✩our conversations were like homework BFFs on one day, enemies on another i just wanna understand✩ ★hello, my alien we are each other's mystery is that why it's even more special★ ✩you are my soulmate★ note: huge shoutout to the artist who've drawn this cover🙌🙌🙌 Go and check his beautiful artworks in his Twitter @JoJoesArt

Romance / Humor
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The full moon that was hanged on the black canvas along with its companions, the twinkling stars, was illuminating the ground with a pale white radiance. The pale white radiance instantly beautified everything it touched. It was a beautiful sight to all who's present.

However, there was a little boy, crouching beside the lake, which was said to be the most beautiful painting in the world at that moment, crying. His tears and sobs made the whole beautiful mood became sorrowful. It was as if the winds were there to console him yet his tears did not stop.

Suddenly, a faint male voice was heard.

"Jimin ah, Jimin ah, where are you?" asked the man in a desperate tone.

The little boy's reacted to the calling and ran towards the man in tears. The man hugged Jimin and patted his head.

"What's wrong?" the man asked.

"D-Dad, J's mom showed up at school today a-and..." Jimin stuttered.

"And?" Jimin's dad asked again.

"...and she told everyone that I'm nothing but a leech to J... and everyone despised me since then..." Jimin answered in the softest voice ever.

"That old hag made everyone despise you because you're poor right? Also, she assumed you're living off from her son right?" Jimin's dad asked sternly.

Jimin silently nodded while tears washed his face all over again.

"What about J? You always told me that he's your best friend. He surely stood up for you, didn't he?" Jimin's dad asked.

"H-he just left with his mother without saying a word.." Jimin sobbed.

"It's gonna be okay, alright? Don't let those meanies make you cry. They don't deserve it. Dad promise you that you're gonna have a better life soon." Jimin's dad sighed.

Jimin instantly stopped his tears. He felt guilty for making his dad worried and felt that way as he knew his dad worked 24/7 for the family.

"I-I'm sorry, dad.. You don't have to promise me anything.." Jimin said while looking at his dad.

"But don't you remember that today's your birthday? So, I have to do it to see my baby happy." Jimin's dad answered with a smile.

"My birthday?" Jimin scratched his head.

"Yes, your mom and Jihyun are waiting for you at home to celebrate. But we thought you went missing..." Jimin's dad answered.

"I-I.." Jimin was about to say something but was cut off by his dad.

"Yet, I'm glad I have found you." Jimin's dad stated and pulled Jimin into a tight embrace.

"Dad, hehe, stoppp, you're suffocating me." Jimin chuckled.

"Hahaha, my baby's laughing again. That's what I wanted to see." Jimin's dad laughed as he loosened the embrace.

"Dad, thanks for understanding me and cheering me up. I promise you I won't ever make you worried again." said Jimin.

Just when Jimin was about to walk home with his dad together, his dad abruptly halted.

"Jimin, look!" said Jimin's dad while pointing at the lakeside.

"What is it, dad?" Jimin asked.

"Something's sparkling there." Jimin's dad exclaimed.

"Are you sure, dad?" Jimin asked while scratching his head since he saw nothing but pitch black before him.

Without another word, Jimin's dad walked towards the lakeside.

"Hey, wait for me, dad!" Jimin said and ran after his dad.

"Look, it's a black goldfish! " said Jimin's dad.

"Why is it doing here? Shouldn't it be living in the water?" Jimin questioned.

"Ermm, I don't know. It's probably being washed out or something?" Jimin's dad answered.

"..or probably it's lonely like I am.." Jimin said to himself.

"Anyway, WE GOTTA SAVE IT OR ELSE IT WILL DIE SOON!" Jimin's dad said as a sudden realization hit him like a truck.

"How?" Jimin asked.

"Jimin ah, we have 3 choices. One is to place it back in the water, two is to take care of it as our pet ourselves, and three, we sell it for a good price." Jimin's dad stated.

"Hmm... I don't know, dad.. I wish for it to survive and I wish we can earn that money too (to himself) I wish to take care of it since it reminds me of myself..." Jimin pouted.

"How about we just take care of it? It might look feeble and ugly now, yet I'm sure it will be your lifelong companion once it's get treated." Jimin's dad said.

"A lifelong companion?" Jimin's eyes brightened up.

"Yeah, and hurry up, Jimin ah. It ain't have much time left..." Jimin's dad said while carefully placing the goldfish on his palm.

"Alright! Let's bring it home!" Jimin said while pulling his dad's hand and rushed back home together.

When they almost reached their house, they were far beyond shocked to see that there's a pool of what looks like blood by the doorside. Jimin started to tremble and grip tightly on his dad's shirt. His dad breathed shakily as well before taking a step forward while Jimin followed.

"3...2...1..." Jimin counted to himself as they walked step by step to the doorstep.

"Here we go.." Jimin's dad, held his breath and pushed open the door.

They sighed in relief when they found out it was Jihyun's paint instead of blood. They went into the house to find Jimin's mom and Jihyun but there's no sign of them.

The nerve wrecking tension came back once again. Before they went out searching for them, Jimin quickly filled a transparent jar with water and placed the fish in it.

The fish gasped for air in the water. It would've been dead if Jimin's dad kept forgetting about its existence on his palm. Yet, thanks to Jimin, it didn't.

It stared blankly through the glass as the boy rushed outside. It then swam around, trying to adapt to this new environment.

Few minutes later, it saw a shadow passing through the windows. It trembled in fear, knowing its life was once again at stake. Also, Jimin and his father could be in danger.

The shadow came closer and stopped at the doorstep. It gulped when the doorknob creaked. It released its bubbles of breath when it saw a boy, who's younger than Jimin and was holding a cake, entered the house with an older woman. It stared blankly at them, trying to figure out who they are.

Suddenly, the boy rushed towards it with an excited look on his face.

"Eomma, eomma! Look! A black fish!" said the boy while pointing at it.

"Hmm, appa and Jimin might've came home just now.." the older woman thought after looking at the fish.

She sighed, massaged her temples and sat on the couch. "Jihyun ah, come, let's sit here and wait for appa and your brother." She then stated softly with a pat at the empty seat beside her.

"Okay!" Jihyun answered cutely and hopped his way to his mother's side.

Moments passed, the doorknob creaked again. Yet, Jihyun and his mother had fell asleep from waiting Jimin and his father. So, their presence went unnoticed by the both of them except the fish.

The fish swam around excitedly, knowing that his saviour's back. However, it stopped when it saw Jimin cried while hugging his father. It was devastated as it wished to jump out of the water and gave him a hug to comfort him too.

Jimin seems to notice the fish and stopped his crying. He walked over to the jar and squatted down so that he could see it eye to eye.

"Hey there, lil buddy. I'm sorry for leaving you.. and worrying you too.." Jimin stated while gently tapping his fingers on the jar. Surprisingly, the fish didn't swim away out of fear. Instead, it stayed there, listened to what Jimin was saying. Jimin was quite surprised to see this as well.

"W-wow, you're pretty interesting, aren't you? Weren't you scared of me for doing that?" Jimin asked softly. It swayed its tails left and right, showing a firm 'no' as its answer. Jimin wide eyed at its reaction.

"Y-you can understand me?" Jimin asked in a softer tone, not wanting to let his parents and brother thought he's delusional or something. It then swam up and down, showing a firm 'yes' as its answer. Jimin was stunned.

"I-Is this a miracle? Or am I dreaming? I-" just when Jimin was about to say something, his dad interrupted him. "Jimin ah, are you okay? What are you doing there, talking to yourself?" Jimin's dad asked with a worried look written all over his face.

"I'm fine." Jimin answered with a smile.

"Okay then. Let's wake up your mother and brother and celebrate your birthday before it's over." Jimin's dad said quietly.

"Alright." Jimin said and walked over to the couch.

Both of them gently shaked their shoulders. Jihyun was the first to wake up, followed by mom.

"Appa! Hyung! You're back!" He exclaimed and jumped up to give his dad a big bear hug.

"I'm sorry if we had worried you guys.. We thought something happened since you took so long..." his mom stuttered, feeling guilty of ruining Jimin's day.

"I-" Jimin's mom was about to say something again with tears rolling down her face but she was interrupted by a sudden kiss by Jimin's dad.

"Pabo yah, of course we're worried. But we won't ever blame you because we love you." Jimin's dad said after the short kiss ended.

"Yaah~How can you do that in front of our kids." Jimin's mom blushed while hitting Jimin's dad's chest.

"Yeeee~Eomma and appa bobo." both Jimin and Jihyun said simultaneosly while giving this expression (ಠ﹏ಠ).

Their parents laughed while Jimin and Jihyun gave them questionable looks since they didn't know why they laugh.

"Oh, okay, you two. You'll understand when you're older." Jimin's dad chuckled.

"Right. Now let's lit up the candles for Jimin's birthday, shall we?" Jimin's mom stopped laughing and went looking for the lighter.

She lit up the candles on the cake and they sang the birthday song to Jimin. Jimin smiled and closed his eyes for a wish before blowing his candles.

"I wish for....(will be revealed soon in the future chapters 🌞)" Jimin thought to himself and blew the candles.

"So, hyung, what do you wish for?" Jihyun asked curiously.

"It's a secret." Jimin answered with a 'shh' sign.

"So, yeobo, what did you get for Jimin as a gift?" Jimin's mom asked Jimin's dad.

"Umm, I.." Jimin's dad was about to answer while scratching his head but was interrupted by Jimin.

"Dad gave me this! " Jimin said while pointing at the fish.

" Oh, the fish!" Jihyun said.

" Yeah, the fish." Jimin chuckled.

" Jimin ah, glad to see that you like it." Jimin's dad said with a smile.

" So, did you have a name for it?" Jimin's mom asked.

"Hmm, never thought about it yet." Jimin said.

"Ooh, ooh! May I make a suggestion, hyung?" said Jihyun in his cute voice while raising his hands.

"Sure!"Jimin chimed.

"Hyung, how about we called it tEaHyUnG?" Jihyun trying his best to pronounce the words he learnt in kindie, which he thought it'd the best for the fish's name.

"Teahyung? Do you want to be called 'Teahyung', lil buddy?" Jimin chuckled while looking at the fish. The fish swayed its tail left and right again.

"Jimin ah, how about a suggestion from dad?" Jimin's dad asked.

"Of course." Jimin answered.

"How about Van Gogh?" Jimin's dad asked.

"What? Are you serious, dad? The famous artist?" Jimin chuckled even louder this time.

Jimin's dad nodded seriously. "Then, do you want to be called 'Van Gogh', lil buddy?" Jimin teased. The fish hesitated for a while and showed the 'no' sign.

"What about you, mom? Do you have any suggestion? " Jimin asked.

"Hmm, how about a simple 'Taehyung' will do? Since it's basically a brother to you right? And you always wanted an older brother so let's just name him Taehyung." Jimin's mom said.

"Taehyung, Taehyung. That name really does sound nice." Jimin answered with a broad smile on his face.

"So, what about 'Taehyung', lil buddy?" Jimin asked expectantly, hoping to get a yes from it this time.

"Yes!" Jimin said when the fish swam up and down approving the name.

"But eomma, why it doesn't want tEaHyUnG? It's just mine's Tea, that's Tae..." Jihyun pouted.

"Jihyun ah, it's okay. We can name your pet Teahyung if your dad is able to get one for you on your birthday." Jimin's mom said while patting Jihyun's head.

"Promise?" Jihyun asked innocently.

"Promise." Jimin's mom said with her pinkie linked with Jihyun's.

The day then ended with them cleaning up and went to bed except for Jimin. He walked over to the jar again.

"Taehyung ah, promise me you won't leave me like J did? " Jimin sighed. The fish just stared blankly at him.

"I know that will probably be too much to ask from you... But thanks for coming into my life like a gift today." Jimin said and gave the jar a kiss and went to bed.

The fish was stunned.

To be continued

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