Lav and Pav

Lavender's appearance in Butterfly: My interpretation of Lavender is completely different from the movie (somewhat short and dark skinned) and fan-art (blonde hair). Just thought I'd let you know.

"Oh my God!"

Parvati Patil had never quite understood this statement her peers had a habit of saying. Her father, Amar Patil had come from a Hindu descent, but the same family also being magical biased purebloods, they weren't strictly dedicated. Her mother, Leah Patil was an atheist. Her father, hating the way his family, like most wealthy, long standing Pureblood families were (ie, The Malfoy's, Zabini's,) against muggleborns and half-bloods, fled his family and wealth for the non discriminate, lower class life. Then he had met Parvati and Patil's mother, fallen in love, and had a five minute wedding that muggles seemed to love so much, yada, yada yada.

But Parvati honestly didn't get why people said "Oh My God." Was it not just a little disrespectful? She would never dare say any God or Goddess' name in vain if she could help it. Even if she and her twin sister Padma, like her Mum was a non-believer…she just didn't get it.

But Parvati was getting off track; she was meant to be figuring out why Lavender Brown, her best friend had rushed up to the girl's dorm, and screaming at Parvati, "Oh My God!" Parvati looked up from her copy of Witch Weekly, reading a very interesting article entitled- It's Not The Robes That Make You Look Fat - and said in her most bored voice, even though she was truly curious as to why Lavender was shrieking out a deity in surprise, "What on earth are you talking about, Lavender?"

Miss Brown was breathless, which was quite a change. She usually made men breathless (and, as Lavender swore, when this certain girl 'accidentally' fell on top of her; Millicent Bullstrode) with her large bust size, small waist and beautifully clear, tanned skin. Her flirtatious nature helped her, Parvati supposed. The perfect picture of westernised beauty.

Lavender rolled her pretty blue eyes. "You!" she crowed. "With Harry Potter, the bloody Boy-Who-Lived! When did it happen and why haven't you told me, honey?"

Parvati honestly wasn't listening as her eyes widened. How did Lavender know this? She was only the biggest gossip girl in the whole of Hogwarts! This was a disaster- if Lavender Brown knew something, it wouldn't be long before the word was out…

"Oh My God!"

Harry looked around from behind his enormous stack of books that were taking up much of the Library table space, much to Madam Pince's, the librarian, dismay. He looked at Ron, who had squealed like Lavender Brown with a new piece of gossip.

"Did you find what can help me breathe underwater for an hour, Ron?" he asked quickly and quietly.

The redhead in question was looking unusually pale, making his freckles stand out. He then slammed his copy of Madcap Magic For Wacky Warlocks (1) down loudly on the table, crying out triumphantly, "GOTCHA!"

Harry looked at his friend like he was crazy. Ron looked up, grinned sheepishly and mumbled as if explaining, "Spider."

Harry just shook his head in disgust. "So I'm guessing you didn't find anything?"

Ron shook his head as he looked cautiously under the heavy book, making sure that the arachnid was indeed deceased. He then answered, "Nope, sorry, mate."

Harry sighed. The task was tomorrow, and he hadn't found a way to breathe underwater, having finally figured out that he'd have to look for something he'd sorely miss in the school lake. He looked towards Hermione, and was about to ask "Found anything?" but was stopped as he saw what she was doing.

Hermione was tapping her wand on a blank page, saying the incantation "Aparecium!" louder and louder with each time she did. Harry frowned. Where had heard that spell before?

Suddenly it clicked. Second Year. Riddle's diary. Aparecium. The charm that makes invisible ink visible.

Hermione was still saying the spell, swishing her wand elegantly before jabbing the page again and again. "Aparecium. Aparecium! APARECIUM!"


Parvati was torn. Should she deny that Harry and she were dating? That they'd kissed? Or should she just ask Lavender to keep her gob shut?

Pssh. That wasn't even humanely possible.

So, the younger by three minutes twin decided to say, "Told you what? You mean you didn't see Harry and I at the Yule Ball? You didn't know I went with him?"

Lavender sat down on the edge of her best friends' bed. "Of course I knew that, Pav! But I didn't know that you two kissed! I couldn't believe it! My Pav had her first kiss and didn't tell me!"

Parvati cringed at the name Lavender had bestowed upon her. Pav. Geez, didn't she know that in Australia and New Zealand (Parvati used to have a pen friend there when she was little) that was short for the word Pavlova? A meringue dessert with fruit?

Lavender also insisted on Parvati calling her 'Lav' or 'Lav-Lav'. Ugh.

"We didn't kiss." said Parvati, looking at Lavender like she was off her rocker. "Who on earth told you that?"

"Ron,Seamus and Dean said they saw you."

"They also said Snape was drunk."

Lavender tossed her glossy brown hair. "Hmmm…I guess your right. What're you reading?"

Before Parvati could answer Lavender had picked up the magazine and read the headline, then scrunched her nose up, thinking.

"You're not thinking of going on another diet, are you Pav?"

Parvati shifted guiltily. She hated being a size ten. Even Hermione Granger was a size eight and Lavender was a size six! Her jeans were too snug on her. Why did Padma have to be the smart one with better looks?

Parvati's quest for the pity party was interrupted as a little first year girl came into their dorm.

"I've been sent to tell you that Padma Patil has to go to her Head of House."

Lavender frowned. "Padma's in Ravenclaw, sweetie. This is her twin, Parvati."

The little first year, a chubby girl with blonde curls, made a little 'oh!' noise. "Okay, um, thanks!"

With that, she dashed off.

Lavender giggled. "That was weird."

Parvati pouted. "I hate it when people get me mixed up with Padma!"

Lavender looked scared for a moment. "...Do you think we were like that in first year?"

"You weren't chubby, Lavender."

Lavender sighed. "That's a relief. If anyone needed a diet, Pav honey, it would be that little girl."

Lavender giggled and Parvati half heartedly giggled with her. Sometimes 'Lav' was such a bitch.

The three friends spun around to see the elderly librarian Madam Pince with her hands planted on her hips, an angry expression on her lined face. "Enough of this racket!" she shrieked. "I will not have people….slamming books and yelling spells! This is a library!"

"Sorry, Madam," Harry, Ron and Hermione chorused as everyone was starting to look at them.

"Hmph." murmured the strict Librarian. "Oh, and Miss Granger? You're wanted in Professor McGonagall's office."

Hermione frowned, but nevertheless packed up her books and her bookbag. "I'll come and help you once I see McGonagall." said Hermione firmly as she left the library.

Ron gave Harry a sympathetic look as Harry sighed, looking around at the dozens of piles of text books they'd collected. It would take them all night to go through them. Plus he was pretty sure he needed his glasses lens prescription changed. His eyesight was getting a little worse. Gah! Harry hated being short-sighted.

Ron said quite bluntly, bringing Harry back down to earth and the current situation at hand, "You could always just drown, Harry."

(1) It's an actual book! - Found on Page 243, UK Edition, Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire.

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