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Prat boy and me

By Maria Ahmed

Humor / Romance

Chapter 1

Hi, hello to everyone out there! For those of you who don’t know me I am completely boring and the most uninteresting booknerdish kinda person ever! Seriously, my life revolves around books so no one would fall for me. Not that I want anyone falling for me, pfft as if. When you tell someone about yourself I guess you write about your talents, dreams and obsessions. I have no talents, except the fact that I can read a book comprising 400 pages in a night if you can call it a talent. It messes with my beauty sleep too. I have these huge dark circles under my eyes that never seem to go away and I have to tell everyone that no, I am not insomniac. I just pull all nighters for something as stupid as what other people call it: reading.

Moving on to the dreams bit I would like to be an auror some day. I know crazy right? I got it in my head ever since I read the book divergent. It’s the closest thing to dauntless in our world and fighting crime in trendy superhero outfits has always held some kind of zeal for me. As for the obsessions bit I am obsessed about the book heroes I read about and when no one understands my obsession with them I just gooh and gaah all about them to myself. I talk to myself too, pretending I am talking to my latest crush.

Just yesterday William from the infernal devices was telling me how he got bitten by a duck, poor boy. Or the day before when I went cliff jumping with my family, Four from divergent told me what posture I should select so that I don’t topple over my feet and fall face first into the water. Its just water I know but a little extra precaution doesn’t hurt. I was kidding of course. I don’t want to be sent to St Mungos, though if anybody ever comes across these thoughts of mine I am sure that I would most probably be shipped off to St Mungos before I can say “oh William save me!” Oh and yes this is all muggle literature I am obsessed with. Wizarding comic books are cool though.

Enough about my weird obsessions and talents now comes the real deal. My name is Denise Leopold and I am going to attend my seventh and last year at Hogwarts( the best place on this earth) I can’t wait for September 1st, mostly because it’s going to be my last year at Hogwarts which makes me sad in a way but also anxious to start my adult life. I’d like to make the best of it. Constricted in the shackles of the castle can be a wee bit boring at times but hey we have got Hogsmeade to take that away when it becomes unbearable. I don’t play quidditch and I am an average student when it comes to grades.

I have joined a few societies like the drama club where the people act on wizarding plays. I don’t act; pfft I am too much of a scaredy cat to act in front of dozens of people. I direct them on how to act which I guess is way cooler. This society started when I was in my second year and I dreamed of being the president ever since I first saw the membership sign up in my common room. And now that I am, I can’t wait to get everything started on my own terms. It’s bound to be one exciting year! 

I found myself up at ten thirty, totally unlike me because my dad was yelling at me to get dressed as we had to go to granddad Arthurs place today. I groaned and cursed myself for ever agreeing to go to there in the first place but you can’t turn my dad down. When he has set his mind to something it’s quite a task to change it. As far as I know only mum can do it and now I was too far gone to ask her.

I had known the Weasleys' since I was born because my grandfather had been friends with Arthur Weasley before He Who Must Not Be Named was defeated by Harry Potter for the first time. After that, my grandfather got tranferred to the branch of Gringotts in Chicago where he met my grandmother. They got married a year after and had two kids, my father and Aunt Grace.

Their lives seemed so perfect and amazing from the way my own Grandma used to recount it to me and Isla when we were little. My grandmother still lived in Chicago and we used to visit her during the summer break every year. It was the one place where I felt at ease even with perfect Isla breathing down my neck all the time but I digress.

The Weasleys' were practically my second grandparents from the way they treated me as their own. I used to be uncomfortable at first but now I had gotten used to calling Molly Weasley, Nana and Arthur Weasley, Grandad.

 Now back to the current situation at hand It’s not that I don’t like that place, I love the burrow. Especially Nana Molly’s cooking and Granddad Arthur’s muggle obsession, to be fair I find it a bit cute because I share the obsession to some extent. I just don’t seem to get on with the other people my age in that house especially wee Potter and his despicable sidekick Fred. They’re just so insolent and self assured, prats I tell you!

Though my best friend would clearly disagree as she always squeals at the sight of them. She’s always insisting at involving ourselves a little more with the Gryffindor in-crowd, which she says wouldn’t be a lot difficult considering I am family friends with the weasley-potter clan, but I don’t pay heed to such requests of hers. I act like they don’t exist in school and they return the favour too. They being Potter and Fred, I rather like the others namely Al, Lily, Rose, Hugo, Dominique and Roxanne.

Even Teddy is so cool; I don’t even know how he is best mates with the prat Potter. He’s so nice while Potter is just an insolent sissy who doesn’t know how to mind his own business. He gives lily, Al and all of his other cousins’ hell because of his meddling ways. Lily can’t even kiss guys in front of him otherwise he’d punch them, the git! Poor girl might I add stuck with such a git of a brother but that’s not my concern. Holy shit! I sound like I did a thesis on Potter which I did NOT do by the way, just saying. So now you can see why I was dreading this afternoon. 

I got up from my bed and moved towards the bathroom like the walking dead. I couldn’t feel my legs. I guess that happens when you sleep for fourteen hours straight. I quickly took a bath and blow dried my hair (dad insists on using muggle appliances) then I made my appearance down in the kitchen.

“Morning“, I said yawning slightly. Mum looked at me disapprovingly as this was not the lady-like thing to do. I got reprimanded by her for the weirdest things ever, like sneezing inappropriately in public but I still love my mum.

“Good morning sweetiepie. Up already?” Mum said fixing me with an astounded look as I tend to get up late, 12ish. Hey, don’t judge me, after all its vacation. 

“Yes, apparently dad has got to go to the burrow today and I have to go with him. You know how he gets.” I groaned. I hated my life. Mum on the other hand looked quite amused.

“Oh, that. He told me about it yesterday but I didn’t think he’d ask you to go especially because of what happened last time” Yup my mum was officially laughing at me now. Ugh.

Last Christmas Eve when we went to the burrow Potter dropped cake down my beautiful blue dress and let’s just say things got nasty after that. He said it was a mistake. I, for one knew he was shitting me; he likes to mess with me to wind me up so I was just returning the favour when I thrust my whole glass of butterbeer on his Christmas jumper.

Then he started throwing Bolognese at me and it got turned into a food fight with other people joining in and taking sides. And then Nana Weasley showed up. She surveyed us with such an angry expression on her face that I thought she might explode. I had never seen her so angry but when she spoke it was to inform us that me and Potter would be spending the summer de-gnoming the garden.

I remember thinking it wouldn’t be too bad and I couldn’t quite comprehend why everyone was giving me and Potter sympathetic glances. In about six months I knew why because let me tell you that de-gnoming gardens hurts like a bitch also when you have nothing other than your misery and sullen Potter as company. Aargh! I didn’t want to think about that.

“Yeah, me neither but it seems like he’s forgotten about it. Bummer I tell you” I said making the saddest face ever. It seemed like mum melted under my gaze because she sighed and said she’d make me pancakes because they are my absolute favourites. I got up and hugged her. Nothing like a pancake breakfast to cheer you up I tell you. 

I watched TV for a while and then my dad showed up and told me to get dressed. I groaned inwardly, I couldn’t groan in front of dad because that would cost me a whole half hour. Seriously! He drones on and on about everything he has ever done for me and how I can’t seem to live up to his name.

The perks of being an only child: you have an ample amount of your parents’ time and they are sure to catch you doing something nasty as there are no other distractions in the form of other children. Also they have dozens of expectations from you especially if your dad works in the department of magical law enforcement.

Why did he have to be such a swot? And is it really my fault that the swot genes have not been passed down to me? I feel like I am being much too negative but seriously life seems like such a blitz some days and unfortunately this was one of those days.

I found a black top with a golden neckline and matching black skinny jeans to wear with it after fishing through my closet for a good half hour. My closet is so messy even though I had cleaned it just yesterday. I found the perfect black boots to go with the outfit but the buckle of one of them was off. I sighed and made a mental note to ask my mum to fix it later.

I wish July would hurry up. I could sure use to fix normal things like these. If Daisy were here right now she’d be laughing at my frenzied state. My hair was up on all fours and I looked like I had done a death march but I guess that is just what happens when you try to find something at the back of my colossal closet. You could hold a party there one of these days. I found myself wearing my favourite sandals after brushing my hair violently to get rid of the tangles which were the result of putting hands through my hair while I slept. It was one of my weird habits, don’t even ask me why. 

I got downstairs.  Mum and Dad were already by the fireplace and dad was muttering about teenagers taking much too time to fix their appearances and one of these days he would do something about it, typical. He looked up when he saw me.

“Wow, I didn’t think you’d come down for another half hour. I am surprised at you Denise.” Dad muttered darkly.

“A good surprise, I hope.” I joked trying to lighten up the mood.

“Don’t even joke about this. Don’t you realize…” Dad’s face got purple when he started to give me one of his lectures, again. 

“Sam darling, we’re already quite late and besides Denise is already here. Its not like it is a meeting with the minister or something” Mum interrupted.

“Yes but…” Dad started.

“Punctuality is important. It gives a good impression. For the last time dad, we know!” I said exasperatedly.

 Before he could say another word I got into the fireplace and shouted “The burrow”

The sight that I saw before me was none other than Potter leaning against the wall with his new play thing as he rolled her hair in his fingers, git. I surveyed them as a pang shot across my stomach. Oh and yeah did I forget to mention something? I fancied James Potter. My life is so complicated! 

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