Supermassive Black Hole

Harry coughed and spluttered as he fell out of the fireplace, managing to trip on the way. H e didn't even have time to look around Grimmauld Place as he was engulfed into a hug.

"Sirius!" Harry cried happily. "It's so good to see you again!"

"You too, kiddo, you too," replied Sirius over the top of his godson's head, and then released him. "Merlin, you'll be taller than me, soon!"

Harry rolled his eyes, casually wiping a hand of his smarting lightning bolt scar. He put the pain to the back of his mind; it was now a constant ache; nothing to worry anyone about, really. He was pleased to see that his godfather was looking much healthier and cleaner than before. "No way, I'm one of the shortest guys in the year. I'm only a tiny bit taller than Hermione."

"Lucky Parvati's a shortie," added Ron as he came into view. Harry gave his friend a brief hug that made Hermione and Ginny giggle and mutter something about 'man-hugs'.

Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George and Mrs Weasley welcomed Harry as Parvati, Padma and Mrs Patil stumbled through the fireplace. Harry unconsciously took Parvati's hand as everyone was introduced. It all seemed to go very quickly, and before Harry knew it, Mrs Weasley ushered them up the stairs. "I'm sorry, Harry, Parvati, and Padma - the meeting's just about to start. Harry, you're rooming with Ron, and you two girls will be with Hermione and Ginny. Ron, show them upstairs!" and with that, Mrs Weasley followed the rest of adults into the kitchen, where Harry supposed the meeting place was. Ron grinned and turned to ascend the stairs, only to give a yell as the twins suddenly materialised at the top.

"Welcome," chorused Fred and George as they happily Apparated to grab the new arrival's belongings and place them in the room. The others ascended the stairs and reached the landing.

"Ahh," exulted George, "We thought we heard you lot turn up!"

"We'd love to stay and chat," continued Fred as he walked out of Ron and Harry's room, "But we've got some business to attend to. Oh, and Harry--"

"Here," said George helpfully, aiming a spell at Ron's bed. "Now you won't have to put up with hearing Ron's snoring. He won't be able to hear you, though, which is a bit annoying, but the charm wears off in the morning…"

Ron let out an indignant "Hey!" and Harry grinned and said "Thanks!". The twins then left. Everyone (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Padma and Parvati) filed into Ron's room, chatting idly about their holidays. Harry and the Patil twins were filled in on the goings-on of number twelve, including what the Order did, who they were, and why Harry's letter had been as good as blank pieces of parchment.

"Oh, I'm so sorry our letters were rubbish, Harry!" cried Hermione. "Dumbledore made us swear we wouldn't tell you anything.

Harry felt a flare of anger before he replied calmly, "It's no problem, Hermione. Not angry at you…kinda angry at Dumbledore though. Why would he shut me out?"

Hermione sighed, like she obviously didn't agree with the headmaster. "He seemed to think you were safest not knowing," she said before muttering something about ignorance never being good for anything.

"Oh," said Ginny suddenly, reaching inside her large jacket pocket. Harry noticed she looked tired. "Here's all your letters- Mum said the Dumbledore has had them all scanned and forwarded here."

Harry had two; the usual Hogwarts letter and one from the ministry. Harry got the ministry one over and done with; it was notice about his court hearing concerning the Dementor attack. His school letter was nothing unusual, unlike Hermione and Ron's; they had been made Prefects, along with Padma. Parvati had also two letters; one from school and one, surprisingly, from Lavender Brown.

"Wow," said Parvati as she scanned the epistle. "Lavender's going in a modelling competition. It's hosted by Witch Weekly, whoever wins get a contract with Magic Modelling…"

Padma asked, "Reckon she'd have a chance?" and Ron burst out, "Yeah!" which made Hermione glower at him and Ginny mumble something sounding like 'tactless'.

Parvati quickly changed the subject, and grinned wickedly. "Mum really likes you, Harry," she commented. "I don't think she expected a fifteen year old to be so polite."

Harry looked confused, rubbing his aching scar absently. "All I did was introduce myself!"

"Yeah, but you called her m'am; I don't think anyone's called her that in years!"

Padma, Ginny and Hermione laughed. Hermione then offered to show Parvati and Padma their room, which left Harry and Ron on their own. Harry decided right then to wait to tell Hermione and Ron about his nightmares, in which he saw they and Parvati dead; dead because he could not save them.

They chatted animatedly for a while about Quidditch before Mrs Weasley called them down for dinner. It was an eventful affair; all the teenagers learnt more about what was going on than they had sourced from the Extendable Ears (much to the chagrin of Mrs Weasley and Patil), Harry and Parvati had been subject to good-natured teasing from Fred, George and Sirius as they talked quietly between themselves. Parvati endured their teasing with a grin; tonight she'd finally get to do something a little inappropriate - sneak into Harry's bedroom. Harry had assured Parvati that not even a person yelling with a sonorus charm cast on them could wake Ron normally, not to mention with the added charm of George's.

Parvati placed her hand around Harry's bicep, feeling a little light-headed; as prudish as it sounded to people like Lavender, she'd never been this close to a boy before, and it was a very odd experience. A good kind of odd, Parvati added to herself as she slowly moulded her body to Harry's, until she could feel every part of him. She had successfully tiptoed out of her room, down the hall by candlelight and found company with her boyfriend. She had eagerly closed the door and climbed in under the sheets. Even if they did get caught (which she sincerely hoped they wouldn't) they weren't going to do anything inappropriate, and were keeping their clothes on. Well, most of them, anyways… Parvati grinned.

"So, am I ever going to get my birthday present?"

She could feel Harry's grin. "Would you like it now?" he asked.


Harry laughed as Parvati lifted her head from its position and gave him a cute pout, her hand resting on his right pec. Harry gave her a kiss on her forehead and Parvati screwed up her face in reply before letting out a low giggle. The green-eyed teen rolled his eyes and conceded. "Okay, let me just get it."

Parvati sighed; she didn't want to move from this position, she was comfortable, and Harry was awfully cute as he played with her hair, watching her through his lopsided glasses. Although, I do want my present, though Parvati greedily. Harry reached for a small box Parvati hadn't noticed that had been lying on his bedside table. Parvati moved until she was sitting on top of her boyfriend.

"Happy birthday, love," said Harry as he opened the box.

Parvati gasped. "Oh, Harry…" she breathed.

It was a small heart-shaped golden locket, emblazoned with an intricate design. On the top left corner was a small amethyst.

"Hermione got it for me in the first week of the holidays, seeing as I have, like no idea about jewellery, and I wouldn't have been able to buy it with Wizarding money at a Muggle store." Harry explained, looking slightly embarrassed at Parvati's awed expression. "And I didn't know your birthstone, I'm horrid with stuff like that, so I just picked one of your favourite colours and--"

Parvati throwing her arms around his neck and giving him a long, deep kiss stopped him. Once she came up for air, Parvati said happily, "Oh, Harry, it's beautiful. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!"

An hour passed, full of playful banter, content sighs and sharing of lame pick up lines. They had spent the last the minutes in happy silence, listening to each other breathe.

Harry was playing with a lock of Parvati's hair, as though curious. "It's going curly," he commented softly, his warm breath splaying her hair.

"Mmm-hmm," confirmed Parvati as she buried her face in his warm chest, her voice muffled. Harry had his hand under her shirt, tracing circles on her skin idly. They stayed that way, comfortably, for quite a while, their breathing in rhythm. Sensing that they might not have a chance to talk privately again for a while (for Mrs Weasley seemed determined to get the house clean, making sure everyone took an active part), Parvati summoned up her courage, lifted her head and said hesitantly, "Harry."


She had seen the dark circles under his haunted eyes, the hands brought up to his scar when he thought no one was looking. "You're not okay," she stated.

She could feel Harry gulp. "N-no. Not really."

"What's wrong?" She held his intense gaze. She almost missed his answer, Harry was whispering so softly.

"In my dreams, I see this room."

Parvati waited with bated breath. Harry knew she wouldn't like what she would hear; but Harry was so terrified that she would See it herself.

"I see you dead. Ron and Hermione, too."

Parvati's face registered shock, and then, to Harry's surprise, she frowned and muttered, "Well, that doesn't make sense. But then that does make sense…"

Upon seeing her boyfriend's confused expression, Parvati elaborated, "About a week ago I Saw a vision of the future, but I couldn't make out who the people were in it. I only just realised…it is this little girl, she's talking to her dad, and she's asking if she can open her Christmas presents. The dad says no, we have to wait for the girl's mum, and then the dad calls out my name."

Harry stared. "What, you think the mum's you? In the future?"

"No, I know it's not me- get this - It's Hermione. But my name's called, and I'm rushing down the stairs."

Harry took Parvati's hand, his emerald eyes keen and intrigued. "Who's the dad? Am I there?"

"I…maybe I shouldn't tell you." At seeing Harry's face, she said defensively, "Well, you might tell them, or hint at it!"

"Cross my heart and hope to die, I won't hint at whoever Hermione gets with at all." Harry was grinning.

"You better be serious. And don't give me that look, Mr Green Eyes."

"Mr Green Eyes?"

"If you know what's good for you you'll shut up so I can finish the story.

"The dad is….oh, bollocks, it's Ron. All I Saw was Hermione, Ron, their little girl and heard my name called out.. But it doesn't match up with your nightmare, because Ron, Hermione and I are all in the future…I didn't See you, though. I didn't even See myself."

Harry looked away and mumbled, "Maybe I'm not in your future." It was crazy; they had only been dating for a few months, and they were only fifteen, but picturing his life without Parvati made his head spin. It was almost as terrifying as Lord Voldemort. His relief that his nightmare, although altogether too vivid and painful, was most likely false, could not wash away the pain of losing Par.

Parvati squeezed Harry's intertwined hand so hard that her nails dug into the back of his hand. "Look at me, Harry," she whispered, her voice determined and commanding.

Harry met her gaze, falling into the depths of her chocolate eyes. "I'm not going anywhere, Harry," she vowed. "I don't need to be a Seer to know that."

"I might."

Harry thought he heard Parvati swear softly under her breath. His eyes pleaded with her as he explained desperately, speaking fast, "I keep seeing Voldemort inside my head, I keep seeing inside his dreams, what he's planning; he wants me dead, Par."

Parvati's eyes raged with intensity.

"I don't want you to get hurt…"

Suddenly, it became clear to Parvati. "So," she snapped, her tears welling in her eyes, "I guess the locket is a goodbye present, then?"

"No, no!" protested Harry wildly. How on earth had the conversation turned to this? "It's not, I just don't want you to get hurt. I don't want his stupid fucking dreams to become reality. I love you, Parvati, and there'll be hell to pay if anyone tries to hurt you!"

Harry stopped, looking wild, staring wide-eyed. He'd said it. He'd finally said it out loud.

"Y-you…you love me?" squeaked Parvati. Harry nodded in reply; it seemed his mouth wasn't working.

"I love you too, Harry," said Parvati, her eyes searching his face frantically, as if waiting for something.

"I won't let him get you."

Parvati gave a weak smile. "I know you won't."

Harry leaned over and gave Parvati such a kiss that it made her dizzy. "I'm sorry if I hurt you."

"I'm sorry I can't See you in my future. Yet."

Harry gave a lopsided sort of smile. Parvati raised her hands dramatically, and said in a spaced out voice, "But, my dear…my Inner Eye tells me that you'll be sticking around for a while…!"

Harry laughed at Parvati's poor imitation of Professor Trelawney, and grabbed her by the waist, so that she lay on top on him as he was strewn on the bed. They snogged for what seemed like hours in the dim light, before Harry began to place butterfly kisses along Parvati's collarbone. Harry murmured, "I'll never let you go." and Parvati replied, "I sure never hope so,", and they stayed in each other's embrace until the candlewick had burned, and darkness covered them as if a blanket.

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