Vera Verto


Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, and it is quite adventurous; He gets in a relationship with his worst enemy, only to find out he is in cahoots with a previously known death eater.

Adventure / Romance
Shelby Head
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Vera Verto

"HARRY!" I was torn from my daydream to see the entire train compartment full of people staring at me.

I glanced from face to face attempting to pinpoint who had yelled my name. My eyes landed on Hermione and I saw she was looking at me expectantly.

"Yes?" I asked, an unintended hint of annoyance in my voice.

"We were just wondering how your summer has been?" She asked.

"Oh, yeah. It was great. Lots of things to do, I even rebuilt most of Gryffindor tower." I replied, trying to keep my voice light.

My response seemed to spark a conversation topic on her mind and she turned to Neville entering a seemingly long conversation about some 'light reading' she did over the summer. I turned my head and looked back out the window watching the trees roll by. As far as I know, there are 11 of us returning to finish our schooling; Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Millicent Bulstrode, Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Draco Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, Cho Chang, Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini and me.

With Ron, Hermione, and me being absent, we did not get to complete our 7th year at Hogwarts. The others, I assume, were too distracted by the upcoming war to get much work done. During the summer while most of us were working on castle reparations, Headmistress McGonagall announced that she would be opening a special level of schooling for those who participated in the war. She called it '8th year', but it was more like a repetition of 7th year without the academic penalties. She explained that we were to return to Hogwarts at the regular starting date, and we would all receive letters in the mail with a list of school supplies we were intended to buy for the upcoming school year.

During the summer I mainly stayed in the burrow, however things became a bit awkward when Ginny and I decided to end our relationship. It was a mutual agreement, without much turmoil, but there was still awkwardness in the air when we were in the same room together. I visited Teddy Lupin quite often to check up on him, and he seems to be growing up well under the care of his grandmother, Andromeda. Though just a baby, he is already able to change the color of the little hair he has. I know that Tonks would be proud of her son.

As this last thought passed through my mind, I could feel the train begin to slow down. I turned my focus onto those who were in the train compartment with me. Hermione leaned into Ron's shoulder as they both laughed at something Luna said. Dean and Seamus were deep into conversation- wait- holding hands? Dean and Seamus? Really? When did that happen? I guess I should've known. They have always been really good friends. I quickly looked away before they noticed I was staring.

Neville was practically enclosed in a book about Herbology, but he seemed to not be reading what was on the pages in front of him. A split second later he looked up at Luna and turned bright red- quickly returning his attention to his book. He glanced up at me and I gave him a small smile, which he returned. Next to him was Cho Chang who had returned to Hogwarts because the job she had as an Arithmancer fell through. I'd heard she wanted to be a Magizoologist, which made much more sense. She seemed to be drifting off to sleep, her head tilted back and her mouth opened, causing her to release a very loud snort. This sound woke her up with a start and the quickly composed herself. I hurriedly rubbed my chin to keep from laughing.

Noticing the slowing of the train Hermione stood, a laugh still lingering on her lips.

"I expect we will be arriving soon, we should change into our robes." She said, reaching for her trunk in the upper compartment.

I looked out the window once more to see a familiar castle approaching, excited and afraid of what is to come.

As I walked into the great hall and looked around, it seemed that nothing had really changed. The enchanted ceiling was velvety blue with candles alight, the stool and sorting hat were placed in the middle of the stage, awaiting first years yet to come. As we walked along the tables, Headmistress McGonagall directed us to a shorter table to the right of the great hall, right below the Professor's table. For some reason I was expecting that we would be sitting in our designated houses.

I sat next to Ron and Hermione, who were now observing the entering first years. Much to my surprise, Pansy Parkinson sat next to me. I looked at her with unintentional shock, and when she looked back at me I realized my mouth was stupidly open. I attempted to disguise it as a yawn and casually looked to the people past her. Next to her sat Millicent Bulstrode and Blaise Zabini, both of which had a frown on their faces which I assume is permanent. Across from us were Dean and Seamus in a fit of laughter. Cho, in conversation with Neville about some snargaluff that attacked one of the 2nd years.

There was one empty space between Neville and Draco Malfoy, being that the table was meant for 12 people and there were only 11 of us. Draco was seated on the very end of the bench, looking much like he wanted to be anywhere else but that seat right there. He was scowling down at the table, and rubbing his fingers along his neck. For some reason I felt bad for him. I wonder what his summer had been like. I read in the papers a while back that his father has been arrested and sent to Azkaban, and thought about what his mother might be doing in the empty house.

I had a brief flashback to Malfoy Manor when Bellatrix Lestrange had attacked Hermione. I could practically hear Hermione's screams, but as loud as that was it turned into the clinking of silver on glass as Professor McGonagall attracted everyone's attention for the sorting ceremony. As I was drawn back from my memories I realized that I had been staring at Malfoy this entire time, and to my dismay, he was staring back. His angular face looked angry, but almost.. almost afraid? Why was Draco Malfoy afraid of me? My lips parted involuntarily, as if I were about to ask him that very question. Upon hearing the sorting hat sing its sorting song, I closed my mouth and looked away from him, still confused by his expression.

After what seemed like hours of hearing 11 year olds being sorted into their various houses, the feast finally began. Our silver plates were filled with all kinds of delicious food. I couldn't decide where to start, so I grabbed one of everything. Ron was grabbing food off the platters and putting it straight into his mouth, avoiding his reserved plate all together. Hermione looked from him to me and rolled her eyes as she put a gracious dollop of mashed potatoes on both of our plates. I smiled a 'thank you' and dug into some chicken legs.

Halfway during the feast Ginny Weasley popped up in between Neville and Draco, greeting us all and asking how our trip had been. I had almost forgotten about Draco over there on the corner, and when I looked at him he seemed to be having a better time than before. He was now talking to Millicent and Blaise and whatever they were discussing seemed to make him forget what he was stewing about before.

After the feast was over and people were dispersing, I got up with the rest of the crowd, only to sit back down because I had no idea where we were supposed to sleep. I turned to Hermione and she seemed to be thinking the same thing. As she opened her mouth to inquire about this she was cut short by McGonagall's hand being placed on her shoulder. The three of us looked up at her to see a surprisingly warm smile spread across her face.

"How are you three?" she asked heartily.

"Wonderful, prof- Headmistress McGonagall." Hermione said, replying for all of us, with too much of an emphasis on her prefix.

McGonagall smiled down at us and turned her attention to the rest of the table.

"Since the 11 of you who are in our 8th year class are not separated into different houses, that means you lot will have your own dormitory." She was cut off by gasps of excitement from the table. Raising her had for silence she continued. "Firenze and professor Trelawny now teach Divination together on the first floor, therefore, the 7th floor of the north tower is now unoccupied and awaiting your arrival. Along with this, there have been a few alterations to the rules of living at Hogwarts. Your new Curfew is now eleven o'clock, and you are able to come on and off Hogwarts grounds as you please." Chattering ensued from these leniencies of the rules and McGonagall smiled, waiting patiently for the conversations to die down. "Please be aware that along with these freedoms come even harsher consequences. Disobeyal of these rules will result in severe reprimanding without leniency."

As she said these last words she peered over her spectacles at me, Ron, and Hermione, who seemed to be specifically avoiding her gaze. She half smiled and looked from face to face, seeming to pause at the corner of the table. I followed her eyes and saw a familiar angular face looking back with a completely blank expression. Though his face gave nothing away, his ears seemed to be reddening. McGonagall cleared her throat and clapped her hands together.

"Now. I expect you will all want to go to your new common room and enjoy your first night back. The password is 'vera verto'."

Upon entering our brand new common room, I was taken aback. Instead of the typical stuffy and sherry scented mask of the old Divination room, it was now a beautiful shade of red and smelled like summer. On the left there were plush silver chairs with purple blankets draped over them. The fireplace was in the righthand corner with a welcoming green sofa being warmed next to it. A giant rug laid in the center of the room, which had all the house colors woven into it. There were black and silver poufs scattered about the room and a pile of warm blankets in the corner. As I looked around, the color of the wall seemed to fade out, turning yellow.

I blinked a few times, thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me. Hermione nudged my arm and said that she thought McGonagall had bewitched it to change from one house color to another every few minutes. As she spoke the color faded again, turning green. I looked around the room again. Straight ahead were two doorways, one labeled 'Witches' the other labeled 'Wizards'. I assumed that in all the reparations done to the castle, having this room adjusted to make room for a new class was simple enough.

I noticed a small poster board between the two doors with a single piece of parchment stuck onto it. Neville, Luna and Pansy were all looking at it, Pansy was running her finger down a list of some sort. I looked at Ron and Hermione and they both seemed to have noticed this piece of parchment as well.

As a crowd formed around it, I noticed that Draco Malfoy was sitting on the couch in front of the fire place. Deciding to myself that I'd look at the parchment after the crowd had died down, I went over to join him. When I approached, I realized that I had nothing to say to him. The firelight cast sharp shadows on his angular face, and there was something in his eyes that made me wish I had just left him alone. As I began to retreat, he looked up at me. I looked back at him waiting for something- anything- to come out of my mouth. After what seemed like hours I spoke.

"How was your summer?" As soon as these words left my mouth I wished that I had somehow set my trousers on fire, just to give me an excuse to leave. How thick can I get? "How was your summer?"? Of course it was bloody awful! His father was sent to Azkaban for Merlin's sake!

"It was fine." he replied, his eyes narrowing.

"That's.. good to hear." I said, followed by a stupid laugh. "Enjoying the fire?" Oh someone just kill me now. What is wrong with me. I'd rather Voldemort himself show up in this very room than look at Draco Malfoy ever again.

"What do you want, Potter." Draco sneered, falling back into old habits.

"Nothing, Mal-Draco. I just wanted to see how you were doing." I decided last names were for the past.

"I'm fine. Sod off. It's not like we have anything to say to each other anyways." And then he turned to look at the fire, a platinum blonde hair falling in front of his face. I nodded and turned around, noticing the crowd had dispersed.

As I began to walk over to the parchment, Ron grabbed my arm in a death grip and yanked me over to the edge of the common room.

"WHAT?" I asked, ripping my arm from his vice like grip.

"Have you read room assignments?" He asked with a look on his face like he might vomit and laugh at the same time.

"Room assignments?" My eyes flicked over to the parchment on the posterboar. "No, I was just about to when you practically ripped my arm off." As I said this I rubbed my arm where his hand had been.

"Right, sorry. I'm rooming with Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan, so I don't have it too bad." He glanced over at Neville, lowering his voice. "I hear poor old Neville is rooming with Blaise Zabini. Merlin knows what's gonna happen to him." Ron swallowed, looking at Neville like he was a dying man.

Suddenly a thought struck me. "Wait.. If you're with Dean and Seamus, and Neville is with Blaise... that leaves me with... with..." I turned toward Draco Malfoy sitting on the couch.

Ron nodded and then laughed out loud, smacking my back, and causing Malfoy to scowl our direction. He stood up in annoyance and walked over to the posterboard, looking for which room to go to. He slid a long pale finger down the list and froze. He double checked. Dropping his hand, he angled his face as if he were going to look at me, but then seemed to decide against it. He turned his back, heading straight for the dormitories.

I turned back to Ron, seeing tears rolling from his eyes. He was doubled over with laughter. Hermione came over and rested a hand on my shoulder, I assume it was meant for comfort, but then she began laughing along with Ron. I shrugged her hand off and marched up to my room, leaving them to lean on each other in fits of laughter.

I slowly turned the knob to my room and pushed the door open. It was dimly lit by the moonlight, so I could see the layout of the room. There were two beds with the headboards touching the right wall, two windows on the left wall and a single bureau in between the beds. The bed closest to the door had its curtains drawn, and I'm sure Draco was tucked in bed with a scowl on his sleeping face. Realizing how tired I was, I closed the door quietly and tiptoed over to my bed. Not bothering to change into nighttime attire, I laid on top of my sheets and fell asleep rather quickly.

When I awoke the next morning, the curtains from Draco's bed had been drawn back, and the bed was now vacant. I sat up and stretched my aching arms, noticing I hadn't even taken off my shoes before I fell asleep. I stripped off my clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist, heading to the washroom to shower.

The warm water felt nice on my skin, and I automatically felt more refreshed. As I was washing my hair I heard a faint humming coming from the shower next to me. Surely they knew I was in here? Soon the humming turned into very poor singing. I think it was a song from the new Weird Sister's album, but the notes are so off key I can't be sure. I stood there for a few seconds letting the shampoo run down my chest, just listening to this atrocious noise that might be mistaken for singing and stifling my laughter.

After about two minutes of this, I realized my hair was clean of shampoo and I decided I had had enough of this screeching. I quickly grabbed my towel and turned off the water. The singing voice had gone mute shortly after my water stream stopped. Not wanting to see who was in that stall, I practically ran back up to my room.

As I was drying off I was chuckling to myself and making internal jokes about my experience. No sooner had I buckled my trousers did my dormitory door open, and in walked a dripping Malfoy. As soon as I saw his wet hair I realized; he was the one singing in the bathroom. I choked down laughter and turned my back to him, pulling my shirt on and knotting my tie. When I turned back around he was eyeing me suspiciously.

"Potter." He said, venom in every syllable.

"Mal-Draco." I replied, a faint smile on my lips. Nothing could put me down now.

"It's rather unfortunate we were put together, eh? I'd assume you'd want to be with that red-headed git."

"Mhmm." Where this would usually boil my blood, I smiled even wider, now realizing I could tell Ron about Draco's singing.

Draco flicked damp hair from his eyes and tilted his head, probably wondering why I wasn't getting angry. I turned and grabbed my Rucksack off my bed post, headed to breakfast to share this story. Right when I was about to close the door I paused.

"You really should join choir, with a voice like that."

I saw a flicker of horror and realization flash across Malfoy's face, and with that I snapped the door shut.

When I first told them what I witnessed that morning, Ron had full on drenched Neville and his food with a mouthful of pumpkin juice. After the laughter died down, Hermione cast a drying charm onto Neville's clothes, and Ron gave him an apology, though Neville said that hearing this story about Malfoy was apology enough. After that, we all went to our assigned classes.

I had Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts with Blaise, Neville, Ron, Malfoy, and Pansy. Upon arrival in the dark dungeons I realized that I had no idea who our teacher would be. Now that Snape was gone, who would be the professor? I thought back and tried to remember if I had seen a new teacher amongst the grand table, but McGonagall hadn't mentioned any newcomers.

As if answering my silent question, I heard a swish of robes and most of us turned to look at the doorway. When no one appeared over there, I looked around the room for the source of the sound. The room was empty except for other students. Until-no. No way. Impossible. My heart pounded in my chest and I'm sure everyone in the room could hear it. Looking at me from across the dimly lit classroom were two beady dark eyes, separated by a large, hooked nose. I grabbed at Ron's arm and pointed. He followed the direction of my finger and I watched as the blood drained from his face. Severus Snape glared at me, and then turned as if to walk to the left, but then disappeared. My eyes shot around the room trying to find him again. Behind the desk he appeared. Not in the flesh but... in a picture frame? I looked back at where I had seen him before, and realized now that there was a floor length frame surrounding the dark area of which he stood.

"Good morning, class." Snape said, grabbing everyone's attention and causing many people to gasp, and Neville to fall straight out of his chair. Ignoring the outbursts, Snape continued. "Welcome to Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts." He looked around the room at all of us, Neville peeking up over his desk, Malfoy stoic as ever, all the others still looking at him with shock on their faces. His black eyes landed on mine and then glanced down at my hand which was still -embarrassingly- grasped onto Ron's arm.

I let go quickly and said "Hello, professor."

He nodded curtly. "Potter."

He directed us on how to begin today's class. After what seemed like hours of listening to his instructions, he finished with a standard, 'That will be all.' and sent us on our way. Snape and I had one final mutual nod, and I could swear that the corners of his mouth twitched up for a split second.

Ron and I made our way to Herbology, which Professor Sprout still taught. Neville seemed to be having the time of his life, talking to her about all the upcoming topics of class. Ron and I rolled our eyes at each other while trying to tackle our Venomous Tentacula plant.

After classes were finished, we headed to the great hall for lunch. Hermione let us know that she was headed to the library to get a start on her homework, and left after quickly kissing Ron goodbye. I was happy about their relationship, and it was nice to see them holding hands and being happy together. After 6 or 7 years of them denying their feelings for each other, I gladly allowed public displays of affection, just as long as they didn't get too crazy.

I looked around at Cho and remembered our short relationship. She seemed happy, though I'm not sure she was seeing anyone. I heard from Ron that Ginny was seeing some random 7th year, and was apparently planning to try out for the Holyhead Harpies. I smiled to myself, picturing Ginny flying around a large Quidditch pitch.

I realized that I was staring at Draco again, and he -again- was staring back at me. This time, since there was nothing stopping me, I got up and made my way over to him, sitting down in the empty space he left between him and Neville. He was watching me the entire time I walked, no sign of annoyance on his face. When I sat down, instead of his usual 'Potter.' sneer, he simply nodded and looked back at his food. Blaise and Pansy were both watching me curiously, probably wondering if there was going to be a fight. I took a deep breath and tried not to say anything stupid.

"Sleep well?" I asked, trying not to sound creepy.

"Very. Thanks." As that last word came out of his mouth he clenched his jaw as if it hurt him to say that to me. "Seeing Snape in Defense Against the Dark Arts was rather odd." He added.

"Yeah, when I saw him I almost fell out of my seat." I said, tilting my head slightly toward Neville.

I saw a flicker of a smile appear on his lips, but he quickly looked down at his food and nodded. Assuming the conversation was over, I stood up and patted him lightly on the shoulder, it was a lot more firm and muscular than I thought it would be. He sort of flinched, but then relaxed and looked at my hand. His eyes followed my feet as I walked to my original seat. Ron looked at me questioningly and I shrugged, glancing back at Malfoy who's ears were now slightly pink. I wondered if maybe, after all our history, we might be able to become friends.

Later that night in the common room, Ron and I were playing a game of exploding snap. Soon Blaise and Pansy walked up to us and timidly asked if they could join. With quizzical looks from Ron, I invited them into the game. Soon after them joining, Neville and Millicent Bulstrode joined, drawing even more attention. It wasn't too long before all the people in the common room were playing. About 20 minutes into the game, Hermione walked in laughing with- with- Malfoy? I open mouthed gaped at them. Ron, wondering why I had stopped playing, looked at where I was looking, forming an identical expression to my own.

"I know, I know, it does seem rather odd, but I swear! He took if from me and threw it straight across the garden!" Draco said, smile growing a little wider as Hermione threw her head back in laughter.

"That's absurd!" She laughed, "A right proper gentleman, too!" She and Draco were practically falling on each other.

Ron, coming to his senses, closed his mouth and stood up a little forcefully, causing him to stumble. He walked over, faster than was necessary and grabbed Hermione's hand, looking at Draco suspiciously.

"Malfoy." Draco's smile faltered.

"Weasley." He said with a controlled voice.

Seeming to notice the tension, Hermione smiled once more at Draco and then dragged Ron over to the couch by the fire. After Draco dropped his gaze from them, he looked around the room and saw me looking at him.


"Malfoy. Care to play a round of exploding snap?"

Draco ruffled his eyebrows and shrugged. "Sure. Why not."

He then came over and gracefully plopped down on the pouf Ron had recently vacated. He draped his long arm against the side of it and leaned back, keeping eye contact with me. I dealt him a few cards, and as he grabbed the cards from my hand his index finger softly brushed up against the back of my hand. Ignoring the chills caused by his cool touch, I explained the rules of the game. He nodded his comprehension, grey eyes watching me from above his little fan of cards. I felt as though there was an exploding snap card inside my chest that wouldn't stop combusting.

What's my problem? It's just Malfoy. I've hated his guts for years, so why am I suddenly all nervous because of his gaze? I shrugged off the thought and enjoyed the game we played. It was fun to watch a card explode in Draco's hand because he always jumped back a bit, causing blonde strands of hair to fall in his face, only to be flicked away with a quick tilt of his head. I was enthralled at how long and graceful his pale fingers were, picking up each card precariously. He had rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt to his elbows and I could practically see every vein running down his arms.

After about an hour of playing, he stretched his long, graceful arms above his head, revealing a tiny part of his lower stomach. He tilted his head to rest on the back of the pouf, exposing his long, pale neck. His adam's apple moved up and down as he groaned into the stretch. With a rather loud grunt he let his arms fall on the edges of the Pouf and looked back down at me. I realized my lips were slightly parted. He looked around the room, and I took this opportunity to close my mouth and smooth out my hair.

He turned back to me with a sigh. "Well, I suppose we should take everyone else's lead and get to bed."

I blinked confusedly and looked around. To my surprise, the common room was nearly empty, except for Ron and Hermione snoozing on the couch by the fire.

"Yeah, I guess we should." I gathered the cards as Malfoy stood up, brushing off his neatly pressed trousers.

The disturbance of the air sent the smell of his cologne into the air, it smelled like crisp apples and a storm. As I stood up, I noticed that Draco was looking at me. His hands tucked lazily in his pockets, one sleeve of his shirt longer than the other. A few of his blonde hairs were resting delicately on his temples.

Not knowing what else to do, I held my hand out.

"Nice game, Draco." I said with a slight smile.

He grasped my hand firmly, sending shock waves throughout my body.

"You too, Potter. You, too."

I stopped by the bathroom on the way up to my room, quickly brushing my teeth. I walked up the few stairs to my dormitory, pushing open the door to find that it was dark again. The moon was casting light into the room, and I noticed that Draco had left the curtains to his bed open this time. I smiled a bit to myself as I changed into my pajamas. When I turned back around I could swear I saw Draco's eyes shutting. Had he been watching me? I blushed slightly at the thought of it and plopped down onto my sheets, looking over at Draco's bed. Silk sheets. Of course. Plonker.

The blue tinted moonlight washed over him and made him look almost angelic. His chest rising and falling, the angular shape of his face being emphasized by the shadow. His delicate and soft hands laying outside of the covers. I turned over and closed my eyes, the image of him still on my mind. I smiled. Silk Sheets. Plonker.

The next day after breakfast (which was mainly spent watching Draco's hands gracefully wave as he spoke and how his Adam's apple moved up and down with each swallow) Professor Sprout was pairing us up with one other person of which we would spend a majority of the semester raising Mandrakes. I remember our second year at Hogwarts when we had to transfer Mandrakes into bigger pots. Even then it was a hassle to get them to cooperate, let alone raising one from a baby to an adult Mandrake and then using it to create Mandrake Restorative Draught. I turned my focus back onto Professor Sprout when I heard my name being called.

"Harry Potter... You'll be paired with... Hm.. Draco Malfoy."

I continued to stare at her as if I hadn't actually heard those words come out of her mouth. Why did this make me so happy? A year ago I'd sooner lock myself in a room with all the screaming mandrakes in the world than to be paired up with Draco for anything. I turned and looked at Draco, who was prodding a pile of dirt with his graceful finger, his ears turing a deep shade of red. I casually pulled my things into a pile and made my way over to him. I noticed that everyone was staring, and Ron was giving me a look as if he was sorry for me.

I set my stuff down on the table next to him.

"Hey." I said quietly, which he replied to with a chin tilt directed at me.

Of course Ron and Hermione were paired together, and Dean and Seamus were paired, and basically everyone else who was compatible were paired together, but then there were Malfoy and me. Completely and utterly incompatible.

"So uh... had much experience with Mandrakes?" I asked, not knowing what else to say.

"No, not really. Aside from 2nd year, but its been a while since then, ey Potter?" As he said this he met my gaze with those intense eyes of his.

"Yeah," I laughed. "It has been a while."

I smiled a bit, but he looked away toward something near my elbow. Leaning toward me, he outstretched his hand to grab something, his neck coming dangerously close to my mouth. I inhaled and closed my eyes. I felt as if I were in an apple orchard right after it had rained. Fresh and cool and sweet. I wanted to rest my forehead on his strong shoulder and never stop breathing in.

"Potter." My eyes flew open to see Draco sitting back in his normal position with a confused look on his face. "You alright? Seem to have dozed off for a second there. Then again, your expression is typically vacant, so I guess that's not too abnormal."

He said that last bit with a smirk, and where I would usually be angered, this time it was different. It was playful. Like he was teasing me. I nearly laughed out loud. Me and Draco teasing each other? I mean for God's sake, look at our history. He tormented me for 6 years, broke my nose, nearly knocked me off my broom, created bloody pins that said "Potter Stinks". He really hated me. Then again, I hated him too. I got his father sent to jail (twice), hit him with a sectumsempra curse that almost killed him, and basically stalked him all through 6th year. Maybe my wrongdoings are worse than his? Either way, how can we be sitting here now laughing at Hermione and Ron fighting over a name for their Mandrake? How can I be sitting here wanting to wrap my arms around his neck and inhale his scent? How can I be sitting here with butterflies in my stomach because our knees keep touching together?

Later in the common room all of us were lazing around talking about our second day back. Draco was lounging in one of the purple chairs in his typical white dress shirt and black trousers. I was leaning up against the leg of the other purple chair, in which Hermione and Ron were sitting. Draco's shirt was halfway untucked and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, as he usually does when he's finished with the day. One of his long, pale fingers was mindlessly caressing his jaw. I followed his finger with my eyes, observing the few splattered freckles along his jawline. I imagined kissing his jawline, right on that freckle. Moving my way down his neck and onto his porcelain chest. His tie was loose, and the top two buttons of his shirt were undone. I wanted to go up and straddle his legs and kiss him. Inhale him. Taste him. I wanted him. Now.

Unbeknownst to me, the entire time I was imagining this, my body was reacting the way it would if I were really doing these things. I could feel the heat in between my legs, creating quite an obvious tent in my trousers. Not knowing what else to do, I pulled my knees up to my chest and hoped nobody had noticed.

I glanced around to see if anyone was looking, and when my eyes fell on Draco I saw that he was looking right where I hoped no one was. His lips slightly parted, finger paused on his temple, grey eyes unblinking. Suddenly he came back to life, adjusting in his seat and crossing his legs. His grey eyes met mine and he gave me a look that I had never seen on him before. Was that... desire? His eyes seemed to darken and his blonde eye lashes flickered, but he did not blink. He stared straight into me. Through me. I practically passed out under his gaze, my erection growing stronger, and to my surprise, he was forming one too. He tried adjusting his position one more time, untucking his shirt completely and placing it in a well formed pile. Even this did not contain the very large erection forming under his clothes. He folded his hands very discretely, though it did not do much help. I looked around, grabbing a blanket off the arm of the chair Ron and Hermione were sitting on. I tossed it to him with a wicked smile.

"You look a bit... cold." I muttered.

He quickly placed the blanket in his lap and smirked at me.

"Thanks. I am." He replied, the tips of his ears turning red.

I turned my attention across the room to try and distract myself. Dean and Seamus were in the corner curled up with one another. Seamus in Dean's lap with Dean's arm wrapped around him. They both appeared to be snoozing, Dean's cheek rested on the top of Seamus' head. I smiled to myself and looked to where Neville and Cho were across the room, discussing what they would do to take care of their Mandrake. I watched them point to different things in their Herbology book and get excited about small details, saying who would buy what and when they could get it.

After a while of watching their conversation, I glanced back at Malfoy who was now resting his head on his fist. It seemed that his delicate wrist wouldn't be able to hold up such a weight, but his stance was unfaltering.

Noticing I was a bit more calmed down, I decided to head up to bed before my mind began wandering again. Bidding Ron and Hermione goodnight I walked up to my room. Even though there was not a sleeping Draco to disturb, I still did not turn on the lights. I passed by his bed and sat on my own, facing his stupid silk sheets. I smiled to myself looking at his silky grey pillow, noticing that it matched his eyes.

Then a thought occurred to me. That pillow smelled like him. I could press my face into it and finally, finally inhale as much of him as I wanted. I stood up slowly, my heartbeat in my fingertips, and took two paces to his bed. I rubbed my hand against his pillow and damn it felt so soft. As soft as his skin. I knelt down on my knees, bending my face down and closing my eyes. I let my nose brush up against his pillow, pressing my face in further the more I inhaled. God he smelled so good. I felt a sense of calm wash over me as I pressed my face further into his pillow. It was cold against my hot face. I could stay here for eternity.

Regretfully, I pulled away and began to stand. I froze mid-rise. There in the moonlight, standing near the doorway, was Draco. He was looking down at me, not a hint of emotion on his face. He had his hands lazily placed in his pockets, his shirt untucked. His hair was disheveled as his tie, yet he was still graceful and posh as always. The moonlight made his eyes stand out more than usual. I didn't know what to do. What stupid excuse could I make up for this? Sorry thought I lost something on your pillow so I was looking REALLY closely. With my eyes closed. For a long time.

I swear the sun rose and set 6 times before he blinked or made any movement at all. He gracefully sat down on his bed, bringing his legs up and turning his torso towards me. He placed one hand centimeters next to mine on the bed, and slowly kissed my cheek, lingering a second and then shifted his head to kiss my other cheek, letting his lips brush up against mine. He exhaled slightly, blowing hot air into my ear and down my neck, pulling away shortly after. After he did this, he turned his back to me and laid still. I got up silently and crawled into my bed, my mind and body going wild. Could this be real?

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