B, Uh, Witches

Parvati was torn from being outraged and hurt that her twin sister had been mistaken for Harry's thing that he would miss the most. Which, in the end, it was not likely that she was the thing Harry Potter missed the most because-

The Hindi girl stopped herself mid-rant, and crowed as she sat upon her lavish pink four-poster bed:

"I still can't believe it!"

Lavender Brown looked up from her copy of the Witch Weekly, nodding. "I know!" she agreed. "I mean, Celestina Warbeck can't really be twenty-seven years old!"

"No!" cried Parvati, "I mean about them getting Padma and I mixed up in the Triwizard-"

All serious discussion thrown out the window in favour of a new piece of gossip, Parvati replied, diving for the magazine Lavender was holding, she replied in disbelief, "What? She's twenty-seven? No way!!"

"Way!" counted Lavender, showing the picture of the Pop singing witch.

Hermione Granger opened her bed curtains apart, revealing her baby blue flannelette pyjama clad self. "Honestly!" she scolded her two dorm mates. "It's one in the morning! Don't you two need your beauty sleep, or something?" she said scathingly.

Pavarti and Lavender both glared viciously at Hermione before Lavender retorted,

"So, Herm-ninny, is Viktor Krum taking you to Hogsmeade on Valentine's Day tomorrow?"

Hermione flushed with suppressed anger and embarrassment. "I don't know," she said steadily.

Before Pavarti knew it, the words had flown out of her mouth.

"Oh, I'm sure he will. I mean, otherwise he might miss you too much."

Pavarti felt sickened, and she realised that this was not a good sign. Professor Trelawney also told them to follow their instincts, as a true Seer would.

Lavender shrieked with laughter as she flipped her long mane of glossy brown hair back. Hermione looked close to tears as she replied as if choked, "Parvati, you're just sore because Harry won't miss you."

Parvati's mouth opened in shock. Lavender muttered 'Bitch'. How dare Hermione say such a thing? She was supposed to be the nice dorm mate!

'What if…' thought Parvati stricken as she looked at Hermione's tacky choice of bedclothes (that hue of blue did not suit her at all) 'What if those

articles Rita Skeeter wrote about Harry and Hermione were actually true?'

"Well, at least I didn't have to win Harry with a love potion!" she accused, attitude evident in her voice.

Hermione gasped. It was obvious that she could not believe what she was hearing. "How dare you! You actually think that I would give Harry- or anybody- a love potion?"

Parvati remembered the articles, and all the hate mail Hermione had received. The bushy haired girl continued, tears pouring down her face as she said in a rather unsteady voice, "You actually believe that rubbish Skeeter prints?"

Lavender stepped forward, hand planted on her hip, eyebrow raised, "Ah, correct me if I'm wrong, but you and Harry spend a lot of time together. The evidence was all there, right in front of us. Rita Skeeter just made it more obvious. I don't even understand why you're making a big deal out of this, Granger."

Hermione sniffed as more tears fell from her eyes. So they were back to that- 'Granger'. She had not been called by her surname by her dorm mates since first year, when she had not had any friends. Hermione swallowed hard.

At least she had friends now- her two best friends- to back her up on this.

"You know what?" Hermione said. "I don't have to listen to this rubbish."

She hopped on her bed and snapped the curtains shut, muttering the silencing charm so that she could not be heard from her quarters.

Pavarti felt guilt start to eat up inside her. Maybe she should not have been so…

Lavender raised an eyebrow as she said, "You know, I knew she was a freak."

The pretty brunette then turned to her best friend, Pavarti Patil.

"You should just feel lucky, Pav," she continued, "That Harry Potter isn't actually dating you. Remember how angry he got when Malfoy insulted Granger at the start of the year? Harry would take her side in a heartbeat."

Pavarti felt sick. She had just lost a good friend and would most likely lose her boyfriend over something as stupid as a fight!

"But-!" cried Pavarti in anguish, "But…maybe we should apologise…we did say some pretty mean things…"

Lavender rolled her eyes, and exclaimed, "Really, Pav! The only thing we've lost tonight is good grades in Transfiguration. I'm sure we can get someone else to help us with our homework."

She then took pity on her best friend, who was twisting her hair worriedly, and looked as if she were about to cry.

"C'mon, Pavarti…things will get better. I'm sure the rest of the year will be great fun! Maybe you should get some sleep."

Pavarti nodded, and climbed into her bed, snuggling under her pink doona. Lavender's words spun in her head.

I'm sure the rest of the year will be great fun!

Ignoring the feeling in her gut telling her this was not the case, Pavarti drifted off to a less than peaceful sleep.

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