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Our Love Is Demons


After her date to the pep rally blew Veronica off, she found her self caught up in the world of Hunters. A Heathers and Supernatural crossover fan fiction.

Mystery / Romance
CJ Dinneen
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I get thrown across the room with so much force I hit my head on the wall and almost black out. I slide to the floor, black dots swimming at the edge of my vision. The girl with black eyes saunters towards me with a wicked grin plastered on her face. Someone calls my name but it's muffled by the ringing in my ears. "Poor Veronica." The black eyed girl pouts. "Any last words?"
"I've got 6 words for you" I sneer, spiting out blood. "Say 'hello' to my boyfriend in hell." I shoot her with a gun that was concealed in my over-sized trench coat. Her eyes widen as she starts to shake violently. When she's done with her shaking fit she collapses. I allow my hand to fall to my side and close my eyes. Two pairs of feet come thundering to me. "Veronica!" One yells. I black out as I feel strong hands lift me up of the ground.
I open my eyes to find myself in a beat up motel room. I try to sit up but the pain in my head and arm is too much and I let a groan slip out. The two men sitting at the table turn around with concern plastering their faces. One gets up and kneels by the side of the bed. "How are you feeling? You got pretty beat up. You should try not to move for a while."
"I'm fine, Sam. I've had worse." I say, forcing myself to stand up and walk over to the table, leaving Sam in my wake. The other man, Dean, slaps me on the back. "That's right, just power through."
Sam shoots him a look and Dean just rolls his eyes. "Lighten up, Sammy. We have more important things to worry about."
I sit down across from Dean and say jokingly, "More important than me?"
"No, of course not." Sam says before Dean can open his mouth to make a snarky remark.
"What's the problem? We still have the Colt, right?" I ask, worried.
"Yeah, don't worry." Says Dean, slipping the Colt out of his pocket and placing it on the table. "The problem is our next job. Something is defiantly going on but we have no idea what. 3 supposed suicides in a matter of a few days. This happened a few years ago and now 3 more suicides just happened."
"That sounds worth checking out." I say, "Where are we headed?"
"Sherwood, Ohio."

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