Animal Magnetism

Parvati felt Harry break off the tender kiss. Her lips lingered near his; how she ached for another kiss.

Her mind was whirling. She had just made out with Harry Potter. The Harry Potter. The boy who helped her in Defence against the Dark Arts and who rolled his eyes whenever she asked a question in Divination. The boy who was the seeker of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, the boy who always got in trouble. The boy who had the loveliest green eyes, the boy who was so sweet, the boy who she knew more as an acquaintance than as a friend…

Pavarti's doe eyes were pleading as she grasped Harry's warm hand in hers.

"Harry, I think we should talk about…about what just happened…somewhere a little more private." said Parvati, jerking her head to where Ron, Dean and Seamus were sitting, staring at them, looking very shell-shocked. She couldn't deny her attraction towards him, but it was all so sudden…

Parvati noticed how uncomfortable Harry looked: she could see it in his wonderful emerald eyes.

"Y-Yeah," agreed Harry shakily, as Pavarti led him away, "Somewhere private."

Dean, who was sitting in between Seamus Finnegan and Ron Weasley over the other side of the room, snorted, and addressed Ron with all seriousness as Harry and Parvati rushed out of the Great Hall.

"Animal Magnetism will only get you so far, mate," he said, his eyes twinkling with amusement. "And, as our friend Harry has wisely shown us, the rest is up to fate."

Ron stared incredulously at Dean for moment, then swiped the punch from Dean's hand, ignoring the feeble protest of 'Hey!' from the dark-skinned boy, and downed the contents of the cup into a nearby bush.

The redheaded Weasley then muttered, "Whoever spiked the punch is a dead man."

"Hello, boys!" came a voice from their right.

The three males turned to see a stunning looking Hermione, her robes a pretty blue and wisps of her mocha hair falling into her chocolate brown eyes. Her cheeks were a bit pink from dancing.

Dean was they only one who bothered to say a cheerful 'Hello, Hermione, enjoying yourself? You look really nice!' back to the normally-bushy-haired girl, as Seamus was too busy noticing how developed the brilliant witch was and Ron was too preoccupied with suppressing his rage.

Harry and Parvati could hear Hermione and Ron's argument as they walked out of the Great Hall. The voices slowly faded away until only the echoes of their footsteps could be heard cascading throughout the corridor interior.

Parvati's eyes caught Harry's, and he leant forward, his lips hovering above hers intensely until he pressed his lips against hers.

This time Parvati pulled away, refraining herself from giggling. Instead, she let out a light laugh which sounded like sweet music to Harry's ears.

"I think we were meant to be talking, Harry," she said in hushed tones, her dark chocolate eyes never leaving his.

Harry smiled shyly, and Parvati was pretty certain that it was the most beautiful type of smile she'd ever seen.

Harry sighed, once again nerves attacking him. "Y-You're right."

He couldn't quite meet Parvati's eyes, instead training them on the hem of her pink dress robes. Which, while they're a shocking pink, they do look very nice on her, Harry noted.

Parvati frowned as she watched her Yule Ball Date stare at the hem of her designer robes. Most boys would be staring at her torso, the way the robes accentuated her hips and showed that Parvati Patil actually had some…well, you know.

Lavender was so much more beautiful than Parvati was. Parvati, okay, she supposed. Her best friend had the body of a supermodel. It had taken a long while to learn not to be envious of her.

But, as Harry was staring at her hem, Pavarti suddenly got very, very nervous. What if Harry didn't look at her that way because he didn't like her? He certainly looked at Cho Chang that way, she thought anxiously.

Oh, she was so confused! She was in unfamiliar territory: she'd never even had a boyfriend before! Maybe she was just getting worked up over nothing. After all, it was just a few kisses.

Parvati gulped, working up her courage. It was now or never. She fiddled with her newly mended butterfly bracelet, as she took a deep breath and said, not meeting Harry's eyes,

"I really, really like you, Harry."

Parvati then looked up and saw the look on Harry's face, the look embedded deep in his eyes.

Harry opened his mouth and began to reply.


arry was absolutely dumbfounded. Parvati Patil liked him? One of the prettiest girls in the school liked him?

Harry had no idea what to do, or say, to his date. His mind was going as fast as a rogue snitch in a Quidditch game. He was rubbish at talking to girls - the incident with Cho Chang was evidence enough. But Parvati was really nice, really pretty…and a fantastic kisser. What was he going to do?

Harry didn't want to screw this up. Looking at Parvati's expectant expression, Harry figured he already had. He felt as though his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth. Harry would rather face a Hungarian Horntail all over again.

How long had it been since Parvati had told him that she fancied him? Two seconds? Ten seconds? A minute? Far too long, oh, crap, some something


Smooth, Potter.

Harry managed to untangle his tongue. He smoothed the back of Parvati's hand with his thumb before looking into her brown eyes. With his other hand, he bravely cupped Parvati's soft cheek.

"I think I like you too, Parvati," he said quietly, before breaking into a grin. A small smile graced the brown-haired witch's lips in return.

Parvati's face had grown hot as Harry placed his hand on her cheek. Now it felt as though she was on fire. Her words were unsteady: she wondered if someone really had spiked the punch.

"Well…well…do you want to, I don't know, go on a date or something?"

Harry's grin grew wider. Ron would kill him if he saw Harry being like this, but Harry found he didn't care. Looking into Parvati's mocha eyes, feeling the touch of her supple cinnamon skin, Harry couldn't even remember who the hell Cho Chang was. Looking at her, everything faded away: the task, the mysterious golden egg riddle, his scar burning…

"Sure," he agreed readily. Harry moved closer to Parvati Patil, and his mouth found hers. The feeling was amazing, her lips, her tongue...


The Boy Who Lived pointedly ignored his name being called.


Excited, rushed footsteps forced the two to break apart. Ron came into view, and Harry suppressed a groan. Why did Ron have to interrupt now?

"What?" he inquired sharply. He tried to signal for Ron to go away, but he didn't seem to be taking the hint.

Ron's face was flushed with excitement and from the cold. He moved forward and grabbed Harry good naturedly by the arm. Parvati unwillingly let go of the green eyed teenager's hand.

"C'mon, Harry!" cried Ron, "We're ninety percent sure Snape's drunk!"

Harry narrowed his eyes. "I don't care, Ron, can you just-"

Seamus was waving from a distance away. "Come on, Harry!" he called. "You don't want to miss this!"

Harry looked back at Parvati.

"Go," she encouraged half heartedly, her brown eyes downcast.

Harry didn't even get a chance to apologise or say goodbye to Parvati as his mates pulled him further away from the only place he wanted to be.


"Parvati! Are you even listening to me?" Lavender asked as she applied another coat of pink lacquer on her nails.

'No', would be Parvati Patil's truthful answer. But who said Parvati was truthful?

"Yes, Lavender," she replied dully, taking another mouthful of her bowl of muesli.

Lavender looked horrified. "Okay, something is seriously wrong with you today!" she said, poking Parvati with a newly pink fingernail. "You know that that cereal crap has at least ten too many calories!"

Parvati chose to ignore this comment, and looked around the Great Hall, feeling melancholy. She refilled her spoon. Lavender had obviously mistaken her muesli with banana slices for the sugary Wizarding delight Magical Mouthfuls. Parvati surveyed the room, despising the rays of sun that shone in through the windows and the clear blue sky that the magic ceiling portrayed, awakening the sleep-riddled students.

Parvati couldn't shake her feeling of disappointment and regret. She shouldn't have let Harry go last night. Up until that moment, the night had been perfect.

At the sound of familiar voices, Parvati turned to see who was coming, but found the glare from the sun was obscuring her vision. She could hear a familiar voice nearing her.

"Two o'clock, Ron! We stayed up until two in the morning because you thought Snape was drunk, which he wasn't- a fact that you didn't seem to grasp even after the twentieth time I'd told you!"

A girl's voice could be heard, ringing with rationality.

"Why didn't you just go to bed, then? Or go back to Parvati? I'm sure she was waiting for you."

Finally, the figures moved out of the sunlight and were revealed. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley were entering the Great Hall for breakfast. Parvati nervously glanced at the Boy Who Lived. He kept giving Ron an irritated look

"I didn't even want to go, Hermione," replied the raven haired teenager. "The guys were begging me to." Harry sighed. "I completely screwed it! Do you think she'll ever forgive me?"

Parvati quickly moved her attention to her breakfast, looking at her banana slices as though they were the most interesting thing in the world. The three Gryffindors settled into the table. Parvati peeked at Harry once more, and saw Hermione smile and nod in Parvati's direction.

"Ask her yourself, Harry," Parvati haired the brown haired witch say.

Parvati quickly looked in the other direction, fiddling with her hairpiece, hoping it didn't look like she'd been watching them. Parvati attempted to distract herself. Her hairpiece had been a gift from her late father, one she treasured deeply. It was silver, bejewelled with amethysts, sapphires and jades, Parvati recounted from memory.

Lavender shot her an annoyed look - she didn't like being ignored.

"Hey, Parvati…"

Parvati looked around and immediately brightened as she saw that Harry was speaking to her.

"Hey, Harry," answered Parvati a little too quickly.

Harry smiled shyly. He then looked down at his feet, took a deep breath and began to apologise.

"Parvati, I'm really, really sorry for leaving you there last night, but Ron..." Harry then shook his head. A voice in the back of Harry's head that sounded eerily like Hermione's told him to not give Parvati an excuse."Okay, uhm…I just, I'm really, really sorry. It was a stupid thing to do."

Parvati laughed, realising that Harry didn't know he'd said 'I'm really, really sorry' twice. He sounded like he meant it.

"Really really?" Parvati teased, earning a laugh from Harry. Wow, he looks amazing when he laughs…

"Does this mean you forgive me?" asked Harry hopefully.

Parvati made an 'hmmm' noise, enjoying Harry's apprehensive reaction. She licked her lips. The move she was about to make might be one she regretted later on if Harry didn't agree. Parvati squared her shoulders. She was certain that there had been something between Harry and herself last night.

She was a Gryffindor. She could do this.

"Alright, then," she replied, "but on one condition."

Harry happily swiped an apple from Ron's hands, ignoring his 'hey!' of protest, taking a bite. Harry swallowed. "What condition would that be?"

Parvati inhaled deeply. It's now or never…

"The condition being that you take me to Hogsmeade next weekend."

Harry grinned, like he couldn't believe his luck. "Great," he responded happily.

The sound of an 'Oooh' mocking sound caught Parvati's attention. Parvati made a mental note not to sit next to Seamus Finnegan ever again.

"Harry and Parvati!" he said in a sing-song voice, growing in volume with every word, "Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S- ARGH!"

Harry whipped out his wand faster than Parvati could see and whispered, "Langlock!"

The sandy-haired boy's tongue was quickly fastened to the roof of his mouth. Parvati smiled. She remembered that jinx from last year.

"Seamus," Harry threatened, "If you go around shouting things like that I will personally P-U-M-M-E-L you, got it?" Harry cast the counter-jinx.

Seamus gagged, but soon recovered. He seemed to be trying to work out what the letters 'P-U-M-M-E-L' spelled out.

"You'll what?' he asked, confused. "Puh-mehl me?"

"He'll beat you up," Parvati interjected matter-of-factly.

Seamus didn't seem too frightened of Harry's threat. He simply laughed, "Yeah, yeah, all right, Harry. No need to get your knickers in a twist. I'll see you two lovebirds later!"

And with that, Seamus ran down the aisle to where Neville and Dean were sitting.

Parvati and Harry slowly and somewhat awkwardly began to make small talk over the next couple of minutes. They discussed where they would go in Hogsmeade. After a while, Hermione leant over and spoke to Harry.

"Sorry to interrupt," she murmured apologetically, "but Harry, I've been wondering, have you figured out that egg clue yet?"

Harry didn't meet the brilliant witch's eye as he said, "Yeah, nearly. A few more days and I'll have it."

Parvati frowned; Hermione seemed to buy it, but she guessed Harry wasn't telling the truth. As Hermione kept quizzing Harry about the next Triwizard task, Lavender took her chance to talk to her best friend.

"Do I look good today?" she inquired loudly, playing with a strand of her long curly hair. Parvati examined her best friend. She always looked good: today her brown hair was out, her eyes had been expertly lined with eyeliner and her lips were a frosted pink: of course, her lip gloss and fingernails had to be matching in colour. Her perfume was a little strong though.

Lavender did look good. Parvati looked around. Half the male population of Hogwarts seemed to notice this fact too.

Parvati glanced coyly at Harry. His eyes weren't glued to Lavender Brown like Dean or Seamus's were. She watched as Harry rolled his eyes as Hermione badgered him some more.

At least I know one person doesn't look at Lavender like that, she thought to herself happily, smiling as the sun danced in the morn sky.

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