Time Is Ticking Away

Parvati Patil knocked on the ageing wooden door using the eagle shaped knocker. The musical voice hissed from the door, but Parvati was not startled by it in the slightest; she had entered the Ravenclaw common room countless times.

"In a popular muggle play, what are dreamers said to often do?"

Parvati frowned at the question, the shook her head. Trust Ravenclaw's to pick some obscure thing that no one else would get!

"Dream?" supplied Parvati feebly, before quick saying, "No, no…that's stupid…can I guess once more?"

The musical voice seemed to sigh. "You may, child."

Alas, Parvati was stumped. She racked her brains for something…what muggle play said something about dreams? They only one she had ever seen had been Beauty and The Beast! Maybe she should just wait for someone else to come…

"What was the question?" came a familiar voice from behind the brunette. Parvati spun around to see Anthony Goldstein, Padma's best friend standing behind her, carrying a large number of books and a lop-sided smile on his face.

"Hey, Parvati," he greeted, before asking again, "What's the question? It's never the same one."

"Oh!" said Parvati, realising that he'd let her in. "It was, 'In a popular muggle play, what do dreamers do, or something…"

"Hmmm," murmured Anthony, frowning in thought. His gaze then locked onto the eagle knocker as he answered, "Lie?"

"Correct," answered the musical voice, and Parvati pulled on the handle, letting Anthony, laden with his many heavy books pass before standing on the threshold of the Ravenclaw Common room.

Unfortunately, Parvati didn't have time to admire her surroundings, for she was forced to the ground by her twin sister who had engulfed her in a massive hug.

"PARVATI!" shrieked Padma.

"Padma, get off me, you idiot!" said Parvati, laughing. Padma backed up, grinning.

"It's good to see you again, haven't seen you in ages!"

Parvati quirked an eyebrow. "You saw me at breakfast."

Padma rolled her eyes. "Whatever. So, little sis, were you ever going to tell me that you're going out with Harry Potter?"

"Of course-"

"I mean, Lavender knew before me. You'd think you'd let your own sister know first, but I guess not…"

Parvati squirmed guiltily until Padma laughed, mirth sparkling in her brown eyes.

"I'm just messing with you," said Padma, grinning again. Parvati tried to whack her sister over the head, but missed as she ducked.

"Too quick for you, little sis."

"Shut it."


"Argh! You're so annoying…"

"You know you love me."

Parvati sighed, smiling as she sat on the floor next to her sister. Lavender was the best friend Parvati could ever ask for, but nothing could beat her twin sister. They knew each inside out, and had been through everything together- Padma was who Parvati really looked up to. When Parvati meant they had been through everything, she meant everything; From when they were three years old and got their ears pierced to when Daddy had died and they had both cried and hugged each other, to when Padma needed help with her Divination homework ("Useless subject," Padma would say, "Don't even know why I picked it!") or Parvati needed help with a Potions essay ("No," Padma would scold her twin, "You cannot write 'bubble bubble toil and trouble' on your essay!"). Not matter how much they bickered, they would never not want to be sisters.

"I suppose I do," answered Parvati, before changing the subject. "Sorry about - you know- not telling you about Harry. I just got so caught up-"

"Please spare the mushy details, Par."

Par. It was a better nickname than Pav.

"Okay, okay, sparing you."

"Just one question; is he a good kisser?" teased Parvati's older twin.

Parvati grinned broadly.

"I'll take that as a yes," said Padma, happy for her sister. "But what about that French guy?"

Parvati frowned, confused. "Who?"

"You know, whats-his-name…blonde hair…."

"Such vivid descriptions."

"Oh, shut it, you! Anyways, he thought I was you- but he told me to tell you that if he sees you, he'd love to see you again."

Blonde hair…Oh! Him!

"You mean Luc?"

"That's the one!" cried Padma, snapping her fingers.

Parvati thought about what had just been said. She didn't particularly want to see that smarmy git.

"Padma?" called Anthony Goldstein, leaning over his large pile of books, his silver framed glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose. "What's the date today?"

"Erm…it's the eighteenth." supplied Padma, playing with a lock of her long, brown hair.

The Eighteenth…

"Oh, thanks," replied Anthony, resuming his attention on his books.

"It's the eighteenth?" inquired Parvati, double checking with her sister.

Padma nodded.

"Then tomorrow's the nineteenth."


Parvati sighed. Obviously Padma wasn't paying much attention.

"It's Dad's anniversary tomorrow, Padma."

Padma blinked a couple of times. "Oh," she said, her voice sounding oddly distant. Then heaving a big sigh she said rather duly, "Well, we'll have to send mum a letter, won't we."

"Yeah. Saying something nice."

"You could tell about Harry, that might cheer her up," suggested Padma.

However, Parvati did not concur. "Nah," she replied, "it might just make her sadder, hearing about me being with someone when she doesn't have Dad anymore."

There was an awkward silence between the both of them, which was quite the contrast in comparison to the loud and bustling Ravenclaw common room. Everyone was either loudly debating about some big magical theory, or telling jokes, or eating sweets, or doing homework.

It seemed an age before Parvati plucked up the courage to speak again.

"How old would he have been?"

Padma quickly did that math in her head. "Thirty-seven."

"Maybe we should send her some flowers."

"Or chocolate."

"Or Liquorice."

Parvati was not referring to the sweet, however. She was referring to Padma's adorable black cat. Padma gave her sister a dubious look.

"You expect me to send Liquorice to mum?"

"What?" cried Parvati defensively. "Mum loves that thing."

"Liquorice is not a thing, Par, he's my baby kitty," retorted Padma in a sulky voice, before adding quickly, "And I will not have a owl sinking its talons into my precious Liquorice!"

"Fine, fine," said Parvati, defeated. "I suppose a letter will do…"

Padma snapped her fingers again, a habit she had picked from their Dad. She did whenever she got an idea, or remembered something.

"You know what happened today?" she questioned rhetorically. "Moody took me aside after class and said he used to know Daddy, or something…then Moody went kind of crazy, which I suppose is normal, because the man, even though rather brilliant, is completely off his rocker…anyways, he kind of went in this bitter tone about how Daddy helped catch all these prominent You-Know-Who supporters, like the Lestranges and Sirius Black and Crouch and the Carrow's and Dolohov…he kept rattling off all these names. Anyways, he then said, guess what, he said I'd make a great auror! He said I've got the right brains for it. Moody mentioned you too, said you've got the right spirit for it, or something or rather…"

Parvati blinked a couple of times before saying quite loudly, "Padma, you're rambling."

Padma blushed. "Oh, sorry."

Parvati smiled. "That's alright. Hey, I've got to be getting back though, I think Lavender is expecting me to tell her every single little thing bout my date."

Padma smiled back. "Okay. See you later, then!"

Parvati and Padma both stood up ad hugged each other goodbye before breaking apart. They then made a fist, punched them together, clicked their fingers, slapped each others hand and made a 'Whoo!' noise.

It was their secret, rather lame handshake they had made up when they were seven.

Parvati then headed back to Gryffindor. Hopefully Lavender would be asleep, and Parvati would wait up for Harry to come back from the Triwizard meet, where he would be told what the next and final task would be…

Parvati was a little more than surprised to find Lavender waiting for Parvati up in her dorm, with a small chocolate cake.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" Lavender cried, giggling.

"For what?" asked Parvati, flabbergasted.

"You, my friend, have passed the one week record of dating!"

"One week- what?"

"You and Harry have been dating for more than one week- that's a huge thing for us teenagers, 'cause our relationships usually fade out after one week. So I thought we'd celebrate with this cake!"

"Low-fat?" whined Parvati, remembering the last time Lavender had brought cake in the dorm (when a fifth year had dumped her after they had been going out for two days). "Yuck, you know those things taste awful…"

Something then struck Parvati; Lavender was eating a non-low-fat cake. Something 'big' had obviously happened. Had someone turned her down?

"Lav, what's up?"

Parvati expected her best friend's eyes to shine with tears, and then to blubber on about some guy, but instead Lavender just got a huge smile on her face before taking a piece of the cake for herself and then handing one to Parvati.

"I got a letter from my parents today," she said happily. "I'm going to have a baby brother or sister soon!"

Parvati dropped her piece of cake into her lap, her eyes wide with shock. "Your mum's pregnant?" she shrieked.

"Yeah," replied Lavender, "Three months. At first I was totally happy, thinking, like, you know, "I'm gonna have a baby brother or sister!", but then it kind of came to me…" Lavender dropped her voice a few octaves before saying, "…my parents had sex."

"Ew!" said the two best friends in unison.

"Yeah," said Lavender giggling. "So I bought this cake. Not that I wasn't going to celebrate you and Harry's relationship, either!"

"It's really good cake," commented Parvati thickly around a mouthful of cake.

"Mmmm," said Lavender incoherently, nodding. "So, honey, how'd your date go?"

"Good! We talked and stuff, which was nice…"

"Did he get to second base?" asked Lavender.

"NO!" cried Parvati. "Lavender- how could- why- you- he- I-" she spluttered, and the pretty brunette raised her hands in defense.

"Hey, all I know is that he's a boy. And what I've learnt from eavesdropping around their dorm, all Seamus and stuff talk about are girls and wanking."


It was just at that very moment tat their fellow dorm mate Hermione Granger walked in. Hermione seemed to be physically repulsed by Parvati's words, because she took a step back before making her way over to her bed.

"I don't want to even know what you guys are talking about," she muttered, loud enough for the two girls to hear.

"We were talking about Harry and Pav's date," answered Lavender, as if she had not heard Hermione.

Hermione grabbed a book from her nightstand - Hogwarts: A History - and flipped open the cover before saying idly, "Yes, Harry said he had a good time…"

"He did?" questioned Parvati, her heart inflated with hope.

"Yes," replied Hermione, before asking, "What's the cake for?"

"Celebrating Harry and I staying together for more than a week," answered the Hindi girl. "And Lavender's mum's having a baby."

"Oh, really? Congratulations, Lavender!" said Hermione sincerely, looking up from her book. The bushy-haired witch's face then took on a slight confused look.

"So," the bookworm started, "you're celebrating that Harry and Parvati have been dating for more than a week?"

"Yup," replied Lavender.

Hermione still looked confused. "Sorry," she confessed, "But to me, it just seems a little silly. I mean, it's not like you're getting married to him."

Parvati frowned. "So?"

"Well..." started Hermione, closing her book and placing it beside her. She then looked right into Parvati's brown eyes as she spoke. "I mean, in all reality, how long are you two going to last? A couple of weeks, months maybe? I mean, we're teenagers; isn't all that we feel only puppy love? You guys would have to be pretty much fated to be together to last for the rest of your life."

Hermione's words hit Parvati full force. She hadn't thought about Harry and her not lasting! It just seemed so right!

Parvati abandoned her cake and ran out of her dorm, out the common room door and towards the Divination tower.

She had to know - would her relationship with Harry Potter last?

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