The Story of True Love

Chapter 4

We had other sessions like that. Where we just talked. Mainly about Hogwarts. She asked about the houses. I said that I hoped she would be in Slytherin. All she said was "I don't know Sev. Slytherin sounds pretty dark to me. I think I'd rather be in Gryffindor." We kept quiet after that.

One time we were lying down on the grass and I held her hand. She didn't flinch or pull away, so I kept it there.

"I got my Hogwarts letter today. Did you?" I ask her.

"Yes, I did," Lily answered. "I can't believe we're actually going. Can you?"

"No, I can't. I hope we're in the same house. My parents told that all my friends should be in the same house as me."

"We will be in the same house. I know we will," she said. "Well, I better be off. Mother hates it when I'm late for lunch."

"See you at Hogwarts!"


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