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Right Here Waiting

By ministop1992

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1

"Syaoran!" a sweet female voice called out in the midst of students walking in the lobby.

A tall chocolate haired guy turned around and saw the seventeen year old Sakura Kinomoto running towards his direction. "Good afternoon, dearest Cherry Blossom." He teased as she stopped in front of him. "So, how's your class?"

"It was great!" Sakura answered cheerfully as she flashed her usual bright smile. "Our professors were mostly kind, and to my relief, Terada-sensei will be handling our Geometry class. You don't know how I inwardly jumped for joy when I saw him enter the room."

Syaoran chuckled, knowing how much she hates anything that concerns with numbers. Ever since they were in Tomoeda Elementary, he knew that Math was a struggle for her. It was not much of a problem back then though, since he was there to teach her in the middle of the class or immediately after class. However, this year they were on a separate class. Syaoran would not be able to see her seat in front of him, stuttering when she doesn't know the answer if a teacher calls her to recite, and standing gracefully when she knows the answer to a question.

"Laugh whatever you want, but you are not still relieved with your Math tutoring duties."

"Yeah right." He said, sounding uninterested to piss her off. However, to his surprise, Sakura did not fight back. Instead, she continued to smile at him.

"Why do you keep smiling?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well," Sakura started as they walked outside the building. "Guess who is seated behind me." "Chiharu?"

She shook her head "It is a he."

Syaoran pondered. "Yamazaki?"

She laughed. "No! Come on, Syaoran! You know him!"

Syaoran stopped for a while and massaged his temples, looking at the ground. "Hmm..." He found Sakura staring at him when he lifted his gaze. "I really don't know who you are talking about." he calmly told her.

"Okay, I won't keep it as a secret." She started to spill. "Eriol is in my class! He's the one seated behind me!"

Syaoran watched her blushing face and sighed inwardly.

Eriol Hiiragizawa first stepped in their school during freshmen year. He started as an exchange student from England when they were in junior high, but for some unknown reasons, he decided to stay for high school too. He held a mysterious figure, which made him one of the most sought guys in the school. And Sakura was not an exception.

"That's good." Syaoran said plainly, not wanting to engage himself to a talk regarding Hiiragizawa. He was not exactly jealous, but he was not fond of talking of someone he has not personally encountered. "Come on, Sakura. It's already five in the afternoon. If I don't get you home before Touya does, he would get mad at me on the first day of the school year. You wouldn't want that, would you?" he told her as he increased his pace.

Sakura giggled. She followed him and said, "I'm glad that you're doing onii-chan's favor."

"I'm not doing it for him." Syaoran reminded her, pocketing his hands. "I would never grant kindness to a person who calls me brat every time we see each other. Also, It's not a big deal anyway. My house is only few blocks away from yours, remember?"

"Aren't you getting tired of doing all of this for me?" She asked, her voice softening.

"What kind of question is that?" Syaoran smiled at her. "You are making it sound that I haven't been doing this for years."

She grinned, before glancing at him. "Want to have a dinner at my house tonight?"

Syaoran shook my head in response. "Sorry, I promised Wei that I will help him with the chores tonight."

"All right then." Sakura responded, slightly disappointed. "Kero will take over the two slices of my special cake, but promise me that you will have dinner with us next time."

Syaoran chuckled. "Just tell him to take it slowly. No Sakura card would be able to cure his stomachache. And of course, I will."

-Syaoran's POV-

"Good morning, Hiiragizawa!" Sakura greeted as she saw him entering the building the next day. I wasside-by-side with her, since we went to school together.

He turned to our direction. "Oh, morning Sakura! Oh, and calling me by my first name will be just fine."

I was taken aback by what he said. 'Since when did this blue haired guy started to call her by pure first name? He just met Sakura yesterday!'

Hiiragizawa turned to look at me and I quickly composed myself, hiding the shock that I, stupidly, openly showed. Few emotions passed through his eyes in a millisecond, and I decided to let go of his thoughts about me. 'After all, why should I care? It's his business, not mine.'

"Umm," Sakura's voice was as gentle as always. "This is Li Syaoran, my best friend." She gestured with a smiling face. I nodded in greeting.

He took a few steps forward and offered me a hand. "It's nice to meet you, Li."

I took it for Sakura. Being this guy's friend didn't pass my mind at all, but if it's for Sakura's comfort, then what can I do?

We entered the building a few moments later. This time, however, she was walking with Eriol and they were in front of me. She was so engrossed in speaking with him that she wouldn't even realize if I get run over by an elephant! Of course, I'm not jealous. NOT JEALOUS. Most girls are like this, anyway.

...Okay, I'm jealous.

-Syaoran's POV-

Our class was dismissed earlier than hers so after the routine of wrestling with the other students to get to my locker, I stopped by the school gate to wait for Sakura. I've been waiting for her for at least ten minutes until she ran up to me with a smiling face. 'At least waiting for her was worthwhile.'

"So how was your day with Hiirigizawa?" I asked.

"Well, we talked all day." She answered cheerfully. "He told me how England looks like and I find it very interesting!"

'So that's why she forgot about the promise she made this morning... Forgetting our lunch together for Hiirigizawa's sake.' Without saying anything, I started to walk in the direction of her house.

Normally, this was how it starts. I would walk ahead of her when going home, and she normally sprints to walk side-by-side with me. Today, however, I felt a hold on my sleeve. "What's wrong, Sakura?"

I saw her still looking at the main entrance of our building. Her emerald eyes were scanning for something, or someone. When I turned my eyes to where she is looking at, I saw a man with sapphire eyes walking towards us with a small smile in his face.

"Sorry for making you wait, Sakura." Eriol apologized, before turning to me. "Nice to see you again, Li."

Sakura smiled, and I nodded at him in recognition. "Its okay, Eriol." She stood beside him.

I creased my eyebrows in confusion. "What's okay?"

"Syaoran!" Sakura called me by my name. At last! She remembered that I exist in this world!

"Let me be the one to explain, Sakura." Eriol interrupted, before turning to me once more. "I found out that we would be walking the same way in going home, so I asked Sakura if I could join you guys. Sakura already gave her thumbs-up, and we're wondering if it would be okay with you."

I nodded with a little doubt. I started to walk away slowly so that Sakura will not notice how affected I am

with the things going along with her and Eriol. Throughout our travel, I got sick of hearing Eriol's voice answering Sakura's every question. However, hearing her laugh once in a while made his presence bearable.

"How about you Syaoran?" Eriol suddenly asked me.

I pondered, smacking my head inwardly as I tried to remember what they were talking about, but to no avail. "I'm sorry?"

"How is your family?" he said, as if talking to a three year old child.

"My mother and sisters are in Hong Kong." I rolled my eyes inwardly as I answered. "Only I and my butler and trainer, Wei, lives here."

Eriol raised an eyebrow. "What about your father?"

My throat hardened, and my boy went stiff. 'Who does he think he is, asking me things that I haven't given him the right to ask?'

Eriol creased his eyebrows on this, and answered, "I'm sorry, I haven't the right to ask..."

'Damn right you are...'

Sakura interfered, worry in her voice. "I don't think that's what he meant, right Syaoran? You see, his father died when he was still young..."

Eriol seemed slightly surprised. "I'm sorry for that..."

I simply shook my head. "You don't need to apologize."

"You said Wei is your trainer." Eriol began again. "Trainer for what?"

"Martial arts." I answered him. "I have been taking martial arts since I was a child." Eriol smirked. "Then you must be a good fighter."

I smirked back. "I guess so..."

"Li!" a female voice called out.

That sweet, sing-song voice made us stop from walking. I turned my head to where the voice's direction and suddenly a girl in the same uniform as ours went out of Maqi's store. She fashioned a long, ebony hair. Her amethyst eyes were gentle, making her as beauty stand out.

I saw Sakura focus her eyes on her too.

"You left early." The girl stated. "Why are you still not home by this time?"

"Because they waited for me, Daidouji." Eriol intervened.

I looked at him. "You know her?"

Eriol nodded. "She and I belong to the same club."

Tomoyo gazed at him. "What do you mean? I just gave out my application yesterday, and I'm not part of any club."

Eriol walked around her, leaving Sakura to look at us. He stopped in front of Tomoyo and said, "You, Ms. Tomoyo Daidouji, is accepted as a soprano in the Music Society."

Music Society, as Sakura mentioned yesterday, was the club that Hiirigizawa was active on. He was chosen to be its president this year since he has the capability to teach the vocal section because of his talent on the piano.

"Thank you, Hiiragizawa!" Tomoyo said cheerfully. By that, she turned to me, consistently glancing at Sakura "Li..."

"Yes?" I inquired, confused by the tone of her voice.

"Why won't you introduce your girlfriend?" Tomoyo asked unexpectedly.

My eyes widened as I heard the question. I turned to Sakura and met her emerald eyes, surprised at the redness of her face. Though, in actuality, that question was not new to us. Since fifth grade, people thought that we were in a 'crush-thing' situation. Although this girl, whom I met only a week ago, was so blunt to say and think that Sakura is my girlfriend.

After a few seconds, Sakura finally talked. "Tomoyo-san, am I correct? I think you have gotten us all wrong..."

Tomoyo bit her lip.

"Syaoran and I are just friends." Sakura managed to smile. "Right Syaoran?"

With a little hesitation, I nodded. "Yeah, just... friends." I gulped. Though really, that question has more impact that it usually had... and that routine answer seemed harder to say.

I saw Eriol with a smile and he said, "Daidouji, this is Sakura Kinomoto."

I believe he did it out of courteousness, since I was still petrified of the question.

Tomoyo offered her a handshake. Sakura took it and gave her the smile she gave everyone else. "Nice to meet you, Sakura-san."

"Umm..." Sakura said as she took back her hand. "May I know how you get to know Syaoran?"

"He and I are in the same class." Tomoyo answered. "Actually, his seat is near mine but he doesn't talk much."

Sakura giggled. "Well, he is like that. So others think that he is a rude type of person."

"Yeah, and it's as if I'm not beside you girls right now." I intervened.

The two girls giggled, and started to talk and walk together. Eriol and I are behind them, listening. This way, perhaps, is better. This way, I would not be forced to speak with Eriol.

Start writing here ...

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