Harry Potter woke slowly and inwardly groaned to himself; it was still dark out. He slid a hand out sloth-like towards his watch which resided on his wooden bedside table and fumbled for it, his sleepy state not making him very agile. Harry then checked the time, only to roll his eyes, for he remembered that ever since the first task, his watch had ceased to work as it had been waterlogged.

Stumbling out of his warm four-poster bed, Harry shoved on his rounded glasses and yawned. He thought for minute about his appearance (old track pants and a singlet) and wondered if anyone else would be awake- Harry, without anyone else noticing him, wanted to be able to get down to the kitchens. He checked Ron's clock and saw that it was only two-thirty in the morning before he left to seek out the portrait of a very ticklish pear.

The green-eyed teenager yawned sleepily as he stumbled across the carpet flooring of the common room. All of a sudden, he heard a noise. A sniffling, watery noise.

Someone was crying.

Harry frowned, concern being the reason for his lowered brow. A small figure draped in a big purple quilt was sitting before the hearth, their knees drawn up to their chest, and their arms wrapped around their pyjama-clad legs. A familiar head of bushy brown hair was poking out from underneath the quilt.

Harry walked quickly over to Hermione, wondering what had happened to make her cry so much.

"'Mione?" he asked softly, putting an arm around her, quite unsure of what to do. She looked at him for a fleeting second, and he saw that her face was red and blotchy, and her eyes were filled with tears, before she quickly turned away in shame.

Hermione sniffed loudly and let out another small sob. Harry swallowed before saying weakly, "Come on, Hermione, you know I'm no good with crying girls."

At this, Hermione let out a watery chuckle.

"Tell me what's wrong, 'Mione."

"It's…" Hermione sniffed. "It's nothing, it's just stupid. I'm being stupid, that's all."

"Hermione…" pushed Harry warningly.

"It's Parvati and Lavender, okay?" said Hermione, sounding as though she had a head cold. "They were teasing me because I was the thing Viktor would miss the most, and then I teased Parvati back because she didn't get picked for you and urghh…it spun out of control. I hate them! I hate them so, so much!"

Harry was quite confused by Hermione's babbling. "What did Parvati and Lavender say exactly?"

Hermione relayed to him what had happened. When she finished, Harry's mind was going at a million miles an hour. He was totally torn. Hermione was like his big sister, but Parvati was…well, Parvati. He liked her. Like, he like liked her. His thought s were suddenly interrupted by a familiar voice behind him.

"Wow, a cat fight. Figures, since we're Gryffindors…lions…"

Ron Weasley was descending the stairs case, orange nigh short clashing horribly with his mussed up red hair and freckles. He seemed to just be waking up.

Hermione sniffed again and seemed to draw into herself, making the purple quilt look as if it were smothering her. Ron and Harry traded looks before nodding to one another.

The two best friends of Hermione Granger lifted up the quilt on either side, Harry on the left, and Ron on the right, and tucked themselves under it so that the trio were snuggled underneath it, the two boys grabbing Hermione's hand in reassurance. The quilt was toasty from the crackling fire and the three of them huddled together, hand in hand, made Harry feel very warm inside. He looked over to his distraught brown haired witch smiled as Ron muttered on in a dramatic fashion, imitating Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil's shrill voices.

"Oh, Merlin, I've broken a nail!" he shrieked, flipping his red hair back in a melodramatic way, clasping a hand to his heart. 'What ever am I, the beautiful Lavender Brown, to do? I think I'll just eat a block of chocolate and cry my poor, girly heart out. Parvati," Ron started, batting his eyelashes at Harry, who looked at his mate as though he were crazy, "Could you pass me a sparkly pink tissue, please?"

Harry stared at Ron with an eyebrow raised, making Hermione laugh. "Mate," the green-eyed-teen said, "I think your brains been waterlogged other something, because that wasn't even funny."

Ron, in his Lavender-mode, pouted, batting his eyelashes again. "Not even a bit funny?" he whined in a falsetto voice.


They fell into silence, holding hands and staring at the fire underneath the overly large purple quilt. Hermione's sniffles eventually subsided. It was a while before one of them spoke again.

"Thanks," whispered Hermione, her face still blotchy red.

"What are friends for?" replied Harry rhetorically.

Ron made an 'hmmm' noise, before giving Harry a mischievous glance. He cleared his throat, and said to Hermione,

"Well, it seems Harry here is in a sticky spot."

Hermione gave Ron a quizzical look.


"He's going out with Parvati tomorrow."

"WHAT?" Hermione shrieked.

Harry spluttered for a moment before launching himself over Hermione and tackling Ron to the ground, sending the quilt flying dangerously close to the inglenook.

"You - git!" cried Harry through gritted teeth. "I - didn't - want - anyone - to - know! I - told - you - that - in -confidence!"

Harry Potter straightened for a second, adding quietly to Hermione, "Not that I wouldn't have kept it a secret from you, 'Mione, but you'd just had a fight with her so I thought…"

Hermione was looking at Harry funny, which made him nervous. She suddenly smiled, looking overjoyed.

"Oh, Harry!" she crowed. "Your first girlfriend! The first one of us to date! Oh, you must tell me absolutely everything that happens, okay?"

She threw her arms around him and pulled him into a bone-crushing hug.

"Not that I want to ruin this happy moment or anything," said Ron as he got up off the floor, "But Hermione's blanket's on fire."


"Pav, honey, it's three in the morning. Go back to sleep."

"But- but….Lav…I need to tell you something."

"Is someone's life depending on this?"

"It's gossip."

Lavender brown sprang from under her covers, pulled back the silk curtains from her lavish four-poster bed and ripped open her best friends' curtains.

"Gossip?" asked Lavender excitedly, looking wide-awake, pulling her long brown hair into a loose ponytail. "Tell, tell!"

Parvati nervously studied Lavender before saying quietly, "I've got a date with Harry Potter tomorrow."

Lavender's pretty blue eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "No way! Harry Potter? You go girl!"

Lavender pulled Parvati into a big hug, and Parvati whispered, "Promise you won't tell anyone, Lavender!"

Lavender released her best friend and giggled. "What? Don't you want people to know that you're going out with one of the cutest guys in school?"

"Not - not right away. Imagine what Rita Skeeter would do to me!"

Lavender nodded her head, agreeing with the dark haired teenager.

"When are you guys meeting?"

"Right after breakfast," answered Parvati, relieved at how well Lavender as taking this. Maybe she wasn't such a gossip head after all!

Lavender smiled, showing off her small, pearly white teeth. "Okay," she said, looking deep in thought. "That means we have…six hours to figure out what you are going to wear that will make Potter's glasses steam up."

Parvati grinned.

"Remember, Harry," said Hermione, back to her normal bossy self, "after your date with her we're meeting Snuffles, okay?"

Harry nodded, his mouth feeling dry. He felt like he had before his first Quidditch match; not very hungry. Ron smirked into his porridge and Hermione smiled before her attention turned to the entryway of the Great Hall. He said in a slightly sour voice, "Oh, look, here she comes now with Miss Thang beside her."

Harry looked up to see Lavender Brown yelling at Seamus Finnegan, "Talk to the hand, Irish boy. This pretty face ain't listenin'. I am not going on a date with you."

There was another very pretty girl walking beside her, catching the eyes of a few Ravenclaws nearby. It was only until she was within talking distance of Harry did he realise that the drop-dead-gorgeous girl was Parvati Patil.

Parvati smiled prettily, and Harry's brain seemed to go all fuzzy. "Are you ready to go, Harry?" she asked.

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