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Star Wars: A New Way

By LovelySheree

Action / Adventure

Chapter 1

I don’t know too much about this Jedi mambo-jumbo, and honestly, it didn’t appease me whatsoever.  As a child, I would listen to tales of Jedi heroes and heroines, saving the day and bringing justice to the galaxy.  Now, it’s all just a distant tale.  They’re real, I believe that full-heartedly, considering they come to my planet, Tatoonie, every two years searching for recruits.  

I was one of them one year, a man by the name of Ben Skywalker approached me, explaining that I had a strong connection with the force.  The idea intrigued me, yes, but when he started to explain what the duty of a Jedi was, I couldn’t agree.  After all, I can’t live a life that goes against my values in life.  Talent or not, I declined and continued my life as a farmer with my family.  

However, that Jedi’s voice would ring in my head sometimes, “You’re connection with the force is strong, you should meditate on it,” were his partings words to me before he disappeared inside the large ship and flew off.  After a few years, I just figured it out…

In all honesty, it was terrifying.  I could do… almost anything!  Granted, I never used my abilities on my parents or my brother, but it was nice when dealing with thugs on the black market.  I would pay, but only what thought was a fair price, and they used to scam me out of the rags on my back before, but now I give them a fair deal they can’t resist.  Quite literally, they can’t say no.

I’m not unreasonable, and I never force anyone to do anything completely against their will.  If I feel any resistance at all, I give it up, and play fair.  I feel to powerful when I push someone too far.  Besides, from what that Jedi said years ago, the force is a way of life, and I don’t think I should have the power to abuse it.

“Well,” I look behind me to see a good friend, practically family.  “If it isn’t the world’s best bargainer!” he laughed, coming up and walking along side me.  I had just come up to the entrance of out own street market.  They just got a new load today, so I figured I’d check it out… scope for some good weapons.  

“Hey, Novak,” I grin, “Are you here for the market?”

He nods, “I’m hoping to find a few items to trade,” he said.  

Novak owns a trading store with his parents and I used to go down there all the time.  I remember that, when he was an infant, I would play with him.  Although I was four years older, he was the closest thing I had to a friend at the time, and that fact remains constant.  

“Well let’s hope we find a good deal,” I say.

“Hope?  No need, not with you!  I have no idea how you’re so good at bargaining, Rein, it makes little to no sense!  I mean, even I wouldn’t agree with some of the deals you offer, and they still say yes!” he laughs.  

“Hey!  My offers are fair,” I defend.  Little did he know, I used the force on the marketers to get those “good deals.”

“Yeah, and Wookies fly.” I ignore his further commentary on my “bargaining skills” and busy myself with looking around for some valuables.  

There were a few things that caught my eyes, some nice R4 and R5 units.  There was even an old red R2 unit, and I was tempted to ask the price just for the antique aspect.   Suddenly, Novak grips my arm and points to a stand.  

“Look!” he says, and I follow his finger.  There was a stand just ahead that had a few interesting weapons on a table.

“Whoa,” I say, interested.  We walk over to it, casually, not wanting to give the owner of the stand the idea that we actually wanted anything.  If they thought you were interested, they wouldn’t let you leave without taking a few credits from you.  

We look curiously at the weapon display, and I see Novak reach out to a small blaster.  “This is a nice one,” he whispers to me, putting it back down.  “I’d pay a decent price for it.”

“Yeah?” I ignore the blaster, never being a fan of guns.  Not that I’m anti-guns, I just don’t like to fight with them— it’s all personal preference, really.  Novak, however, was nearly obsessed.  From what I’ve seen of him in action, he’s actually got a great shot.  Something catches my eyes, and I turn from Noah to inspect it.  It was a cylinder shape, with a few buttons on the side, and a black hilt on the end.  It was… a lightsaber?

“Excuse me?” I speak up, trying to contain my excitement.  “May I ask what this is?” I say, casually showing the stand owner what I had found.  

He was an old Toydarian, and when he saw I was trying to get his attention, he waved me off, “Everything on that table is 5 credits.” 

Five credits!?  That was basically the price for a small meal!  I look at Novak and he shrugs, not understanding what I had found.  If I was right, this was definitely a lightsaber.  What shocks me, however, is why hasn’t anyone else noticed?  

I put it down, paying the Toydarian 5 credits, and pointing behind me.  “I’m just buying that,” I suggest, not specifically pointing at anything.  He nods, and then goes back to whatever he was doing before.

“Hey Rein, wait up for me,” Novak says, taking a few interesting items and the blaster.  I grab what I’m almost positive is a lightsaber and leave the stand.  

My feet burned with anticipation, and I wanted to do nothing but try it out in secret.  There was no way I could let Novak discover what I had found… no one could know.  Nobody knows that I can use the force, and no body knows how... fluent I am with it.  

“Okay, I’m ready,” Novak shows me what he got, then looks at me curiously, “What did you get?” he asks me.

I shrug, “Nothing, I thought I found something, so I asked what it was… turned out it was only scrap metal," I lie easily.

He clicks his tongue, “Well, you just don’t know what to look for,” he teases, “I’m a pro-pawner, you know.”

“Uh huh, I’m sure you are Novak,” I laugh.  

He notices a few droids in front of us, “Say, what do you think about getting a droid?  Think we could get a decent deal on one?”  

His voice droned out, and soon all I could think about was this lightsaber in my bag.  It was like a festering blister, a mysterious secret, and it’s calling me so loudly I can only imagine it’s humming energy.

I’ve never felt so alive… 

Novak and I parted ways after the market.  He had work, and I claimed I did as well.  Quite the contrary, however, and instead of working, I rush down to the abandoned and broken down ship.  It was my little hide-out, and if someone stumbled across me, I would send them away and say "there was nothing to see.”  

As soon as I’m inside, I quickly sense for any presence, but there’s no one or no living thing around me for miles.  I gingerly pull out the light saber and ignite it, pressing the red button, stiff from lack of use, and then the saber shot up, blinding me for a second.  I knew it would be bright, but being so close seemed to make it even more vibrant.  

I could feel the energy swirling around it, and my heart beat picks up it’s rate as I move it, hearing a buzz and watching my shadow twist beneath me as the yellow light shifted.

“Wow,” I breathe out, pressing the button again, only to press it right after to let it ignite once more.  I swung it clumsily, feeling like a fool when my arms awkwardly bend to accommodate my ignorance with a lightsaber.  I try again, this time taking a step forward and discovering it to be a bit easier.  

Suddenly my watch starts to buzz and I roll up my sleeve to see my mother’s hologram pop up. “Hey, sweetie, you should be heading home,” was all she said, before it disconnected and she disappeared.  

I deactivate my new found weapon and put it away in my bag, safely hidden from prying eyes, exiting my little hide out and started my short trek home. 

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