The Story of True Love

Chapter 5

I found Lily at Kings Cross Station. Silently, we walked through the walls of stations 9 and 10. We were both really nervous. There was two things on my mind the whole time, What if we get separated into different houses? What is Lily finds someone - someone else? I couldn't let that happen. Those thoughts were making me miserable, so I pushed them away, thinking about something else. Anything else. But all I could think about was the sorting.

"Sev, time to board the train," Lily said, slowly moving onto the Hogwarts Express. "Let's find a seat together."

We walked past the isles, but most carriages were full. There was only one left. There were four rowdy boys in there, playing some sort of card game.

"Ahem," I said, but they didn't hear me. "Excuse me?" I say louder.

One of the boys look up. He had a mass of curly black hair on his head and smiled some sort of elfish smile. He gave off the vibe of a trouble maker.

"What?" he said.

"I was wondering if we could, um, join you?" I said, gesturing towards me and Lily. "Everywhere else if full."

"Right, um, James?" the boy said. "Can they-"

"Woah," the boy called James was looking at Lily. His expression was probably the exact same as to when I first saw her. "Oh, um, yes, sure. Sit down."

We went inside the carriage and met the four boys. Their names were Peter, Remus, Sirius and James. I saw Lily looking at James in disgust.

The six of us talked for a bit about everything and nothing, when Remus brought up the subject of the sorting. The four boys said that they definitly wanted to get into Gryffindor. Lily said that she wasn't sure, and that she'll take it as it comes. I said the same, even though I wanted to get into Slytherin. Legend says that Gryffindor's can't get a long with Slytherins.

After what seemed like years, we were at Hogwarts.

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