Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

Prelude of Ruin

Disclaimer: Parts of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Six: Prelude of Ruin

When the war of the beasts brings about the world's endThe goddess descends from the skyWings of light and dark spread afarShe guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting- Loveless, Prologue

Four Years LaterRegni Forest

(Shiki and co are about sixteen at this point in time)

"God…" muttered Haruno Sakura, covering her nose and mouth with her hand.

Around her, the other members of the ANBU were all following Sakura's example. In fact, the only ones not affected by the stench of the body was the captain of Rendoku – one of ANBU's best teams – Uchiha Sasuke – and the captain of ANBU's other elite team, Akatsuki, being led by one Uchiha Itachi.

In the forest ten miles west of Regni City, a dead body being nailed by the palms of the hands to a wooden stake could be seen. Blood was streaming down the body, and there was a white card with edges of red pinned to the wooden stake just above the dead person's head – a symbol of a sun and moon placed together with a lightning bolt down the middle of it – Ragnarok's calling card.

Rendoku was a relatively new team in the ANBU set up four years ago which consists of the brightest and best graduates from the ANBU Academy which members were all ironically in the same class during their time in the Academy, with about half of them being nin-users, though this fact was not widely known, and the captain of Rendoku was Uchiha Sasuke, the younger brother of the Akatsuki's captain.

The teams of both Rendoku and Akatsuki were informed of the infamous assassin group, Ragnarok, about four years ago just after the attack on ANBU headquarters when two mysterious masked assailants broke out a nin-user that the ANBU had arrested on the charge of first degree murder, and just after Rendoku was newly formed.

Especially since Ragnarok had been becoming famous in recent months, especially since every single person killed by them had been criminals, or criminals who had escaped the hands of the law. Their modus operandi was kind of strange as well. Just for the price of half of the client's assets or ryou, though in some cases, Ragnarok don't charge anything at all, Ragnarok do the job. And yet, despite it being nearly six years or so ever since Ragnarok had made their appearance, not a single person had any clue on Ragnarok or their members.

Uchiha Itachi sighed as he watched Inuzuka Kiba and Rock Lee – the agents of his brother's team take the body of the deceased down from the stake carefully and turned towards Kisame.

"Any clue about the deceased?"

"Yeah," said Kisame with a nod, looking through a file that he's gotten some time back from Sasori, and looked at Itachi. "Katori Hanjo, aged 29. He was charged for rape and murder of three teenage girls a few years back, but as there wasn't enough proof to pin him for those charges, he was released."

Itachi sighed before turning to his brother before both brothers exchanged looks and let out simultaneous sighs. Once again, they were too late. Sasuke shook his head before turning towards his team. "Alright. Pack up and let's head back to headquarters."



ANBU HeadquartersLeaf City

"Alright, this is getting ridiculous," said Senju Tsunade, the commander of the ANBU. "This is the sixth murder this month alone, and the public are saying that the ANBU are incompetent!"

"It's not our fault!" protested Yamanaka Ino. "Let's say that even if a member of the public had information on Ragnarok, they wouldn't tell us! Ragnarok's supporters are all over the place! You should see what people are saying about them on the Net!"

Tsunade sighed. "What's the coroner's report?"

Nara Shikamaru, the tactician and brains behind Sasuke's Rendoku team frowned and leafed through the file that he had before him. Shikamaru sighed. "The usual," he said. "The victim died from multiple lacerations, and torture methods used on him involves breaking of multiple bones as well as several sharp wooden stakes being nailed into him simultaneously. He died from blood loss from being hanged onto the wooden stake that we found him at in Regni Forest."

"Wait a moment," interrupted Tsunade, holding up a hand, an incredulous look on her face. "You're saying that he actually LIVED through that torture before dying from blood loss? Meaning that he was actually ALIVE throughout all that insane torture?"

Shikamaru nodded grimly. "I'm afraid so," he said. "He was still alive throughout all that before dying from blood loss. Ironically, that was how the victim's previous three victims died as well." Shikamaru chuckled bitterly. "Karma, is it? How ironic."

"We've been at this for close to four years now," said Nagato, throwing a file down on the table before him. "And we had no clue on Ragnarok and who their members are, where their hideout is and who their leader is! Nothing at all despite investigating for nearly four years, and practically turning Japan upside down just to find them! This is getting ridiculous!"

"And let's put it this way," said Shikamaru with a bored tone. "Even if the members of the public knew something about Ragnarok, they wouldn't tell us anything. Ragnarok has the support of the public because of who their victims are and their modus operandi. They never hurt the innocents, and they only punish the guilty and the wicked."

"Yes, and it's their killing methods on their victims that is disturbing me," said Itachi with a sigh. Seeing everyone's eyes on him, he proceeded to explain. "Think about it. Regni Forest isn't far from Regni City. Judging by the torture that Ragnarok put the victim through, don't you think that anyone would have at least heard something? Like maybe the victim's screams? But no one had seen or heard anything until the body is found! I find it strange."

Tsunade frowned. "Is there anything that we should know about Ragnarok at least?" she asked, exasperated by the lack of information on Ragnarok.

"Well…other than the fact that they've been all over the Web for some time now?" Everyone stared at Inuzuka Kiba who had spoken. Said teen blinked. "What? They've been all over the Web for some time now. I come across a forum or a message board on the Web discussing about them without fail every single time that I log onto the Web. Everyone knows that Ragnarok is an assassin group for hire. Name anything and they'll do it…depending on the job type, of course. But from what I heard from one of the most active forums that discussed them, Ragnarok investigates their mission first before accepting. You have to know the correct procedure to contact them through their website to hire them. But one thing that I'd found out about them though…" Kiba frowned.

"Most of their clients – the people who had hired them – was mostly because of revenge – they wanted Ragnarok to take out someone they hated, and they did it for a small price. Provided that their reason is sufficient enough, and their plea is enough to move Ragnarok. And the message on Ragnarok's webpage was, 'Ask and we shall deliver. Hands of thunder, deliverers of justice, harbinger of death and revenge'."

"A webpage, huh?" mused Akimichi Chouji. He then turned towards his best friend who was reading the file with his legs drawn up to his chest, reading the reports lazily with a pen tucked behind his ear. "Shikamaru, can't you hack into their webpage or something to find out who had built that website?"

"I've already tried," said Shikamaru, waving a hand lazily about without looking up from the file that he was reading. "Their security is top notch. I don't have the tools needed to hack into their webpage, and let's say that even if I do, I doubt that even I can hack into their website. That webpage is designed by a genius."

"A website that even Shikamaru can't hack in?" whistled Deidara, raising an eyebrow. "That's a first."

Tsunade sighed. "Anyway, keep an eye and ear out for any news regarding Ragnarok, big or small. I want them caught!"


Akatsuki's OfficeANBU Headquarters

"Want them caught, she said," said Kisame with a groan, dropping himself into a couch in the Akatsuki's office-cum-lounge. "It's easier said than done."

Konan who was pouring herself some coffee from the coffee dispenser walked towards her boyfriend, Nagato, who was currently reading a stack of files behind his desk, and handed him a cup of black coffee which he received with a grateful nod. "While I can't deny that we have to pin Ragnarok down, I think that they're doing the right thing in a way as well, and have this country's best wishes at heart," she said, heading back to her own desk. "While their methods are a little brutal, I think that they're also protecting this country in a way as well. Haven't you noticed? Crime rates had dropped drastically ever since Ragnarok had made their appearance."

Everyone nodded dumbly.

Itachi sighed. "It's as if we did not have enough to do, with Oto and Ne still out there," he said with a groan.

"Well, at least Ragnarok's appearance had caused Orochimaru to go into hiding for a while," said Sasori reasonably. "And that's—"

"—not good for us." Itachi cut in, interrupting whatever Sasori had to say. Seeing his teammates' looks on him, he sighed before proceeding to explain. "Think about it. We've been after Orochimaru for kami-knows-how-long, and Ragnarok's appearance had driven him into hiding. They're after that cowardly snake for some odd reason, and they won't stop until he's dead. We're no closer to catching him than catching Ragnarok, and who knows when that will be."

"Now that you mention it…" frowned Sasori, shutting the file that he was reading with a light clap. "The human experimentation case from four years back…it caused a great deal of fuss back then, and when Orochimaru miraculously got off, there was almost a riot in Japan! I thought for sure that there's going to be another civil war."

His teammates nodded. They remembered that they were practically working overtime every single night just to curb the riots back then when word had gotten out that Orochimaru had somehow got off until mysterious deaths had started happening all over the country, with the victims being Orochimaru's assistants, and known accomplices in that case, with Ragnarok's calling card being found at the scene every single time.

And that's when Ragnarok was starting to get famous around the country. In fact, a cryptic message was found carved on the bodies of the victims every single time, practically spelling out a message that Ragnarok was after Orochimaru. As expected, the snake got frightened and disappeared from Japan, and hadn't been seen since.

Itachi sighed as he looked out of his window just as a flash of lightning flashed across the night sky.

"Seems like a storm's coming," he muttered.


Somewhere else in Leaf City, docked at the river harbours where rain was started to pour down heavily was docked a rather large boathouse which was in colours of blue and white and which was three storeys high, equipped with high speed motors.

And that very boathouse was the very headquarters of Ragnarok.

Namikaze Shiki was curled up on the couch of the first storey of the boathouse like a cat, reading some novel whilst ignoring the world around her.

Not far from her, Aburame Shino, Ragnarok's computer genius was in front of his laptop on the first storey of the boathouse as the screams from Kankuro as his sister bashed him up as Temari caught Kankuro reading his…literature again sounded throughout the boathouse.

Gaara and Neji who were both outside the room that Kankuro and Temari were in were both snickering lightly. Yugito and Tenten were playing a game of chess with Haku watching on with interest whilst Hinata was reading a book on medical herbs as she, along with Yugito and Haku were Ragnarok's medics of sorts.

Such is a typical day in Ragnarok's life.

In fact, the ten teens have all came a long way from the ragged, cold and sullen kids that they are before who is prone to killing anyone who so much as looked at them wrong to the cheerful teens that they are now, though they won't hesitate to kill or maim anyone who threatens them…or worse, their captain who is their 'saviour' of sorts.

There was a beep just then as Shino frowned and switched to the program which he used to access Ragnarok's webpage, and there was another beep as the message 'You have one new message' flashed across the screen, with the icon of a mailbox appearing on it. Shiki looked up from her novel at the beep and sighed, closing her novel with a light clap, knowing that she has to finish her book at a later date as she went over to Shino, looking over his shoulder at the computer screen.

"We've got a case," said Shino, resting his chin on his left upturned palm as his right hand clicked on the mouse to access the message.

"Who is it?"

"The client is one Tokisha Maya," said Shino, reading the message quickly. "And she wants us to take out this guy – Nakashita Toriya." A photo of the person whom they were requested to take out came up on the screen as Shino accessed an information database on the computer which he'd created himself.

Shiki frowned, studying the photo of the guy carefully. "He looks familiar."

Shino nodded. "He would be," he said grimly. "He was on the news a few years back when there was a raid on one of the Sound's bases by the ANBU. Nakashita was one of Orochimaru's researchers and scientists, and he was charged under international medical law for inhumane experiments. But there wasn't enough evidence and he got off."

Shiki frowned. "The human experimenting case from four years ago?" she stated more than asked, and Shino nodded. She sighed. "I should have known." She muttered before looking back at the screen. "And the client's reason?"

Shino sighed. "Her sister was one of the victims in Nakashita's sick experiments, and she died as a result," he said. "Maya investigated for four years…trying to find out who her sister's murderer is, and she finally found out. But because she couldn't get her revenge through the legal way, she turned to us."

"Well, we all know who Nakashita is, and even if this Maya didn't ask this of us, we would have done it anyway. Nakashita has to pay for what he's done." Shiki smirked slightly. "Send the usual, Shino. We got a job to do."

Shino nodded before Shiki went up the stairs of the boathouse, calling to her comrades. "Hey, cut it out, all of you! We got a job!"

Meanwhile, Shino typed out a message on his laptop and clicked the 'send' button.

Several miles away, Tokisha Maya's cellphone beeped with the message tone and the teenage girl picked it up and flipped it opened to see the message:

'Your request has been received and will be carried out soon.


Maya smiled softly to herself as she flipped her phone shut and looked at the picture of her sister. "Your death will soon be avenged, Miya," she said to the picture. "Rest in peace."


The Next DayHiraiko

It was near dusk and the sun was nearly setting as Shiki walked through the streets of Hirako. As usual, she had sent a few members of Ragnarok to investigate their latest case. It was part of their procedure that the moment they've received a new case, only a few members will be on it, with Shino doing the information part of it. Neji and Gaara are now tracing Nakashita Toriya down, and Shino was helping them.

They have docked their boathouse at Hirako as the other girls were off getting some supplies for the boathouse as they were all running low on food supplies as well as medicines and first aid supplies, as one or the other would always wind up injured every other week.

Shiki was deep in thought as she walked down the streets. Hirako had improved drastically compared to a few years back, looking more like a town which people lived and worked in, but still…

Shiki stopped outside a bookstore as she looked in the display glass, looking at her reflection in it, not really seeing the books on display. Her hands clenched into fists by her sides. 'How much longer? How much longer must the nin-users suffer? No matter how much we do… Is it pointless?'


Shiki blinked and turned to see a handsome ebony haired young man standing behind her, a slight smirk on his lips, and Shiki smiled a little to see her friend, though that smile was gone so quickly that anyone would have assumed that it's a trick of the light.


Shiki and Itachi walked in silence down the streets of Hirako as the night lights of Hirako were turned on, creating a beautiful picture. Despite their rather…unsavoury meeting the second time that they've met, Shiki had finally given into Itachi's persistence, and the two had somehow formed a close friendship, and somehow managed to meet each other every week or so, whether coincidentally or whenever one of them asked the other out.

Shiki had obviously kept her relationship with the Akatsuki's captain quiet from her friends as there's no telling what their reactions will be, though she had a faint suspicion that Neji and Gaara knew, and maybe Shino, as those three are the most observant of the lot, and could be considered her best friends.

"Work keeping you busy?" asked Shiki at last, breaking the silence, and Itachi looked at her.

"Kind of," he admitted. "Ragnarok has been more active of late, and I'm practically up to my neck in work. You can hardly find any of the Akatsuki or Rendoku in the ANBU headquarters for the past six months or so as we're all getting run ragged, trying to find any information that we can on Ragnarok."

Shiki was silent for a while. "Why are the ANBU after them?" she asked at last. "I don't think that what they're doing is all that wrong. At the very least, the nin-users in Japan knew that Ragnarok will protect them."

Itachi sighed. "Well, personally, I think that what they're doing isn't exactly wrong as well," he said hesitantly. "But still, murder is murder, no matter the reasons."

Shiki didn't say anything, and Itachi decided to change the subject, sensing the rather tense atmosphere in the air. The sounds of a guitar playing sounded through the air just then, and the two looked in several different directions at once before noticing a man who seemed to be in his late thirties playing a guitar, dressed in rather worn clothes, singing along to the song. A rather small number of ryou coins was gathered in the box before him, and Itachi glanced at Shiki who was looking at the man, and smiled, an idea in his head on how to cheer his friend up who looked rather sad that day.

"Wait here," said Itachi, and Shiki blinked as Itachi went towards the man playing the guitar and exchanged a few words with him before the man smiled and nodded and handed the guitar over to Itachi who gestured for Shiki to come over which she did, wondering what Itachi was doing.

"Would you like to hear me play?" asked Itachi, and Shiki blinked in confusion.

"Can you even play the guitar?" she asked, and Itachi smirked.

"I hadn't played for a long time now, let's see if I'm out of practice," said Itachi with a smirk before his fingers strummed over the guitar strings, playing one of Shiki's favourite songs which he'd heard Shiki singing once, and he began to sing to it, and Shiki blinked as the guy got a damn good voice! He could probably be a singer or something should he ever decide to leave the ANBU.

"Juuroku de kimi to aiHyakunen no koi wo shita neHirahira to maiochiruSakura no hanabira no shita de

Aitakute kakenuketaHi no ataru kyuu na sakamichi yaKouen no sumi futari no kage waIma mo kawaranu mama"

The crowd gathering around was getting larger by then as Itachi's playing and singing captivated them, and Shiki can't help smiling at this, and the guy who originally had the guitar can't help snickering at this sight.

"Kimi to boku to 'sakura biyori'Kaze ni yurete maimodoruMarude nagai yume kara sameta you niMiageta saki wa momo-iro no sora

Suki deshita suki deshitaEgao sakisometa kimi gaBoku dake ga shitte itaMigigawa yawarakana ibasho

Sakura no shita no yakusoku'Rainen mo koko ni koyou' tteHando mo tashikameatta kedoIma mo hatasenu mama

Kimi to boku to 'sakura biyori'Kaze ni sotto yomigaeruKimi mo ima dokoka de miteru no kanaaAno hi to onaji momo-iro no sora

Oikaketa hibi no naka niKizamareta ashiato waNani yori mo kakegae no nai takaramono

Shiki looked in Itachi's eyes as she can't help smiling a little as the Uchiha looked at her as he played the guitar, singing along to it, a slight smirk on his lips. Somehow…she felt as if Itachi played this song for her.

Kimi to boku to 'sakura biyori'Kaze ni yurete maimodoruTomedonai omoi ga afuredashiteNamida ga komiageta

Kimi to boku to 'sakura biyori'Kaze ni yurete maimodoruMada minu mirai wo mune ni daiteMiageta saki wa momo-iro no sora"

There was a round of extremely loud applause as Itachi ended the song and handed the guitar back to the owner before he made his way back to Shiki. "Cheered up some?" he asked with a smirk as he led Shiki away from the crowd.

"You don't have to do that for me," she said. "And you played the guitar quite well, and you have quite a good voice as well. If you ever decide to leave the ANBU, you can be a singer."

"I wanted to be a musician when I was little," said Itachi as they walked along the shores of the sea. "My mother was a pianist, and she often sang to me and my little brother when we were little. I started playing the guitar about a year or two before my parents died, and after that, I sometimes played the guitar so that Sasuke can sleep without nightmares. After I've joined the ANBU, I've hardly played the guitar."

"That's a pity," said Shiki, a smile tilting her lips. "You're a good player, and an even better singer. I'd like to hear you play the guitar again someday."

Itachi smiled and nodded. "Yeah," he said. "Maybe next time I will take my guitar out with me."

Shiki nearly tripped over a loose tree branch on the sand just then, only to have her arm caught by Itachi to prevent her from falling, and she turned towards the Uchiha only to find herself looking straight into his onyx eyes which are mesmerising her.

Shiki can't bring herself to tear her eyes away from Itachi, and didn't even realise Itachi leaning forwards towards her, bringing their faces closer to each other before their lips were about an inch away from touching each other…

"Sparkling angel I believed…you were my saviour in my time of need…"

Both Itachi and Shiki sprang back from each other just as Itachi's cellphone rang, and the Uchiha immediately pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and answered it. "What?" he asked irritably. He paused for a few moments as he listened to whatever the person on the other end of the line has to say before frowning. "Fine. I'll be right back."

"Work?" asked Shiki sympathetically as Itachi slipped his phone back into his pocket.

Itachi sighed and nodded. "Unfortunately," he said. "I'll see you another day, alright?"

Shiki smiled and nodded before Itachi left the seaside and kicked up some sand with her shoe, wondering what she was about to do back then. She knew very well of her own position. She can't be with Itachi…no matter what!


"Kiss me sweet…I'm sleeping in silence…all alone…in ice and snow…"

Shiki gave a start as her cellphone rang and began vibrating in her pocket before she pulled out her phone and answered it. "What?"

The caller on the other end of the line was Gaara. "Shiki? It's me. We've found Nakashita. He's in Nariya. Come back immediately."

Shiki frowned. "Gotcha." Click.

"You're pretty busy, aren't you?"

Shiki turned sharply at the sound of that voice only to see a certain silver-haired teen that she was quite well acquainted with, and her eye twitched. She narrowed her eyes dangerously. "Kabuto," she hissed.

Yakushi Kabuto, one of the top cards of the Oto organisation and Orochimaru's second-in-command smirked at Shiki, giving a slight wave. "Yo. It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"You sure got a lot of nerve showing up here," said Shiki dangerously. "Especially after what you've done four years ago!"

"Four years ago? Oh. You must mean the human experimentation case," said Kabuto without a care in the world. "What about that? It's a pity about all those people, really. But sacrifices are needed for the greater good."

Shiki had to use every bit of her willpower to stop herself from attacking Kabuto. For one thing, she knew that the ANBU or the police will investigate if she used her powers in Hirako, and for another, she doesn't want any attention in Hirako as it's the one place where Ragnarok can hide without any fear of the ANBU after them.

"Judging by the fact that you're here…" said Shiki slowly. "Is Orochimaru back in Japan?"

"Saa," said Kabuto with a smirk. "But that guy…he's the captain of the Akatsuki, isn't he?" Shiki narrowed her eyes dangerously. "He didn't know about you, does he?" Kabuto smirked. "I wonder what he will do if he knew who you are…"

Shiki snapped.


There was a gust of wind, and Kabuto blinked as Shiki was gone from his sight, and in that moment that it took him to blink, he immediately felt a blade being placed at his neck, and Shiki's voice hissed in his ear, sounding quite venomous right now.

"You so much as breathe a word to him, and I'll show you no mercy," she hissed. "You want to have a taste of what Ragnarok is capable of? Or do you want Haku to know that you're back in Japan? That girl won't let you off that easily. Not after what you've done to Isaribi four years ago! You know that."

Kabuto growled low in his throat before slipping a dagger from his sleeve into his hand and taking a swipe at Shiki who dodged and back-flipped backwards a few steps, staring at him with a cool expression.

"You think that you can stop me?" Kabuto hissed.

"I know that I can," said Shiki dangerously. "Don't forget that you're just as wanted by the ANBU as we are. You can't go to the ANBU. The only difference between us is that the ANBU know your face, but they don't know ours." She narrowed her eyes dangerously. "Make one wrong move, and I'll kill you. Or my name isn't Namikaze Shiki!"


Three Hours LaterNariya

Two of Ragnarok's agents – Hinata and Temari – found Nakashita Toriya walking out of a bar in Nariya – a town not too far away from Leaf City and lured him to a back alley before said man was wrapped up in a sand cocoon – courtesy of Gaara's sand nin-ability.

"Is this him?" asked Neji, glancing at Toriya who was struggling to scream, but couldn't because of the sand wrapped around his mouth to prevent him from yelling.


"Very well," said Shiki, still remaining in the darkness of the alley and looking at Toriya before her eyes seemed to glow ruby red for a moment before changing back to sapphire blue. "Neji, the barrier."

Neji nodded before the area around them glowed silver for a moment before fading, and Gaara released the hold of the sand around Nakashita and stepped back a few steps. Said man was looking extremely furious at the Ragnarok agents that he can see.

"How dare you do this to me?!" he yelled. "Who do you brats think you are?! Do you even know who I am?!"

"Oh, we know who you are," said Tenten grimly, running her fingers along the blade of her dagger without drawing blood. "We investigate all our jobs – clients, the targets and the mission parameters before accepting. Do you think that we won't know who you are and what you did four years ago?"

"Nakashita Toriya," said Shino in his usual monotone voice. "Arrested and charged under international medical law, section sixteen and paragraph fifty-seven, under the charge of performing illegal and inhumane experiments on a fellow human being four years ago. Six victims died and sixteen became something that couldn't even be called human, and each of those sixteen begged for death as it's better than living with what they'd become." He glared at Toriya beneath his glasses. "Is that enough? We know who you are and what you'd done four years ago."

"What? I did nothing wrong!" yelled Toriya, a crazed look coming into his eyes. "Those people should feel honoured to have the chance to assist Orochimaru-sama into the era of a new Japan where nin-abilities was something that everyone can have!"

Yugito smirked. "You heard that, Captain?"

Toriya turned towards the darkness of the alley as the leader of Ragnarok stepped out of the darkness, dressed in a plain black T-shirt with a denim blue jacket over it with a pair of jeans and blue and white sneakers.

"Yugito," said Shiki, her eyes never leaving Toriya, flashing ruby red occasionally. "Please open the portal."

"Roger that."

Yugito waved her hand and a large black portal opened up beneath everyone present before it swallowed them up, teleporting them to kami-knows-where.

Hellish Nightmare Dimension

"W-What is this place?" wondered Toriya as he looked around him at the pitch black darkness that surrounded him with what seemed almost like cracks of lava below his feet…almost like he's in a volcano of some sort. "Oi! Where is this?! Where have you taken me to?!"

There was suddenly a tug on his body, and the next moment, Toriya found himself lying on what seemed to be an operating table, being strapped down, and overhead lights – the type that one can usually find in operating rooms in the hospitals shining down on him.

Suddenly, four of the teens that he saw earlier stepped out – two of them being the ones who had lured him to the back alley in the first place – each dressed in what was more suitable for a hospital or a laboratory of some sort as they were in green surgical outfits, complete with the face masks and surgical hats. One of them – a blue haired female with strange eyes had on a white lab coat and all four of them were smirking at him evilly.

"Where is this?!" demanded Toriya. "Let me go!"

"This is Yugito's power," said a voice somewhere to the left and Toriya turned his head with great difficulty to see the redhead who had wrapped him up in that sand cocoon earlier who seemed to be standing in the air, his arms folded across his chest. "And what we call the Hellish Nightmare Dimension. A punishment fitting you bastards who had escaped the hands of the law and who think that you can do what you did and escaped unscathed. Too bad for you. Ragnarok is here to stop that."

"R-Ragnarok…?" whispered Toriya.

He knew that he's in deep shit now.

The lights over Toriya were snapped on and the raven-haired male with the strange eyes smirked as he looked down at the frightened Toriya. "Doctor, do we need anaesthetic?"

Hyuuga Hinata smirked. "We don't need such a thing."

"So true," said Temari with an evil grin as she took up a cruel-looking dagger. "After all, he had no problem doing this to his 'patients', we can at least reward him to the same treatment that he did to his 'patients'."

"How kind of you, 'Doctor' Temari," said Tenten with a smirk, taking up a drill.

"Well then…" said Hyuuga Hinata with a smirk, taking up a scalpel. "Let the operation begin."

The screams of Nakashita Toriya can then be heard for hours as it echoed all throughout the dimension that they were in which is Nii Yugito's power.

Somewhere in the distance in the Hellish Nightmare Dimension, Kankuro, Shino, Yugito as well as Gaara and Shiki watched their four comrades going at their latest victim with drills, scalpels, acid, needles and whatever tools that they can think of.

Shiki was standing as she folded her arms across her chest as she watched the proceedings with a rather critical eye. Yugito and Gaara – her best friends were on either side of her whilst the others were all standing behind or around her.

Kankuro whistled. "They're really going at it," he said.

"While his victims may have been unconscious when he performed the experiments on them, that doesn't mean that they didn't feel it," said Shiki grimly. "What we're doing now is only a slight fraction of what his victims had gone through."

There was a loud yell, and Yugito looked up at the sky where a red crimson moon hung overhead.

"Time's up," she said. "We're going back."

Back in the real world, Nakashita Toriya breathed and panted heavily as he was nailed by his hands to a wooden stake somewhere in the woods, and chained to the stake. Most of the flesh on his body was gone, exposing the white rib bones, and he was missing three fingers on his right hand as well as most of his nails on his left hand. He was in too much pain to even yell for help, much less escape.

"Who…are you?" whispered Toriya as the group of teens turned to leave.

"We're Ragnarok," said the one who seemed to be the leader, turning around to face him. "I'm Ragnarok's leader, also known to the world as 'Twila." She then flipped a card to the part of the wooden stake above his head and pinned it there with a senbon needle that the girl with the buns shot.

The group of teens then smirked before disappearing in a whirl of wind, but not before Toriya heard what the leader said, "Justice has been served."

A/N: The song featured in this chapter is Sakura Biyori by Mai Hoshimura. It's one of the ending themes of Bleach, and I kind of liked that song as it's one of my favourite ones, and thus, used it in this chapter. Anyway, I hope that you like this chapter, and please read and review!

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"What is your name?"

"Tojirama Yuki."

"Do you hate them?"



"Because of them, my younger siblings are…they are… It isn't their fault! They've done nothing wrong!"

"What is your wish?"

"Please…take those two…straight down to the pits of Hell!"

"I hear and deliver this vengeance."

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