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When Carlisle asked for Alistair to stand as witness in front of the Volturi, he didn't expect for his old friend to bring his one and only child - one Hilda Evans. Garrett/Fem!Harry

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To Ask for a Stand


When Carlisle asked for Alistair to stand as witness in front of the Volturi, he didn't expect for his old friend to bring his one and only child - one Hilda Evans. No one in the least expect for this vamp to possess gifts that Aro would do anything for, and neither did anyone realise that a certain patriot would have his eye on her. GarrettxFem!Harry

All right. All right. I know that I shouldn't have started a new story so soon, with so many on my account clamoring for my attention, but I seriously couldn't help it! This new idea came after I was watching Breaking Dawn Part 2, and I recall someone else writing a similar story that I've read sometime ago.

Now, I'm not certain just how old Alistair is, but I'm going to assume that he's as old as Carlisle, so forgive me if I get his age wrong. I'm following more towards the film setting rather than the book, so you might find some rather familiar dialogues. And while it might look like Alistair has some romantic feelings for Hilda in this story, it most definitely isn't! He's more like a father towards her. And I've had quite enough of seeing Jacob or Edward pairings in this fandom, and I want a pairing with someone that is not one of the main characters for a change.

Pairings: Garrett/Hilda.

Warnings: AU. OC characters. Some character bashing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and Twilight or any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter One: To Ask for a Stand

Hilda Evans sat on the windowsill of the second storey bedroom of one of the many houses that she and Alistair owned all over the world, barely listening to the argument going on downstairs. As a vampire, the three vampires downstairs could whisper, and she will still hear them loud and clear almost as if they were just next to her.

The war that Wizarding Britain had with the Dark Lord had ended nearly a hundred and fifty years ago. That had also been around the time when Hilda had first started her new life as a vampire.

Hilda unconsciously reached up with her left hand to touch her now unblemished and scar-free forehead. After the Dark Lord Voldemort had perished during the war, her scar had disappeared along with his death. And along with the disappearance of her scar, Hilda doesn't require glasses any longer either after her change into a vampire.

Hilda let out a small sigh as the argument below started getting louder. Uh oh. Alistair is getting pissed.

The war back then had nearly killed her. She had managed to kill the Dark Lord himself, but several of his Death Eaters had still been around, and running loose. Weak and exhausted from the battle with the most feared Dark Lord of the century, the few Death Eaters that had still been slipping beneath the radar of the Aurors had seized the chance to attack her for revenge for their lord. She had almost died then and there if it wasn't for Alistair.

Hilda had met Alistair during the war. Naturally, everyone was wary of him because of his vampire status, but Hilda is the only one that didn't care and actually talked to him like a normal person. Alistair had taken an interest in her because of this. And it had also been him who had changed her back then when she is on the brink of death.

Hilda finally got up from the windowsill that she had been sitting on, and slipped out of the room, heading down the stairs to where Alistair had been arguing with a pair of visitors that had been his oldest friends, and had also came all the way from America.

From what Hilda could make out from the argument, the couple had been trying to convince Alistair to stand witness against the Volturi for something or the other, and Alistair had been adamantly refusing.

Hilda leaned slightly over the railings of the staircase to get a better look at the three vampires below her.

"Alistair, please!" The blonde vampire – Carlisle Cullen pleaded with the stubborn dark haired vampire.

"I cannot help you, Carlisle." Alistair insisted. "I will not stand against the Volturi. Going against them is suicidal, and you know it!"

Hilda frowned slightly. Alistair had been keeping her hidden from the world ever since she had become a vampire. And even though Hilda is sometimes annoyed with his overprotective nature, she knew that he meant well, especially after her gifts have manifested itself. He is protecting her not just from Aro once the ambitious Volturi lord caught wind of her gifts, but also from the wizarding community itself. A world that both Hilda and Alistair would rather keep far away from.

"I am not asking you to stand against them." Carlisle insisted. "And you know me. I wouldn't ask you if it weren't urgent."

"About what you were saying…" All three vampires looked upwards only to see Hilda looking down at them, half leaning over the railings of the staircase. The dark haired vampire then leapt over the railings and landed neatly on the ground next to Alistair. "I would like to hear more about it." She told a startled Carlisle seriously.

Alistair frowned. "I told you not to come out," he reprimanded Hilda.

She only gave a small shrug of her shoulders. "I was bored. And it sounds interesting. Besides…" She gave Alistair a knowing look. "You cannot keep me hidden from the Volturi forever, and you know it."

Alistair frowned. "If we go, Aro will have his eye on you," he warned. "I cannot risk that."

"You can't keep me hidden forever, Alistair." Hilda sighed at the over protectiveness of her sire. "Besides, I'm kind of interested to know more." She glanced at the bewildered looks of the blonde vampire and his mate standing in their hall. "About what you're saying, I'd like to hear more about it." She looked from one face to another. "Alistair tends to keep me hidden from the world ever since my change."

Carlisle exchanged bemused looks with his mate. "Yeah, I can't imagine why," he added wryly.


Two very exhausting hours later found Hilda heading up the stairs to her room to pack whatever essentials that she wanted to bring with her to America. As vampires, there isn't much that they need, but there are always a few things that they treasured beyond anything else.

The houses that they have all over the world are owned by them, and as they come back to them every few years, Alistair and Hilda have taken to leaving a few personal belongings with each house. But Hilda had always taken the ones most important to her whenever they moved.

Alistair had been a nomad before he had met Hilda, and even now, there isn't much that he need except for the clothes on his back. After meeting Hilda and changing her however, Alistair had changed his lifestyle slightly. Being a traveller and a tracker, he had taken to getting houses all over the world that they could stay in whenever they make one of their moves. And even then, they never stay in one place for longer than six months.

"You changed her, Alistair?" Hilda heard Carlisle talking to Alistair in the hall downstairs, and she paused in her packing. If truth be told, she could have been done with her packing in less than five minutes, since all that she wanted to bring with her are merely some books. "After all your insistence of never changing anyone these past four hundred years?"

"Things changed."

"She's changed you for the better, I see." Carlisle told Alistair. "But why did you change her? Is it because you wanted a companion? And why did you keep her hidden from everyone?"

"I may have changed my lifestyle a little, Carlisle, and it is true that it is because of Hilda. But I stick to what I've told you four hundred years ago. I will never change someone just because I want a companion. I changed Hilda because of a necessity."


Alistair said nothing for several moments. "…I met her a hundred and fifty years ago in Britain," he said at last. "She's a witch when she was human. A very powerful one."

Carlisle let out a gasp of surprise. "…I see. So she's from that world."

"Yes. I went to Britain at the worst possible time. They were in a middle of a war back then. A wizarding war. That is when I had met Hilda. She's interesting for a human, especially for a witch, since their kind are so arrogant, narrow-minded and prideful, with way too much power for their own good, and yet still seeks more. They even look down upon non-humans like vampires, treating them like the dirt beneath their shoe. When I had met Hilda, she isn't too fond of her own kind, but she still stayed to help them with their war because of duty. And with how her kind had been treating her ever since she was a child, I'm not surprised that she had grown to hate her own kind so much."

"But why did you change her? Is she your mate?"

"Do we look like mates to you, Carlisle?" Alistair bit back a bark of laughter. "No. She's more like a daughter to me."

"Then why?"

Alistair was silent for a long time. "…Hilda had been dying." He said at last with a weary sigh. "I saved her the only way I knew how: by changing her."

"And yet, she is important enough to you for you to change your constantly travelling lifestyle, and even stayed in houses for the past century."

Alistair ignored Carlisle's amused comment. "I'll only say one thing, Carlisle. I'm only going because Hilda insisted. I prioritise Hilda's safety above anything else. I don't think it's wise for the Volturi to even catch a glimpse of her, let alone meeting her. If anything happens at all, I'll save Hilda first."

"It won't come to a fight, Alistair."

"Yeah? Well, it had better not." Alistair growled.

Hilda looked at her reflection in the window, fingering the ends of her shoulder-length dark hair – so dark that it is almost midnight blue and her amber eyes. Ever since her change, any past scars that she had gotten with the numerous battles that she had been in had disappeared completely, especially her accursed lightning bolt scar. Her eyes have also grown stronger, and she never had to wear glasses ever since, much to her relief.

After her change, she had realised that she had lost all her magic. Hilda had been expecting that when Alistair had bitten her, so it didn't bother her much, though she was of course upset, as magic had been a huge part of her life for nearly seven years. But as she had already been planning to hide in the Muggle world for the rest of her life after the war, she had already been prepared to give up her magic.

A mere six months after her change had her first gift manifesting itself, with her second an entire year after that. It is because of those gifts that had Alistair hiding her from any vampire that they came across, especially the Volturi, and Hilda can't blame him. She had read about the Volturi during her Hogwarts days, and she knew that they aren't very pleasant.

Hilda touched her pale neck that is adorned by a black choker with a deep blue sapphire, looking at herself in the reflection of the window, almost like she could still see the results of the Slashing Hex that one of the Death Eaters had dealt her after the Last Battle.

If Alistair hadn't been there and had killed all five of the Death Eaters himself, she would have died on the spot. As it is, the Slashing Hex had gotten her in the neck, and had slashed her across her windpipe. She is literally choking on her own blood then. Alistair did the only thing that he could do to save her which is changing her.

Unfortunately, the rest of the wizarding world doesn't feel that way.

Where once they revered her, after her change, they scorned her as a 'dark creature'. Even her so-called 'friends' abandoned her once they found out what had happened. Even right from the start, even Hermione who had prided herself as being open-minded and such didn't like Hilda associating herself with Alistair.

Thus, after her change when Wizarding Britain had turned on her, Alistair had taken her away. Her first year as a vampire was mostly spent with Alistair teaching her how to control her strength and abilities as a vampire, and even how to hunt. Wizard magic has no effect on vampires. At least, magic used against them directly can't hurt them. But magic that influences the environment can have an effect on vampires.

Hilda had learnt that when she had first taken Alistair with her to a war meeting between the Order and the few Ministry officials, and several magic spells were blasted at him. If it hadn't been for Hilda, Alistair would have drained them all dry then and there.

Hilda stared at her reflection in the window for several moments, recalling the time when Alistair had made the decision to change her.

Hilda coughed harshly, grasping at her blood soaked throat, feeling the deep slash on her pale neck with her fingertips, even as she gasped, trying to breathe, but to no avail. The Slashing Hex performed on her had gotten her in her jugular vein and her windpipe.


Hilda felt someone lifting her body, and she opened bleary eyes only to see a figure leaning over her. A muscular dark haired someone with amber eyes that is also looking down at her anxiously.

Hilda coughed and choked on her own blood, trying to manage to get her voice back together enough to speak at least. "A-Alis…tair…" she choked.

"Don't talk now!" Alistair shook his head, and he even seemed to be holding his breath. All this blood must not be good for him. In the end, he is still a vampire, and he thirsts for blood. The blood of wizards and witches especially are especially appealing towards vampires. Hence, Hilda was surprised that Alistair had as much control as he had to not drink from them throughout these six months when he was with them. "Where are all the medics?" He whipped his head around, trying to look for one.

Hilda grasped Alistair's hand. "I…can't make it…" she choked. "And…you know it…"

Alistair shook his head. "No…! I'm not letting you die like this!" he roared, though it came out more as an animalistic growl. "Damn it…! You are too good and pure to just die at seventeen! You… You're different from the rest of your kind! You are the only witch I knew for as long as I'd lived to accept me as I am when the rest of your kind treated me as some living time bomb!"

"This…is life…" Hilda choked on her own blood, coughing, trying to take in some oxygen, but to no avail.

Alistair shook his head. He then paused hesitantly before looking at Hilda with worried eyes. "…Hils?" He called her with the nickname that only he used for Hilda. Not even Ron or Hermione have called her with a nickname before. When Alistair had first called her 'Hils', Hilda found that she liked it. "I think… I think I can save you… It's just… I need your permission…" He looked hesitant and panicky at the same time. "The only way for me to save you…is to change you. Change you into one of us. I swore a long time ago that I would never change someone into a vampire. But you're too good… Too pure to just die like this. I want you to see the world that you've changed with your own eyes. That's why, Hilda… Will you let me change you?"

Too weak now to even say anything, Hilda merely gave a very small nod. She didn't want to die either. She wants to see the world. She wants to see her best friends get married, to see their first child. She wants her own family someday. She wants to live…!

"Bear with this. I'm sorry for this, but this comes with every change." Alistair then bent over her, and Hilda felt a pair of sharp fangs penetrate her skin, and her eyes widened as she felt her neck beginning to burn, slowly spreading to the rest of her body.

Hilda shook her head to free herself from those thoughts. Her human memories had long faded by this point of time. The only memories that she could recall when she was still human are the ones being that of her change, the war, and also her friends' betrayal. That is why she and Alistair had avoided Britain for about fifty years after her change. It is only with their recent move that they've decided to go back to Britain for the first time in over a century.

Sighing, Hilda packed the last of her things into her duffel bag before walking down the stairs where the three other vampires were waiting for her.

"Well, let's get the show on the road," she said, shifting the strap of her bag on her shoulder, looking at Carlisle. "Let's go and meet this half-vampire granddaughter of yours."

A/N: How is this for a start? I hope that it isn't too rushed, and you got the brief gist of the story without too much information being crammed into it. And if anyone can guess what Hilda's gifts are, you'll get a cookie! I'll only say that it's mind related.

And I know that I've made Alistair kind of OOC in this chapter, so sorry about that! But I want Hilda to have a close father/brother figure in her life, and I figured that with Hilda in his life, Alistair would have changed as well.

Anyway, I hope that you like this chapter, and please read and review!

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