The First Date

Parvati smiled prettily and Harry's brain seemed to go all fuzzy. "Are you ready to go, Harry?" she asked.

Harry Potter was not, to be frank, a stupid boy. He was quite intelligent, in fact. But if one was looking for evidence of Harry James Potter's mental capabilities, this moment in which Parvati Patil was speaking to him would not be such a good time to do as such, for as the pretty witch addressed him Harry replied with something that sounded a lot like, "Um ugh bah."

Harry blinked a couple of times. He could not believe that this was Parvati.

Of course, he had never really seen her without her school robes on, apart from the Yule Ball, so he reminded himself that he should have been prepared for her to look different. 'Wow' was the only word that formed in Harry's mind. Parvati had denim jeans that had a sparkly print on them, along with a denim jacket and a plain white t-shirt. She had put some sparkly stuff in her hair and she had a huge smile on her face; that was what really had Harry in a spin.

Parvati's grin grew bigger as she replied with a laugh, "I'll take that as yes, then. C'mon, everyone's heading out now."

The two headed out down the path to the quaint village of Hogsmeade, purposely avoiding Seamus' catcalls and Ron's sniggers.

Harry and Parvati passed a few shops, stopping into a few (Honeydukes, where Parvati stocked up on chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, and Gladrags Wizardwear, where they spent a good fifteen minutes laughing at all the socks that Harry could buy Dobby the house elf as a thankyou present- some of them were even flavoured!) Eventually, they both decided to stop at the Three Broomsticks and have a drink.

The pub was not overcrowded in the slightest, and some Weird Sister music was playing in the background. Parvati and Harry occupied a table by the window, the sunlight pooling onto the table, making the glass from the Butterbeers that they had ordered from weird reflections on the wooden table. The atmosphere was light and friendly, making Parvati feel a little light headed. She could barely suppress a smile that was creeping its way up on her face, and she tried not to grin broadly and foolishly, although she could barely contain her excitement; she was on a date with Harry Potter! Her boyfriend!

"So…" started Harry awkwardly, "Nice weather."

The green-eyed-teen inwardly cursed himself. He was talking about the weather. Why had he not asked Hermione about what to say?

"Yeah," agreed Parvati, smiling, thinking about the sunny but slightly windy conditions. "It's good for Austromancy. It's, erm, good Quidditch conditions, right?"

"Erm, yeah. So…you like Divination?"

"Yeah, it's interesting, you know, how the alignment of planets can tell you about the future. I…I notice you don't really like it much," replied Parvati.

Harry snorted, however did not disagree. In truth, he thought it was a load of bollocks, but Parvati liked it, so he might give it a chance.


"When a bat in outsize specs tells you every lesson that you're going to die, there's not much to really like about the subject, to be honest."

Parvati smiled wryly. "Trelawney does look like a bat, doesn't she? But I think she really does have the Sight."

Harry's mouth made a funny sort of twitch; obviously, he did not believe this. Parvati inwardly sighed, before nervously taking another swig of butterbeer. Were all first dates this uncomfortable? She would have to ask Lavender tonight.

"So…" Harry awkwardly started once again. "Parvati. Is that an Indian name?"

"Yes, after the Hindu goddess. My Dad was Indian."

Both of them fell silent until a few minutes later when Parvati spoke up.

"Hey, I've got an idea! Let's just ask questions back and forth, like, what's you favourite colour?'"

"Okay, then….erm…well, what's your favourite colour?"

"Pink, purple or blue. Yours?"

"Green or red."

"Favourite food?"

"Caesar Salad or chocolate frogs."

"Treacle tart. Yuck, how can you like Caesar salad?"

"I'm a vegetarian."

"You're kidding me!"


"Wow, cool. So, do you hate the taste or hate animals being slaughtered?"

"Both, really, plus I was brought up just not eating a whole lot of meat."

"No wonder you're so thin," remarked Harry, to which Parvati scrunched up her nose, frowning but did not comment as Harry asked another question.

Harry faintly registered the customary ding-ding of the Leaky Cauldron door being opened and tripping the bell, but did not think on it, he was having so much fun asking Parvati questions and answering hers.

"Well then, what's your most embarrassing moment?" asked Harry as Parvati laughed into her butterbeer after hearing that Harry had been mortified when his Aunt attempted to give him 'The Talk' earlier in the school holidays.

"Okay," said Parvati, trying to catch her breath and stop laughing, "Okay…Mine was when I was six years old, and Padma was trying to--"

"Oh, how lovely," came the familiar evil, singsong sweet voice of Rita Skeeter, who was standing in front of Harry and Parvati's table, sickly-green Quick Quill poised at the ready. "It seems you really do have a way with the ladies, Harry."

Parvati frowned, seething; just being in the mere presence of this woman made Parvati mad! She gave off the vilest vibe…

"Why don't you leave, Rita?" asked Harry through gritted teeth. "What I do is none of your business."

Rita's eyebrow arched, ad her mouth formed into a simpering smile. "On the contrary, Harry--" she began, before Parvati cut her off.

"What nail polish do you use?" she inquired loudly.

"What?" Skeeter asked, completely thrown by this question.

"I asked what nail polish you use, only because that 'banana yellow' polish is a really tacky colour. Why do you wear it, exactly?"

Rita looked highly affronted. "That, missy, is none of your business--" she hissed, but Parvati cut her off once again.

"Just like Harry's life isn't your business." She looked at Harry, who was looking at her with a mixture of pride and awe.

Harry then stood up, intertwining his hand with Parvati's, and gave Rita Skeeter a look of such loathing that Parvati almost shuddered as he said, "Goodbye, Rita. I hope that we won't catch up again. C'mon, Parvati."

With those parting words, Harry left an infuriated Daily Prophet reporter in his wake, leading Parvati out of the pub, holding her hand gently yet firmly.

They did not speak until they reached the outside of Honeydukes. Harry turned and faced his date, an odd look in his eye.

"I'm so sorry about that!" he cried sincerely. "She's probably going to print some horrible article about you now and I'm so sorry that-"

"HARRY! You're starting to babble."

"Oh, sorry."

"You've really got to stop apologising."


Parvati smiled. "It was fun to tell her off; she's been horrid to you all year! Besides, it was about time she got a taste of her own medicine." The dark-haired girl then cocked her head to one side before saying quietly, "You really hate being famous, don't you? Being in the papers all the time?"

"Yeah," answered Harry somewhat forlornly, before something switched on in Harry's brain.

Time. Oh no, time! What time was it?!

He asked Parvati, but she did not have a watch.

"I could try and see if I could work it out from the sun's position…" Parvati feebly offered.

"Hiya Harry!"

Parvati let out a high-pitched yelp that sounded a lot like the boy who had just snuck up behind them.

"Colin!" cried Harry, blinking in confusion. "What are you, erm, doing here?"

"Getting sweets!" said Colin, holding up a bag of lollies. "Ooh, Harry, is this your girlfriend?!"

"I-err-well-yes," said Harry lamely. "Um, Colin, do you have the time?"

"Yup! It's two o'clock. Do you think I could take a picture of you two?" The third-years' eyes then grew wide. "Kissing?"

Parvati and Harry both blushed as they looked at each other.

"I'm sorry, Parvati, but I promised I'd meet Hermione and Ron at two," began Harry. "Um, I'll see you later, alright?"

Parvati's face fell. Harry was leaving? Now?

"Um, okay." Said Parvati, trying not to sound crushed. "Uhh, bye then."

Harry looked at Colin, who had his muggle camera ready, and then gave Parvati an odd look. She then noticed that his eyes were very green today. And as he leaned closer and closer, Parvati noticed just how green they really were until he closed his eyes, and she closed hers, and their lips met…

Colin's camera went off with a big white flash.

"Harry!" cried a familiar voice as the boy in question came closer towards three figures seated at the foot of a mountain situated in the wild countryside in Hogsmeade. Hermione, Ron, and Sirius Black were sitting outside a mountain cave, waving at Harry Potter in welcome.

Harry studied his godfather. He still looked ragged and thin, his black hair more matted than the last time Harry had see him, which had been at the end of his third year. Sirius was eagerly hewing into a chicken leg with his rotten teeth that Hermione had brought along, as well as other stolen food items from the kitchens. Harry could just see the black feathered wings of Buckbeak the Hippogriff.

"Hello, Harry," said Sirius with a wink. "How was your date?"

Harry was caught completely off guard by this question and embarrassingly stammered, "F-Fine, th-thanks."

"Th-Th-Th-Th-That well, huh?" mocked Ron, grinning broadly, ducking as Harry picked up a chicken bone and threw it at Ron's head, missing him by inches.

"Oh, don't tease him, Ron," admonished Hermione, smiling wickedly at Harry. "That's my job. Did you give her a kiss goodbye?"

"A ladies man, just like James…" Sirius muttered, chuckling to himself.

Ron made a face. "Yuck! I don't want to know if he played tonsil hockey with Parvati!"

Harry's face flushed horribly in mortification, and Sirius gave a barking laugh.

Harry, face still red, narrowed his eyes at Ron and retorted, "Says the guy who thought that the Care Of Magical Creatures textbook said that it would help them to work with magical breasts."

Ron's ears turned red, Sirius choked on his chicken and Hermione fell to the floor, laughing so much she had tears in her eyes.

"Did you tell Sirius about Crouch?" asked Harry of his two best friends, desperate to change the subject.

"Yeah," confirmed Hermione. "And we found out something interesting. Did you know Crouch had a son?"

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