TMNT: The Only One


Months after the Foot Clan's attack on New York, the Turtles have found no traces of their current hiding place and plans. Until Donny unlocks a file that shows them what the Foot Clan's next plan is. To inject a genetically perfect person with the virus they were going to unleash to create the perfect assassin, but for what and why? They must move from their home to find their person before the Foot Clan does.

Romance / Action
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or original storyline of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I do however own the OCS. The town of Mayfield is made up and I will be providing pictures to best describe and show sceneries.



Raphael’s POV

Home is where the heart is.

It’s best described as a cherished place where you can go to for comfort, happy memories, security, family and food. It’s where my family sleeps, eats and seeks the ultimate shelter and refuge from our nightly run-ins with our enemies. The smell of foul odor, pizza and orange soda fills our noses every morning we come sliding down into the tunnels; we’ve grown accustomed to this ritual.

As we walk along the tunnels towards the dojo, memories of training, playing, joking, dancing and tricking each other fills my mind - they expand for years in every corridor, crack and corner. These memories can go on for miles. They can make me smile.

But things have changed.

Though, we have the largest home in all of New York. The sewers. The justice we served several months back has heightened our excitement but has dampened my pride. We stopped the Foot Clan’s attack on New York City; but all of our enemies except for Shredder, got away. What kind of justice is that?

While my brothers take a left into the dojo where Sensei Splinter awaits our detailed report of last night’s events; I take the immediate right and head for the solitude of the sanctuary. Ever since the attack, every morning I come to let out my growing anger, tension and impatience that fills me every night we don’t find any damned clues on the Clan. It is here, in the sanctuary, where streams of morning light peer through the grates of the ceiling. They warm my chilly green skin but nothing consoles me just right as the feeling of the worn red cotton of my sais.

They twist between my fingers like extended limbs I’ve had all my life; compared to them nothing feels quite right. The handles pause in my grip, my fingers clench tight around the fabric. Only two petty thieves and one man who wanted to get a little frisky with a woman, was all we caught last night. None at all comparable to the dangers the Clan could unfold. I enjoyed every bit of pounding their faces into the pavement and would have killed each and every one of them if it weren’t for Leo stopping me.

I just can’t help it anymore. Every guy I see, Shredder and Sack’s faces, replace theirs and then a heat hits me. All I want to do is destroy. And that’s what angers me the most. I wasn’t like this before – not this bad. I know my brothers see it too.

Every day since, we’ve taken shifts. Two of us sleep, two of us stay awake and wander the tunnels in search for any possible threats. We all have been wary, on edge, since they broke into our home and made us their little bitches. It might not have marked my brothers but it has me. We are not as strong and great as we thought we were. Any moment I get, I train and with the help of April, we’ve been able to better our sources on training antics and practices thanks to her handing over books and dvds.

There is no god damn difference if I can’t find our enemies to use this new knowledge on. I feel like…like a weakling.

“Raph!” Leo’s voice echoes through the tunnels, I know exactly where its coming from, Donny’s computer alcove in the dojo.


My entire family is scrunched close together, shell to shell, to sensei’s back, in front of the multiple computer screens hanging from the wall. All their eyes are pointed to one single screen though, the one that Donny sits in front of as he giggles and snorts, obviously excited about something.

“You did it bro!” Mikey squeezes Donny’s shoulders. Next to them Splinter and Leo have a look of concern.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

Leo turns to me, I can see it in his blue eyes, there is something bothering him. I still can’t see the screen they are looking at, though I am the second tallest, their shells are taking up the entire image. He tries to smile but I can tell its fake. He can’t fool me.

“Donny’s found something.” He starts. He looks over his shoulder down at the screen and I take a step forward in attempt to take a peek. Through a break between them I see a blue screen with tiny white letters sprawled across. The only word that catches my attention is ‘Experiment 6’. It doesn’t mean anything to me.

“Apparently this entire time after the fall of Shredder the Foot Clan has been in search of a lost project of theirs. You remember that virus they were trying to spread?” Donny asks. We all nod. How could we forget? “They created that virus nineteen years ago. But that’s not the strangest thing about it. They were able to find or create a genetically capable person whose DNA can mutate with the virus. It would basically act like the mutagen did for us.”

“Another person with significant strength and abilities?” Leo asks.

“Well yeah but from what these documents say - they weren’t able to inject the person. They wanted to wait till full maturity just in case the growing process would have affected the change. The experiment, however, escaped. Broke free from the Clan and has been on the loose for two years. They’ve been searching for that person since, especially after their failed attempt on Sacks’ tower.”

“Why would they be going after it now?” Splinter asks.

“Probably because Shredder is captured and none of them can get to him. They probably want someone with the skills to break him loose or become the new leader.” Donny states.

“Or to drain the virus mutation out of it like they were trying to do us.” Leo frowns.

“Whatever the case, I found their triangulation of where this person is at. If we can get to them first, we can protect the person and also get a lead on where the Foot Clan has gone and what they are up too.” Donny starts to type up some of this information on another screen, probably to reserve what we can get just in case he loses the files.

“Okay. That’s a plus, so where is this location?” Leo asks.

“A tiny town called Mayfield just outside of New York City.”

“Looks like we’re moving for a bit boys!” Leo grins suddenly. I guess he needs to get out of the sewers just as much as I do. This could be a good way for us to relax without constantly looking over our backs.

“Woot, woot! I’m going to pack now!” Mikey shouts, probably the most excited out of us all. He rushes pass me for our rooms. I glance over to Splinter to get his input on all of this.

He stares at the screen reading every word carefully, his fingers brush through his long string black beard but he doesn’t seem bothered by all this. He looks...interested. “I will call for April. She might be able to help us find a place to stay for a short while, while we’re looking for this person.” He turns on his heels and walks through the tunnels. If he’s on board then we’re all going.

This has now become our new mission. Finding this person, stopping the Foot Clan from creating another skilled and potentially dangerous warrior, and doing it as a family. Hopefully this time...I will be able to take down a few of the Foot Clan’s people.

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