Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

A Sister's Plea

Sorry for the late update! And just a small note: I've changed Shiki's codename to Twila as I find that it suits her more. Also, regarding the various towns and cities in this story, I think several readers found it a little confusing, and thus, I'm going to list it here:

Hiraiko: The town where Iruka's cafe is located, and also where Shiki had first met Gaara and his siblings

Hagako: Shiki's hometown where she'd met Hinata and Neji

Hakawa: The place where Shiki and the others have met Yugito

Nakawa: The place where Shiki and the others have met Shino

Araiko: Tenten's hometown

Disclaimer: Part of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Seven: A Sister's Plea

ANBU HeadquartersLeaf City

The heads of Nagato and Konan of team Akatsuki in ANBU were crowded around a newspaper spread opened on the coffee table in a corner of Akatsuki's office where couches were set around – serving as a relaxation spot for the ANBU members in team Akatsuki to de-stress themselves.

The other members of the Akatsuki were all crowded around that morning's paper as well, save for Kisame and Itachi who were both currently not around, and this was the scene which one Hoshigaki Kisame walked in on, a piece of toast in his mouth with a cup of piping hot coffee in one hand.

"What're you up to?" Kisame mumbled through his toast. "And where's Itachi?"

"Huh?" Konan looked up. "Oh. Morning, Kisame. Itachi was summoned to the commander's office early this morning. And take a look at this. There's been another body found…this time by Sasuke's team."

Kisame frowned before heading over to his teammates and looked at the morning paper that they were looking at. There were quite a few newspapers on the table – all from the different newspapers in Japan. The most prominent one was the Konoha Daily which was Leaf City's main newspaper.

The headlines of the newspapers 'Ragnarok Strikes Again!' and 'Is it Twila's work?' were just some of the headlines of the newspapers currently on the table.

Kisame sighed. "Who's the victim this time around?"

"Sasuke had just sent the report over, along with the coroner's report," said Sasori, thrusting a file into Kisame's chest. "Apparently, Tsunade-sama wanted both Akatsuki and Rendoku to work together to capture Ragnarok. And both our captains are currently being yelled at by Tsunade-sama."

Kisame blinked. "Why?"

"The victim this time around is a Nakashita Toriya," said Konan. "He was one of Orochimaru's assistants in his sick experiments about four years back, and ANBU had been searching for him. Tsunade-sama had just received some leads on his whereabouts a week back and was about to issue a search and arrest warrant for him when Ragnarok claimed the goods on him, so as to speak."

Sasori sighed. "This also explains Itachi and Sasuke's presences currently in Tsunade-sama's office."

Kisame sighed before looking out of the window. "I sense dark clouds in the sky today…" he mumbled.


Two Days LaterNariya

"Suspicious characters?" Some random shop owner blinked owlishly at Uchiha Itachi. "What suspicious characters?"

Itachi sighed. "I'm Uchiha Itachi of ANBU," he said, flashing his identification pass. "I'm here to investigate the death of Nakashita Toriya."

"Nakashita?" The shop owner blinked before an ugly scowl showed on his face. "What do you want to know about that bastard? If truth be told, he deserved to die!"

Itachi blinked. "I mean no offence to you, sir, but don't you think that the way he was killed was a little…brutal?"

"Not at all," snorted the shop owner. "He deserved to die like that for the sins that he'd committed four years ago!"

"Can you tell me what you know about Nakashita?"

"Sure," said the shop owner. "I'll get my daughter to watch the shop for me. Mika! Watch the shop for me for a moment, will you?"


A girl around eighteen in a dark blue kimono ran out from the back of the shop before the shop owner led Itachi to the back of the shop where there was a small table set against the wall, complete with a sewing machine and several fabrics scattered all over the table. A photo frame of four people – the shop owner, the girl from before and another two girls were all smiling at the camera.

"This is your family?" asked Itachi softly, his eyes going gentle as he laid eyes on what seemed to be a happy family. He had one once, before circumstances had snatched both himself and his brother away from what seemed to be a happy family.

"Yeah," said the shop owner with a nod, picking up the photo frame and tracing the faces of one of the girls in the photo. "I have three daughters. Mika is the eldest and will soon be going to college. Her younger sisters – Maya and Miya, on the other hand…"

He trailed off, and Itachi could tell that he's crying and suddenly felt bad for forcing the shop owner to tell him something that seemed to be so painful for him. "You don't have to say anything if you don't want to," he said hastily.

"No, it's alright," said the shop owner, wiping his tears away. "My wife died when my youngest, Miya is born. Complications arouse in childbirth and my wife passed away…but not before Miya is born. Things were hard for us when my girls were little. Mika was about six when my wife died and Maya was about two. Times were hard, but we managed. About four years ago, when my Miya is ten years old, she suddenly vanished."


The shop owner nodded. "She was kidnapped." He nearly growled. "We don't know what it's for back then as we weren't that well-off and even had trouble trying to feed ourselves. We didn't know then that various kids and teenagers were being kidnapped left, right and center. I reported it to the ANBU then as there wasn't anything that I could do. And then…nearly six months after that…the ANBU found Miya."

"Found her?"

The shop owner nodded. "But she was barely recognisable!" The voice of the man was full of hatred. "She was experimented on and…and…and became some humanoid fish hybrid! That bastard Nakashita was the one that did this to my baby!"

Itachi's eyes widened in horror.

"Later, I found out that Nakashita was a dog of Orochimaru's and that Miya wasn't the only one involved in his sick experiments. But by the time the ANBU had found her, it was already too late. Miya died, and not long after that, Maya vanished. When the newspapers reported two days ago that Nakashita was killed by Twila and Ragnarok, I was happy. He deserved to die for what he did."

Itachi was silent for a moment before he spoke again. "Do you believe that what Ragnarok and Twila are doing now is right?"

"Yes," said the shop owner without hesitation. "You are an ANBU agent. Even you knew that not all criminals are caught and punished by the law – Nakashita is one such person. For all the investigating that you did, Nakashita still got off scot-free because 'there was not enough evidence'!" The shop owner banged his fist on the table, tears leaking out from the corner of his eyes. "I hated those men…Nakashita and Orochimaru both. They killed my daughter and took both Maya and Miya away from me! They tore my family apart! My three girls were all that I have, and they destroyed that! I don't know who contacted Ragnarok to hire them to take out Nakashita, but I'm glad that they did. That man deserved death."

The shop owner then got into a coughing fit, and Itachi got up from his seat, one arm supporting the shop owner. "Sir? Are you alright? Sir?"

"Dad?" His daughter, Mika came into the back just then only to see her father coughing. "Are you alright?" The girl turned towards Itachi. "Can you help me get him into his bed?"

Itachi nodded and between the two of them, they managed to get the shop owner into his bed where he slumbered peacefully now when Mika gave the shop owner his medicine.

"You shouldn't have mentioned both my younger sisters," said Mika grimly as Itachi conversed with her over the cashier counter as she sewed a light green kimono together. "It's a taboo topic for my father."

"What happened really? Four years ago…"

Mika's eyes darkened. "My youngest sister was kidnapped by…that man four years ago," said Mika, an angry tone coming into her voice, her hands clenching into fists on the counter. "Nakashita Toriya. The body of the man found in the woods south of Nariya two days ago. I've heard that it's Ragnarok's work and I'm not surprised."


There was silence for a moment before Mika spoke again. "Four years ago…when Miya died, Maya vanished. She merely told me that she's going to get justice done for Miya's sake…one way or another. Maya was only twelve then, but I know my sister. Once she said that she's going to get something done, she'll do it. My guess is she must be investigating the cause behind Miya's death as my father never let her know as she was too young back then." Mika smiled grimly. "Maya must be the one who had contacted Ragnarok."

"But why didn't she come to ANBU if she found evidence concerning her sister's murder?" asked Itachi, curious.

"It's of no use," said Mika, shaking her head. "You and I both know that. Nakashita is a scientist and it's been all over the papers four years ago when he was arrested. He had connections in high places as that man – Orochimaru – is a highly influential scientist and doctor within the political circle with many friends in high places, and even if Maya did go to the ANBU with the evidence that she had, it won't be of any use. Nakashita will get off again. Maya isn't stupid. She knew this, and that's why she went to Ragnarok. I don't know what their price is for requesting their services, but whatever it is…it can't be worse than what we've been going through ever since Miya died."

"You don't think that Ragnarok is doing the wrong thing?" asked Itachi and Mika shook her head.

"I think that they're protecting us in their own way as well," said Mika. "And I'm grateful to them for avenging my sister for me. Maybe Mika can then rest in peace. I only hope that what they'd put Nakashita through is painful for him."

"Have you seen anyone or anything suspicious before Nakashita's death?" asked Itachi, changing the topic.

"Not really," said Mika before she frowned. "Wait a moment…there was a boathouse docked at the river harbour on the night of Nakashita's death."

Itachi blinked. "A boathouse?"

"Yeah," said Mika, nodding her head. "I usually walked past the harbours of the river as the fabric supplier lived by the river. I remembered seeing a relatively large blue and white boathouse docked by the river. Boathouses hardly come down to Nariya as we aren't a trading town."

"Do you know the name of the boathouse and who's the owner of it?"

Mika frowned and shook her head. "Sorry. No."

Itachi sighed. "Thank you for your help," he said with a bow and left the shop. 'A boathouse, huh? That's a small clue, but it's better than nothing.'


Cat's EyeHiraiko

A bell tinkled somewhere in the shop as Shiki pushed opened the door of Cat's Eye, and Iruka looked up from his usual every day task of cleaning and wiping the dishes and glasses. Iruka smiled as he saw Shiki.

"Hey Shiki," he said. "Sasame and Arashi both aren't here today. Seems like they're still out on that last job that you've sent them on."

Shiki nodded.

Fuuma Sasame and Fuuma Arashi are siblings, and were orphaned during the last war before becoming information specialists and bounty hunters just to survive. Shiki had met them by accident approximately two years ago when an information broker which she's on fairly good terms with had referred her to those two when she was searching for some reliable bounty hunters and information specialists willing to go on long term missions and were skilled enough to not get themselves killed.

Her first meeting with Sasame and Arashi went something like this:

Shiki: "You act like I want to be here! I do not know what cruel deity above me has made it so that we even met in the first place, and why Gin even recommended you two, but he said that you're the best in your line, and that's the reason why I'm even here!"

Sasame: "You bet that we are! Me and my brother are the best that could be, and you're be hard pressed to find another one who are even half as good as we are! And if you want my respect, you're just going to have to earn it!"

And that was the start of their beautiful friendship.

Fortunately, things have gotten better for Sasame and Shiki as time passed, and when the two girls have gotten to know each other better. Shiki knew that she could trust the two siblings, and the Fuuma siblings were just among the few in the circle which included Iruka, Shizune and their circle of friends along with the few survivors of Shiki's old gang who knew the identities of the members of Ragnarok.

"Tell them to drop me a call or a mail once they've returned," said Shiki. "We don't have any requests so far, and we might be staying here for some time as Gaara and Neji are both hunting down some criminal."

In order to get some income coming their way, the members of Ragnarok usually did some bounty hunting jobs for high profile criminals which bounty on their heads is enough for the entire group to live off for six months.

"It's alright with me, but…you've gotten your computer fixed already?" asked Iruka, blinking, and Shiki smiled before showing Iruka the portable computer tucked under one arm.

"I've just gotten it back," said Shiki. "I may not be as computer savvy as Shino, but I'm good enough with computers to at least find some information without relying heavily on my network and Shino's information. This can at least lessen his burden a little whenever we have a request."

"I see…" said Iruka with a smile. "Well, Sasame and Arashi don't seem to be heading back anytime soon, so why don't you return at a later time?"

Shiki nodded before leaving the shop.

Ragnarok's Headquarters (boathouse)Hiraiko

"Everyone's not back yet, Shiki," said Shino without even turning around from his usual place before his computer in a corner of the first storey of the boathouse when Shiki entered. "With any luck, Gaara and Neji should be dragging their prey to the nearest bounty station to collect their reward money, and the girls are currently in town. Kankuro is taking a short nap in his room."

"Okay," said Shiki with a nod before curling up on the couch on the first storey of the boathouse before turning on her recently repaired computer. She had been hearing news of some internet chat forum on the internet which visitors seemed mostly made up of people who are supporters of Ragnarok and was curious to see what they would say.

Shiki clicked on the first link of the internet search engine that popped up the moment she'd typed in the keywords for her search, and the page immediately loaded to a black screen with flames decorating the bottom of the screen which flickered every now and then, and the title of this particular chat forum seemed to be in the design of flames as well which spelt out: 'Midnight Sun – Your Place to Go to if You are a Fan and Supporter of Ragnarok.'

ANBU HeadquartersLeaf City

In the office of team Akatsuki, Itachi was surfing through one of the many internet chat forums out there who chatted about nothing but Ragnarok, hoping that he can at least find some clue about that group in here.

The title of the homepage was 'Midnight Sun'.

Shiki was still on the computer when the others returned. There were lots of things being discussed on the forum. There were a few anonymous visitors who think that Ragnarok are nothing but murderers, but practically everyone who came here feels that what Ragnarok is doing is the right thing as well, and protecting them in a way.

Shiki then went to the online chat room in this homepage, using the handle name of 'Aurora' before looking through the ridiculously long list of people in the online chat room before one name simply jumped out at her: RedEye001.

Itachi was ready to rip his hair out in frustration. He'd spent nearly six hours on this particular homepage, and he had found nothing at all! But still, he had came across some rather interesting messages from a few visitors on the forum who'd written a rather long message, thanking Ragnarok for their help, and Itachi guessed that they must have hired Ragnarok in the past.

Even Itachi himself was starting to have doubts regarding Ragnarok.

Are they really that bad?

I don't think that what they're doing is all that wrong.

Shiki's words from the last time that she'd met him resounded through his head.

And just as Itachi was about to log out of this particular homepage, there was a slight 'ding' which indicates that someone wanted to chat online with him, and he blinked. He'd been chatting online for hours with countless people, careful not to give away his purpose in trying to know more about Ragnarok, but those that he'd been chatting with had nothing but good to say about them, and practically worshipped them.


Itachi was starting to get a little tired of hearing how good Ragnarok is over and over as well.

And this new person who wished to chat with him goes by the handle name of 'Aurora'.

Aurora: Hi. Care for a chat?

RedEye001: Sure. I'm getting bored anyway. Every single person whom I'd chatted to so far talks about nothing but Ragnarok.

Aurora: Hahaha. Why did you come to Midnight Sun then if you don't want to hear about them?

RedEye001: No reason. Just curious, I suppose. But seriously, what do you think of Ragnarok?

Aurora: What I think? Well. Nothing much, I guess. But this is what I think: I don't think that what they're doing is all that wrong.

Back at ANBU headquarters, Itachi blinked as Aurora's words seemed oddly familiar…

RedEye001: You don't think that they're evil?

Aurora: Good and bad are just definitions of mankind. The laws were created and passed by humans. Who is to say what is good and what is bad? This is what I think: everyone has the right to choose the life that they led. As long as they believed in a particular path and continued walking on it, then they're not doing anything wrong.


Aurora: ??

RedEye001: Nothing. At least you didn't outright say that Ragnarok is the epitome of justice like nearly every single person whom I'd chatted with so far. You're…interesting.

Aurora: You think so?


Shiki looked up from her computer only to see Shino sitting upright in his chair as he typed away before his computer. She didn't even realise it, but it's already dark, and Haku and Temari have turned on the lights of the boathouse whilst Hinata was making dinner. Most of the other members were currently in their own rooms.

"What is it?" asked Shiki.

"We've got a request," replied Shino, typing away on his computer, and Shiki frowned. A request? This late at night? "It's from a girl named Tojirama Yuki. And her location is at…the town of Towaka."

Shiki sighed before turning back towards her computer.

Aurora: I'm sorry. But I have to go. I have some work to do.

RedEye001: It's really too bad. But I guess that it can't be helped. Let's hope that we meet here again sometime.

Aurora: I sometimes come here, so maybe if we have the chance, we'll meet again.

Shiki turned off her computer and straightened out her cramped legs from sitting too long only to see that Neji and Gaara were both discussing with Shino about their latest client.

"Towaka…" mused Neji, frowning a little. "Isn't that the town that was in the papers a few years back as majority of the town's residents are avid supporters of the Rebellion Group?"

"Yeah," said Shino. "That's what I don't like about the job. And it's the request parameters that are giving me goosebumps."

Shiki raised an eyebrow. Shino is the only one in Ragnarok who doesn't speak much. Hell, even Gaara and Neji speak more than he does. Shiki is about the only one in Ragnarok who he ever held a proper conversation with or even seen his eyes behind those shades that he always wore.

"Mind elaborating?" asked Shiki with a raised brow. It seemed like it's going to be another sleepless night for them again.


Six Hours EarlierTowaka

Tojirama Yuki sighed as she opened the door of her house. "I'm home." She called out, returning home from another day of high school.

Tojirama Yuki was currently in her second year of high school, and unlike most high school students, she don't go out and party all night long, but immersed herself in her studies instead. Her parents never cared about her or her eight-year-old twin siblings anyway, and she wondered for the hundredth time if they even wanted children in the first place.

"Neesan! Neesan!"

Yuki blinked as she looked down to see her younger eight-year-old sister, Yuri clinging at her legs, beaming up at her. Yuki smiled gently before kneeling down to her sister's eye level. "What is it?"

"Come!" Yuri whined, tugging at Yuki's hand. "I want to show you something! Come!"

"Hai hai," said Yuki with a sigh as she allowed Yuri to drag her to the twins' playroom-cum-bedroom where the other twin – Yori – will probably be in.

As expected, her parents aren't in.

Both her parents are active supporters of the Rebellion Group – a group that had existed during the war nearly two decades ago which had long been banned by the ANBU, and most of its members arrested by the ANBU after the war had ended. The Rebellion Group was a group that hated nin-users, seeing them as freaks and abominations of nature and did everything that they could to kill them.

Yuki didn't approve of her parents' thinking as she was fully aware that most of the members of the ANBU were nin-users, and the ANBU protected them. Tokawa – her town – was a town well-known for its hatred against nin-users and there had already been a few cases where the children of certain known residents in the town were killed by a mob formed by the town, much to Yuki's horror.

"What is it that you wanted to show me?" asked Yuki as she was dragged into the twins' room where Yori was sitting down on the floor, a basin of water in front of him.

"This, neesan!" said Yori, looking up at her with a beaming smile as he showed her the water in his hands before the water started to move here and there as if it had a life of its own before forming a glob of some kind.

Yuki paled instantly and dropped her school satchel onto the ground before she slumped to the ground to her knees. She knew that that was immediately.

That was a nin-ability.

Make no mistake, they were in deep shit.

Yuki had no doubts that her parents are most likely to just give her younger siblings to the town if they learned that they were nin-users. Yuki didn't understand why her parents and this town hated nin-users and she didn't want to know.

Yuki turned slowly towards Yuri. "Yuri…can you do the same thing as well?"

Yuri nodded with a beaming smile. "Hai!"

If it's even possible, Yuki paled even further before clasping a hand to her forehead. "Oh my god…" she breathed. "This…can't be happening…"

"What's wrong, neesan?" asked Yuri, tugging at her sister's sleeve. "Aren't you happy that Yori and I can make funny things with the water?"

"Yori. Yuri. Both of you listen to me," said Yuki seriously. "Never ever let anyone know or even see what you can do with the water! Do you understand?"


"Don't ask why," said Yuki frantically. "Just do as I say."

The twins nodded dumbly as they watched their pale-faced sister stumble out of their room, heading to her bedroom.

Four Hours LaterTowaka

Yuri and Yori both sobbed on their sister's bed as Yuki nursed the numerous injuries over the bodies of the twins. Yuki tried to hush them as she tended to their wounds. "Shh!" whispered Yuki. "If Mom and Dad knew that I'd broken you out of the cellar, they'll kill me too! Be quiet for a minute!"

The twins fell silent immediately, though there was still the occasional hiccup from Yuri.

Things couldn't get any worse for the three siblings.

It had all started at dinnertime when Yori, forgetting his sister's warning earlier started to play with the water in his cup, and it was nearly amusing to watch both their parents' faces turned several different colours at once had Yuki not knew what their immediate reactions would be. Yuki had paled considerably as she saw what her baby brother had done and what Yuri had copied immediately like what the little girl always did.

Long story short, the twins were nearly beaten to death by their father who had used his leather belt to whip them black and blue, and it is only by the pleading of Yuki that their parents had merely thrown both twins into the dark cellar without any food and water for the night.

Yuki had waited till past midnight when both her parents were fast asleep before sneaking down to the kitchen and picking the lock of the cellar to get both her younger siblings out of the cellar and to her room. She knew that she couldn't hide the twins in her room for long even if her parents never stepped foot into her room.

"Neesan, why?" Yuri cried, tugging onto Yuki's sleeve. "Why is Daddy and Mummy doing this to us? Is it because we can do funny things with the water? Is that why they're mad at us?"

"It wasn't your fault," said Yuki, hugging her siblings. "It isn't something that you can control."

Yuki sang a lullaby to her siblings before both twins fell asleep before she sat down in the chair before her computer, one hand covering her eyes. She cried softly to herself. Why is it that things have turned out this way?

A sudden idea struck her as she remembered a certain organisation being all over the papers and the Net for the past several months before she turned on her computer, logging onto the internet. She went to her favourite search engine and typed in 'Ragnarok' before hitting the 'enter' button, and nearly immediately, a webpage started loading on her screen before a black screen appeared with flames in the background. A symbol of a sun and a moon with red outlines around it with a lightning bolt down the middle was in the upper right hand corner of the webpage and a message above it which said, 'Ask and we shall deliver. Hands of thunder, deliverers of justice, harbinger of death and revenge.'

Yuki swallowed nervously before typing her plea into the text box in the middle of the screen with her full name in the name column, asking for Ragnarok's help in taking out both her parents. It took her nearly an hour to finish typing in her request before she hit the 'enter' button and sent out her request.


Next MorningRagnarok

"Take out her parents?" echoed Tenten, blinking rapidly at Shino at the breakfast table as Haku and Hinata served Ragnarok their breakfast.

Shiki was nowhere to be found, and this wasn't unusual as their captain usually disappeared for hours after they had done a job. Most of the time, she can either be found atop the rooftop of their boathouse or swimming in the river or up on the balcony of the third storey of their boathouse.

"Aa," said Shino with a nod. "Shiki seems to be quite concerned over it."

Neji and Gaara were the ones sent on this particular request this time around, and Shiki had decided to take on this request personally as well which is something that she doesn't usually do. The three have disappeared straight after the request came in the previous night, and no one had seen them ever since.

"A hit on the client's own parents, huh?" mused Yugito. "Anyone would be concerned. Did the client say why?"

"Yeah," said Shino. "Neji had just word back a few hours ago. You know of Towaka's reputation, and their dislike towards nin-users stretched to the extent where parents even willingly killed their own children if they developed nin-abilities all of a sudden. That's the reason behind our client's request. And that is also the reason why Shiki went personally to investigate last night with Neji and Gaara. Our client had two eight-year-old twin siblings. Apparently, they'd only recently developed nin-abilities which lies in water manipulation – much like how Hinata can do with water, only that Hinata's abilities lies in healing. As long as she got water, she can heal."

"Wait a moment," said Kankuro with a frown, putting up one hand. "You're saying that those twins can do things with water similar to what Hinata can do?"

"No. Those twins can manipulate water that I think it can serve as a kind of weapon for them," said Shino. "According to Shiki, Neji and Gaara, and what our client says, their parents belted the twins black and blue the moment they found out, and it's only through our client's involvement that those twins are still alive."

"They won't stay that way for long if their sister don't do something quick," said Temari darkly, and Kankuro nodded grimly. The two of them, along with Gaara, had personal experience with what their client was going through as all three siblings had gone through the same thing as well.

"Killing one's own parents isn't a good thing," mumbled Haku, and everyone looked at her sympathetically. They knew that this particular request reminds Haku of her own past when her own father had tried to kill her when her nin-abilities were developed, and out of fear for her own life, Haku's ice ability had then kicked in and had killed both her parents accidentally.

"Yes, we are fully aware of that, but we really don't have a choice in the matter now," said Yugito irritably. "Either ignore the client's request and two innocent children die, or we take the case and kill both their parents, giving the client and her two siblings a new life."

There was silence before Hinata sighed and turned towards Shino. "What did Shiki say about this?"

Shino shrugged. "She wants to know what you guys think first before deciding."

"I think it's pretty obvious by now that we're going to take the case," drawled Yugito before glancing at Haku and sighing. "Even if we don't like it."


"No! Haku is innocent! She's your own daughter!"

"She is no daughter of mine! She is nothing but a monster!"


"N-No…! NO!!!"




Haku snapped back to reality as Yugito called her name and blinked before looking through her binoculars into the house of their client. "Sorry."

There was a cackle in the communicators of all the members of Ragnarok currently atop the rooftop of some random building in the town of Tokawa just then – save for Shiki – and Yugito smirked, one hand on her communicator.

"Mission start."


"God damn it!" Yuki cursed and swore every known curse word ever known to mankind as she tried to kick her door down and struggled with the doorknob as she tried to open it, even ramming her shoulder against the door which held sturdily.

She can hear the cries of her younger siblings down the streets of the town as her parents and the villagers tortured them, and she was currently trying to break down her door to get to them. Did Ragnarok even receive her request? Or did Ragnarok not want to take on her request at all?

Yuki was panicking as she rammed her shoulder against her door once more, and was surprised when her door suddenly flew opened and she nearly tumbled onto the floor only to meet the eyes of two teenagers around her age with the strangest eyes that she had ever seen.

"You are?" mused Yuki.

The male raised an eyebrow. "You made a request, didn't you?"

"Then…" stammered Yuki. "You are from Ragnarok!" The two nodded. "Please! Save my siblings!"

"That's what we're here for," said the female. "Come with us. We're going to do our job."


Tojirama Saki and Tojirama Tendo smirked to themselves in satisfaction as the cries of the twins echoed through the air. How dare these…these monsters have the gall to even call themselves their children?! Yuki was currently locked in her room at their house and currently trying to break her room door down to rescue her siblings.

A group of the townspeople and several of the town's soldiers were chasing down the fleeing twins with pitchforks and any other weapon that they can think of when a boomerang suddenly came flying out of nowhere and hit five soldiers in the face, knocking them out instantly.

Everyone present turned towards the direction where the boomerang had flown to only to see two teens – a redhead male with pale green eyes and a brunette girl with chocolate brown eyes with her hair done up in buns standing atop the roof of some random building. The girl was holding the boomerang in her hand.

"The targets are the village's soldiers, isn't it?" said the girl, and the redhead rolled his eyes with annoyance.

"Baka. Don't say that AFTER you've thrown that boomerang."

A faint mist was starting to gather on the ground of the town, and no one even noticed a column of sand gather the two children up before bringing them to where the redhead and the brunette girl were standing moments prior before the four disappeared.

Up on another rooftop, a redhead girl with cerulean blue eyes smirked, her arms crossed over her chest.

"It begins."


Hellish Nightmare Dimension

Saki's eyes were wide with fear as she looked around her frantically. Everywhere that she see, she can only see pitch black darkness. She does not even know what's going on. One minute, she's chasing down the twins, the next, she's seeing the townspeople collapsing for seemingly no reason at all, blood coming out of their nostrils, eyes, ears, and who knows what, and then she's currently in this pitch black darkness.

"Hello?" she called out. "Is there anyone there? Answer me!"

There was a bell tinkle somewhere to her right just then, and Saki turned around only to see one of the twins running away from her, and her eyes narrowed dangerously.

"It's you, isn't it?" she snarled before running after the kid. But no matter how much she tried, she could not seem to catch up to the kid.


"Huh?" Saki turned around, hearing a voice. "Who is it?"


"Who is there?"


Saki's eyes widened. "Tendo, is that you? Where are you? Stop scaring me like that!"


A beam of light shone onto Tendo just then, and Saki gave out a scream of fright. Tendo was currently tied to a wooden post, his hands tied up as well, and he was missing most of the nails on his hands as well as bleeding tremendously, and even his bones could be seen. He seemed to have been through some extreme torture.


"Like what you see?" said a voice directly behind her, and Saki turned to see the redhead from earlier behind her. "Then enjoy it while it lasts. Because you see…you're next."

A sandy blonde haired girl with her hair done up in four pigtails stepped up next to the redhead. "Welcome to Yugito's world of what we call the Hellish Nightmare Dimension," she said.

Each of her arms was grabbed just then, and Saki turned to see two teens – the brunette girl from earlier and a beautiful raven-haired girl.

"Well…" said the raven-haired girl, a faint hint of a smile on her lips. "Let's go."

The brunette girl had a dagger in her hand as she played with the blade as she looked at Saki and said, "A heartless woman like you don't even deserve to have a second chance."

"Wait!" cried out Saki as she struggled against the firm hold of the two girls – boy, they were strong – who dragged her, kicking and screaming to a wooden cross and tied her to it with metal chains. "Why are you doing this? What did I do to deserve this?!"

"What did you do?" echoed Nii Yugito, stepping out of the darkness. "You have the cheek to ask that when you knew full well what you've done? You have no right to call yourself a mother. Not when you tried to kill your own children just because they're different!"

"They aren't human!" screamed Saki. "I'm just doing the world a favour by ridding them of two more monsters! They should be thanking me instead!"

Temari snorted. "That's what she said. Heard that? It's no use, captain, she wouldn't admit to her sins."

Saki then turned her head to the left only to see a red-haired girl who seemed to be their leader stepping out of the darkness, her eyes flashing ruby red occasionally. "Well then…" she said. "Let's begin the baptism of fire."


And each of the teens present had flame torches appearing in their hands just then, and Saki felt fear…true fear for the first time in her life. "Baptism…of fire?" she repeated fearfully. "What do you mean? What are you going to do to me? Let me go!"

"Your kids have the power over water," said Haku. "So I think that it's fitting if we deal with you with fire. Like what your husband went through a second ago."

"W-What do you mean?"

"Have you heard of the 'cleansing' from nearly a hundred years ago?" said the captain, her hands in her pockets. "That was the time when nin-users were greatly feared and hated in Japan, and many took to burning them at stakes to kill them – like how witches were burned at stakes during the 1800s. But now, nin-users were greatly accepted by society, save for a few, and now…you're going to have a taste of how it feels like to be them. Tenten, start the fire."

The brunette girl nodded before fire started to collect around her hands before the fire on each of the flame torches that the teens were holding came to life before the wooden stake that Saki is tied to caught on fire, and she began to scream.

Oh god, the pain. It's nothing like what she'd felt before.

The captain watched the screaming woman for a moment before turning and leaving. "I'm leaving the rest to you."

Gaara nodded, and each of the Ragnarok members cracked their knuckles, evil grins on their faces. Their fun was just beginning.

Towaka Forest

Both the Tojirama adults were whimpering with extreme pain as Neji and Gaara nailed them by the palms of their hands to the wooden stakes that they were tied to. Saki had burn blisters all over her body and she was disfigured greatly…so much so that all her skin had been burned off. Tendo on the other hand was better than Saki, if only by a little. The bones of his ribs could be seen, and he was missing most of the fingers on his right hand.

Shiki closed her eyes before flipping one of Ragnarok's calling cards to the top of the wooden stake that Saki was tied to, and turned to leave.

"Let's go."

Outskirts of Towaka

"Thank you for your help," said Yuki, bowing to the captain of Ragnarok gratefully, clad in a dark cloak, with her two siblings on either side of her, both clad in dark cloaks as well, the two children clinging to their sister's legs fearfully, looking at the strangers before them.

For even though the group before them had helped to save them, to the twins, they were still strangers, and after what they had just gone through, they're in no hurry to make friends with people whom they'd just met.

"Don't thank us just yet," said Shiki bluntly, and Yuki blinked. "You've made a contract with us. You know what that means, don't you? You're bound to us by a spirit contract, and this means that you can tell no one of Ragnarok and its members. Probably the only thing that you can tell about Ragnarok is the mission that you requested of us. If you break the contract, you die."

"I know," said Yuki with a nod as she turned to look at what was once the village of Towaka which was currently burning and there were many screams as the villagers slowly burned to death. This was Ragnarok's vengeance and something which she had no problem with.

Shiki then sighed and looked at the twins who clutched tightly at their sister's cloak before turning back to Yuki. "Take your siblings and leave this place. Go to a place where nin-users are accepted and never come back here."


"People with nin-abilities would never be accepted other than in organisations like ANBU," said Haku, stepping up to Shiki. "Your siblings would be better off as ordinary civilians than as agents in ANBU."

"Besides…" said Shiki, glancing at Yuki. "You're a nin-user too, aren't you? It beats me how you managed to keep your abilities hidden from your parents for so long without being found out."

"What are you three going to do now?" asked Haku with concern.

"Fight and survive," said Yuki with a grim smile. "Like we always do. Thank you for everything."

She then turned and left with her siblings, leaving Shiki and Haku behind at the river harbours of Towaka where they were.

"Let's go," said Haku as she headed back towards the boathouse. Shiki followed a moment later, watching the burning village of Towaka before entering the boathouse.

"Justice has been served."

Preview of next chapter:

"What is your name?"

"Sakurai Yuka."

"Do you hate that person?"


"Why do you wish her dead?"

"My mother didn't do anything wrong! The one who is in the wrong is that woman! Because of that woman…my mother…! It's not fair!"

"What is your wish?"

"Please…take that woman…straight down to the pits of Hell!"

"I hear and deliver this vengeance."

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