Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

Sins of the Past

Warnings: Violence. Blood. Gory scenes. Murder scenes. Lemon scenes.

Disclaimer: Part of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Thirty One: Sins of the Past

Sumaru whistled in appreciation as he watched and heard the alarms of ANBU headquarters ringing like crazy, with the ANBU agents themselves running around like chickens with their heads cut off. "Damn, it really is working," he said.

"Come on, have any of my plans failed you before?" Shiki muttered, glancing towards the sea where she is pleased to see that none of the little firepower that the ANBU has left at their disposal has managed to make it through the water to attack Exilia.

That is good in a way, as Haku and Hinata will both be safe.

A cackle in Shiki's communicator cackled just then, and Gaara's voice echoed into her ear. "Shiki, me and Temari will be going in."

Shiki sighed. "Alright. Phase one of the plan, cleared. Entering into phase two."

There were sudden blurs entering ANBU headquarters just then, and the loud screams that followed that could even be heard from where Shiki is spoke tales of whatever that both Ragnarok and Baled are doing to their self-proclaimed nemesis.

"Should we go in?" Sumaru asked glancing at Shiki.

The redhead sighed and nodded. "Guess that we should," she muttered. "Ragnarok, Namikaze—"

Satochi Riku smiled at her. "Do I have to die again to save you?" he chirped.

Shiki shook her head to clear away that image that had been popping up several times in her nightmares of late ever since the decision to launch a full frontal attack against ANBU was made. 'No! I won't let anything like that happen again!' She spoke into her communicator again. "Ragnarok, Namikaze. Going in."


Cat's Eye CaféHiraiko, Japan

Uchiha Itachi blinked and looked up from where he had been trying to glare holes at the tabletop of the counter that he had been sitting at when a cup of tea entered in his visage. A smiling Umino Iruka was standing in front of him, a knowing look on his face.


"It's lavender tea," said Iruka matter-of-factly. "Helps to calm the nerves. I used to take it all the time back in high school during examination period."

"Thanks." Itachi muttered as he stirred the contents of the teacup three times before lifting the cup to his lips, blowing on the contents gently to cool it down.

"Are you worried?" Iruka asked knowingly. "About Shiki?"

Itachi was silent for several moments before he answered. "I would be lying if I said that I wasn't," he admitted. "When the Black Ops have started creating quite a spill, with the underworld in an uproar, I guess that it is only a matter of time before Ragnarok and Baled decided to take matters into their own hands."

Iruka was silent before he spoke again. "I won't lie to you, Itachi," he said solemnly, and Itachi looked up with surprise. "I am on Shiki's side. She isn't only doing this for one or two years. She has been at this ever since she was eight or so – when she had first left Hagako. She has been at this for nearly nine years. She and her little group knew practically every secret about this country, and what it just needs. I trust in her. I believe that she can create a better world for us. The fighting is unavoidable. But I believe that Shiki knew what she is doing. She hasn't been a child for a long time. Just like all the others with her." Itachi was silent. "In the beginning, the underworld was sceptical about her claims, and about the ideals that she is working for. But gradually, she won them over. And with the Black Ops' actions recently, the entire underworld is now standing behind her – a first in history. Everyone trusted her. That is why she and Ragnarok can escape from ANBU's clutches every single time. You don't just use power and might for your plans and to rule over people, Itachi. You need people's trust and help as well. Shiki has that in spades. Everyone trusted and believed in her." Iruka raised an eyebrow at Itachi. "What about you? Do you believe her?" Itachi nodded. "Why?"

Itachi was silent for a long time. "When I first knew that she is Ragnarok's leader, I was…shocked," he admitted. "It took me over a year before I understood why she did what she did. And even then, there is a part of me that believed that she got close to me because of my status as an ANBU." Iruka frowned. "But then, the fire incident changed all of that."

Iruka raised an eyebrow. "Fire incident?"

Itachi nodded hesitantly. "I…tried to kill myself," he admitted, and Iruka narrowed his eyes. "I tried to kill myself, tried to end my own life, after I had unwittingly led nearly eighty people to their deaths just because of the commander's order. Shiki was so mad at me back then that she is nearly spitting fire."

Iruka realised what incident that Itachi is talking about just then. "The incident at the TV station months ago," he realised. "Gaara spoke about it to me."

Itachi snorted. "He would," he said, vaguely recalling the redhead who had glared at him so fiercely during one of ANBU's encounters with Ragnarok that he is surprised that Hell hadn't frozen over. Shiki had spoken of that redhead briefly. Gaara had been one of Ragnarok's best, second only to her. "I wasn't exactly rated high in their good books." He sighed, and Iruka's lips twitched in amusement at this. He knew how Ragnarok had viewed Itachi after all, apart from their leader that is. Gaara and Haku didn't exactly keep it quiet around him. Even Sumaru and Sai aren't exactly fond of Itachi, but they held their tongues in respect for Shiki. "After over eighty people died because of my ego, I…I just couldn't take it anymore." Itachi admitted. "I wanted to die to atone for my sins." Itachi closed his eyes. "But then…Shiki stopped me."

"This cursed power… The one that even my own parents feared…" A tear dropped from Itachi's eye. "I shall end it with me." He closed his eyes, and a light vortex of flames started swirling around him. "Disappear…Uchiha Itachi."

And a large vortex of flames then went up around him.


A voice that Itachi never thought that he'll hear reaches his ears just then, and he turned only to see Shiki leaping through the flames and hugging him around the waist from behind, despite the flames, despite the flames licking at her skins, obviously hurting her.

Itachi's eyes widened at that. 'No…'

"Let go of me!" Itachi tried to pried Shiki's hold on him. "You'll get burned too!"

"I won't let go!" Shiki shook her head frantically. "If you do this, we can't ever be together again!" Itachi's eyes widened at that, and Shiki tightened her hold around him. "If you still want to die, take me with you!"

Iruka was silent as he listened to Itachi relate this tale to him.

"Back then, the one who had pulled me out of that fire is Shiki, giving her the indelible scars that she now bore as a result." Itachi muttered. "Scars that not even those two healers in her group were able to heal. I was able to choose life because of her." Itachi clenched his hands into fists on the tabletop. "It could only have been her." He whispered. "She is the reason why I'm still alive now. Yet… Yet I actually hurt her again and again. I'm the worst."


High Council QuartersWind City

Sarutobi Hizuren paused in his current task of reading over some paperwork as the sounds of shuffling footsteps made him turn around to face the door. There wasn't even a single sound to be heard before the door slowly swung opened, revealing a creamy blond haired girl in her late teens standing at the opened doorway, a nonchalant look on her face.

Sarutobi frowned. "Who are you? How did you get past my guards?"

"Your guards? Those idiots outside?" The girl raised an eyebrow. "Well, let's just say that they're being treated to a nice nap." Sarutobi's eyes widened. "When they refused to let me through, I find it fit to send them straight into dreamland." The girl smirked. "Treasure the few moments that you have left. Because I see your future. And your future…is death!"

Sarutobi stiffened just then as he sensed a presence standing behind him – how the hell did they get behind him? – and felt the cold steel of a blade resting at his throat. As he turned his head slightly, he saw the visage of a teenage boy in his late teens wearing a dark coat with sunglasses on over his eyes, a murderous expression on his face.

"W-Who are you people?" Sarutobi croaked.

"Ragnarok," said the girl, stepping into the room. "You see, us and the entire underworld decided that we had enough of ANBU and their cowardly ways of doing things. Our leader has reached the last limits of her patience as well. This is a declaration of war on ANBU. And our first course of action is to assassinate the leaders of the disease in this country. You are the ones that had caused Japan to be in this pitiful state that they are now in." Nii Yugito hissed. "Now pay your dues."

Sarutobi wasn't able to say anything as his throat was slit, and he collapsed in a heap to the ground, blood bubbling out of his slit throat and struggling to breathe, but to no avail. In a matter of moments, he was dead.

Yugito stepped over to Shino, glancing over at the dead body on the ground as the insect user cleaned his blade calmly. "Have you taken your revenge, Shino?" Yugito asked quietly.

Shino glanced over at Yugito and nodded. "Yeah. Thanks for this," he said. "I know that you want to kill him too."

Yugito shook her head. "Nah. I know that you can inflict more pain on him than I could with my powers," she said. The blonde then sighed. "How fairs the heart?"

Shino was silent for several moments. "The same as always. But with his death and with the declaration of the war, it is a little easier to live." He admitted. He then looked out of the window. "I wonder…if Shiki and the others are managing?"


Cat's Eye CaféHiraiko, Japan

A loud explosion was all that could be heard as the front doors of the Cat's Eye café was blown off the hinges, causing it to crash somewhere in the café-cum-bar itself. The five black masked individuals – ANBU Black Ops' agents – had their hands on dangerous looking guns as they stepped into the obviously empty café.

That is their mistake.

The next moment, all five of them were swung into midair with thin invisible wires that stretched all over the café rather like a spider web.

"Man, Itachi sure is popular." Mitarashi Anko sighed as she stepped out, dressed in her tan coat, resting the blade of a tanto against her shoulder. "Shiki is going to owe us one for this."

"You ANBUs are going to pay for the broken door." Umino Iruka stated, a twitch visible in his eyebrow, as he was also dressed for combat, a katana in one hand. "I see that Shiki isn't kidding when she said that the ANBU won't care who they kill – civilian or otherwise, as long as they attain their objective."

"It's alright, isn't it?" Anko asked, a sadistic grin on her face. "It's been awhile since I have to do this." She then turned towards the currently airborne ANBUs. "If you're looking for Itachi, then you're just wasting your time. He isn't here. The leader of Ragnarok knew that you'll come after him, and had us to hide him away. We'll be your opponents instead."

"W-Who are you people?" One of the ANBUs croaked.

"Your executioner." Iruka stated. "They don't call me the Killer Dolphin for nothing during the time of the war." He narrowed his eyes dangerously. "One of the most famed assassins during the time of the war!"


Loud grunts could be heard as about ten unknown ANBU agents – rookies perhaps – fell to the ground like a couple of dominoes. Shiki sighed as she retracted back her palm where she had dealt a direct hit to the chest area – knocking them out effortlessly.

Less than ten steps away from her, Sai and Sumaru were standing back-to-back with each other, a pair of guns and swords in their hands respectively. And judging by the sounds of rapid gunfire and the screams every now and then, the siege performed on ANBU headquarters by Baled and Ragnarok is going smoothly…thus far.

"Were they always this weak?" Sumaru deadpanned, cleaning the blood off his swords. "It makes me feel ashamed to ever be afraid of them when we were kids."

Shiki sighed, turning her head over her shoulder to glance in the direction of the two boys. "We haven't faced their top cards yet. And Utakata and Fuu's squad are facing the Black Ops' squadron – or whatever that was left of them that are here. Don't let your guard down."

A loud explosion somewhere in one of the higher levels of ANBU headquarters reached their ears just then, and light debris and rubble rained down around their ears. Shiki, Sumaru and Sai looked towards the ceiling, startled.

"What the hell was that?" Sai questioned.

Shiki narrowed her eyes. 'Temari…' "I'm leaving this place to you. I'm going in."

"You bastards killed my brother…!" Sabaku no Temari growled, a furious and wild wind picking up around her, shredding everything that even came near her like tissue paper. "You people want our power, don't you? This is more than you can handle!"

"W-What the hell is this?" Tenten shouted, shielding her face from the wild wind that is comparable to that of a mini tornado indoors. She had seen Temari using her power more than once, but this is the first time that she had seen Temari doing something like this. But this feeling… "What is this feeling? It feels…almost evil!"

Neji almost shivered. He had only felt this only once. All those years back when he, along with Shiki and Hinata have saved Temari and her brothers from Amachi in the town of Hiraiko all those years back.

'Mutation…' Neji realised. 'Just like Kankuro back then…' He gulped. 'This isn't good!'

"Temari, stop it!" Gaara shouted to his sister, also shielding his face from the strong wind. A few ANBU agents that were too eager to kill at least one of their attackers rushed towards Temari, and ended up getting sliced up like swish kebab for their troubles, killing them instantly. "You'll die if you use that!"

"I don't care!" Temari screamed, glaring a look of full hatred at the teams of Akatsuki and Rendoku, as well as Senju Tsunade that were currently standing in front of them. "Even if I have to die…" Temari narrowed her eyes as the wind grew stronger, causing several holes to be blown in the ceilings and walls. Gaara wisely covered himself and his comrades with a shelter of sand. "…I'm taking you bastards with me!"

"Oh shit—!" Deidara yelped, hanging onto a nearby door with dear life, trying very hard not to get himself blown into Temari's direction. "Kisame! Nagato! Do something!"

"What the hell makes you think that I can do anything?" Kisame screamed back, actually sticking his sword into the ground as far as he could go, and hanging onto it with dear life. Nagato didn't even bother to bite back a response. He is utilising his telekinetic powers with full force to prevent himself from getting blown off his feet.

The wind grew stronger just then, and Sasuke gulped. "Oh shit—!" he yelped as he was blown off his feet, only to get grabbed by the back of his collar by Shikamaru who was standing next to him, who in turn was grabbed by Kiba, who was grabbed by Lee, and who was grabbed by Chouji who was grabbing onto a door with his other hand. The remaining Rendoku agents – two who were killed by Ragnarok sometime in the last year, made quite a picture to anyone watching. But at this point in time, none of them cared.

Temari glared, and is it Kisame's imagination, but were her eyes glowing?

"Temari, stop it!" Tenten called out to her rival and best friend. "Kankuro wouldn't want you to throw your life away like this to kill his murderers! He wouldn't want to see such a look on your face! And what about Gaara?"

"I don't care!" Temari screamed. "Die—"

All Ragnarok and ANBU agents present blinked in confusion just then. One moment, Temari was on the verge of killing all ANBU agents and herself along with it, with that extremely dangerous wind circulating around her that is also cutting herself up. And the next moment, she was slumped unconscious over Shiki's arm, the redhead whose left hand was pulsing with a soft blue light, indicating that she had been the one to dispel that dangerous wind.


Shiki threw an unconscious Temari to a bewildered Neji. "Neji, get Temari and get out of here. Go!"

Neji nodded. "You've got it," he said before he turned and left with an unconscious Temari in his arms.

Kiba growled. "You're not getting away!" he growled, only to pause in his step the next moment as a light webbing crisscrossed all over the room…or half demolished hallway that they are now in. The Akatsuki could sense a strange power emanating from them, and had more than enough sense to not touch that webbing.

'There it is!' Gaara mused, glancing at the 'web'. 'Shiki's power!' He glanced at their leader who doesn't look happy with the ANBUs, and who was glaring at the ANBU commander in particular.

"You know, I've had quite enough of you ANBU bastards." Shiki stated, narrowing her eyes dangerously. "You ANBU trampled upon the nin-users of this land and enslaved us for too long now. If you think that I will stay silent after everything that you have done, then you've got another thing coming, especially after you've deployed the Black Ops to destroy those villages, and when you've got the guts to kill my friends!"

Tsunade fought hard to prevent herself from taking a step backwards as a massive killing aura swept over them. A few had all but fainted from that killing aura, like Lee and Kiba, and the ones that remained conscious were barely standing, sans for the Akatsuki.

"You must be Ragnarok's captain, also otherwise known as Twila." Tsunade stated more than questioned, a slight quaver in her voice at the power that she could feel emanating from this girl.

Not good.

No wonder she is the leader of the most notorious assassination group in history, and no ANBU has been able to capture them for the past five years. And why she was able to band Baled and the underworld together around her. Her power isn't to be sneezed at.

Shiki's eye twitched dangerously at this, and Tenten glanced at Shiki nervously. 'Is she planning to fight?' she thought. 'Not good.' She exchanged nervous looks with Gaara. 'Shiki looks pissed off. And if she is planning to fight…' Tenten gulped. 'Then she isn't going to stay her hand. ANBU headquarters might even come down around our heads at the end of it! Then…' Tenten's face took on a determined look as she pulled out two daggers from the pouches around her waist, but Gaara stepped up next to Shiki, not taking his eyes off of the ANBUs.

"Tenten, I'll act as backup." Gaara stated, sand twisting around his body. "Cover my back."

Tenten nodded. "You've got it."

Shiki sighed, letting out a huff as she did so, before looking straight into Tsunade's eyes. "I really wasn't planning on getting myself involved here, but you leave me with no choice," she said. "When Ragnarok had first started our debut, we weren't planning to get ourselves tangled with the ANBU. That is the only reason why we've left you alone for so long without doing anything." She narrowed her eyes. "And trust me, we can quite easily kill you people. If you and Sarutobi had even an ounce of Itachi and Kankuro's honour, I would have at least spared your pathetic life."

"W-What are you talking about?" Tsunade questioned.

"If you ANBU bastards wanted to play chase, you'd better be prepared as well." Gaara stated, flinging his sand forwards the next moment that had the effect to hit Deidara, Shikamaru and Sasuke all at the same time, easily knocking them out.


"Shikamaru! Sasuke!"

"'Hit him three times, and even the Buddha will get mad'." Tenten quoted one of her late father's favourite sayings. "Honestly, before you ANBU make any movements, you really should have done your research. I thought that you of all people should have learnt that from your experience in the last war." Tenten mocked Tsunade who frowned.

"The last war?" Tsunade echoed. "You kids are a little too young to be in the last war."

Tenten rolled her eyes. "I wasn't talking about the war that you idiots had with that country-what's-their-name," she said. "I was talking about the civil war." The eyes of all ANBU agents widened, Tsunade included. "The civil war that horrors even exceeded that during the war that the ANBU had with that country-what's-their-name."

Gaara interrupted just then. "Tenten, you speak too much," he said, and he then turned his attention back towards the ANBU. "You killed too many of our comrades for us to stay silent any longer, and then the Black Ops' wipe-out operations… You've gone too far."

"Who…are you?" Tsunade almost whispered.

Shiki narrowed her eyes. "Born for Him. Die for Him. If that is Fate, one cannot disobey," she said, and Tsunade's eyes widened in both horror and realisation. "Travel the unseen road. For what lies there is the end of life. This is God's guidance."

Tsunade's eyes widened in horror, and she let out a gasp.

"I'm from Sacho." An orange haired boy grunted, eyeing them with suspicion in his eyes. "One brother."

"Hisao." Another grunted. "No family."

"No idea."

"…Hagako." A redhead stated with no emotion in her voice whatsoever, eyeing them with distrust and loathing. "And even if I do have family left, I wouldn't be telling you."

Tsunade remembered that case from nearly ten to thirteen years back. That was one of the most wide-scale kidnapping cases that she had ever worked on prior to her appointment as the ANBU commander. That was back during the civil war, when a series of disappearances had taken place all over the country, with children between the ages of five to thirteen disappearing in a span of two weeks. Nine children were kidnapped, and as far as she remembered, only four of those kids came back alive.

"…it's a game that they thought up of. The Nonary Game."

"They told us that we have nine days to escape."

"It's a game where we put our lives on the line."

Not one of those kids had told them what this 'Nonary Game' was, and until today, that case is still put under the 'Unsolved' column, as no one even knew whom the kidnapper was. The ANBU only had suspicions, and not one of the kids was willing to help them.

"Why should I tell you? You killed them! You killed them!"

"I hate the ANBU!"

"I swear to the heavens who had given me only Hell, that someday, I shall have my revenge!"

"…Miyuki… Suzuki… Born for Him. Die for Him. If that is Fate, one cannot disobey. Travel the unseen road. For what lies there is the end of life. This…is God's guidance."

Tsunade let out a light gasp, her eyes widening.

She remembered now. That case was one of the ones that was 'swept under the rug' to prevent the loss of face of the ANBU, and to prevent the civil war from worsening any further. Two of those kids from back then had never really forgiven them, she remembered, as they refuted all attempts of the ANBU to 'take them in', and quite rudely as well. They even said that they'd rather die and starve to death on the streets than to accept the ANBU's help. As far as she knew, those two have died a few years after that. The other two kids who have survived joined the ANBU later on when they were old enough.

"You…" Tsunade said slowly. "You're one of those kids from back then!" Her ANBU agents turned startled eyes towards their commander. "That kidnapping-cum-experimenting case from nearly ten to thirteen years ago!"

Shiki's lips curled into a sneer. "I'm glad to see that you remembered me," she said. "It's been over ten years. Long time no see, Senju Tsunade!"

"Impossible!" Tsunade shook her head. "It can't be! You're supposed to be dead!" That came out more like a denial than an insult.

Shiki rolled her eyes with annoyance. "I don't look dead, do I?" she questioned, ignoring the ANBU agents' nervous looks. "And unfortunately for you, I don't die that easily." Shiki narrowed her eyes as she slid one foot backwards, getting into a strange stance. "And hear this, Senju Tsunade! I bow to no one! I take orders from no one! I hadn't fallen that low as to be killed by someone by the likes of you!" Tsunade flinched back as if slapped. "I would rather choose death by my own hands than to be killed by someone like you!"

Gaara and Tenten exchanged confused looks. They have never seen Shiki so angry before, and her tone when speaking to that ANBU lady is bordering on outright hatred. Out of all of them, Shiki's past is the only one that is still unknown to them. Not even Sumaru and Sai had known about her past prior to meeting her.

"Now see here, there is nothing that we could do about that from back then!" Tsunade interrupted. "Fine, maybe we could have handled that a bit better, but—"

"A bit?" Shiki nearly screeched.

"I-I mean 'a bit' in the nicest way possible." Tsunade said weakly. Judging by the look on Shiki's face, she suddenly realised that maybe she shouldn't have said that.

"Oh really? Fine, let's put that case aside." Shiki growled, glaring daggers and knives and everything that is pointy and sharp at Tsunade. "You and Sarutobi Hizuren… You fuckers, along with the entire High Council sans for the representative from Mist sold out my parents!"

There was silence for a very long time. "…your parents?"

Shiki's eyes narrowed. "Do the names 'Namikaze Minato and 'Uzumaki Kushina' ring any bells?" Shiki growled, and the eyes of Nagato and Konan widened, unnoticed by everyone else. "And do the names Hyuuga Hiashi and Hyuuga Hizashi seems familiar to you?" Gaara looked at her curiously. "And do you remember the names Aburame Shibi, Aburame Shiri, Shisei Ayumi, Nii Kensei and Kinzoku Tessai?"

Tenten paled as she stared at Shiki, wondering just what her father had to do with it. Gaara on the other hand, recognised Haku's last name, alongside Hinata, Neji, Shino and Yugito's last names. Who are those people that Shiki had mentioned? And why did that Tsunade lady seems as if she had just swallowed an extremely sour lemon?

"Those are the names of the people who used to serve in Mist." Shiki stated, and the eyes of everyone present widened. "The underground mercenary organisation that had been a big help in the turning of the war, and that is still around today! You fuckers…you sold them out after the war ended! My parents…they were the founders and leaders of Mist. And both of them were also nin-users." Shiki narrowed her eyes. "S-class ones, to be exact. Shisei Ayumi is their best spy and information specialist. Hyuuga Hiashi and Hizashi were twin brothers, and along with Aburame Shibi, they were one of the best scouts in Mist. Shibi's older son, Aburame Shiri…you ANBUs killed him nearly nine years ago!" Gaara's eyes widened at the mention of Shino's older brother. "And let's not forget about Karura. She had been Gaara, Temari and Kankuro's mother."

Gaara paled. "The nine of them were the best in Mist, and they played a large part in the war. And you fuckers sold them out! For what? Just because the knowledge that they held and knew could prove disastrous for the ANBU should they decide to spill to the public what they knew, you sold them out! You killed them! You murdered my parents in cold blood! You murdered the parents of my friends! And then, in order to get their orphaned children – us, under the ANBU, you went to great pains just to make sure that our lives are total hell."

Tsunade paled, but Shiki wasn't done yet. She wasn't even halfway done. "I've found it strange for awhile now. Other nin-users can live in peace despite it being known that they're nin-users, even though they have to live with the usual discrimination. Just why are we the ones who have to suffer through Hell? I investigated. And trust me, it isn't easy to get all the answers. It too me nearly six fucking years just to find out everything. I later found out from Zabuza that my parents are the founders of Mist, and he, along with the current leader and Ao are one of the first members, and they served under my parents during the war. Then that bastard Yagura trampled all over Mist during the civil war after their deaths, nearly causing the demolishment of Mist. If it weren't for Mei, Zabuza and Ao, that would have meant the end of Mist. I didn't form Ragnarok because of Oto and Ne, and I didn't form them because we wanted to stop the treatment against all nin-users. I formed them…so that we can do the right thing here." Shiki took one step forwards, and Tsunade took one step backwards. "For years, Ragnarok had always helped the victims to take their revenge. I had never done anything about my own revenge. But it's different now. I would have left you alone if you hadn't pushed me over the line, and if you hadn't taken things a little too far. Senju Tsunade, I see your future. And your future…" Shiki's eyes narrowed. "…is death!"

Konan stepped in front of Tsunade just then, and several origami birds flew towards Shiki's direction. The redhead didn't even have to move a single step, as Tenten stepped in front of her, and the birds were then caught on fire and dropped helplessly to the ground.

"Impossible! My origami birds… How can it be?"

"You assholes from the ANBU place too much faith in that shitty ability of yours that you call a nin-ability." Tenten stated.

"Unlike you, we from Ragnarok trained differently." Shiki stated. "The first thing that I've taught each of them to do is to fight as a mortal. The second thing, is to be one with their element, with their powers. That is how nin-users fight. I taught them to stay alive."

The ringtone from a cellphone blared out just then, though slightly muffled, and Gaara pulled his vibrating phone out from his pocket and answered the call. "What is it?" he spoke into the receiver. Gaara then narrowed his eyes. "Okay. We'll meet you back at base." He hung up the phone, and turned towards Shiki. "The other two have done their part. Phase two cleared. Now entering into phase three."

"I see. So Sarutobi Hizuren is dead." Tenten stated calmly. "As expected from Yugito and Shino."

The eyes of all ANBU agents widened. "What?"

"I really wished that we would never meet under these circumstances." Shiki muttered before she glanced at a gobsmacked Nagato. "It's been a long time, Nagato-san. I never dreamed that you'll be a dog of the ANBU now."

"Nagato? Do you know her?" Sasori asked, turning towards the mentioned person who had turned pale.

"What you're attempting to do now is meaningless!" Tsunade shouted as she took another step backwards as Shiki took another step forwards. "Even if you can kill me, there will always be hatred and malice in this world as long as the nin-users exist! What you're attempting to do is nothing more than a fool's errand!"

"A fool's errand, it might be, but at least we're doing something." Shiki stated. "Unlike you ANBU dogs who just sit about on your thumbs all day. And fools we might be as well. But we have been fools right from the start anyway." Shiki chuckled darkly. "Dreaming of an idealistic world…something that we don't even know if it can come to fruition. And fools we might be, but we'll see it right to the end." Shiki held out one hand, and the light webbing from earlier dispersed, much to the ANBUs' astonishment. "You know something? I've changed my mind. I'll let you live, Senju Tsunade. It might be more interesting this way."

"W-What do you mean?" Kisame asked nervously.

"A war," said Gaara. "You ANBUs should know by now that Ragnarok doesn't give second chances. We've just about had enough of you ANBU bastards."

"What war?" Sasori asked warily.

"A war that is bound to happen sooner or later," said Shiki. "A war…between the ANBU and the underworld. This time, the underworld, Baled and Ragnarok against you ANBU. I hereby announce the start of the war."

Tsunade paled. "Do you seriously think that you can win?"

"I know we can win, just like we always did against the ANBU," said Shiki sharply. She then narrowed her eyes. "Well, Senju Tsunade? Are you game?"

"The fat's in the fire now, ANBU dogs." Tenten sneered.

"The game starts now." Gaara smirked darkly. "Let's play."

A/N: Phew! Finally done with this chapter! And now, a new arc will hereby commence! The war is about to begin, but Ragnarok won't just have to deal with the ANBU. You'll see what I mean soon. Anyway, I hope that you like this chapter, and please read and review!

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