara and Haku. The veteran members of Blade knew just what Shiki is capable of when it comes to tactical warfare and battle strategy. She is the one that had led all those battles and fights back during their days in Blade. That also explains just how Ragnarok had managed to outwit and outsmart ANBU countless times for the past five years.

"So, any plans?" Sai asked.

"Yeah, we're lucky here," said Shiki with a mischievous grin, tapping her index finger against the center of the map, and everyone leaned in closer to look. "Leaf City is the capital city of Japan ever since ANBU headquarters had moved their location to Leaf City after the last war had practically demolished their headquarters in Wind City. Because of their experience with the war, the new ANBU leaders decided to build their headquarters near the sea in case of attacks, in which they would be able to respond faster, and they would also not endanger the civilians. This time, they've helped us out."

Confused looks appeared on the faces of Sai and Sumaru, but Haku and Gaara seemed to have an idea what Shiki had been planning, and they exchanged grins.

Upon seeing the confused looks on the faces of Sai and Sumaru, Shiki sighed and decided to explain. "Look, you know that Exilia can travel both in the air and underwater, even functioning as a boat of some kind, right?" she questioned, and she got two nods. "I know of ANBU's counter methods, thus, our best way to neutralise their firepower is to submerge the entire headquarters in water. In other words, we're going to launch Exilia into the sea, with the force of the impact practically drowning ANBU headquarters in water!" Shiki looked from face to face. "This time, Ragnarok will be working hand-in-hand together with Baled," she stated. "While we will be attacking from the sea and from the skies, Baled will—"

"We will launch surprise attacks from the ground itself." Sumaru interrupted, an eager look on his face.

Shiki nodded. "The attack at Leaf City serves as a distraction as well," she stated. "The forces stationed at Wind City where the ANBU Chief is at will be called over to Leaf City. In other words, he will be left defenceless for several moments, and whichever team that we would be sending to Wind City wouldn't find much resistance. Our objectives here are simple. We have only one objective here." She put up one finger, a grim smile on her face. "Assassinate the ANBU leaders – Senju Tsunade and Sarutobi Hizuren."


ANBU HeadquartersLeaf City, Japan

Akatsuki had been feeling rather subdued for weeks now ever since Itachi's 'defection'. Sasuke wasn't too pleased with what he had heard as well, and had sent every single person who had badmouthed his elder brother straight into the hospital with broken bones.

The two ANBU teams of Akatsuki and Rendoku have been getting into trouble for mouthing off against their ANBU commander of late because of Uchiha Itachi as well as the fact that ANBU Black Ops have been sent out frequently of late for elimination missions. It had came to such a point that Tsunade hadn't been assigning any of them missions for weeks now ever since Itachi's defection.

That day was no exception.

It had started off as a quiet and peaceful afternoon for all of ANBU, with Sasuke demolishing some poor training dummy in the training room of ANBU headquarters whilst Kisame is dealing with all the paperwork that Itachi usually dealt with, standing in as interim captain for Akatsuki until a new one could be found. But as it is, of now, Kisame is the best choice for captain.

Japan had been living in peace for the best part of nearly twelve years, unless one counted the civil war that had broken out, and had only ended eight years ago which had wrecked Japan so badly that they're still recovering from it.

Unknown to the ANBU, that peace would end for them today, and depending on the decisions made, just perhaps, someday, the world would burn.

Ragnarok's Headquarters (Exilia Mother Ship)Somewhere in the Northern Skies

"Damn, it makes me feel like I'm flying a spaceship or something." Haku was muttering as she steered Exilia.

When Utakata had told Shiki that he had drawn up the plans of Exilia based off of the mother ship that he had saw in his favourite movie, Gundam 00, he wasn't kidding. Two pilots would be manning the navigation controls as well as any protection and attacks that they need to man whilst two other pilots have the job to keep an eye out for any other enemies and such. The mother ship also came equipped with their own dormitories, kitchen and even an infirmary.

The controls are easy to control as well, and Hinata had drawn up a schedule for every member to take turns manning the ship. Neji is a good enough technician, alongside Gaara, as the two have tinkered often enough with their motorbikes and cars, and it is due to them that the speed of those vehicles was almost unbelievable! As such, they do not have to worry about repairs for the mother ship when Utakata had given them a copy of the blueprints of the ship.

As such, all of Ragnarok had happily moved into their 'new home', though feeling quite sad to leave behind their boathouse at the Forbidden Forest that they have been using for the past eight or so years. But they were practical, not suicidal, and they knew that continuing using that boathouse is like putting up a sign with neon lights flashing by the sides, screaming 'We are Ragnarok! Over here! Come and get us!'

"Alright, we're getting in close," said Hinata, the only other pilot for Exilia, as nearly all of Ragnarok were involved in the plan. Shiki would have liked for both of them to join in the operation as well, but someone needs to steer the ship. As they would all be separated, Shiki had issued each of them a communicator, sans for Haku and Hinata as Exilia had communication devices. Hinata then smiled. "A plan like that…" She shook her head. "I can see why Blade is as feared as they said, if Shiki is their leader."

Haku smiled before she flicked several switches on the board that she is sitting in front of, watching as the screens in front of her changed so that they are showing just where they are currently heading. "Exilia, entering phase one of the plan."

Hinata glanced at the radar screen that showed the positions of their comrades. "All Baled and Ragnarok teams in position. The mission will begin at 0043."

A cackle cackled through just then, and Yugito's voice cackled through. "This is Yugito and Shino. We're in position at Wind City."

Haku narrowed her eyes. "Nearing the targeted location!" she announced. "Deploying maximum Chakra Shield as soon as we are in position!"

"Releasing the invisibility field!" Hinata announced as she tapped a few buttons. "Deploying missiles!"

"What is that?" Akimichi Chouji who had been on guard tower duty at the top level of ANBU headquarters asked, blinking owlishly. "What is that light?"

Nara Shikamaru frowned, cocking his head to one side. "Fireworks?" he mused. He then narrowed his eyes. "No… It's too large for that. Seems to be heading this way." His eyes then widened. "Missiles?"

A loud explosion then rocked the entire ANBU headquarters, along with the earth of the land as three major missiles hit the roof of ANBU headquarters, resulting in a wave of motion throughout the land, seeming as if an earthquake had suddenly struck them without any prior warning.

The emergency alarms of ANBU headquarters immediately started wailing, and all ANBU agents who were still in their dormitories were quick to respond immediately by pulling on their battle gear, ready for battle in a split second, rushing to the viewing bay.

And what they saw stunned them.

An oddly shaped ship that seems to be a mix between a spaceship and a fighter plane was heading towards ANBU headquarters with alarming speed, not slowing in the least. All those with sharp eyes noticed the symbol of Ragnarok on the side, and it soon didn't take the others long to figure out just who is attacking them.

"They're not slowing down at all?" Konan uttered in confusion. Her eyes then widened a slight fraction. "Wait, could they be—"

"Chakra Field, maximum deployment!" Hinata announced, tapping several buttons in no particular order as she did so.

"Exilia, entering into submarine mode!" Haku followed up next, tapping on several buttons. All the onlookers outside were looking on with fascination, alongside with all the Baled and Ragnarok members, as the wings of the ship folded in. "We're entering into the sea!"

There was a major splash and crash as Exilia crashed landed into the sea with a major crash, sending a major tsunami wave up with the impact, with said wave crashing into the headquarters of the ANBU, shattering all the glass windows immediately, and causing the entire headquarters to be half-submerged in seawater.

One of the objectives of this phase had been reached: ANBU can no longer use any of their battle planes and firepower for this battle.

"The enemy ship is moving beneath the water!" One of the ANBU personnel manning Control announced, their fingers moving quickly over the buttons and switches over the board.

Haku breathed heavily in her seat within the water, knowing that they would be safe in here, as there is no way that what little firepower that the ANBU had would be able to reach them, with them being this deep in the water.

"Phase one." Haku uttered through several pants and breaths.

"Cleared." Hinata ended the sentence.

Meanwhile in the viewing bay of ANBU headquarters, Kisame, Nagato and Sasori exchanged looks between them.

So they're here at last.

It had finally begun. The war between the ANBU and the underworld had finally begun.

Ragnarok is here.

A/N: I got the final part of this chapter from episode three of the second season of Gundam 00. One of the best shows that I've watched regarding warfare. Anyway, the story is going to pick up from here on out, so be ready for lots of conflict and character deaths.

Preview of next chapter:

"I am your executioner."

"I wanted to die to atone for my sins."

"I'm glad to see that you remembered me. Long time no see, Senju Tsunade."

"You sold out my parents!"

"Ragnarok doesn't give second chances."

"The game starts now. Let's play."

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