Kamen Rider Kabuto- Accelerated World


In the year 2145, Mankind has created a game that allows them to 'Accelerate'. However, there exists a group of avatars in this world who surpass the others- the Kamen Riders

Action / Scifi
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Name: Hiram Hayabusa

Burst Avatar: Red Kabuto (Kamen Rider Kabuto)

Age: 16 years

Gender: Male

School: Umesato Junior High School

Physical appearance-

Height: 4'11"

Weight: Average for his height.

Hair color: Blonde

Hair length: Short and neat.

Eye color: Green

Glasses: yes (Sleek and chic)

Scars: Under each arm where he was pinned down.

Personality: Seeks to become faster and stronger than he is, and works hard at studies and gaming. Will sometimes quote his Dad's advice. Otherwise, never speaks out of line, and is, for the most part silent, unless taking part in a conversation, in which case, his comments are short and to the point. While most see this as rude, he and Kuroyuki see this as his way of handling with the fear of isolation. At first, is afraid that Takumu and Chiyuri are taking pity on him, being his friend only because they really didn't want him to feel obligated to be isolated, and only wanted to use him, but later realizes they are truly his friends.

Personal History: Hiram was the kind of guy who you never knew about. He was invisible, working hard to do well in school. He was silent, taking the bullying like a man, and not saying anything that would cause trouble. Then, one day, he meets Kuroyukihime, a girl a year older than him who invites him to meet her in the real world. She then gives him a strange app called 'Brain Burst', which changes his life forever.

However, the whole story is more tragic. Hiram was the only child of a hard-working detective, and a mother who worked for the government. However, on his 8th birthday, Hiram lost his father to a yakuza, and his mother moved to the city of Tokyo after getting elected to the Parliament. But, before that happened, he was forced to watch his friends get beaten up by a group of bullies, pinned down by twin blades. These left two scars under his arms, which would haunt him for the rest of his life. However, as he lay there, a Kabuto beetle passed by, and he watched it push a rock out of its path with its horn. After his mom and him moved, she set him up with an apartment after he reached 15 years of age. Since then, he has worked hard to make it on his own, joining several clubs to stay in shape. He even made 2 friends in his new elementary school, Chiyuri and Takumu. However, the bullies still hounded him, forcing him to do their bidding. However, even though he could take them out easily, he continued to do their leader's bidding, out of fear that his friends would get attacked. When Chiyuri asked why he didn't just beat them up, he told her that it was not time. He was, in fact, as he put it, not strong or fast enough. He then met Kuroyuki Hime after she had beaten his score on a net game, and asked if he wanted to accelerate beyond the confines of his normal world. When he said yes, she asked him to meet her at the lunchroom the next day…

Hobbies: Kenpo and Kendo Club, video games, his pet cat- Hiryu.

Likes: Good foods, becoming stronger, his pet cat Hiryu.

Dislikes: Bullies, people who flaunt strength, arrogant jerks.

Favorite Song: 'Gotta Fly Now' as was in the movie 'Rocky'.

The Year is 2147 AD. Mankind has developed new technologies that allow humanity to access the internet at will. The device called the Neural Link allows people to access the Global Net using nearby servers to socialize with people in a new, more personal way. This is called 'Synchronizing', and has been the rage for decades.

However, rumours exist of a shadow app, or application, that allows a person to slow time around them using security cameras. In this app, opponents fight it out for their Burst points, the cost of this power. If a person loses all their points, the app automatically uninstalls itself, and that person cannot reinstall it at all, or even remembers being a participant. In addition, you can only get it by getting it from another player. It's this system that has made the game a well-kept secret with 'Burst Linkers', people who play the game.

But now, a new group of Burst Linkers have suddenly appeared. The Linkers have Burst Avatars that can accelerate in the game, as well as killer special attacks. These warriors, who have the capacity to 'Cast off' their shells in the game, will forever be known by the nickname they were given in the game. This nickname was decided because they reminded a Burst Linker of a group of heroes his grandfather talked of a lot.

The Alias for these warriors was…

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Accelerated World

Episode 1


Umesato Junior High

Class 1-F

"And," said the teacher, as he drew in thin air, "Lastly, the printing press." However, Hiram could see the teacher's handwriting. The Neural Linkers students used allowed the teacher to write digitally, making the writing visible only to students linked to the school's network. "Alright. If you add this to the list of inventions such as… gunpowder, you have what is known as the three great inventions of the Renaissance Era. Now, how historically significant were these inventions? Well, if you were to compare them to an invention from the 21st century, then they would be like the Quantum Mobile Computer Terminal, what we now call the Neural Linker"

However, Hiram could not hear the name of the second invention because he had just gotten an alert. He had just received a mail from someone. However, Hiram was cautious when opening it as he was also using the notes he was seeing to write his essay for his exam later that week. He pressed the air in front of him, which was read as "OK' by his Neural Linker, and opened his mail Inbox. Recently he had to set all noise filters to level B, something he had to do in order to keep his ears from being unable to work. However, for some reason, as usual, he knew Araya was gonna install a message with a noise factor of Level A, and somehow make it so that he had no means to protect against it. He opened the File. All of a sudden, a loud CLANG resounded from the inbox. Tons of confetti and streamers filled his visual range. "Shoulda known," thought Hiram, almost bored.

"Hey, Beansprout," said the effigy of Araya, "I want 3 Ramen Bread, 2 Melon Bread, and a Strawberry Yogurt brought to the roof this afternoon. Fail to do so, And you get the snot kicked out of ya again."

Hiram clenched his first for a second, and then thought to himself, "Annoying jerk. I was in the middle of note taking. It's a good thing I brought extra saving I keep in my shoe. However, where I keep it is my secret." He had to be careful when thinking something. He didn't know if one of Araya's Goons was a hacker. He actually kept his spare lunch money in his left sock, right under the sole of his foot.

-Lunch Time-

"Good," said Araya, "You followed my orders exactly as I asked you to. Do you know why that is?"

"Because you are bigger than I am," commented Hiram.

"Wow," said Araya, sarcastically, "You are smart. At least you know the pecking order around here."

"Yeah, right, you prick," thought Hiram to himself, "If only I were stronger, I could easily kick your ass right here and now. However, till that day comes, I'll just keep going like this, till I show you my real strength." With that, he left.

"WHOA," said Araya, standing up, "Did I say you could leave?" With that, he rushed at Hiram, and was about to deliver a punch to the back of his head…

Hiram caught the arm in mid-air, and threw Araya onto the ground. "You forgot Newton's First Law of Motion," said Hiram, standing over Araya, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I only threw you to avoid the punch. I will keep giving you food every day, but beating me up is not part of the deal. And remember this. Next time you attack me from behind, I will not only use the shoulder throw, but I will increase the distance." With that, he walked away.

"That little," said one of Araya's goons, who was about to chase after him.

"Let him go," said Araya, "The Bean Sprout's right. Me beating him up after he delivers was not part of the deal. That doesn't mean that we cannot alter the deal."

Hiram went into the library. Here he had found a secluded section where he could sit in peace without anyone finding him. He went to his usual spot, sat down and said, "Open Link". This opened a link to the Global Net server in the school. This link looked like a series of 5 rings. As he 'descended', his body was changed. By the time he arrived on the server, he looked like a masked man called a Zectrooper with Alt Eisen Arms and legs.

Hirma looked pretty cool…or he would have if he wasn't 2 FEET TALL!. This was Araya's doing. He changed the settings Hiram made as he was getting ready to save it to file. "This thing should look more your size, Bean Sprout," said Araya, laughing as he did that.

"Damn that arrogant punk," thought Hiram, "I'll get stronger. And when I do, we'll have a discussion as to the natural order of things." He then started walking.

As he walked past a certain area, he heard happy sounds. He walked up the large flight of stairs and witnessed a group of cute girls hovering over another girl, wearing all black with some white accents, and black and violet butterfly wings. "Kuroyukihime," said one of the girls hovering over her, "Did you design that all by yourself?" As the groupies hovered over her, Kuroyukihime noticed someone looking at her, and turned her head. However, before she could get a good look at him, Hiram was already on his way down and heading to a certain mini game house.

He brought up a game of 'Squash', a game a former friend got him into. "Must get faster," thought Hiram as the Racket materialized in his hand, and the ball appeared on the field. "Faster means more impact effectiveness, and to get that, I need to accelerate my body and mind to their limit." He then tossed the ball in the air and struck it. He was the only person to come here ever, and held the top spot with over 1.5 million points. Today was going for double, at least. His movements seemed to accelerate with each hit, the ball bouncing off more of the targets as he did so. After 30 minutes, he had reached level 168 and over 3 million points. His training was starting to show progress…

"How long are you gonna just stay here," asked Chiyuri, a friend of his since he first moved to Tokyo during Elementary school. Hiram originally lived in Kyoto, but was forced to move when his mother, a prominent government official, got elected to the country's parliament. He moved with her, and had no friends when he came here. Chiyu and her friends at that time, Takumu and Haruyki, quickly became friends. However, after Elementary School, Haru had to move because his mother's job demanded it. Since then, Hiram had retracted, becoming a recluse for the most part, shelled up, except in his clubs. Since he joined the Kenpo and Kendo Clubs, he had gotten stronger, faster and more disciplined. He still believed, however, that he was just being shown pity upon. However, her words caught him off guard, causing him to clip the ball, causing it to spiral the wrong way, missing a target and ending the game.

"Rats," said Hiram, tossing the racket into the air. "I missed."

"Still," She said, coming down to the arena and checking the scoreboard, "For a guy who looks like he was built to move like a tank, you are pretty good."

"Just relieving some stress," said Hiram, rubbing he back of his helmet, "No need to worry. Stupid Bullies. One of these days, Araya is gonna go too far."

"Saw that today," said Chiyu, patting Hiram on the head. "That was amazing. With that kind of strength, you could easily beat him up. And yet you let him use you when he wants something. Why is that? You have a secret fetish on being ordered around?"

"Not strong enough yet," said Hiram, shrugging "Besides," he then said, pointing his right index finger in the air, "Dad always said, and I quote, 'Never let them see you bleed.'"

"Your dad was weird," said Chiyu, logging out. Hiram shrugged and logged out too.

He looked up to see Chiyu standing right behind him. "I brought you lunch," she then said, revealing a picnic basket. "It full of your favorites," she said, smiling, "So eat it all."

"Does Taku know you are being kind to me," said Hiram, crying, "I told you both I don't need pity. I may have come here right before your friend Haru left town, but I have no intention of replacing him in your lives. I just wanted true friends, but as long as I have bullies hounding me, I need to stay away." And with that, he ran off, leaving Chiyu's basket there unopened.

"Hiram," said Chiyu, looking at Hiram with a sad look on her face, "I am not pitying you. Taku and I really want to be your friends. Sure, you came into our lives right as Haru was about to leave, and sure, you are always being bullied. But if you would just let us in, you would understand."

-That evening-

Hiram sat in his apartment, calmed down, having eaten something, and was sitting on his couch. "Open Link," he then said, returning to his little place under the virtual sun.

What he found scared him. Someone, whoever it was, had beaten his high score. "Who could've done this," he asked, now on his knees. "This was my thing. Here I was the fastest."

"And yet, you seek to become both faster and stronger," said a voice. Hiram turned to see Kuroyukihime walking down the stairs to the court. "Why is that, Hiram Hayabusa?"

"Senpai," said Hiram, looking upset seeing her here, of all places, "Was this your doing?"

"You haven't given me your answer," She then said, "Why do you seek to grow stronger and faster?"

"So that I can protect my friends in the real world," said Hiram, angered. "My last group of friends suffered greatly at the hands of a group of ruffians while I was pinned down and twin blades were stuck in my sides. Because they damaged a set of nerve clusters and veins, as well as a few inches of skin, I can no longer grow vertically. But, because of my being a government official's son, most of my friends were forced to wait. One of them died while on the operating table, all because I was more of a priority. I no longer want anyone to suffer because I was weak. That is why I seek to become stronger and faster. The faster I am, the quicker I can respond to those in need."

"If that is the reason you seek strength," commented Kuroyukihime, smiling in interest, "Then I now ask you this. Do you wish to accelerate beyond the limits of reality? If so, meet me at the Courtyard tomorrow around lunch."

Hiram then logged out, and meditated on her words. "What would dad say at a time like this?"

-Next Day-

Lunchtime usually meant getting food for Araya, but today was different. This time, Hiram decided to meet the legendary princess of the school. He went to the food court and started walking to the courtyard, as the area where the third years sat. As he entered, everyone saw him walking with resolve. Many knew him for his several wins in the Kenpo Tournaments. Others knew him for his swift wins in the Kendo Club. However, bullies called him 'Bean Sprout'. However, today he would get a new name and a new life.

"Hiram," said Kuroyukihime, offering him a seat at her table. She had a pot of tea set up. Hiram had himself a grapefruit juice cup. "Good of you to accept my invitation."

"Just letting you know," said Hiram, "That if this is a very elaborate prank, I will walk away from the table."

Kuroyukihime giggled, and then said, "My apologies. I asked you here in earnest." She then pulled out a cable. Each end had a single coupling unit. This was a direct link cable, allowing two people to share information privately.

"But the only people who direct cable link are family members or couples," said Hiram, grabbing a side. "However, I have not been known for not accepting a gift when given." With that, he plugged the cable into his Neural Linker. "Give me a few seconds. I have a few special programs running right now, updating my playlist for training."

After he was done, the two sat in what looked like silence. "How's you Link Speaking Ability," asked Kuroyukihime all of a sudden via the direct cable.

"Not the best at it," said Hiram, "But I can manage it for a while. Sorry if my words come with a bit of static. Got a lot on my mind in recent days."

"I am sending you an app," said Kuroyukihime, touching her neural linker and then swiping her hand towards Hiram. "If you choose to accept it, you current reality will be changed forever. Your World will change to a totally different perspective." All of a sudden, Hiram saw a strange emblem on his screen with a single button on it labeled 'INSTALL'.

"I choose to change the world as I see it," said Hiram, pulling his hand back, "At the speed of Light!" He then pressed the install button. All of a sudden, an installation progress bar appeared on his HUD. It went up almost too quickly. Then, after it installed itself fully, a wall of flame surrounded Hiram, and the words 'Brain Burst' appeared in front of him on his neural HUD. Then a new message appeared on his screen, which Hiram read aloud:


"What is this 'Brain Burst' Program," asked Hiram, intrigued.

"It would seem the program has been successfully installed," commented Kuroyukihime, "Although, I knew for sure you were already qualified."

"Qualified," asked Hiram.

"For the program to be installed," said Kuroyukihime, "You have to have a high level of nerve control. An example is someone who has an unbelievably high score in the Squash game."

Hiram then realized he was a lucky one. "A normal person wouldn't even be able to see the file, so the fact that you saw it means you qualified. But, your decision sure did surprised me." She smiled as she said this, "It took me at least 2 minutes before I was able to decide. I even prepared a speech, but it seems to have been unwarranted."

Her smile caused Hiram to blush. "I don't things have changed yet. What does the program actually…"

"HEY, BEAN SPROUT," called out Araya, "FOUND YA! Don't screw with me, Hayabusa. You told someone, you little rat. Do you think you will get away with this?"

"Not really," said Hiram, almost in a hurry, trying to save himself.

"You must be Araya-kun," said Kuroyukihime, "Hayabusa-kun told me all about you. It was definitely the Zoo's mistake. They should not have let you come to this school."

Hiram then went into a battle stance. All Kuroyukihime had done is enrage a mad dog, but he knew he would receive it with a beat down. This has happened to him before, years ago. Araya wanted some of Hiram's earnings, but when Hiram refused because he needed it to get through the week, he nearly left Hiram for dead. If it hadn't been for a nearby cop, he wouldn't have made it to the hospital.

Araya grabbed Hiram by the collar and said, "This time, I will kill you, Bean Sprout!" As he did this, he started a punch attack.

"Now," exclaimed Kuroyukihime, "Quickly! BURST LINK!"

"B-BURST LINK," Hiram yelled out at the top of his lungs. Hiram had his arms in a blocking stance, but he risked looking up, to see Araya standing above him with his fist just inches away from a devastating blow to Hiram's jaw. However, the world had changed, looking almost blue. Then, as if pulled by a string, His Net Avatar was ripped from his body. "What the hell is this place? Complete Synchronization or am I actually dead?"

"Neither," said Kuroyukihime, appearing in her net avatar, "We have executed one of the main functions of the 'Brain Burst' Program. We are, in other words, in an accelerated state."

"So," said Hiram, "We have just shifted our time to a faster frequency than the rest of the world. Which means that time here has slowed to a crawl. Or so it would seem, because the program doesn't really do that, does it?"

"You are pretty quick to see what's happening," said the girl in front of him. "But you are correct. Even though it looks like it, time hasn't really stopped. Our consciousnesses are moving so fast, that it creates an illusion of the world slowed to a crawl." She then walked over to Araya and pointed to his fist. "Currently, this fist is still inching closer to your face," she said, explaining, "Kind of like the hands of a clock. If we just waited here, you would probably still get hit. Although the damage done would probably be sent instead to your arms, given the stance you are in."

"He was gonna attack me," said Hiram, "Self-defense is a good response in this situation. Had the strike come in range, I would have thrown him against a wall, and pinned him down till the cops get here."

"Actually," said Kuroyukihime, "I have a better idea. Let the punch go through."

"What," said Hiram, confused all of a sudden. "If I were to do that, the force behind the fist would probably cripple me."

"Still," said Kuroyukihime, "You mustn't dodge. Which hurts more, your heart or your body? And its not the first time you have been beaten up, have you?"

"It's been that way all my life," said Hiram, "My dad was an honest detective. One day, we were walking home from going out to eat, when a yakuza stabbed him in the chest, just below the heart. The blade, as it turned out was poisoned, and dad died before he could get to a hospital. Since then mom, a government official, has had to look out for me. Then, there was the Kyoto Trio Incident."

"You witnessed it," asked Kuroyukihime.

"I was one of the trio," said Hiram. "Back then, I was a smart-mouthed brat, trying to protect my friends. However, a group of older kids threatened me, but my friends stood up to protect me, only to get beaten up and brutalized. However, because I was the son of a politician, I received worse treatment. My enemies stabbed me with two blades, below the arms in such a way they damaged several vital parts, including growth hormone glands. I was delivered with a warning, 'Nobody messes with the Kaen-Ryu Gang. Next time you try to bust us, your son gets worse.' However, even though I was successfully saved, the damage was already done. I will probably never be able to grow higher than this the rest of my life, unless there was a large amount of research done in genetic reconstruction. However, because of certain politicians, that kind of research will never see the light of day, because they believe it, and I quote, "Tampers with God's will.""

Kuroyukihime looked at Hiram with sorrow. "However, unlike your earlier oppressors, who were caught and sentenced to prison for the rest of their lives, Araya has never been punished. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you have been suffering in silence, never letting anyone close out of fear that they will get hurt as well, or hurt you unknowingly. And the second reason is that Araya knows how to do damage without anyone seeing it. He's exploiting the security cameras for violence and intimidation. He is not stupid, though. He proceeds with a sense of caution. But now, it appears he is still an idiot."

Hiram then realized her point and looked around. There were several security cameras in the lunch room. He knew that much. But as he looked behind him, he saw one with a clear line of sight that would allow Araya to be seen striking him down. "This is a great opportunity for you, Hiram," she continued while Hiram was looking around, "Dodging his fist is easy. But then, Araya would recover himself and walk away well behaved. The opportunity to punish him will not come again. Of that I'm certain."

"Then," said Hiram, remembering what happened last time, "As long as I use this new power wisely…Forget it. It's best to just allow the strike. Your idea is sound. Very well. I shall place my life in your hands."

"A wise decision," said Kuroyukihime, smiling, "Alright, since you have to get hit anyways, let's decide on how to minimize the damage…"

"And create maximum results in the process at the same time," asked Hiram, knowing what was needed. "Well, let's look around." And with that, his brain went to work. With lightning-fast efficiency, he laid out his suggestion to Kuroyukihime, who was amazed at the idea.

"The idea's a little crude," said Hiram, "But, after we Cancel Acceleration, I will use the momentum, in addition to a little jumping power and hit you with the force of his own punch. That way, even though I will still move my face so he only hits the strongest part of the skull, it will look like he hit me so hard he hit you at the same time. Too much?"

"A tad crude," said Kuroyukihime, at first, but smiled as she understood it, "But efficient enough to accomplish our goals. You ready?"

"As ready as a man will ever be to take a punch," said Hiram, with a shred of worry. "Just make sure you jump out of the way as I fly towards you."

"You'll be fine," said Kuroyukihime, "All you need to do is say the command to cancel acceleration. Be sure to put on a good show. BURST OUT!"

After Kuroyukihime burst out, Hiram stood there for a few seconds and then said to himself, "Well, Hiram, you always wanted to act. Too bad you will be doing the school version of 'Hamlet' instead. Oh well. Let's do this. BURST OUT!"

The world resumed in front of him. Araya's punch his Hiram in the cheek, not breaking any bones, but with enough force applied that Hiram was able to jump back and right towards Kuroyukihime. However, he was also sent spinning by the blow, so he had to recalculate the force of impact. "Senpai," he thought, "Please get out of the way in time."

Everything blacked out after that for about a second. When Hiram came to, he looked around for a second. Kuroyukihime lay in front of him almost unconscious, with a small trickle of blood going down her head. "Senpai," thought Hiram, upset.

"Don't move," Kuroyukihime said.

"But you're bleeding," said Hiram over their channel.

"It's nothing to worry about," she told him, "Just a small cut. Like I said before, this is required to achieve maximum results. Now, Araya will never show his face again."

Later, Araya was arrested for assault, and carted to jail. Hiram and Kuroyukihime were both sent to the infirmary, where Kuroyukihime had her wound checked. Hiram had received a shiner and had to get it bandaged. He then thought back to what she had told him. "I almost forgot, until you get to school, don't log into the global net. Do you understand that?"

"I understand," said Hiram, and for the rest of the day, he was logged off the Global net.

"Hiram," yelled out Chiyu, who was waiting for him outside of the gate. "I heard about what happened today. Are you alright?"

Hiram almost told her to leave him alone and then run away from her, but for once, he decided to say, "Yeah. I feel a little better. It would seem that opening up to someone did help me out a bit."

"What do you mean," asked Chiyu, confused.

"I guess it's time I tell you and Takumu my whole reason I closed myself off to both of you," said Hiram, "Tell Takumu to meet us at the nice restaurant near our homes. My treat today, seeing as this is gonna be me trying to open up again."

That evening, Hiram, Chiyu and Takumu sat at the fancy restaurant Bistro La Salle. Hiram allowed them to order whatever they chose, as long as it didn't cost all that much. After they had ordered, he explained everything, from the death of his father, to the Kyoto Incident, to even his moving. After he told them everything, except about Brain Burst, he took a long swill of his barley tea.

"I," said Chiyu, bursting into tears, "I didn't know. I'm so sorry, Hiram."

"But why didn't you tell us earlier, Hiram," asked Takumu.

"I was afraid," Hiram explained, almost bursting into tears himself, "Afraid you would hate me for trying to become a part of your life. I am not trying to take your friendship with Haru and replace it. I just wanted someone to be a true friend with."

The two sitting opposite walked over and hugged him. "Now you do," said Chiyu, "Now, you never have to feel alone ever again."

Then their food came and the three ate. Hiram had the Mackerel Miso, as did the other two. After they got to the apartment building, Hiram went up to his apartment. "Access private server," Hiram then said, logging into a cloaked server. He had this set up only to chat with friends and family, and he had given Takumu and Chiyuri both the access key today. "Call mom," he then said. However, all he got was a voice message, meaning she was either busy, or with her new boyfriend. Hiram had met his mother's new boyfriend. He was a drunken jerk, and hated Hiram just because he was short. Hiram had told mom that she should have gotten rid of him, but no longer cared. "Just checking to make sure everything is okay on your end. I hope you realized your boyfriend is bad for you, and found a better one, but I no longer care. I made two new friends today, and you are not gonna believe this. They are the kids I met years ago. I finally opened up to them and explained everything. Well, hope to speak to you soon."

-Next Day-

Hiram had a strange nightmare. One he had not had for years. In it, he was pinned down with the blades stuck in his sides. In front of him, several faces appeared and said, "I'll kill you, Bean Sprout!"

"Get away," said Hiram. Then he saw the Kabutomushi (1) again beating up the bullies. However, it made no move to pull the blades out. "Help me," he said, "Help me be as strong as you!"


That is when Hiram woke up. It was early morning, and the sun was overhead. Hiram rubbed the back of his head and then realized what time it was. He then activated the Neural Linker, and accessed the Global Net. He had just been notified that he had gotten a new message. "Hey, Hiram," said his mother, "I got your message. You were right about him. He was a disrespectful pig. He and I are done. Good to see you finally opened up to someone. Oh and here is your lunch money for today. Hope to hear from you later." She had wired some funds to him late that night.

After he had gotten that, he set about getting breakfast made, and set the cat some milk. He had found a kittena few years prior, and raised it as his own, and the landlord had given her blessing. After he left, and locked the door, he went into the elevator and went to the first floor. "Finally," said Hiram, "Everything's finally looking up at last."

However, after he left the front gate and was down the road a bit, the world changed, looking blue-tinted as if seen through a blue tinted window. However, it then changed to a strange version of the world, as if a nuclear bomb had gone off. The area looked wrecked. "What the hell," Hiram asked. He then saw, much to his surprise, a strange counter in front of him. Next to it were two bars. Each was at full health. "I remember that," said Hiram, "It's a fighting game Health Bar Gauge." He then saw the names under each. "Red Kabuto," He thought to himself, instinctively reaching out. He saw, from his perspective, a metallic armored hand reaching out towards the health Gauge. "I-is that me arm?" He then looked down. In front of him, there was a puddle. "What the hell is this," he suddenly said. In the puddle's reflection, stood a figure, clad in armor, silver and red in color, with a blue visor. "Is that me?"

However, he had little time to react as he was alerted to a message.


"Haven't been back to the 'World's End Stage' in a while," said the figure opposite him, revving his bike. "Lucky me. And I am facing a newbie. SUPER-LUCKY ME! However, for you, it's mega unlucky you ran into me, ASH ROADER!" He then revved his motorbike again, this time louder. "LET'S PARTY!"

"Wha the hell," though Hiram, taking a fighting stance, "Let's see what happens?"

Elsewhere, a few people were watching. "The newbie looks like he has been trained for this," one of them said. "Too bad he is up against Ash Roader. He may not win this one."


-To Be Continued-

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Hiram loses his first battle, but another Burst Linker, Violet Scorpion, takes him under his wing, alongside Kuroyukihime, and the pair teach him how to survive in 'Brain Burst'. Can Hiram successfully beat Ash Roader and his loud Motorcycle? Or will he just go up in smoke? Next Time:


Unlock the secrets of your Accelerated World!

(1)= Another name for a species of Rhinoceros Beetle native to Japan. It's large horn is used to lift opponent's into the air and onto their backs during mating season.

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