We Throw Our Words Around

Chapter 21: We Throw Our Words Around As If They Were Not Gold

Harry stood, motionless. He didn't know if seconds had passed or hours or days.

What the hell had just happened?

Shocked, and eerily feeling like he was deaf, Harry blindly walked up to his dorm. He didn't remember flicking on the light, but suddenly everything was very bright. He heard the muted voice of Ron yelling at him to turn off the lights. Slowly, Harry turned to look at Ron. Ron's face fell into an expression Harry couldn't quite place.

"Harry?" came Ron's voice. Harry blinked a couple of times; it was like his ears had been stopped up, or like someone had turned the volume down of the television. "Mate, what's happened? Is someone hurt?"

Harry shook his head, turned off the lights, and left Ron in the dark.

The green-eyed teenager walked down to the bathroom. He took off the watch that no longer worked, took off his shoes, and turned on the shower taps. He opened the door, closed the door, slid down the wall, unwanted tears mingled with frigid cold water, and tried to ignore the headache he felt coming on.

He tried to ignore the searing pain in his lightning-bolt shaped scar.

He tried to ignore the voice in his head that said you did not deserve her.

Harry groaned. He placed his head in his hands, anguished. Parvati had been right: he should have trusted in her. It was just so new, having another person whom he could wholly trust to keep his secrets and to confide in. Parvati could be another person who might have a logical reason for why, in Harry's detentions with Umbridge, he had felt such pain and happiness when Umbridge had touched him. God, Harry felt like such a fool! He always pushed those he loved away! Maybe-

Harry's scar smarted suddenly, and a jolt of thrill and anger pulsed through his every fibre. Harry's heartbeat quickened: What…what if…what if these feeling were coming straight from Lord Voldemort to Harry? Umbridge was not around this time.

Sweet Merlin…his head throbbed so badly…

The pain coming from his scar worsened, until the green-eyed teenager could no longer see straight. Harry's eyes rolled into the back of his head as the intense pain reached its climax, and after a moment, Harry stared back at his reflection.

The mirror was dirty with dust and old blood, but Voldemort's red, gleaming eyes could be seen quite clearly in the reflection.

The Dark Lord appraised the quivering form to his right of the dimly lit room.

"My Lord, my lord, please, forgive me-"

"Silence, Wormtail." Voldemort's high voice cut clearly through the room.

Voldemort's long fingers closed briefly over his wand. "You have failed to find a way into this room, Wormtail." Snake eyes became mere slits, and Lord Voldemort's high voice became a low, ominous whisper. "And in turn you have failed me yet again."

Voldemort raised his sable wand high and pointed it at the standing man. A curse darted across the room and hit its target squarely.

Wormtail's whimpers pervaded the night air, but were not as chilling as the disinterested look found within the Dark Lord's cerise eyes. The skeletal figure ghosted around Wormtail, casually twirling his wand in his spider-like hands, his presence menacing. Fear was prominent in Wormtail's eyes as he observed the wand that now threatened his nose.


"Yes, my Lord!" snivelled the balding man.

"You, Wormtail," Voldemort ordered, "You will not fail me again."

The Death Eater nodded with terrible fervour.

Voldemort's thin mouth curved into a simpering smile, as his beloved snake Nagini snaked her way onto his shoulders. "Nagini shall lower the defences, won't you?" he whispered to his snake. His gaze went back to Wormtail.

"Now, before you leave, Wormtail…as penance for your sins…Crucio!"

As Wormtail's screams penetrated the air, Lord Voldemort's eyes closed. I will obtain the prophecy.

Harry's eyelids flew open, but he could not see. This did not matter to him.

He felt as though he was on fire.

Worse than a basilisk fang through his arm, worse than Pettigrew slicing for his blood: it was though the Cruciatus curse had been placed upon Harry, and its caster would not lift it. Lord Voldemort's final words of I will obtain the prophecy blazed through Harry's head before the waves of pain reared high and crashed, drowning him in a black chasm.

Parvati tripped dazedly up the girl's dormitory staircase, tears threatening to fall from her brown eyes. She felt as thought the silence that flitted through the sleeping castle was far too loud; so loud it might make her ears bleed.

I've lost…I've lost him…

She felt sick to her stomach. She looked from Hermione, immersed in a book with Runes scrawled all over it, to Lavender, immersed in her own reflection, and burst into tears. Lavender abandoned her mirror and dashed over to her best friend.

"Parvati!" she shrieked. "What's wrong?"

Parvati sobbed harder, her grief wracking her frame. The pretty witch enveloped her inconsolable friend into a tight hug. Parvati began to cry hysterically and it took Lavender a good twenty minutes to calm her down.

"I think I just b-broke up with - with Harry," whispered Parvati finally, before letting out another anguished cry. She gripped tighter onto Lavender.

"Oh, honey," said Lavender sadly. "C'mon, it'll all be okay…shhh now…it's going to be all right…you're very pretty, you'll have plenty of other boyfriends…"

Parvati pulled away from Lavender, looking shocked.

"Look," reasoned the witch, "I know it's not what you want to hear right now, but trust me, you'll be cursing his name soon enough."

Parvati, now slumped at the end of her bed against a bedpost, said thickly, "But I love him, I would never do that! I love him and I bloody stuffed it up-" Here Parvati's face crumpled as she began to sob in earnest once again.

Lavender looked lost as to what to do with her immensely distraught friend. She turned to Hermione, who looked worried, and said, "God, he must have been The One or something… I've never cried this much whenever I've broken up with someone."

Hermione refrained from raising an eyebrow at Lavender and muttered, "I'm going to check on Harry. Get Parvati a glass of water, she could become dehydrated."

Parvati wiped her face on her sleeve, breathing deeply in an attempt to calm herself down. Her sobs eventually became quieter. She looked up to see Lavender looking at her apprehensively.

"I'm - I'm s-sorry about your shirt, Lav," she stumbled over saying, her voice thick with suppressed emotion. Her head was absolutely pounding, but Parvati reasoned that she deserved the pain. She knew Harry was a private person! And now…now he…Gosh, her head hurt, it was like something was being rammed repeatedly into her skull-

- a bright light, a great snake wad slinking along an icy and desolate corridor, its prey defenceless; the snake rose high and attacked, its victim crying out as the snake sunk its teeth into the man's delicate, warm flesh, its poison doing its job, the snake delighting as it heard its feast's pulse become steadily slower -

Parvati screamed. Suddenly all she could see in front of her was her dorm, and it was spinning. Lavender cried out in alarm, "Parvati!"

"V-Vision…" said Parvati shakily. The room was coming into focus in strange lurches.

She could just make out Lavender's alarmed expression. "Parvati, you look like you're going to be-"

Parvati retched and vomited onto the floor.

"Be quiet, Ron, people are sleeping!"

"It's not my fault I have big feet, okay?"

"Shh! Maybe he's in here…Harry?"

Hermione quietly open the door to the bathroom and saw her friend sitting, slumped, in the shower. He was wet and looked freezing; he had obviously had the water on previously. Without exchanging words, Hermione and Ron closed the door and joined Harry sitting on the wet floor.

Harry dazedly noticed them, pintedly ignoring the pain in his scar and the fact that he had almost blacked out. "Hi."

"Hi," replied Ron and Hermione in unison.

Ron said bluntly, "We heard about Parvati and you, mate."

Harry winced.

"Harry," began Hermione tentatively (Harry looked pained at the prospect of having to tell them what had happened) "We're going to talk about this some other time, all right? About everything; Ron and I have decided we're not letting you off the hook."

"We're your best mates, Harry." added Ron. "You need to tell us stuff."

Feeling ashamed, Harry nodded quickly. He consciously put an effort in to pay attention.

"So…" started Hermione, wiggling her toes around in a shallow pool of water, "Ancient Runes has been really interesting, Professor Babbling reckons she can lend me Dumbledore's own copy of The Tale of the Three Brothers!"

Harry and Ron looked faintly amused by Hermione's enthusiasm about a book. Harry squeezed Hermione's hand to let her know his thanks.

"At least you're bloody learning something," said Ron. "Stupid Umbridge."

Hermione smiled softly, a curious look in her eyes. "Well, you know, I've been thinking…I think we need to be taught be someone else."

"Yeah," agreed Ron, "someone who really knows their stuff."

"Harry, you'd be perfect," hinted the bushy haired witch.

"Me? What, teach a class? You're out of your mind."

Hermione set Harry with a look. "Hark whose talking, Scarhead."

The green-eyed teenager pulled a face, but secretly felt very lucky to have such great friends.

"I'll think about it," he said tiredly. Hermione and Ron exchanged a look. They hadn't missed the bags under Harry's eyes, the nightmares, and they knew of what Umbridge was inflicting upon him.

"Harry, mate," said Ron, "you look like shit."

"I feel like shit." Harry chanced a glance at them. "My scar's throbbing," he muttered. "I just had a vision of Voldemort, he's not happy with Wormtail; apparently he's failed to find some room."

Hermione placed a comforting hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry's eyelids drooped.

"Harry?" inquired Hermione worriedly. Seemingly, semi-conscious, Harry gripped onto Hermione forearm tightly.

A snake slithered across the ground, its eyes upon its prey. It rose and attacked, the red headed man crying out in pain-


Harry jerked back into consciousness.

"Ron!" he said wildly. "Your dad, he-"

The bathroom door suddenly banged open and an out of breath Lavender stood in the door.

"Ron!" she panted. "Parvati had a vision! She Saw your dad and- "

Both Lavender and Harry announced in unison, "Your dad's been attacked by a giant snake."

Ron stared. "What do you mean? Is he okay?"

Harry groaned; he felt like he was going to throw up. "I don't know, I don't know," he replied desperately, wishing he could go back inside Voldemort's mind to see if Mr Weasley was okay…

Lavender looked frightened.

"What is it?" said Ron, looking afraid to hear the answer.

"It's…well…Parvati keeps having the vision over and over." Lavender swallowed thickly, avoiding Ron's gaze. "Every time… she sees your dad dead."

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