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Anastasia Romanov


Anastasia Nicholaevna-Romanov should not have been alive. The revolt should have been the end of the young princess' sufferings. But Anya thought their deaths were unjust. But under the new regime's rule, will she be able to find the answers to her questions, and uncover the truth? -----------------------------------------------

Adventure / Fantasy
Jonimae Alburo
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Chapter I


Everyone thought that the whole Imperial family was dead. But not me. The youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II. While some people have grieved over the loss of the imperial family, there was also a great of a number of people that cheered. And I despise them. The own Russian imperial court had raised a coup and in turn sacrificed the lives of my beloved family. My brother, still had a bright future ahead of him. And my sisters, my dear sweet sisters had always wished of a happy and free life. Mama and Papa died shielding me and my siblings from the onslaught.

There were rumors of guerrilla power rising on the northern region. The locals were scared that they would get caught by the crossfire between the guerrilla forces and the Russian soldiers. Many still have believed that the massacre that happened at the Ipatiev House was unjust and cruel. That the coup was merely a show of power and that the imperial family, my father, had refused to step down and give the Russian people the freedom that they have repeatedly asked for. But if it was “merely” a show of power then why would we have to leave the palace, hide and be hunted like animals. There definitely was no power shown on our end. The imperial soldiers died protecting my whole family. The commandant of the Ipatiev House wouldn’t have to sacrifice himself, and leave his child fatherless. There is much more to the story. Things just don’t add up. Someone is behind all of these false accusations to my family. And due to the circumstance, no one should know my true identity. I would either be used as a pawn for whatever these people are planning, or I will be hunted to the ends of the world just like what happened to us eight years ago. And I don’t intend to die just yet. Not yet.

Walking down the streets of the famous St. Petersburg, someone bumped me, causing me to lose my balance and land on the cold pavement of the street. He was being chased by the soldiers. “He should’ve seen where he was going. Pathetic”. But as I was getting up I saw a chained gold necklace, the intricate design of the locket somehow gave me a familiar feeling, yet I can’t seem to pinpoint as to where I’ve seen these patterns.

Nonetheless, I picked the locket up and placed it inside my pocket. “You might come in handy” I whispered to myself as I patted down the pocket that has the locket stored. As I continued walking down the street, one could say that the air of war still lingers within this city. The only people that had benefited from all of these were the one who has the power and the money. The poor were still poor and begging for scraps in the streets.

War will not amount to anything. It will only take the lives of those who blindly follow a man that has promised them of freedom but still cage them within the same rule. Men can be hypocrites at most times. There will never be such thing as freedom, so long as the the ones that are seated in power continues to abuse it, and as long as the lives of the innocents will be sacrificed for their personal gain and politics. There will never be freedom. We will always be trapped within the promised words of those that lead and caged within the walls of this city.

I silently climbed up the stairs of my apartment, located in the dark streets of St. Petersburg, careful not to wake Ana up. She was my mothers dear friend and lady-in-waiting. I walk past the dimly lit parlor to the room adjacent to mine. I Can see the outline of Ana’s face as the street lamp outside the apartment gave light to her room. I close her door slowly. I went straight to my room , closed the door and lay on my bed, face up staring the ceiling. I reach to my pocket and took the locket out. It seem to sparkle under the moonlight. I feel as if I’ve seen this somewhere. But I just can’t seem to pinpoint where I’ve seen it. A dream of a dream, i thought. Thinking too much won’t make things better. So I Placed the locket on top of my dresser, and carefully changed. As I was drifting to sleep, I sleepily uttered the word ′babushka’, then I fell into a deep slumber.

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