Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

The Pyromaniac

Hey, sorry for the late update, people. I'm busy remaking my websites from scratch after taking on a web design course, and thus, can't seem to find the time to update ANY of my stories. Anyway, Tenten will make an appearance in this chapter, and so will Itachi, though he still won't know who Shiki is. Shiki and co will be about twelve at this point in time, and Itachi will be about seventeen.

Disclaimer: Parts of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Five: The Pyromaniac

Ragnarok's Headquarters (Boathouse)Two Years LaterAraiko

Shiki, Gaara and Neji exchanged glances with each other as they watched the ANBU seal off the town square where two of the ANBU were scraping whatever remained of the man off the spike set up in the middle of the town square sometime during the night. The corpse was burned to a crisp, and his face was nearly undistinguishable because of the horrific burns.

Shiki exchanged looks with Gaara and Neji before tilting her head slightly, and the two nodded. Without a word, the three walked away from the crowd currently crowding around the town square, not one of the three noticing the startled look that a certain ANBU captain was giving the only girl among the three.

Uchiha Itachi frowned as he laid eyes on the departing back of one Namikaze Shiki.

"Itachi?" Konan – the medic in his squad – voiced out as some of the ANBU agents were loading the corpse onto a stretcher and loading it into the van.

"Sorry. You guys go on ahead without me," said Itachi without taking his eyes off of Shiki. "It's going to take some time for the coroner to write up his report anyway. Give me a call once it's done."

Konan frowned, but nodded.


Sea near HiraikoTwo Hours Later

Gaara and Neji climbed up the ladder leading up to the roof of the boathouse as Kankuro was steering the boathouse below them only to see Shiki sitting on the rooftop of the boathouse with her knees drawn up to her chest, the wind whistling through her hair during their journey on the sea.

"Shiki?" Neji voiced out, and Shiki turned around to see the two males. The Hyuuga sighed, taking a seat beside her. "I knew it. You're still bothered by it."

Shiki said nothing for awhile.


Shiki and Neji watched from atop the tree branches of some tree that they're on as they watched their target playing with his daughter who doesn't seem to be much older than them.

Ragnarok was quite well-known by now…in the world of the Internet, and especially with the teenagers. Yet the identities of their members were shrouded in mystery, and several forums on the Internet had speculated far and wide about the members of Ragnarok. Shino had came across several of them – the guy being a born genius with computers, and there's nothing that he can't do with them – and the insect user was the one who had actually built their site as well as trace all the requests that came to them through their site. Basically, anything to do with computers are all handled by Shino, and the guy hardly ever moves from his position at the computer in the boathouse not too far away from the door.

Ragnarok had just gotten a rather…strange request about a week back, and their client was a rich business tycoon from the town of Araiko – one of the towns that is on the black list of Ragnarok's as Araiko is one of the towns that had a reputation for hating nin-users as well.

The request was rather strange.

Most of Ragnarok's clients so far are either hiring their services for revenge, or for some weird reason. And each job will cost the client either half of their assets or their most valuable possession, but depending on the situation, Ragnarok sometimes don't charge their client anything but the client's silence regarding Ragnarok's involvement. But still, regardless, all clients were bound with a spirit bond so that they can never betray Ragnarok.

And now, with that rather strange request to take out a man who was supposedly 'threatening and blackmailing' their client, Ragnarok had came to Araiko via their boathouse aka headquarters. Shiki was rather concerned about this particular client and had gone personally with Neji and Gaara to investigate, when usually, she usually sent one of the others to do it instead of doing it herself.

Both Neji and Shiki watched wistfully with a longing expression in their eyes as they watched the daughter squealed with laughter as her father made some funny movements with the hand puppet that he had on, and the house was filled with the joyous laughter of both father and daughter.

Shiki glanced at the piece of paper in her hand which is the information that both Temari and Shino have uncovered about their client and their target. Their client was supposedly a very wealthy business tycoon in this part of Japan by the name of Shiteruki Aruka, owner of Shiteruki Inc, an extremely wealthy company which deals with motor vehicles. And their target was a man by the name of Kinzoku Tessai, a widower after his wife had passed away in childbirth, and he had brought his only daughter up single-handedly, and supports himself as well as his daughter by becoming a freelancing journalist.

There was a shift in the wind just then, and both Neji and Shiki turned to see Gaara appear just above their heads on a tree bough, squatting down on it.

"Well?" asked Neji.

Gaara sighed and looked at Shiki. "You've guessed it right," he said. "That man, Shiteruki Aruka…" He trailed off.

Shiki sighed and looked at her two friends, making up her mind.

"We're pulling back," she said, turning away from the house and the scene of the father and daughter. "Inform the others about it."

Neji and Gaara nodded before following their leader.


Flashback Ends:

"I never should have left that girl alone…" Shiki nearly whispered, pulling her knees up to her chest. "I know that she's a nin-user…a particularly powerful one at that, with the ability to wield and control flames in every form, along with the ability to control metal, and she's telekinetic…like most of those who could control flames, but…"

"You did nothing wrong," said Gaara patiently. "That girl is not like us. She has a father – someone who loves her and would do anything to protect her. She's one of the lucky few who had that. Most of us don't. We only know how to fight to survive until we've met you. You didn't know what would happen. Even Yugito…her Insight – her ability to see the future is of no help to her at this point in time because the parties concerned in the future that she could see kept changing their minds and objectives, and she kept seeing different futures. That's why she can't do anything. You wouldn't have known what would happen. You wouldn't have known that Shiteruki would actually kill Kinzoku Tessai that night, and he actually turned up dead, burned to a crisp in the middle of the town square."

"Only one person could have done that to him," said Shiki grimly, and turned towards Neji and Gaara whom both nodded solemnly. "Only one person."

Neji sighed. "Well, let's just hope that she at least had the sense to get away from the town before the ANBU found out that she's a nin-user, and not just any nin-user, but one of fire."

Shiki sighed as she looked up and saw that they're slowly approaching the shores of Hiraiko. "Well, we'll worry about it when the time comes," she said. "I'm going to get some time alone for awhile. We'll meet back at Cat's Eye in four hours time. I need you guys to do some shopping for me anyway."

Neji and Gaara both nodded.


Cat's Eye CaféHiraiko

The café of Cat's Eye is extremely empty, like it always was at this hour of the day, and Shiki was currently stirring her coffee absent-mindedly with a spoon, making it thicker than it already was, seemingly not seeing anything at all.

Iruka who was cleaning glasses as usual watched her with concern.

The man was one of the few who knew about Ragnarok. The others being Shizune, Yugao, Genma, Hayate, Asuma and Kurenai. Only two others in Shiki's contacts other than the remaining survivors of her old gang knew about them, and those two were easily some of the best information agents that Shiki can find. Cat's Eye is the meeting place for them, and it also helps matters that Iruka is also an information agent of some sort.

Shiki blinked as Iruka pushed a plate on which lay a slice of chocolate cake on it. "I didn't order this, Iruka," she said, looking up at the café owner.

"No. That young man over there did," said Iruka with a slight smile and jerked his chin towards some random direction, and Shiki turned to see the only other customer apart from her in Cat's Eye sitting in one of the cubicle seats by the window of Cat's Eye.

Uchiha Itachi smirked and raised his cup of coffee at Shiki before moving towards her and sitting down in the chair beside her at the counter.

Shiki sighed as she recognised him immediately as the boy whom she had met nearly two years ago in this very café that stormy night when he had walked in here, looking like the living dead. Her sharp eyes noticed the ANBU badge pinned on his collar, the colours signifying that he was of a high rank in the ANBU, probably a captain.

"Do you always use this method to pick up girls?" Shiki asked sarcastically.

"Come on, it's okay, isn't it?" said Itachi. "We could be friends or something. I'm Uchiha Itachi. What's your name?"

"I don't want to."


Shiki looked at Itachi. "I don't give my name to people whom I barely know," she said before she placed a few coins onto the counter and slid off her stool. "Iruka, I'll be making a move. I still have to do some shopping."


BookstoreHiraikoTwo Hours Later


Shiki stared and nearly groaned as she saw the figure of one Uchiha Itachi currently sitting atop his sleek black and silver motorbike which seems to be the latest Werewolf model in the market – the fastest bike yet. She knew because she had that bike as well. Apart from their boathouse, the rest of Ragnarok have cars and bikes parked in hidden locations all over Japan in case they require the usage of it.

"Are you following me or something?" Shiki nearly groaned as she placed her purchase of the French version of Loveless into the bag that she's currently carrying, hanging by one strap from her shoulder, the twin bells that she currently wore as a bracelet on her left wrist tinkling a little as she did so.

Shiki is an avid fan of Loveless, and collected every version of the book that she's came across so far – English, German, Latin, Greek, Norwegian, etc. And she also had a pretty old copy of Loveless which her godfather had given her, saying that it's supposed to be the original copy of Loveless which states the prophecy about the Bijuu Nine.

"Come on, at least tell me your name," said Itachi.

Shiki rolled her eyes. How persistent can this guy get? Does he not understand the word 'no' and that she's not interested?

"And I thought that I've already told you that I don't feel like telling you."


"Huh?" Shiki blinked in confusion at the sudden random word spurting out of Itachi's mouth. How random can he be? And Shiki recognised that word as Latin as she knew that language, being part German herself. Jiraiya had taught her German and Latin when she was a child, and she's picked it up extremely quickly.

Itachi was smirking as he spoke. "You refused to tell me your name, so I shall give you one," he said. "I can't keep calling you 'you' all the time, can I? Besides, I think Twila meant 'justice' in Latin, and it meant 'freedom' in another language as well, I think. It kind of suits you, anyway."

Shiki rolled her eyes. "You're persistent," she said.

"I try my best," said Itachi with a smirk. "Besides, you have to be if you're a captain in the ANBU forces. My team takes on plenty of difficult and complicated cases."

Shiki was silent for a moment, hearing him bring up the topic of ANBU, and remembered what he's said two years ago when he said that he'll take the ANBU up on their offer for him to join them as an agent if they can protect his younger brother and give him a better life.

"So you've joined the ANBU, have you?" she said at last, and Itachi nodded. "How do you like it in there?"

Itachi frowned a little. "It's alright, I guess," he said with a half-shrug. "My kid brother…he's got friends for the first time in his life in there. He'll be graduating from the ANBU Academy in three months' time along with the rest of his peers, and I've heard from some of the members in my team that the ANBU commander is appointing him the captain of a new ANBU team like my own team, with the rest of his classmates being the other members in that team." He sighed. "So I guess that the ANBU is alright…for now."

Shiki didn't say anything for awhile.

"Hey, tell me your name already," said Itachi, and Shiki nearly groaned.

"You don't give up, do you?" she grumbled, and she sighed. "Fine. Seeing as how you've given me your name, I shall give you mine. Namikaze Shiki. Are you satisfied now? Now can I go back?"


Shiki nearly groaned at this, and turned towards Itachi. "Now what?"

Itachi had a smirk on his face at this. "Do you want to go for a ride?" he asked, patting his motorbike. Before Shiki could answer however, Itachi's cellphone rang, blaring out with the ringtone of the Final Fantasy VII Theme. Itachi sighed before pulling out his cellphone and answering it. "What?" He listened for a few moments with a frown as he listened to whatever the person on the other end of the line has to say. "…I understand. I'll be right back." And he shut his cellphone before turning towards Shiki. "Sorry, I have to go. Duty calls."

Shiki nodded. "Maybe next time then," she said.

Itachi smirked. "I'll hold you to that," he said before starting up his bike and roaring away.

Shiki sighed and was about to go to the seaside of Hiraiko when her cellphone rang, ringing with the sweet melody of You Are My Love. Shiki sighed as she pulled out her cellphone from her pocket and saw the name 'Gaara' flashing on the screen and answered her phone.

"What is it?"

"Shiki, it's me," said Gaara on the other end of the line, and the redhead almost sounded like he's frowning, and he sounded worried. "Come to Cat's Eye. Now. There's something on the news which you have to see. The rest of us are here as well."

Shiki frowned, and nodded slowly. "Okay," she said. "I'll be right over." Click.


Cat's EyeTen Minutes Later

"…and that concludes today's emergency news report. This is reporter Yukihira—"


Kankuro turned off the television in Cat's Eye by using the remote control, and turned towards the rest of Ragnarok, all who have rather solemn and serious expressions on their faces.

Iruka had closed the café for the day as the members of Ragnarok were gathered in the café, watching the news regarding the arrest that the ANBU had made of a nin-user. And said nin-user happened to be the very same one who was involved in the last request that Shiki had turned down. According to the news, the ANBU had some inside information that this nin-user might be involved in the murder of Shiteruki Aruka, and they would be taking her in custody at the ANBU headquarters in Leaf City.

"What are we going to do?" asked Haku, breaking the sudden silence that had befallen them. "If we don't do something, the ANBU are…" She cleared her throat uneasily. "Well, we all knew what the ANBU will probably do to her. Either force her to join the ANBU or they'll kill her."

There was the sound of chairs scraping the wooden surface of the floor of Cat's Eye just then, and everyone present turned towards the source of the sound which turned out to be Shiki who had stood up from her seat, a blank expression on her face, both hands on the table before her. The captain of Ragnarok then turned towards her friends.

"We're going to save her," she said grimly. "All of you know that there are only two fates that await a nin-user who had unfortunately caught the interest of the ANBU: death or join the ANBU. Once a nin-user is in the ANBU, they're in it for life. They can't leave without being dismissed by them, usually through death. Even though the members of the High Council are not corrupted now, this is the one aspect about them that hasn't changed, and even though I'm loathed to admit it, they have a sound reasoning behind this logic." Shiki sighed and looked at her friends. "Get yourselves ready. Hinata, set the course of the boathouse to the outskirts of Leaf City. We're going to save that girl."


ANBU HeadquartersLeaf City

Itachi sighed as he walked into Akatsuki's office-cum-meeting room where most of the members of the Akatsuki were seated behind their desks, resting up from the long and draining operation earlier where they were nearly roasted alive just to capture one nin-user.

It was safer for Kisame compared to the rest of them as the guy was a water nin-user and could protect himself easily. But for Konan, Nagato, Deidara, Sasori and Tobi…those five were nearly cooked alive. Itachi was a flame wielder as well, and the flames that were sent to attack them didn't do too much to him.

Nagato nearly got cooked alive as well when his ability to stop objects in the air couldn't work on that girl, and if it wasn't for Konan – his girlfriend – who used her ability to make origami come to life, he would have been cooked alive by those hot flames.

"Ah. Itachi, you're back," said Konan as she noticed their captain's presence, pouring herself some coffee from the coffee dispenser in the Akatsuki's room. "How did the interrogation go?"

Itachi sighed and shook his head. "The girl clammed up completely," he said. "We don't even know her real name. And I can't say I blame her. Most of the people in Japan may hate Oto and Ne because of the last war, but they don't exactly hold ANBU in the highest regard either. Furthermore, we arrested her for seemingly no reason at all, save for the fact that it's an order from the commander."

Nagato frowned. "Nanda? Itachi, you have no idea why we were given the order to arrest the girl as well?" he asked in confusion, and Itachi shook his head.

"It took all seven of us just to get her into that holding cell WITHOUT being turned into a crisp, and to put those repressor shacklers on her," said Deidara with a sigh. "I swear, this job requires some high hazard pay. It's not good for my heart."

Everyone laughed.

"Well, I'm seriously not surprised that the girl reacted this way to us," said Konan. "I mean, she's a nin-user after all. And how many nin-users can you find in Japan who has someone who cared for and loved them? Most of them have been through starvation and the likes even BEFORE they turned ten. Most of them even took to killing just to survive. We went through that too until the ANBU picked us up." Konan didn't elaborate on the 'how', and no one asked.


All of Akatsuki were startled suddenly by the sudden loud alarm ringing shrilly throughout headquarters, and the red alarm lights were flashing, indicating emergency alert.

"Emergency! Emergency! Intruders in ANBU headquarters! Repeat, intruders in ANBU headquarters! All ANBU agents are to append all suspicious characters and drive the intruders out immediately!"

Sasori exchanged looks with his partner in the Akatsuki – Deidara – and sighed, getting up from his seat. "Come on, let's go," he said. "Duty calls."

The rest of the Akatsuki nodded and headed out of their office.


A part of ANBU headquarters was blown off the moment that the Akatsuki exited out from their office, and Itachi frowned as he realised that it came from the direction of the holding cell where that nin-user was put in, and suddenly took off into a run towards the holding cell, suddenly realising that whoever the intruders are have came for the girl.

And if those intruders are good enough to infiltrate ANBU headquarters in broad daylight without anyone noticing, then they're not to be underestimated.

Itachi arrived at the scene along with the rest of his team members, and several ANBU members, along with the ANBU commander were also present. A section of the wall was missing, and two cloaked individuals were standing on the windowsill, the bottom halves of their faces masked as well, and a bandanna was wrapped around their heads. In fact, the only thing that could be seen about them was their eyes. The nin-user that the Akatsuki had spent a hell of a time capturing currently lay unconscious in the arms of one of the two, the repressors and shacklers around the girl's wrists and ankles destroyed.

"Who are you guys?!" demanded some random ANBU agent.

"I'm sorry," said the other cloaked individual – the one who isn't carrying the girl. "We'll be taking her."

Tsunade's eyes widened as she saw the symbol stitched on their cloaks – a symbol of a sun and a moon with red outlines around it with a lightning bolt down the middle. The ANBU commander paled at once and looked at the two.

"You guys are…!"

The one carrying the girl smirked. "Seems like you know who we are," he said. "Oh well. The captain did warn us that this will happen. We'll have the pleasure to cross paths again. Until then."

And the two disappeared in a flock of ravens.

ANBU Commander's OfficeANBU HeadquartersLeaf City

Three whole hours later, Itachi and Kisame were both summoned to Tsunade's office. ANBU members were still clearing up the mess and debris made by the break in, and the members of the Akatsuki were among them. Deidara, Konan and Tobi were currently trying to repair the gigantic hole in the wall with no success.

"A mysterious group?" asked Kisame with a frown, and Tsunade sighed and nodded.

"We didn't want to tell you this if possible," said Tsunade, curling her fingers beneath her chin as she spoke. "But this mysterious group…Ragnarok is what they called themselves. They've been around for about two years now, at this point in time. Ragnarok is a mercenary group for hire…assassins for hire."

Itachi's blood nearly turned cold. "Assassins?!"

"Yes," said Tsunade solemnly with a nod. "And it's the way that they operate which is a little unusual. Unlike the usual assassins that we usually went after, we hardly get any information and news on Ragnarok and their members at all. We barely know anything about them but mere rumours. Rumours which have been filtering around the Internet lately. But what we do know is that there are a whole group of them, but we've never known anything about them despite investigating for two whole years, and neither do we know anything about their clients. For just a price of ryou, half of the client's assets or something most valuable to them, though in some cases, they don't take anything at all, Ragnarok does the job. But their clients usually hire them for revenge killings. This group has been around for about two years at this point in time, but we didn't know anything about them other than the fact that their leader is a girl."

There was silence for awhile.

"Nothing at all?" asked Itachi at last.

Tsunade shook her head. "Nothing," she said, shuffling her papers about. "Not even a single name."

Somewhere Else


Namikaze Shiki turned around as she watched the two cloaked individuals responsible for the chaos at ANBU headquarters at Leaf City walked up to her, one of them had the girl that they've just rescued slung over his shoulder.

The boathouse was currently docked behind some cliffs to avoid being seen, and the members of Ragnarok are sea people, most of them practically brought up on the sea, and knew the waters of Japan like the back of their hand.

Shiki nodded to them. "Good work," she said. "Is it difficult to get in there?"

The cloaks of the two were then thrown off, revealing themselves to be Hyuuga Neji and Sabaku no Gaara. Neji was the one carrying the girl, and he snorted. "Don't make me laugh," he said with a scoff. "It's so easy to infiltrate the headquarters that it's nearly laughable! We don't even need to use my barrier powers. But Gaara had some fun blowing up a part of the headquarters."

Gaara rolled his eyes in annoyance and Shiki laughed.

"Well, never mind that," said Shiki. "Put her in one of the spare rooms, and get Hinata and Haku to take a look at her." Neji nodded before stepping past Shiki and entering the boathouse. Shiki then turned towards Gaara. "How did it go?"

Gaara snorted. "That ANBU lady noticed our symbol," he said. "She knew who we are. And that means that rumours of our exploits have even reached their ears. It will only be a matter of time before the ANBU started chasing after us."

Shiki sighed. "Well, we all knew that when we first started Ragnarok," she said. "Come on, let's go in. We have to leave this place as soon as possible."

Gaara nodded.


Ragnarok's Headquarters (Boathouse)HiraikoSix Hours Later

It was night-time when the girl whom Gaara and Neji have broken out of the ANBU headquarters finally woke up. Hinata and Haku have both examined her and both stated that there isn't much wrong with her. Only mere exhaustion because of overuse of her powers, and because of those damn repressors that the ANBU uses to imprison nin-users.

The girl stiffened in fright when she noticed that she was in an unfamiliar bed, and that her injuries have been tended to. She also noticed that it was currently night-time, and that moonlight was streaming in through the window, and that a strange red-haired girl around her own age was standing by the window, watching the moon.

The girl soon turned around. "You're awake," she stated, moving towards her. "I'm Namikaze Shiki. I sent some of my friends to break you out of the ANBU headquarters."

The girl stared at her like she's suddenly turned mad. "Why did you do such a thing?" she asked in confusion. "The ANBU will be after you next! They especially hated nin-users! If you and your comrades possess enough power to break me out of the most tightly guarded place in Japan, then you and your friends must be nin-users as well."

Shiki nodded. "We are nin-users ourselves," she said. "Top class ones. Just like you." Shiki glanced towards the bedside table beside the girl, and the girl turned to look only to see a photo frame in which was a photo of nine people standing outside a boathouse, among which included the girl currently in front of her. And judging by the photo, this girl must be the leader among them.

"They are…"

"They are my friends," said Shiki solemnly. "I met them when I was travelling throughout Japan, and they decided to come with me as they have enough of their lives in wherever I had met them." The girl was quiet at this point in time, knowing exactly what Shiki was talking about. No nin-user wouldn't know what she's talking about. "Before I've met them…my old friends…they were killed. Thus, when I met them and they've decided to come with me, I made a promise to myself…and to them as well." Shiki turned towards the girl. "Have you heard of Ragnarok?"

The girl nodded before her eyes widened and she stared at Shiki, putting two and two together. "Don't tell me…"

Shiki nodded. "We are Ragnarok," she said. She turned towards the photograph on the bedside table. "I made them a promise the day that we established Ragnarok…each and every one of us having had enough of how nin-users are treated in Japan. None of us can return to our homes now because of the prejudice that the people have against nin-users. I made them a promise that day. We're going to build a better life for the nin-users in the world. No nin-user in the future will suffer through what we have gone through in the past! And I intend to keep that promise." Shiki turned towards the girl. "What's your name?"

The girl was silent for a few moments. "…Kinzoku Tenten," she said.

"Well then, Tenten," said Shiki. "I intend to make the same promise to you that I've made to them. Do you want to come with us? Will you be willing to fight with us? For a better future and a better world for the nin-users?"

Tenten smiled. "Even though I would like to say that you're crazy for even attempting this, I too would like to see what this can amount to," she said. "I'm not much use for anything but fighting. My dad taught me how to fight. He used to fight in the last war before he left that life to marry my mother." She smiled. "Count me in."

Shiki smiled. "Well then…welcome to Ragnarok."


Shiki made her way down the spiralling staircase of the boathouse to the first level where she found Shino still awake and sitting before his computer, the only light available being the table lamp, sipping on a cup of coffee.

"The others are all asleep?" asked Shiki.

Shino nodded. "They've had a long day," he said. "They're all tired. That girl decided to join us?"

Shiki nodded. "…Shino." Said insect user turned towards the redhead only to find an unusually serious and solemn expression on her face. "I want you to do something for me. You're good with computers, right?"

Shino frowned. "Well, there's nothing that I can't do with computers," he said. "But you already knew that, of course."

"Then I want you to investigate some things for me…regarding all the members of Ragnarok…including myself," said Shiki seriously.

Shino blinked. "Why?"

"Some things just don't add up here," said Shiki with a frown. "I've been thinking about this for awhile now. Out of all the nin-users in Japan, just why is it just us who are being chased after by the ANBU? And ironically, all of our parents died during the war, or were involved in the war in some way. This can't be just a coincidence, and I for one don't believe in coincidences. I want you to find a connection of some sort between us…and the ANBU."

Shino nodded.

"…consider it done."

A/N: One of my longest chapters yet. And as promised, here is a list of the powers of the members of Ragnarok:

Namikaze Shiki: mind/time/elemental

Hyuuga Hinata: healing/water

Hyuuga Neji: barrier

Sabaku no Gaara: sand

Sabaku no Temari: wind

Sabaku no Kankuro: sand/earth (unlike Gaara, he can't create it out of nothing)

Shisei Haku: ice/healing

Nii Yugito: dimensional/lightning/ability to control the dead

Aburame Shino: control insects or animals

Kinzoku Tenten: ability to control fire in any form/telekinetic/control metal

Preview of next chapter:

"What is your name?"

"Tokisha Maya."

"Do you hate that man?"



"Because of him, my younger sister, Miya is…Miya is…!"

"What is your wish?"

"Take that man…straight to the pits of Hell!"

"I hear and deliver this vengeance."

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