Warning: This chapter contains infrequent coarse language, mild (if you can call any type of torture mild) physical torture of both a female and male and direct intent. Please be cautions if any of these situations offend, upset or insult you in any way.

After a while, Harry realised Moody that was helping him. They walked silently along the corridors until they reached a door; it was the door to Moody's office…and someone inside…someone inside was screaming…

Mad Eye Moody turned the golden door handle, and ruthlessly shoved Harry Potter inside his office. Harry's ankle, not able to support his weight, gave way and Harry fell to the floor, hard, a wave of disorientation washing over him. A soft moan of pain escaped Harry's lips; both his lightning bolt scar and ankle were throbbing something fierce. His vision slowly stopped swaying, and Harry could focus on his surroundings clearly.

Moody had limped over to his desk, where upon a number of spindly-looking Dark detectors sat. He looked to be fervently searching for something on his desk, and with one gnarled hand, he was gripping his hair, as though afraid it would vanish in an instant. Harry feebly started to ask Moody what he was doing when someone strong with deathly cold hands lifted Harry up into a wooden chair.

Harry looked up to see who had helped him; it was the Beauxbatons boy whom he had threatened; his name was Luke, Luca or something that Harry's tired brain could not recall.

No sooner than Harry had weakly breathed out a thank you to the French boy, Luc deftly cried, "Stupefy!", and Harry slumped into the chair, unmoving. Luc conjured ropes and bound Harry to the chair. The stunning spell must not have been very strong, for a moment later Harry regained consciousness.

Harry weakly raised his head, which seemed to weigh much more than if normally did, and saw something that made his stomach revolt; Parvati Patil was bound to a chair, deathly pale, her whole body shaking with fear. She was panicking. Her eyes locked with Harry's, and she started to shriek "HELP!" once again. Moody whirled around for only a moment, and harshly slapped Parvati. She did not stop screaming.

"Allard," grunted Professor Moody in the direction of Luc, and Harry vaguely registered that that must be the boy's last name. "Shut the girl up."

Luc conjured a piece of white cloth from his wand and tied it around Parvati's mouth, so her screams were muffled. Harry attempted to protest, but found he was too weak. Moody spun on his heel and faced the green-eyed boy, his magical eye going into overdrive.

"You saw the Dark Lord is back, Potter?" he inquired.

Harry became dizzy once again as the past events started to catch up with him, Cedric's cold body, green and red flashes of light, and the blood-red eyes, the pale, spider-like fingers… Harry bit his tongue, trying to stop himself from passing out or throwing up. He vaguely mused that he was going into shock.

What happened next was a blur for Harry; the door to Moody's office banged open, and the wizard was knocked unconscious by a spell. Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape entered, alert, wands at the ready.

"Diffindo," murmured Professor Dumbledore quietly, pointing at Parvati's middle, then Harry's. The ropes that were bound around both them were cut cleanly in half. Professor McGonagall, who looked to be white with shock, went and undid the gag on Parvati's mouth by hand.

And in the very next moment Barty Crouch Jr was revealed.

A world-weary Harry Potter was supported to the Hospital Wing, and Parvati was quickly taken to Professor Dumbledore's office. A golden phoenix was perched near the headmaster's desk. Snape had taken care of Luc Allard. Harry had already told his version of events, reliving the horror of what had happened, down in Moody's office. Dumbledore had said he would talk to the boy later, when he was not so dazed with shock. Parvati, not wanting to be near her captors any longer, had requested the she tell what had happened to her somewhere else, and the professor had offered his office.

Parvati took a large gulp of water, the taste of blood still in her mouth (Moody's hit was harsher than she had first thought) before telling her tale.

Dumbledore surveyed Parvati from under his half-moon spectacles. "I believe," he stated firmly, "that these visions will become more frequent."

Parvati digested this information as she inquired, "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

The Headmaster regarded the question before answering, "Being a Seer can be both a blessing and a curse, Miss Patil. You may, at times, as you did yesterday, See crucial things, and at other times, you may See the most unimportant things. You may See horror or delight; you may see past, present of future. Your Sight is most rare.

"Sybil Trelawney, our Divination professor, has strongly advised me not to teach you Occlumency, and I quite agree with her; to suppress ability is a great mistake…"

Parvati's brow furrowed in confusion. "Occlumency?" she repeated.

However, Dumbledore shook his head. "Another time, Miss Patil; I believe a warm bed and a Dreamless Sleep potion is awaiting you in the Hospital Wing."

Dumbledore's blue eyes did not twinkle, and looked to be filled with a great sadness. "I am terribly sorry for what has happened to you, and to Mr Potter."

Parvati just nodded, before heaving her tired body to the Hospital Wing, Dumbledore at her side.

Harry was tired; so very, very tired. His head and throat hurt, and he could not even dare to think about what Fudge had just said- that he did not believe…

Mrs Weasley handed Harry the draught, and Harry slowly drank. He last memories of that night were Sirius and Snape leaving on Dumbledore's orders, Hermione banging something near the windowsill, Parvati's sleeping form, and his two best friends giving him sympathetic, weak smiles. His eyelids started to droop, and his body felt warm as he fell into a dreamless sleep.

"…and so, yeah."

Harry looked down at bug that was crawling along the bed sheets, glad that he was not facing his girlfriend; her hands were around his waist, and he was holding onto them He could feel the rest of Parvati against him, the warm touch of her skin unfamiliar to him. He could not remember being in such close proximity to anyone ever; but it felt right, if not a little awkward when one of them moved a little. Parvati's breath tickled Harry's skin on the back of the green-eyed-boy's neck when she talked, and boy, had she talked tonight. Harry closed his eyes, sighed and turned so that he was lying on his back. Parvati readjusted her position. Madam Pomfrey, the strict matron, had ordered that Harry and Parvati both have a few days bed rest. She had not specified as to whether they had to keep to their own beds, however. Harry whispered into Parvati's hair, "You talk too much."Parvati giggled. "I'm sorry!" She had been trying all day and earlier that night to make Harry smile; but it seems that nothing could keep Harry's mind off Cedric Diggory's parents visit earlier that day.

Harry mumbled monotonously, "S'okay."

Parvati turned and rested her head on the green-eyed boy's chest. "'Kay," she mumbled back.

Randomly, a small first year darted through the Hospital Wing, shouting something about Dragon Pox, only to stack it on an innocent bedpan. Parvati snorted, drawing the boy's attention. His eyes grew large as he saw the position she and Harry were in; he squeaked and ran out of the wing as fast as he had entered.

It was a long time before either of them spoke again. The candle next to the bedside table would soon be a pool of wax.

"Harry?" whispered Parvati softly. "Are you awake?"

"Yes," replied Harry gently, speaking into Parvati's hair, "I am."

"I was wondering…"

Parvati trailed off, leaving them in silence again for a moment. Harry could hear Parvati take a little breath before she whispered, "Are you having nightmares too?"

"Yeah," said Harry, almost inaudibly, his breathing shallow as he tried to force down the painful recollections of Cedric's death and Lord Voldemort's return in the graveyard. All the red and green light, all the sounds, smells, tastes….

Harry scrunched up his eyes; put his head to Parvati's and clutched her tight.

Hot, salty tears were welling Parvati's eyes, stinging. She did not want to think about what had happened to herself, to Harry, to Cedric, but it was too much and all of a sudden, Parvati was breaking down, burying her face into the crook of Harry's neck. Parvati had her mouth open as she cried onto Harry, who was holding onto her tightly in his bigger, stronger, warmer, safer arms. In the trashy romance novels, she read crying on your loved one always sounded so bloody romantic; but Parvati now knew it was nothing like that. She had gotten tears and snot all over Harry shirt, and her throat felt as though there was a big ball of crap stuck in the middle of it that hurt like hell and would not go away, no matter how many times she swallowed her spit. It was disgusting to admit to herself but at that time, frankly, Parvati didn't give a shit, because Cedric was dead and Harry had been hurt and every time Parvati closed her eyes she saw Crouch's horrible, evil smile and it fucking sucked. Her hot tears stung her eyes and tasted like salt as they fell into her open mouth.

She kept sobbing and sniffling all over Harry, but he was still holding her, and it was only when Parvati shifted her position on top of Harry was that she saw he too was crying. As searing tears made their way down her face, Parvati rested her head nest to Harry's, her lips brushing against his cheek, her left arm across his torso. Parvati could feel his warm breath on her arm, and she was certain he could feel hers on his cheek. Harry turned his head towards Parvati, giving her a small kiss on the lips, his eyes closed.

For a while, Harry and Parvati stayed like that, in each other's arms, silently comforting each other just by being in their presence, until Parvati's sobs subsided, and Harry's tears dried away. Then all of a sudden, Harry felt Parvati's whole body shaking; however, it was not sobs racking her body.

It was laughter.

Parvati threw back her head, accidentally whipping Harry on the face with her hair, not hearing his small cry of 'Ow!', and let out a genuine laugh.

"T-that kid--" she said through laughter, catching Harry's eye, "D-did you see his face?" Parvati was talking about the bedpan kid. She could be so random at times. "I think we m-may have scarred him for life!"

Parvati shot him a winning smile as she continued to cackle her head off. Parvati knew she was weird; and she knew that this was a just a reaction to her breaking down, because she could not believe she had just cried all over Harry.

"You know you love it- WHOA!" Parvati had toppled off the bed, fell onto the Hospital Wing floor, and was now rolling around on the floor, cackling like a mad woman.

Madam Pomfrey strode out in her pyjamas, a look of utmost fury on her face.

"Miss Patil!" she shrilled. "You are disturbing my patients!"

And Harry just looked at Parvati and grinned.

Harry hugged Ron and Hermione goodbye, the latter almost cracking his ribs in the process. Fred and George waved to Harry from the other side of Hermione, a large sum of money stowed away in their trunks.

"I'll promise to write, Harry!" assured Hermione as the bushy haired witch and her parents strolled away from the train. "Bye, Ron!"

Harry and his redheaded best friend waved Hermione off, shouting out goodbyes.

Ron grinned. "See you this summer, Harry."

Harry grinned back. "Yeah, Ron; see you."

The green-eyed teenager turned around to Parvati, who was waiting behind him. She caught his eye before jerking her thumb back over her shoulder.

"Is that your family, Harry?" she inquired, her brow eyes dancing. Harry looked over her shoulder, and saw the all three Dursleys were there; Aunt Petunia, blonde and bony, Dudley, large and stupid; Vernon, ugly and even stupider than his son. Harry nodded to Parvati, who gave him an impish grin.

"Excellent," Parvati said, and kissed him on the lips. She broke off the kiss before pecking Harry on the lips again. She gave him a large smile, saying cheerfully, "I'll see you next September Harry, if we can't work something out in the holidays. I'll call or write to you. Bye!"

With that, Parvati Patil skipped off towards her twin sister and her mother, Parvati's long hair swinging behind her, her butterfly hair clip shining in the sun that streamed through the station windows merrily. Parvati gave a happy look back, quickly waving at her boyfriend.

Harry chanced a fleeting look at the Dursleys; their mouths were hanging open.

Feeling a lot happier than he had in a long while, Harry Potter looked at Parvati, smiled, and raised his hand in farewell.

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