Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

A Lonesome Soul

Disclaimer: Parts of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Four: A Lonesome Soul

"Itai!" Hyuuga Neji winced as Hinata bound his arm up in bandages.

"Bear with it!" His cousin scolded as she rubbed some salve onto his injured arm.

It was currently late evening and the sun was setting, with the rain pelting down onto the windows and the rooftop of the boathouse. It's been about two months ever since they have left Nakawa, and Yugito had joined up with them, and the blonde had settled in surprisingly well.

"But still…it's rather tiring," said Temari with a sigh, looking up from the couch on which she's settled on with Yugito, the rest of the group gathered around the table in the kitchen, with Shiki seated by the windowsill of the boathouse as usual. "Moving about like this. We never stayed long at any place. The longest that we stayed at any town is four months before we're on the move again."

"It's not like we can help it," said Gaara with a small sigh. "All of us are wanted by the ANBU just because we're nin-users. Granted, they've assumed that most, if not all of us are dead, but still… If we stay too long at any place…the ANBU will be after us again."

"Furthermore…" said Haku, closing the first aid box with a light clap. "There's one here in this town. The town of Hiraiko. A nin-user."

"I know," said Yugito with a sigh. "All of us have been sensing the intense aura and ki of this particular nin-user. He's powerful, alright. But no control over the ability to conceal his presence yet. All nin-users have to learn this skill, or we'll die very quickly out there."

"It's not only that," muttered Hinata, rubbing her temples together tiredly. "I've been feeling several negative emotions from this guy ever since we got here. He feels…angry."

A slight flash of lightning flashed across the sky just then, and Shiki turned towards the window.

"Something's going to happen," she muttered.


Gaara was tensed up, and beside him, Yugito was the same.

If any outsider was to walk past Maple Street of the town of Hiraiko right now, they would have found this particular scene particularly amusing if the situation wasn't so serious. In this rainy weather with the dark streets of Hiraiko, a single teen with spiky black hair and wearing a coat which covered half of his face, and wearing sunglasses was staring down four certain nin-users which goes by the names of Sabaku no Gaara, Nii Yugito, Hyuuga Neji and Namikaze Shiki.

As usual, their group had split into twos and threes to scout the town, and by some sheer miracle, Neji and Shiki who were paired together ended up running into Gaara and Yugito on Maple Street. And then, they met him.

Shiki could have kicked herself when they met him. She had nearly forgotten about a particular boy in the town of Hiraiko who had the same reputation as herself and Yugito in the underworld of the town of Hiraiko. Only that in this boy's case, he didn't have a street gang following him, but merely went his own way.

Yugito had told her the rumours that she'd heard about this boy as well. Like Hagako and Nakawa, the town of Hiraiko is a gang-infested place as well where the lawless ran amok, and where the weak were always being bullied.

That's precisely the reason why Shiki had set up Blade in the first place back in Hagako until that happened. The same goes for Yugito. This boy…both Shiki and Yugito have heard about him, and so did the others for that matter.

Unlike Hagako and Nakawa, in Hiraiko, there are no gangs that protected this place, and thus, being in Hiraiko is almost like walking in a jungle full of hungry tigers. You never know what might happen to you in that town.

That is until one day about a year ago when a strange boy wearing a coat and sunglasses – behind which he hid his strangely coloured eyes – appeared. That one boy alone managed to curb most of the gangs' activities in Hiraiko in a mere week, and just the mere mention of his name is enough to strike fear and terror into the people's hearts. For even though he had done the people of Hiraiko a favour, they were afraid of him as well.

And when Gaara, Yugito, Shiki and Neji walked into Maple Street, they were instantly attacked by ravens of every kind imaginable until Neji had placed up his barrier. And now, both Gaara and Yugito were standing before Shiki, not taking their eyes off this weird kid, and Neji was ready to kill the one who had threatened the first person who had ever helped him and his cousin.

The boy stared at them for a few moments before walking away. But not before directing his words to Shiki whom he had assumed was their leader. "This is your last warning… Leave and don't return…if you don't want to die."

Shiki stared at the departing back of the boy, her 'nin-user radar' – her ability to sense the presences of other nin-users – going off in her head. She could also detect something else in the voice of the boy.



ANBU Headquarters; Leaf City:

Meanwhile in Leaf City, the capital city of the country of Japan, within the ANBU headquarters, a meeting was taking place with the new ANBU commander – Senju Tsunade – and one of her best ANBU agents.

With the end of the war, Senju Tsunade and Sarutobi Hizuren – the ANBU Chief – were both considering creating two new teams within the ANBU to deal with any threats to Japan, and those two teams would be the elites of the ANBU.

The shark-like man currently standing before Tsunade was a former member of the Mist – an underground mercenary group which had given the ANBU some invaluable help during the civil war in Japan a few years ago. But the man had left after he had enough of the killings, trying to find his half-sister who had gone missing shortly after his mother had married his stepfather, and after said stepfather had discovered that his younger half-sister was a nin-user and had tried to kill her.

Tsunade then gave him an offer with the messenger that she had sent to recruit him into the ANBU. If he is willing to aid the ANBU with his superb skills with a sword, and not to mention that the man is a powerful water nin-user as well, she'll give him all authority and permission to search for his sister using the ANBU's resources.

And that is how one Hoshigaki Kisame joined the ANBU barely a few months ago. The only leads that he had on his younger sister's location is the fact that she was rescued by a swordsman and that she's an extremely powerful nin-user as well, with the power over water and ice.

Right now, Kisame had been called in by the ANBU commander regarding an event in the city of Hakawa a few years ago when he was still with the underground mercenary group, Mist.

"Hakawa?" Kisame frowned, and Tsunade nodded gravely.

"Do you remember the rebellion that had occurred in the city of Hakawa a few years ago?"

Kisame frowned before nodding. "Yeah, I do," he said. "I was still with Mist then. And at that time, that was the last resistance put up by the instigators of the civil war – Oto and Ne…along with the dogs of the former ANBU leaders."

Tsunade nodded. "The casualties involved then were huge, almost three hundred," she said. "And among those casualties, nearly an entire family was clean wiped out, leaving only two survivors. And it's one of those survivors which I'm concerned about."

She pushed forward a folder on her desk towards Kisame who picked up the folder with curiosity, opening it only to see a photograph of a dark-haired teen about fifteen or sixteen. "He's handsome." Kisame remarked.

"I'm sure that you remember that there is one other there other than those from Orochimaru's people and the people of Danzo's simple-minded morons," said Tsunade. "A boy who is barely in his teens. Don't you find him familiar?"

Kisame sighed. "He's that kid from back then?" he asked, and Tsunade nodded. "I helped that kid out a little after ANBU arrived to defend the town. Himself and his younger brother were the only survivors. I'll love to help him back then, but unfortunately, what I can do is extremely limited, and there were plenty of orphans everywhere as it is with the civil war."

Tsunade nodded. "What do you think about his skills?" she asked.

Kisame frowned. "I'll say that he's strong," he said. "Far above the level of those rebels…even at his young age. And he's much stronger than those people, that's for sure."

Tsunade nodded. "I'll get straight to the point," she said. "The ANBU Chief gave me a call about an hour ago regarding this kid. Apparently, he's a nin-user as well, and so is his brother. Both are extremely powerful nin-users, and with proper training, they could grow to be very powerful in the future. We would like for you to recruit him for ANBU."

There was silence for a moment as Kisame scratched the back of his head.

"I don't know about that," he said hesitantly. "I mean, most people who have lost friends and families during the war hate Oto and Ne, but they didn't exactly hold ANBU in the highest regard as well. Until five years ago, ANBU didn't exactly set a very good example to the people. I'm not sure if the kid will listen to me."

"Give it a try, anyway," said Tsunade. "If the boy remembers you, it might help in getting himself and his brother over to the ANBU. And I've heard that Orochimaru had been after his younger brother. Tell him that if he joins ANBU, we'll be willing to offer himself and his brother protection, and if his brother wishes it, he can join the ANBU alongside him as well."

Kisame sighed. "In exchange for his service in the ANBU, huh?" he said.

Tsunade shrugged. "If you would like to put it that way, yes," she said.

"Fine, I'll give it a go. I'm not totally sure if he can be convinced though," muttered Kisame. "What's his name, by the way?"

"Itachi," said Tsunade. "Uchiha Itachi."

And that is how one Uchiha Itachi had a most surprising visitor one morning from a man whom he vaguely remembers as a member of the mercenary group who had help defended the town from the rebels a few years ago when his entire family was murdered.

And he was even more surprised when he was told of the exact reason why this man even came here in the first place.

"You want me to become an ANBU dog?" Itachi hissed, narrowing his eyes at Kisame who gulped nervously inwardly. "I'll pass."

"You have no other choice!" said Kisame, standing up. "Think about your brother as well! Orochimaru is after him, isn't he?! What do you think that you can do alone?"

"I can protect him myself," hissed Itachi.

"Even if you could, do you think that you really want your brother to live in a place like this?" asked Kisame, gesturing towards the poorly furnished one-room flat which was the Uchiha brothers' apartment. Uchiha Sasuke was currently fast asleep on the thin mattress with a thin blanket covering him. "And sooner or later, he'll be dragged into the street gang life just to survive…like so many others out there. And you know the fates of most street gangs." Itachi didn't say anything for a while.

With Shiki and company:

It was raining again, and that meant another day in the boathouse.

"But that guy…" said Hinata quietly to Yugito, acting as if she was merely continuing on a conversation with the blonde. "…why did he act that way?"

That boy's behaviour had been bothering all of them for some time now.

And as one, they turned towards Shiki who was currently settled on the couch with Gaara, reading a novel. Sensing the eyes of her friends on her, Shiki sighed and looked up from her book, closing it with a light clap. "To understand him, you have to first understand the situation of the war back then," she said. "I can't believe that I didn't recognise him when I first saw him."

Neji blinked in confusion. "Shiki, you know him?" he asked, bewildered.

"Not him personally," said Shiki. "I knew his brother. Aburame Shiri."

"Why do you hate the ANBU so much?" asked Kisame after a long silence had fallen between them both. "Granted, I'm not exactly fond of them myself, but I need their help to find my sister, that's why—"

"Kisame-san, do you know what the ANBU were like in the past?" Itachi interrupted, and Kisame blinked. "I'll tell you. Whether it be ANBU or Oto or Ne…it doesn't make any difference. Each of them only brings more pain and suffering." Itachi looked over at Sasuke's sleeping form, and clenched his hands into fists. "I hate those people…those who look down on people…"


Shiki nodded. "The ANBU in the past," she said. "They weren't like this in the past. They were the main cause behind the civil war that had ravaged Japan for years, and why majority of Japan's population now hates the nin-users. If it wasn't for them, the nin-users wouldn't have suffered like what we did now. That was back during the civil war. But it still didn't change the fact that it's their fault. The fault of those old leaders of the ANBU before the High Council stepped in and replaced the ANBU Chief and commander with the present ones, and before they changed the laws."

"I met Shiri a few years ago. A few months before the leaders of the ANBU were replaced during the civil war. He was a few years older than myself, and I found him rather likeable. We were friends in the city of Hagako. He told me once that he had a younger brother. Back then, Hagako was the nearest city to his village, and also the only place where he can find food and emergency supplies. That's how we met actually. But a few years ago, he died."


"There was a fight. A gang fight. A person was killed. That person…was Shiri." The eyes of everyone present widened. Shiki chuckled bitterly before hitting one fist into the palm of her other hand. "The culprit was caught later. It was a high school senior of the local high school in the city of Hagako who had failed his exams, and he took out his frustration on Shiri who merely happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time back then. But that case was buried in the darkness."


"Because that's student's father…was a person with heavy political power with the ANBU. The ANBU flattened all those who were involved in this scandal. Even Blade…we may be attacked by Oto on Orochimaru's orders…but that's only because the former members of the ANBU's inner circle back then slipped news of our involvement in this case to him. Because that murderer didn't exactly get away unscathed. Blade killed him not long after we found out what exactly made the ANBU drop the case. And that case is also the reason why the High Council stepped in. But what's the use? A life was still lost."

"That's horrible."

"Not long after Shiri's death, I started investigating. It wasn't easy. And Jiraiya, my godfather, along with the rest of Blade, helped me. 'It was an order from the higher-ups.' That's what Jiraiya told me. I wasn't convinced. That's why I hid from the ANBU when they came recruiting a few years ago after the leaders of the ANBU were replaced, and the end of the civil war. Even if they've changed now, it still didn't change the fact that they tried to cover up the truth behind Shiri's death."

"Before Shiri died, he told me once that he had a younger brother. He only became a member of a street gang because he wanted to protect his brother. Shiri told me that his brother was a nin-user as well. That was why he wished to protect his brother. But his brother's name…I never learned it until today, that is. That boy from before…that was Shiri's brother. Aburame Shino was Shiri's brother."


Hikawa; Cat's Eye:

A bell tinkled somewhere in the cafe-cum-bar of Cat's Eye as Shiki walked in, raindrops dripping off her raincoat, throwing the hood backwards. Her group had decided to make a quick stopover at Hikawa to pick up some supplies, and Shiki had decided to pay Iruka a visit.

The man was like a father or an elder brother to her. He could understand her in ways that no one could understand…not even her closest friends.

Iruka smiled at her as Shiki draped her raincoat over the back of a chair at the counter before she settled down on the chair beside it. There were a few moments before Iruka pushed a cup of hot chocolate towards her.

As Shiki stirred the contents of the cup, she glanced around, and was surprised to find an ebony haired teen several years older than herself seated at the end of the counter, stirring his coffee absent-mindedly, and seemed to be staring off into space.

"Something wrong, Shiki?" asked Iruka with concern, and Shiki turned towards the man. "You don't seem yourself today."

Shiki was silent for a moment, staring down into the contents of her cup, her face being reflected in the surface of the cup before it somehow changed into Shino's face before melting into Shiri's…then the night of his death.

"I don't understand…" said Shiki at last. "That guy…is he not afraid to die?"

Iruka looked at Shiki with understanding eyes. "You know, when you first came here, Shiki…you've got the eyes of someone drenched in cold rain," he said wisely, and Shiki looked at him with slight surprise.


"I helped out at Cat's Eye from a very young age…even before my parents died," said Iruka. "That's why I couldn't bring myself to sell this place. I see many people from all walks of life as well as all kinds of people in here. Freelance agents and coordinators like yourself used this place as a meeting place of sorts. And I'm an information specialist of some kind as well. But then, Shiki…" Iruka smiled, not realising that the only other customer in his shop apart from Shiki is listening in intently as well. "…the current you…is a change from the last time that you stepped in here. You first met Hinata and Neji, then followed by Gaara, Temari and Kankuro, followed by Haku, and then Yugito. You've found your purpose, haven't you? 'Home is where the heart is and where people think of you'. I don't know what is worrying you, but whomever that you're thinking about…you know why he did what he did, don't you? You know what to do now, don't you?"

Shiki smiled a small smile at Iruka. Like always, talking to the brunette man can always clear the fog in her mind, and allow her to see things clearly.

"I wonder…" said the teen in the shop suddenly, and both Iruka and Shiki turned towards him. He looked rather miserable as he stirred his coffee. "Are problems really solved that easily?"

Iruka looked embarrassed at this point in time, scratching his cheek idly with one finger. "Well…it really depends on what problem that you're having," he said. "If you don't mind, kid, I can lend you a listening ear."

The teen shrugged one shoulder slightly. "I've been given an offer not long ago," he said. "An offer that I simply can't refuse by the one organisation that I vowed I would never come into contact with as long as I lived. But for my brother's sake, I…" He trailed off miserably.

"You're confused now, aren't you?" asked Iruka wisely, and the teen nodded.

"Usually, when it comes to situations like these, I find it best if you just follow what your heart tells you to do," said Shiki, and the teen turned towards her in surprise. "If you think that this offer can help your brother, then go for it. No one wants to live in the slums."

The teen smiled. "Thank you," he said. "I guess I just needed someone to give me a push in the right direction. For my brother's sake…" He trailed off. He then looked at Shiki. "Will I see you around sometimes?"

"I sometimes come here," said Shiki. "If you're lucky, maybe we'll meet again. I'm Namikaze Shiki. You are?"

"I'm Itachi," said the teen with a smirk. "Uchiha Itachi." He placed a wad of notes on the table to pay for his coffee before slipping off the stool. "I guess I'll take the ANBU up on their offer then." He muttered, not noticing that Shiki had frozen at the sound of the name, and that Iruka had paused in his cleaning of glasses.

There was the sound of a bell tinkling somewhere in the shop as Itachi left.

A very long silence fell not long after that.

"Do you think…that he would really…?" Shiki trailed off, glancing at Iruka.

Iruka sighed and nodded. "Unfortunately, yes," he said. "Like you said before, no one wants to live in the slums. That boy must be in a pretty bad situation to have to actually consider the ANBU's offer. You know as well as I do: once you get into the ANBU, you're in it for life. You can't leave without being dismissed by them, usually through death. The reason being that one will know too many secrets regarding the ANBU and the country during their service in the ANBU. Also, once he's in there, I doubt that he'll want to leave, and his attitude towards the ANBU would change sooner or later. ANBU formed a closely knit group in there. He'll find acceptance, friends and comrades in there. More than what he would find out here. The next time that we see him…will probably be when he's an ANBU agent."

Shiki frowned. "I only hope that he don't regret his choice," she muttered. "I hate them. The ANBU."



The rain hasn't stopped yet when Shiki and her friends arrived back at Hiraiko via their boathouse, and Shiki somehow managed to slip out of the boathouse without any of her friends noticing, intending to find Shiri's brother. She knew that Shino knew who she is as well.

She soon found the boy in Maple Street.

"…you're back here again?"

"You're Shiri's brother, aren't you?" asked Shiki, going straight to the point. Shino stiffened, and she sighed. "I knew it. He told me about you. Before he took his last breath, he told me to find you and begged me to watch over you. But you went missing not long after that, and I didn't know where you are."

"I…hate the ANBU," muttered Shino. "I hate everything!" He whipped out a knife from out of nowhere. "Prove it to me! Prove to me that life is worth something!"

And Shiki's eyes narrowed dangerously as Shino dashed towards her…

Meanwhile, within Phoenix, Haku and the rest were slowly seething, none of them willing to risk getting attacked by the gangs in Hiraiko and invite unnecessary attention to themselves just to find their currently MIA (missing-in-action) leader.

"I swear to the Bijuu Nine…Namikaze Shiki is a dead person!" ranted Shisei Haku, walking up and down.

"I'm with you there, Haku," said Hinata grimly. The usually gentle healer was looking quite ferocious at present. "We all knew that that Aburame had something out for her, and she still actually went out there by herself alone??!! Is she tired of living or something?!"

There was a knock on the door just then.

Namikaze Shiki had a very long day.

She had miraculously managed to defeat one Aburame Shino, barely being the keyword here, and somehow managed to knock him out before dragging him back with her to the boathouse. And as she entered the Phoenix with one Aburame Shino currently hanging over her shoulder, she came face-to-face with her friends.

And none of them looked very happy.

Scratch that.

They looked furious.

"Ah, how nice of you to join us, Shiki. Mind explaining why you were gone for two whole hours and that your coat is currently torn, and why a person who is about to rip your head off the last time we saw him is currently hanging over your shoulder? Start talking." Haku's nose flared, ignoring Shino's current state as no business of her own, and glaring at Shiki.

Shiki sighed. "Look, I'll explain later," she said hastily. "Can you and Hinata heal him now before he dies on us??!!"

Haku frowned before nodding and stepping forwards with Hinata to lift Shino off her shoulders. "I want an explanation later, Shiki," she warned, and Shiki nodded.

Two whole hours later, Shiki exited one of the spare rooms in the boathouse where Shino currently lay in, with Haku and Hinata having finished tending to his injuries, both saying that it's a sheer miracle in itself that he's still alive as it is with the number of injuries that he's suffered at Shiki's hand, and yet again, Shiki didn't exactly get away unscathed either.

The rest of her friends were surprised that Shino came close to defeating her single-handedly, as none of them have been able to defeat her yet, nin-abilities or not.

"Why do you insist on treating him?" asked Neji with a frown as Shiki exited the room where Shino was in only to see Neji standing outside, waiting for her. The rest of them have already turned in as it's getting late. "He tried to kill you. True, I understand his past. But that doesn't excuse what he tried to do."

"I know," said Shiki solemnly. "It's a promise that I made to his brother. Besides, even if I hadn't, I would have tried to help him, anyway. His eyes… They're the same as ours…a long time ago."

Neji bit on his lower lip. "I see…" he said. "Well, if it's you, it should be alright. Gaara was on the verge of ripping his limbs off earlier. But still…" He glanced at the closed door of the room. "He's good. He's able to keep up with you and even managed to hurt you." He glanced pointedly at the bandages bound around Shiki's left wrist. "He's the first to be able to do that. Not even Yugito came close to hurting you."

"Yeah," agreed Shiki with a nod.


It was two days later when Shino finally woke up.

Shiki had been sitting by his bedside, with Hinata in a corner of the room. It was decided silently among all of them that if Shiki decided to help Shino who had actually tried to kill her, they wouldn't say anything about it, but if anyone thinks that they can kill their friend with them around, then they've got another thing coming. They'll kill whoever wanted to harm Shiki before they can even say 'nin-user'.

An uneasy silence fell between them both as Shiki stared at Shino, and Shino stared back at her. Shiki glanced at Hinata, and the healer interpreted the silent message that Shiki had sent her before heading out of the room.

"I'll be outside." Hinata informed Shiki who nodded.

The door closed silently behind Hinata before Shiki turned back towards Shino. She then sighed. "Is this enough for you?" she asked. "I can't guarantee that you'll survive the next time that you tried to kill me."

"It doesn't matter to me," muttered Shino. "Life has no meaning for me now. I should have died back then instead of my brother."

"Stop that," said Shiki sharply, and Shino turned towards her with surprised eyes. She sighed. "No one can die in the place of another. Shiri didn't give his life so that you can talk like that! He will be disappointed if he saw you now." She sighed. "Your powers are there for a reason. The same reason why nin-users even existed in the first place."


"I know what it's like," said Shiki. "All of us – my friends and myself – we went through the same thing that you probably did. Some are even worse off. That's the price to pay for being a nin-user. We know nothing but loneliness, and pain and suffering before we find kinship and family in the form of other nin-users." She then sighed. "What are you going to do now?"

"I…don't know."

Shiki stared at Shino for a moment before sighing. "I made a promise to Shiri," she said. "I said that I'll watch over you. If you don't mind, you can come along with us. One more doesn't make a difference."

And so, two hours later, everyone – including Shino – were all down on the first storey of the boathouse where Shiki had called for a meeting of some sort, though Gaara and Yugito were both looking at Shino suspiciously as if half expecting him to attack Shiki without warning.

That treatment of theirs towards Shino would probably last until about a week has passed.

"What did you call us for, Shiki?" asked Temari.

"It's about an idea that I've had when Shino agreed to join us," said Shiki, and everyone paid rapt attention to her. "How would you guys think about setting up a group of some sort to help the nin-users and any unfortunate people who've suffered injustice? Even with us resorting to assassination if necessary."

The eyes of everyone widened.

"What is this all of a sudden?" asked Neji in surprise.

"I've had it," said Shiki. "I've had it with all the shit that the nin-users of this land have to put up with. First was Blade, then Neji and Hinata. Followed by Gaara, Temari and Kankuro. Then Haku, Yugito, and finally Shino. If the ANBU won't do anything to help the nin-users, then I shall! Furthermore, with the Rebellion Group still out there, the nin-users would still be in danger from them. We've been working on locating the nine Bijuu Shrines anyway. We might as well help better the lives of the nin-users."

Everyone was nodding slowly, seeing the logic in Shiki's words. "That's true," said Yugito slowly. "We're tired of seeing all these shit happen, anyway. Why should the nin-users suffer because of the arrogance of the humans?"

Shiki smiled. "If none of you have any objections, then I guess that it's decided then," she said, and everyone nodded.

"We were thinking of starting something like this a while back," said Haku with a shrug. "We just have no idea if you will object to it. I guess our fears are uncalled for then." She mused. "What shall we call our group? I mean, every group has to have a name, right? Since we aren't exactly doing something that ANBU will approve, and we have to hide in the darkness. 'Right the injustice of the world.' That will do for our slogan."

Shiki had a faint hint of a smile tugging at the ends of her lips. "…Ragnarok," she said. "I do believe that it means 'Twilight of the Gods' or 'End of the World' in the Norse tongue." She smiled at her friends. "Fitting name, don't you think?"


Meanwhile, in the ANBU headquarters of Leaf City, Hoshigaki Kisame was showing one Uchiha Itachi and his younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke, into the office of Senju Tsunade, the ANBU commander. Sasuke seemed rather scared and was clinging to his brother, and Itachi had a hand on his brother's shoulder to prevent Sasuke from running off.

Tsunade looked at Itachi coolly. "Well, Uchiha Itachi," she said. "I'll assume by the fact that you're here that you agree to our terms?"

Itachi nodded. "On the condition that you train my brother as an ANBU agent as well," he said. "I want him to be able to protect himself as well. I can't be there for him all the time, and I won't have Orochimaru getting his hands on him."

Tsunade nodded slowly, glancing at Sasuke. "I guess that'll be okay," she said. "We do have an open class for kids his age in the ANBU Academy who are mostly nin-users whom we have found after the war. We're training them to be ANBU agents as well. Your brother can join that class." She cleared her throat. "The ANBU Chief and myself were thinking of creating two new teams within the ANBU. These two new teams would be the elites of the ANBU, and we would like for you to join one of the teams as their captain, since from what I've seen, you've proven yourself to be able and capable enough to lead a team, and your strength isn't to be sneezed at…even without your nin-abilities. And this other team will consist of the members of the class that Sasuke is going to be in."

Itachi nodded slowly. "Will my teammates be alright with the fact that I'm a nin-user?" he asked hesitantly.

Tsunade laughed. "You don't have to worry about it," she said. "All of them are nin-users themselves. Kisame is the vice-captain of the team." Kisame grinned from his position next to the door. "And this team is called the Akatsuki."

Itachi smirked. "Red Dawn, huh?" he said.

"Kisame will show you two to the dorms," said Tsunade before handing an ANBU identification pass across the desk to Itachi. "But in the meantime…Uchiha Itachi, welcome to the ANBU."

A/N: I think that this is the longest chapter that I've ever done for Blood Red Moon. So Shino had joined them, and Itachi and Sasuke have both joined the ANBU, and Ragnarok has been established. Next chapter will have a time-skip, and Tenten will make an appearance! I'll list the members of Ragnarok's powers next chapter when the final member of Ragnarok will join them.

I hope that you like this chapter, and I know that I'm not really asking for much, but please leave me some feedback so that I at least know how people are taking this story! Again, thank you for reading, and I hope that you like this chapter, and please review!

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