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Summer Turns To Fall


I had made a plan to not get all caught up in love this year, I mean I was failing but if I wasn't maybe she would let me date again. So I thought what the hell it can't be that hard well that was until I met kota... The most cutest guy I've ever met! Seems like I don't know what I git myself into.

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Chapter 1:the deal

"Mommy wants you downstairs nwo!"Taylor said hugging her bunny. "I'm not going Taylor so don't waste your breath on moms little favors!"I murmured half asleep. "But Mommy wants to talk to you she said she wants to discuss something with you"she whined. "Fine tay, I'll be downstairs in a bit you better go feed mister floppy ears"I said playfully. "Okay bye big bwo"she said as she Crawled away. After she left I got up and got ready for the day since I wanted to look good for my first day I guess...I took a shower and got dressed. As I was walking downstairs all I heard was my step mom and my dad screaming, while Taylor sat in the corner terrified as ever. I dashed down the the stairs scooped her up and took her to the bathroom, i gave her my headphones to listen to her favorite song 'Into The Unkown'in my opinion it gets annoying,as she hummed her tune I held her tightly to my chest with my back up against the door as soon as the screaming disappeared around the corner of the street. My mom a later came, I heard a knock on the door, "Jammi you can come out now, their gone"my mom said softly. I opened the door and picked up a sleeping Taylor as I placed her in my moms arm's I went to make some breakfast.

My mom arrived in the kitchen moments later with a serious face, which I knew she was going to ask me something, very important.

"What is it mom?"I ask her turning on the stove."well Jammie its a new school year, that means a fresh start..."she muttered."mom?, get to the point" I said sarcastically as I cracked a egg. "Honey I think its time to take a break with dating and actually start,studying..."she said sadly. "What?"I asked in surprise. "If you don't start getting good gtades and stop dating and starting fights, you won't be able to get into a good college"she exclaimed. "I just want to see you succeed!"she screeched. "Well I tried but, I can't help it I need support and ever since you and dad divorced and him and 'Mrs Hoe' moved in I don't have anybody to turn to, I would probably be in a mental hospital because all the shit that happens around here!"I yelled. "Its just...hard being a role model for somebody you care about but you can barley take care of yourself on your own" I sobbed. "Well I have a plan for all that, if you can get good grades by the end of this semester then you can date any girl you want"she said grinning. "Are you being serious?"I questioned. "Yes, its a deal?"she said raising her hand. "Deal"I decided.

-I had no idea what I was getting myself into at that exact moment-

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