Blood Red Moon: Rewritten

Tears of Sorrow

Disclaimer: Part of this story will have settings and events taken out from various anime like Get Backers and Jigoku Shoujo, but I do not own any of them, nor do I own Naruto or any characters in this story save for OC characters

Chapter Nine: Tears of Sorrow


A twelve-year-old brunette boy gritted his teeth in fury as he typed away on the computer, trying to find the website that had been the talk of the Web for months and was rumoured to be the only way to contact that mysterious organisation that had been talked about in the newspapers and the Internet for over four years.

Namikuri Inari grinded his teeth together in fury and glared at the grey fortress building that was just vaguely visible outside his window, being enclosed within a fence, and turned towards the photo frame sitting on his desk which was that of a younger Inari with his arms flung around a cheerful laughing dark-haired man who was Inari's foster father.

His biological father had passed away when Inari was still a baby, and thus, his mother had brought him up single-handedly with his grandfather. Inari had met his foster father when he had fallen into the sea by his village by mistake, and his foster father had saved him as he couldn't swim then. And by some strange twist of fate, his mother had ended up marrying this man who had later became his foster father, and Inari and his new father had been extremely close until he was murdered by that swine about a year back.

Finally, Inari managed to connect with the page that links him to the website of that infamous group, and without any hesitation, he typed in his request as well as the name of the man that he wanted to be taken out. The same man who had torn his family apart and turned Katokori upside down for the past year: Gatou.

Inari then clicked on the 'Send' button and leaned back into his chair. The request was sent. Now all that awaits is Ragnarok's answer.


It was currently late spring, and a certain ANBU captain as well as a certain Ragnarok captain could both be found sitting within the branches of a sakura tree in the park of the town of Hiraiko where the cherry blossoms were fluttering prettily down to the ground.

Namikaze Shiki was sitting with her back against the trunk of the tree, a red leather bound book opened in her hand, with the words 'Loveless' written in golden cursive writing across the cover of the book.

"'The mysterious abyss tis the Gift of the Goddess. In pursuit of this gift, we take flight. Within the heart's water surface, a hopeless wander will flow. Like ripples to waves come forth the dreams below'." Shiki read her favourite phrase of her favourite book out loud.

Itachi who was sitting on the same tree branch that Shiki was sitting on smirked and turned towards her. "Loveless, Act One," he said. The guy had started reading Loveless not long after he's met Shiki for the second time outside a bookstore when she had bought the French version of Loveless – the girl had an odd tendency to collect the book Loveless in several different languages.

Shiki chuckled and closed the book with a light clap, tucking it away. "You remembered."

"Having to hear you read it every day," said Itachi, smirking as he tapped the side of his book. "I have no choice but to remember."

Shiki smiled and leaned back into the tree trunk, watching the sakura petals fall lightly to the ground like pink snow. She held out one hand and watched as a single sakura petal fall lightly into the palm of her hand. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" she said.

Itachi watched her. "Yeah."

"Another spring has come and gone," said Shiki, letting the sakura petal in the palm of her hand fall lightly to the ground. "I love the spring and fall seasons especially. The world's always especially beautiful then."

Itachi's cellphone rang just then, and he immediately fished his phone out from within his pocket before answering it. "Hello?" Itachi frowned a little as he listened to whatever the person on the other end of the line has to say before sighing. "Understood. I'll be right over." Click.

"Work?" asked Shiki sympathetically, and Itachi sighed and nodded.

"Unfortunately." Itachi sighed. "I'll see you later." Shiki nodded before he leapt off the tree branch and left the area, walking towards where his motorcycle was parked.

Shiki sighed before jumping off the tree that she was on as well. She had a certain informant to find.


Cat's EyeHiraiko

Dusk was nearly falling in the town of Hiraiko as Namikaze Shiki walked in the streets of the town, and the birds were all letting out shrill cries, on their way back home to roost. As such, Shiki wasn't surprised to find the Cat's Eye cafe – a regular haunt of hers and her friends whenever they were in Hiraiko empty of customers as she entered the cafe. The only people in the cafe was Iruka, two of his newly employed waiters/waitresses as well as two of the people that she's currently looking for.

"Hello," said Shiki with a smile as a bell tinkled somewhere in the shop as she opened the door.

The sole waitress of the café stared at the redheaded teen in wonder as the other waiter stared at her as well – never seeing her before. The waiter and waitress were originally street punks whom Iruka had 'picked up' of sorts a few months back, and he had given them a job here. The two were also a great help to Iruka and his job as an informant especially since the boy was good with computers, though for obvious reasons, the two weren't aware of Iruka's affiliation with Ragnarok…yet.

Iruka looked up as Shiki entered his cafe before sighing and smiling. Cat's Eye was also a favourite hangout for freelancer agents that took on all kinds of jobs and Iruka had seen all kinds of people.

The redhead had changed a lot ever since he had first met her, Neji and Hinata all those years ago when she had first walked into his cafe with such a lost look in her eyes that made Iruka wonder if she's still human or a walking corpse.

It was unfortunate, but this is the way of life in the current Japan especially after the civil war which had broken out in the country which had reduced Japan to it's current state, considering the fact that ¼ of the country had a deep hatred for nin-users. Life for nin-users is better now than before, but it still didn't change the fact that most of the people considered them as freaks or abominations of nature that ought to be killed.

Apart from taking on requests that came in, the members of Ragnarok took on several sideline jobs to feed themselves. Several of the members of Ragnarok apart from Shino who hardly ever moves away from his laptop became bounty hunters of sort – hunting down criminals with a bounty on their heads to bring in some cash for the local bounty hunter station whenever they're not on a job. And naturally, Shiki did something similar as well. But instead of being a bounty hunter of sorts, Shiki is an agent or a 'contractor'.

"Yo Shiki," said Iruka with a kind smile as he brewed some coffee in his coffee dispenser, then called to the only two 'customers' in his café. "Sasame, Arashi, your favourite customer is here again."

"Thanks for the introductions, Iruka," said Shiki with a smile before looking at the two helpers in his cafe. "Those two are new here?"

"Yes, I'm Usegi Moegi," said the girl with a polite bow. "This is Miyugi Udon. We have just started working here."

"I see…" said Shiki with a smile. "I'm a 'contractor' of sorts."


"Sasame and Arashi are freelancers that take jobs that require them to collect information on the underworld and several jobs like that, right?" said Shiki and the two nodded. "Contractors are people who deal with people with jobs like that, though I do go on a few myself as I'm an agent as well."

"I see…" said Moegi thoughtfully. "I never knew that."

"Well, you'll know more as you continue helping me with my sideline job," said Iruka with an amused chuckle. "Not to blow my own horn, but I'm rather famous as an informant in these parts, though I don't just help anyone."

"That's right. And where do the two of you think you are going?" said Shiki, turning around to face the two teens who had tried sneaking past the girl as she's speaking with Udon, Moegi and Iruka.

Arashi, a brunette teen a few years older than Shiki coughed into his hand. "Well…sorry about that, but I suddenly remembered that I have something to do," he mumbled.

"Same here," said Sasame with a raised hand.

"Really?" said Shiki sarcastically. She had been dealing with the two for a long time now to know that they just wanted to get away from her, and she can't blame them since they've nearly gotten themselves blown up on the last job that she sent them on. Such is the dangers for being one of her contacts. "And to think that I went to the trouble to get work for you two as well."

Arashi turned around, fire burning in his brown eyes. "The jobs that you give us are never easy!" he nearly yelled.

"And to top it off, we almost got killed the last time!" added Sasame, backing her brother up.

Shiki sighed. What on earth possesses her to have those two as one of her contacts again? Oh right. They were some of the best agents that she can find. "Who said that jobs like this are easy?" she said.

"Anyway, we're not taking whatever job you got in mind," said Arashi firmly with an air of finality.

That's it. The usual playful banter ended, and it's now time to get serious. Shiki looked at both Sasame and Arashi, a serious look in her eyes.

"It's a personal request from myself," she said.

That stopped both Arashi and Sasame in their tracks. After a moment or two, both turned around to face Shiki, and Arashi sighed. "Let's hear it," he said.

Over a cup of coffee later, both Sasame and Arashi were now poring over the duplicate blueprints that Shiki had given them. Those were copies made by Shino who had been investigating Oto and Ne under Shiki's orders. The computer genius of Ragnarok was pretty busy lately despite them not having had a request for about a month or so now especially since he was busy investigating Ne, Oto as well as the ANBU.

Anyone who is involved in the underworld knew that Oto is under the command of Orochimaru, Japan's most wanted criminal, and Ne is a terrorist organisation of sorts. And Ragnarok had a bone to pick with those two organisations, or rather, the leaders of said organisations especially since most of their members had a grave injustice done to them by Orochimaru and Danzo – the leaders of Oto and Ne respectively.

Shiki sighed. "Let's make this short," she said. "I want one of you to infiltrate the Oto organisation here in Japan and gather information on Orochimaru and Ne."

Sasame frowned. "Didn't Orochimaru flee Japan four years ago after that human experimenting incident?" she asked.

Shiki nodded tiredly. "Yes, but that doesn't mean that his activities in Japan have stopped," she said. "His second-in-command is overseeing it." Her eyes flashed dangerously. "His boy-toy."

Arashi frowned. "Kabuto?"

"Bingo," said Shiki. "They're giving us some trouble lately." Shiki took a quick glance around the cafe before lowering her voice. "Some of our cases recently are linked directly to Oto."

Arashi and Sasame then perked up. The two were among the few that were well aware who Ragnarok's members were, and were responsible for throwing several criminals and the occasional ANBU off Ragnarok's tail in the past.

Arashi sighed and leaned back in his chair, rubbing his temples. "And? What do you want us to do?"

Shiki sighed. "I need Sasame to infiltrate Oto," she said. "No offense to you, Arashi, but Kabuto knows of you as your reputation as an agent is quite well-known, but Sasame hasn't yet. And besides…I got a different job for you."

Shiki passed a slip of paper over to Arashi who frowned as he opened it and read it before his eyes widened slightly and nodded, looking at Shiki. "We'll take it," he said. "And don't worry about the fees. We'll do it for free if necessary this time since we have a bone to pick with the snake as well."

Shiki breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks," she said. "I owe you one for this. You guys know the rules."

Sasame and Arashi both nodded. "Don't worry," said Arashi. "Our lips are sealed on this one."

Shiki's cellphone rang just then and she answered it. "Hello?"

"Shiki? It's Gaara."

"What is it?"

There was a sigh on the other end of the line. "We got a request."

Shiki's eyes narrowed. "I'll be right over." Click.


Ragnarok Headquarters (Boathouse)Hiraiko

"What's the request?" asked Shiki as she entered the boathouse only to see all the members of Ragnarok peering over Shino's shoulder at the computer screen.

"Shino's managed to trace it to the village of Katokori," said Neji, jerking one thumb towards the direction of the computer whizz. "It's from a boy named Namikuri Inari."

"Katokori?" frowned Shiki. "Why does that name sound familiar?"

Shino sighed and turned around to face them. "It was a seaport town that does trading with many villages and towns all over Japan," he said. "We've done a few jobs for them in the past, didn't we? Some bounty hunting jobs."

"That's right!" said Shiki. "Now I remember. What happened?"

"A crime lord by the name of Gatou took over the village of Katokori about a year ago," said Shino, pointing with his thumb at his computer screen.

"Hang on. Gatou?" said Yugito, blinking owlishly before exchanging looks with Temari and Tenten. "He's one of the world's richest men as well as one of the major crime lords in the underworld, isn't it? What's he got to do with the current case?"

"I'm getting to that," said Shino with a sigh, and Yugito grinned sheepishly. Shino cleared his throat. "Anyway, back to what I'm saying… The father of the client – Namikuri Kaiza – he was one of my contacts in Katokori. But I've lost contact with him a while back. About a year ago, to be exact. That man was the sole police officer in the village of Katokori, and when Gatou took over the village…well…" He trailed off.

Temari sighed, putting two and two together like everyone else. "Kaiza proved to be a threat to him and he took him out, huh?" she said, and Shino nodded. "And he's the father of the client?"

"Yeah," said Shino with a nod. "He wants us to take Gatou out and free the village of Katokori."

Haku sighed. "Another revenge request? We seemed to be getting a lot of those lately," she muttered.

Shiki sighed. "Kankuro and Tenten, steer the boathouse towards the docks of Katokori, but park it a little way away from the village. I don't want Gatou catching sight of us."

"Roger that," said Tenten before both herself and Kankuro headed to the controls of the boathouse.

"We're taking this case?"

"Investigating first," corrected Shiki. "Though I get the feeling that we'll be taking this case eventually. Gaara, Neji and Haku…you'll come with me later."

"Huh?" Hinata blinked. "Shiki? You're overseeing this case personally?"

"Yeah," said Shiki with a nod before heading up to the rooftop of the boathouse as Tenten and Kankuro steered the boathouse, and Temari can't help chuckling.

"Oh boy…" mused Temari. "The captain is seeing this case personally?" She grinned at her friends. "I pity the target."

"Me too."


Two Hours LaterKatokori

Nii Yugito perched on the tree branch of some tree as she eyed the client that had hired them – Inari was his name – as he was pushed around by a few bullies nearly three times his size again and narrowed her eyes dangerously. This scene was starting to bring up a few bad memories for her…

Think you're so tough now?

Yugito played with a few pebbles about in her hand before shooting it at the bullies who yelped, looking around, wondering who was shooting them before another pebble that hit the leader on the head caused him to run back home, leaving Inari who looked around himself in amazement before heading back home.

Yugito sighed. Shiki didn't order her to help with the investigating, but she was doing it all the same. Somehow, Inari's case reminded her of her own past, though Inari's wasn't as bad as her past.

"Yugito." Yugito looked up to see Gaara leaning against the bark of the tree that she's perched on, his hands folded across his chest as he looked at the departing form of Inari. He had been the one who was tailing Inari, and had of course felt Yugito's presence. "Did Shiki order you to help me?"

Yugito shut her eyes before opening them again, playing about with the pebbles in her right hand. "No, she didn't," she said at last.

Gaara turned to look at Yugito, and even though the girl couldn't see it, she can sense Gaara's eyes practically boring holes into the back of her head. "Why?" he asked, and Yugito knew that he's referring to her involvement in this case.

It was an unspoken rule among Ragnarok that other than the members that Shiki requested to investigate a case, the others will stay put and either help Shino or Shiki with the other matters of the case.

"I just felt like it," she said, and it wasn't a complete lie.

Gaara stared at Yugito for a moment or two before sighing. "I don't think that I have to tell you this, Yugito," he said. "But in our line, you can't be too emotional as it might affect our work. I'm surprised that Shiki didn't pull you out of this case, but I'm sure that she has her reasons." He sighed. "She's our captain for a reason, Yugito. Please remember that."

Yugito nodded dumbly before Gaara vanished.

Yugito looked at the light of Inari's bedroom before the light snapped off and she sighed before disappearing. Not too far from the tree where she was in were Shiki and Gaara who were both perched on the same tree branch, watching Inari and Yugito.

"Shiki, do you think we should exclude Yugito from this case?" asked Gaara. "I mean no offense when I say this, but I seriously feel that she's being too emotional right now."

Shiki sighed. "You know as well as I do that even if I do that, she'll interfere all the same," she said. "It's similar to her past. You know how I found her in the city of Hakawa all those years ago."

Gaara frowned. "Nii Yugito of the Lightning Hands," he muttered. "Former leader of Hakawa's most feared gang."

Yugito gazed up at the fortress that was Gatou's home. She knew that Shiki had made contact with Inari a while back, and it's only a matter of time before Ragnarok start moving. There was a creak just then, and Yugito looked down from the tree that she's in only to see Gatou heading into the fortress.

Yugito narrowed her eyes dangerously and leapt down to the ground only to be intercepted by Gaara. "Stop, Yugito!" shouted the redhead. "You can't interfere in this!"

Yugito ignored him and Gaara scowled before directing sand bullets around her feet only to have the blonde ignore it and ran towards the fortress. Annoyed, the redhead shouted, "Idiot! Can't you see that I'm missing you on purpose?!"

Shiki suddenly appeared in between Gaara and Yugito just then and shook her head slowly. Gaara blinked. "Shiki?"


Sarutobi Konohamaru blinked and blinked again.

He had been a tad bit concerned when those new visitors have came to their village as new visitors that happened to be passing through the village or just came for a short visit rarely walked out alive because of Gatou.

His best friend, Namikuri Inari had been a very angry teen recently especially after the death of his foster father, and Konohamaru couldn't blame him. But Inari had mentioned once that he will get revenge on Gatou no matter what it takes.

Konohamaru can't blame Inari for wanting revenge, but vengeance begets nothing but pain and loneliness.

And thus, when he saw a few of those visitors heading into the direction where Gatou's fortress is, he had gone to drag them away before Gatou's men could arrest them or something, but what he saw is something that you don't see every day, and which had the ability to seal his mouth shut as he watched the scene play out in front of him.


Yugito looked coldly at the bodies of the two guards on the ground, their bodies twitching slightly with static. That was one of her abilities, other than her inter-dimensional ability. She can control lightning and electricity and that was one of the reasons why she's known as the Lightning Hands back during her gang days.

Shiki and Gaara calmly walked past Yugito as they headed to the room of Gatou, and the captain of Ragnarok turned towards Yugito. "Want to come?"

Yugito nodded and followed the two.


Sarutobi Konohamaru was stunned. He knew immediately what they are.

His uncle had told him enough times about people with strange abilities. And whilst both himself and his uncle don't harbour any hatred or fear for nin-users, this was actually the first time that Konohamaru had actually seen a nin-user using their powers for the first time in his life.

A cool hand touched his shoulder just then, and Konohamaru literally jumped out of his skin in fright before turning around and saw a beautiful raven-haired girl around the age of sixteen or so with a hand on his shoulder, both partially hidden by the large oak tree that Konohamaru had hidden behind to spy on those people.

Shisei Haku looked at Konohamaru with a blank expression. "Don't say a word," she said. "And don't even try to follow them. Not unless you want to die."

Konohamaru can only stare. "Huh?"


Gatou shivered in fright as he watched the redhead and the creamy haired blonde killed all of his guards with little to no effort at all and watched as the leader stepped up to him.

"D-D-Don't kill me!" he stammered. "I-I-I have money! It's money that you want, right?! I'll give you every cent that I have! Please don't kill me!"

Anger flashed in those blue eyes before Namikaze Shiki turned towards Gaara whom nodded, and sand immediately wrapped itself around Gatou before the crime lord toppled to the ground, and Shiki levelled a cold look on him.

"Silence fool," she snapped. "Do not mock me. However much money that you've got…you can't buy Ragnarok and you can't buy Twila. Money can't buy people's lives. Repent for that in Hell."

Yugito then stepped forward, her right hand cackling with lightning and touched Gatou before his body was fried by over 200,000,000 volts, and he dropped dead onto the ground. Shiki then sighed and turned to her friends. "Let's get out of here," she said. "Or we'll be buried along with them once Shino activate the explosives."

Yugito nodded.


Sarutobi Konohamaru was currently praying to every god in existence as he stared at the redhead girl in front of him who was flanked on either side by a redhead boy with pale green eyes and a creamy blonde haired girl. The raven haired girl from earlier was currently stopping him from running by holding a hand onto his shoulder.

"What should we do?" asked Gaara with a frown, studying the kid. "He saw us. Should we kill him?"

Right after Shiki, Gaara and Haku have left the fortress, it had collapsed right after Shino had activated the explosives planted within the fortress. And just when they were planning to return to the boathouse and get the hell out of here, Haku had sent a message to them that there is some trouble, and when the three got to where the ice maiden is, they found her with a brunette boy, and the girl had explained that the boy saw everything.

Konohamaru stiffened when Gaara mentioned killing.

Shiki shook her head, much to Konohamaru's relief as he assumed the redhead to be the leader. "No," she said firmly. "You know our code. We don't kill needlessly. Less of all innocents."

"But he saw us."

Shiki frowned before approaching Konohamaru and knelt down to his eye level which he flinched back at, and the only thing stopping him from bolting the hell out of here was the fact that Haku currently had a hand on his shoulder. Not for the first time, Konohamaru cursed the fact that he's so overly curious, and saw something that he shouldn't have seen.

"Kid, what is your name?"

Konohamaru gulped. "K-Konohamaru. S-Sarutobi Konohamaru."

Shiki raised an eyebrow. "Sarutobi?" she muttered. "Are you related to Asuma?"

Konohamaru blinked. "How do you know my uncle?" he asked, and Shiki raised an eyebrow.

"Your uncle?" she muttered. "I see…" She then stood up, studying Konohamaru intently for several minutes which made him uncomfortable before the redhead looked at Haku, motioning silently for her to release her hold on the boy which the ice maiden did, causing Konohamaru to stumble slightly as he stared at the group with wide and frightened eyes.


"Because your uncle helped us a lot back then we're down and out," said Gaara, answering the question. "We owed him a debt. We won't kill you, but…"

Yugito spoke next. "As you can guess by now, we're Ragnarok," she said, confirming Konohamaru's suspicions. "The group that had been on ANBU's most wanted list for over four years now. We'll let you off this once, but we'll be keeping an eye on you. And I'm sure that you know what that means."

Gaara levelled a stern glance on him. "If you told anyone anything about us, you'll die," he said simply, and Konohamaru's eyes widened. "You don't think that we can survive this long without ANBU knowing anything about us for no reason at all, do you? We have informants and spies all over the place."

"Besides…do you really believe that what we're doing is evil?" asked Shiki, looking at Konohamaru.


"Gatou caused a great deal of suffering to your village, isn't it?" asked Shiki, gesturing towards the burning fortress. "Your friend hired us, and we simply did our job. Unlike what you think, we don't take on every request that came our way. We investigated the client first. We only killed those whom we think deserved it."

"My friend?" Konohamaru blinked before realisation struck him like a sledgehammer. "Don't tell me…! Inari?"

Shiki studied him intently. "Despite that, do you still believe that we're evil?"

"But…murder is murder, no matter the reason," muttered Konohamaru, and even his resolve is starting to falter.

Gaara looked at the brunette with a look of disgust. "If what we're doing is wrong, then what do you call all those bastards who murdered those nin-users? Is what they're doing is right? Is that what you're trying to tell me??!!"

"I didn't say such a thing—"

"Stop it," said Shiki firmly before turning back towards Konohamaru. "I won't kill you this once. See the truth for yourself. And once you've found it, you will know why we're doing just what we did. But…if you told anyone about us, even if I didn't command it, the others will kill you."

Konohamaru paled.


Uchiha Itachi parked his motorbike outside the village of Katokori before he paused at the entrance of the village, seeing the flames licking at the fortress of Gatou's, and hearing the cheers of the villagers in the distance before he sighed.

"So it's true…" he muttered.

Within the tree branches of a tree a little way away from Uchiha Itachi, Yugito and Shiki were having a rather serious conversation.

"Yugito, what are you keeping from me?" asked Shiki, turning towards her friend. "You've been acting strangely for some time now. What are you trying to hide from me?"

Yugito bit on her lower lip nervously before looking at the form of Uchiha Itachi in the distance before turning towards Shiki. "…a while back, I got a vision…" Shiki nodded. Part of Yugito's power is the ability to see the future, though it's not like she can control it, and she can only see flashes of it, and sometimes, the visions don't even make any sense. "In that vision, I saw you…and that ANBU captain…Itachi was his name, I think." Shiki frowned. "You two…were together."

Shiki's eyes widened. That is something that she had been trying to prevent, yet she somehow couldn't stop the mechanism otherwise known as her feet and body from hanging out with Itachi from time to time. "…that's not possible."

Yugito shrugged. "It's what I saw," she said. "I only told Neji and Gaara about it. But I think Shino suspects it too. Thus, we've been trying to find a way to stop the future from happening…somehow…"

A very long silence fell.

"Your visions have never lied before, Yugito," said Shiki seriously.

Yugito looked miserable at this point in time. "…I know."

A very long silence fell before Shiki sighed. "…I'll do something to stop it," she said at last. "I know that I can't be together with him even if I wished it otherwise. I'm not stupid. I know what I'm doing." She sighed. "Let's meet up with the others."

Yugito nodded before the two left the tree.

And down on the ground, one Uchiha Itachi blinked as he heard the unmistakable tinkle of a bell chime carried by the wind before he looked left and right, but saw nothing.

'Huh? A bell chime?'


Ragnarok watched up on a nearby hill as the people of Katokori celebrated the downfall of Gatou and watched as the fortress was burned down by the flames caused by the explosives that Shino had implanted within the fortress with a little help from his little friends.

Yugito gave a slight start as Haku stepped up next to her, the ice maiden watching the burning fortress before she spoke. "Can you tell me? Why did you involve yourself in the request this time around?" she asked.

Yugito stared at the burning fortress before she spoke. "I was always alone…after my friends died," she said at last. "Hakawa is one of the towns out there that feared nin-users, though it wasn't as bad as some of the other towns that we've seen." Haku nodded. "Before I met you guys, the people of Hakawa called me the demon's child there. And when my powers manifested itself, I became known as the Lightning Hands. No one understood my powers over lightning, death as well as my ability to see flashes of the future, though that fact is not known by anyone save for Kirabi, my best friend from my gang days. But then, it was then that I met Shiki."

Do you want to come along? Are you not lonely?

Yugito chuckled silently to herself. "She…was the first person that understood me," she said. "Not even Kirabi does. And back then, when my gang was…attacked…" She shook her head as if trying to get rid of the buried memories within her, and Haku watched silently. "Why did I do such a thing back then, I still don't understand. Probably it's to show them fear. Or maybe it is to avenge my fallen friends. But whatever the reason is, I completely gave into my rage. And as every nin-user knew, we have to control our emotions or our powers will end up controlling us." Haku nodded. "And that is when Shiki appeared. That night."

"Yeah," said Haku with a nod. "We all wondered why she disappeared that night, and returned later with you in tow. She never said anything about that, and we never asked her about it either."

"Seriously, I owed Shiki a lot," said Yugito, glancing at said girl who was standing next to Gaara. "All of us do. If she had never come along, all of us would probably be dead or worse."

Haku chuckled. "I agree," she said.

"Alright. Job's done," said Temari, stretching her muscles and cracking the bones in her neck. "Let's go back. I want my bed."

"True enough," said Tenten with a nod. "I'm tired too. Shiki, we're heading back. Is that okay?"

"Yeah," said Shiki, not taking her eyes off the burning fortress, and one by one, the members of Ragnarok walked back to the boathouse, leaving only Shiki and Yugito behind on the hill.

Yugito glanced at Shiki before stepping up next to her, and for several moments, neither one of the two spoke before Shiki broke the silence.

"Do you wish that you had followed your people to Death, Yugito?" asked Shiki at last.

Yugito turned a small smile to Shiki. "If I had done that, I wouldn't have met you, Shiki."

"…Yugito…! Run…!"


Yugito turned rage-filled eyes towards the only survivor of the attackers since majority of them lay dead on the ground, with lightning burns all over their bodies, and Shiki knew instantly what had just transpired to them.

"Just what did they ever do to you?! I'm the one that you wanted, right?! You said that you wouldn't harm them!"

The attacker smirked. "You took too long to make up your mind," he said. "Thus, our leaders decided to give you some incentive to…hurry up."

Yugito's face contorted in rage. "Damn you…!" Lightning started cackling in her hand, only for her to stop when she saw that Shiki had the guy down on his knees, one hand around the back of his neck, ready to break it in a moment's notice, faster than the eye could see.

"Don't move," said Shiki calmly.

"Don't interfere!" Yugito nearly screamed. "He's my prey!"

"You're not the only one that his master has done this to," said Shiki calmly, understanding Yugito's rage right this instant. "His master gave the orders to have my entire gang killed as well…two years ago." Yugito's face changed to one that of shock, and Shiki turned her attention towards the guy that she had in her grasp. "Is Ne working with Oto and Orochimaru?" She pulled down the collar of the coat only to see a black tattoo on his neck – part of the mark that branded Orochimaru's people – only that this mark is a fairly unusual mark with both Ne and Oto's marks combined as one.

"Like hell I will tell you!" The man spat.

"I see…" said Shiki calmly before turning towards Yugito. "Would you like to do the honours?"

"With pleasure," said Yugito coldly before a fairly ominous aura started surrounding her, and Shiki frowned inwardly. "You might want to step back. I can't control this very well yet."

Shiki nodded before stepping back, and she watched as the same ominous aura started surrounding the dead bodies on the ground before the bodies rise up on their own accord. Yugito snarled at the frightened man who looked as if he's ready to shit his own pants.

"You killed my people, so I think that it's wise if both my people and your own comrades killed you with their own hands!" she snarled. "I'm not known as the 'Death Animator' among my own gang for nothing!"

Shiki watched as the man was literally torn apart from limb by limb by the bodies that Yugito had controlled by using her powers. 'I see… So this is the power of the chosen one of the Nibi no Nekomata…the Goddess of the Underworld and the Dead.'

The bodies that Yugito was controlling fell to the ground then, and Shiki saw the messed up remains of what was once a human male. She turned her attention towards Yugito only to see the blonde on her knees in the middle of the blood-soaked and rain-filled streets, cradling Kirabi's body in her arms.

"…Kirabi…" Yugito nearly sobbed. "…I'm so sorry…! I'm so sorry!"

"…it…wasn't your fault…" Kirabi managed to choke out, knowing extremely well that he's dying. "Live…on…Yugito." And his eyes closed, never to open again.


Lightning flashed across the sky.

A long while later, Yugito felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around to see Shiki standing behind her, her hand on her shoulder, an understanding look on her face.

"I'll help you bury them at the local graveyard," she said. "If you would like my help, that is."

Yugito bowed her head slightly. "…thank you."

"…and…" Yugito looked up at Shiki only to see that the girl had an outstretched hand to her. "Would you like to come along?"

'That's right…' thought Yugito as she followed Shiki to the boathouse where Tenten and Haku were hanging half out of the window, waving to them both, and Gaara was leaning against the doorframe with Hinata sitting on the side of the boathouse, her toes just skimming over the water of the river. Neji was sitting atop the rooftop of the boathouse, his hair getting tussled by the wind. 'I'm not alone anymore. They're not just my friends or comrades any longer…' Yugito smiled to herself as she ran towards the boathouse, just behind Shiki. '…they're my family.'

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